How to get more bass out of your subwoofer?

How to get more bass out of your subwoofer?
How to get more bass out of your subwoofer?

How to get more bass out of your subwoofer?

In this article, I have explained tips and tricks that will help you get more bass out of your subwoofer.

Loud music without a powerful and neat bass is nothing. In fact, the bass is the beauty of the sound. So, you also want to get more bass out of your subwoofer.

More bass will let you feel the music. When you adjust the subwoofers in the best position in your car and do some of the settings. After that, you will be able to make each travel memorable. This will allow you to pass your loneliness with fun and enthusiasm. You can enjoy everywhere listening to a melodious bass.


Below is the chart that explains steps to get maximum bass out of your car subwoofer:

Steps Method Easy to do at home
Quality you should always buy quality subwoofers for your car. Yes
subwoofer enclosure subwoofer enclosure should be according to the size of the subwoofer. Yes
proper placement of the subwoofer for bass car subwoofers should be placed properly and there should be enough room. you can place subwoofers in the trunk or under the seat. Yes
check the wiring of the subwoofer If you want to get maximum bass out of your subwoofer, make sure that are wires are connected properly. Yes
adjust equalizer settings adjust subwoofer bass settings in the stereo. Yes

If you truly want the freshness and beauty of music in your life, then read this article carefully. Your love for deep bass and interest in this topic has attracted you over here.


How to get more bass out of your subwoofer?

Here, I have explained in detail everything you need to know for getting more bass out of your subwoofer. I have divided this article into the following sections:

High-quality subwoofer for deep bass

First of all let me tell you guys that without a good subwoofer, you cannot get what you want. I mean to say that for a true bass, your subwoofer must of high quality. If you are trying to find a neat and powerful bass from a bad subwoofer, then it can’t be done.

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One can have the best quality subwoofer but to get deep bass from it is based on some tricks and techniques. You will be learned all about it here.


Proper room for subwoofer placement

The second main and important thing is the proper room for the subwoofer. If you are thinking that it is not an important thing, then you are extremely wrong. The proper placement matters a lot as this can affect the whole music system in your car. You must properly install a powered subwoofer with a car stereo for better results.

You can place the subwoofer in a car’s trunk or any of the other spaces available. Yet the car’s trunk is the best place. You can test by placing it at different available locations in your car.

When the whole sound system is in the trunk, then always try that a subwoofer position is between the speakers. And keep the subwoofer facing in front while the left and right speakers are towards it.

Also, make sure that the subwoofer should be at a proper distance from speakers. I love to play it hard with my 15-inch car subwoofer, you can literally feel the things shaking.

This is because if one speaker is going out and another one is going in. In simple words, if speakers are directly facing each other, then they will work against it. They will not compress the air and not produce a good sound at all. Keep these little points in your mind that have a big impact on the sound system.


Correct wiring connections

Proper wiring is very important for a neat and clean bass. Make the right connections with great care. Improper and wrong wiring can ruin the whole sound system of your car. Before making the wire connections firm, carefully test by attaching the wires slightly and hear the sound.

If a sound is clear and perfect than it ensures that you are going right in your work. Proper wiring of subwoofers will make your car speakers louder without using the amplifier.

But if you hear a bad sharp noise then immediately separate the slightly made connection. Make the connection right and strong after that. Must check out the polarity of the wires. The positive wire should be in the positive terminal and the negative should be in the negative terminal.

Also, be careful while making a connection with speakers or a sound system of your vehicle. Join positive leads with the positive wires and didn’t let them opposite from the left to right sides. Otherwise, you will face polarity issues.

Sometimes speakers are also incorrectly wired from the factory. Positive and negative terminals are labeled incorrectly. So automatically the best way to check out the polarity is to use the polarity tester.

Just simply hold this mini device near the sound system that you are setting. Check out your speakers and subwoofer connection with it.

This will give the perfect and accurate idea about the right polarities and ultimately the perfect connections.


Designing for Subwoofer Box for Bass

Box design for a subwoofer is also a most important thing just like other steps. It has a big effect on the bass of a subwoofer. You can make a box yourself, for your subwoofer according to its size and shape.

Otherwise, if you don’t know how to do it then buy the proper sized box from the market. As it helps to create more bass out of your subwoofer.

After adjusting the subwoofer in thy box, fill the remaining space with the pillow stuffing which also helps in increases the bass. The scientific reason behind it is that, as the sound waves will pass more from the stuffing, then the air will pass less.

This is the reason for bass improvement. You can also search for other reasons for it on the internet.?


Properly Tune the Subwoofer for Bass

Proper tuning is very important for getting enough desired neat bass. All the adjustments of crossover, phase, volume, and equalizer should be done after adjusting the subwoofer. Before you play the subwoofer, adjust the crossover. Set the proper frequency range and done.

