How to Adjust Car Stereo for Best Sound

How to Adjust Car Stereo for Best Sound?
How to Adjust Car Stereo for Best Sound?

Here are the 13 best DIY methods to adjust your car stereo to get excellent sound quality in your car. Along with this, we have added tips and tricks that will ensure you enjoy a better sound quality.

How to adjust car stereo for best sound? You can adjust car stereo for best sound by adding subwoofers, amplifiers, adding high-quality power cables, adding a better soundbox, and adjusting the equalizer settings.

Checklist for adjusting the car stereo Recommended Optional
Addition of subwoofer Yes No
Addition of Amplifiers No Yes
Audio capacitor Yes No
High-quality cables Yes No
Adjust rear & front speakers Yes No
Adjust Treble Yes No
Bass settings Yes No

How to Adjust Car Stereo for Best Sound?

There are hundreds of ways to improve the quality of the car’s stereo system sound. A powerful stereo system in the car can bring fantastic sound quality. I have seen many fellows how have just bought a new after-market car stereo and now struggling with the adjustment.

Add new car speakers

Adding new car speakers will increase the sound quality. Factory-fitted car speakers are not up to the mark and deliver poor sound quality. To get good music from your car stereo, you should replace those factory speakers and add new car speakers.

You should buy new car speakers according to your car; there are different types of car speakers that are available in the market. Adding 6×9 speakers in your vehicle will enhance the sound quality, and you can enjoy the powerful sound with your car stereo.

Many new 6.5-inch car speakers are being made with built-in tweeters and subwoofers.

Soundproof your car

You should soundproof your car; this process removes the vibrations and produces a better sound effect. I have seen many fellows are concerned about doing this process at home. You should select good quality material for sound deadening your car