After that turn the power ON and adjust the desired volume. Then set the phase control very carefully. The main role of this phase control is to compensate for the delay between the sounds of a subwoofer and the speakers.

You don’t need to adjust it if it is already in a proper state. Otherwise, start adjusting it from zero to the desired normal level. Take it from zero to above very slightly and carefully.

You can move the phase control towards the up levels until you reach the desired bass. In the end, make adjustments from the audio equalizer too. Get your desired bass and you are all done.

If you have also used the amplifiers for an enhanced sound, then tune it too. Its power must be matched with the power of the subwoofer. Tune it properly according to your desired loud sound as well.

You should increase the volume gradually. You can also do all these settings of the sound system on the car’s Din stereo. If your car has this modern compatibility and supported features then definitely, you can do it. This will help your subwoofers to deliver more bass.

Congratulations, now you know all the details about getting more bass out of your subwoofer. When you will follow this detailed guide and take care of the things that I have told you.

You will get a neat, powerful, and crystal clear deep bass that will make your mood lighter anytime. You can release your stress by feeling the calming and soothing bass while driving or doing anything. And you will reach your home in a fresh mood.


Things that kill the bass of the subwoofer – Do NOT DO THIS

Here I will share some of the mistakes that you should never have to do. These are based on people’s personal experiences. In order to get all the things perfect, read this too. So, you should not repeat the same mistakes that others have faced.

If you are buying a subwoofer box that is not sealed well, then it is a big mistake. It will surely kill all the subwoofer bass. Subwoofer box should be sealed tight enough that air should not go inside it. Its construction should be perfect. Either you make it yourself or buy it from the market, must check its construction first.

All of its cuts must be straight and proper. Every subwoofer has different variables and sizes. When you take the perfect subwoofer box design, the output will be more and amazing too.

The subwoofer should be of a good and proper size for your car. If you try to adjust the big subwoofer in a compact space, then it will not perform at its proper capability. So, never make the mistake of buying a big or a short size of subwoofer according to its placing space available.

Adjusting the improper frequency response also has very negative impacts on the whole sound system. Never do this mistake too. Always adjust a proper frequency response.

The subwoofer box should be placed properly. This is because if you do not adjust the box then it keeps moving. A little jerk or jumps on roads displace it from its position. Always fix the subwoofer box properly. This will enhance the bass out of your subwoofer.

You can use plastic hooks or other supports for this purpose. Otherwise moving subwoofer would become the barrier in deep and neat bass. Also, it will cause the risk of detaching wires and damaging the connections.

The subwoofer should be fully secured inside its box. Otherwise, you are leaving the opportunity to have more output.

If you are also using the amplifier in your sound system for a loud sound. Let me tell you that amplifier power should match with the subwoofer. The power delivery system must be good enough.

Wire’s connection should be made properly and firmly. The polarity of the speaker wires must be right. But in the case of a subwoofer, it does not matter a lot. You can use the phase shift too.

Avoid these mistakes to have the work perfectly done. Try to make a proper sound system at once and after that enjoy your work.


My Story

In the end, I will say that this all is extremely easy to do. You just have to spend some of your time to do all this. Whenever you make any connection, just check the polarity and test it with full confidence. But care is also a must.

Just follow the steps that I have explained to you. When you have read this full guide, then believe in yourself and do this all practically for your sound system.

I have recently done all this stuff with my subwoofer successfully. That’s why I decided to share all this with you guys also. As any person’s experience who is just like you teaches you more than the bookish things.

I also searched a lot of internet stuff before making the connections and adjustments with my car sound system. I always listened to the mid-ranged sound system in my car at first.

You know that in our busy routines; we need a source of recreation. But I didn’t think to experience listening to deep bass from car subwoofers. Although this kind of question was in my mind I always neglect that.

Whenever I was driving to my home, I used to play the speakers in my car and there was nothing like bass there. But once I was coming home with my friend in his car and during the whole journey, I came listening to the melodious sound system of his car.

I asked him and then from there, I got the idea that I should also take a good quality subwoofer for my car.

Finally, I did internet surfing. I found some of the authentic content but the guide was scattered. I also consulted my friend about it once again. Finally, I bought a high-quality subwoofer on Sunday noon and did all that stuff by myself. It took me a lot of time at first but then I completed it successfully.

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I have to take the subwoofer box from the market and it was at an approximately cheap price too. As I was unable to make that box myself, so that’s why I bought it from the market according to the size of my subwoofer. Now, I am also enjoying an amazing sound worth listening to bass.

It has truly changed my life. Listening and feeling to the deep bass makes my mind fresh. Even if I am frustrated with the whole day’s work, I play the sound system while driving and it makes me fresh mentally. If you are a true bass lover, then you can understand it too.

Make your life more enthusiastic and happier by doing all such little things that actually have a great and positive impact on us. Good luck.

Team –

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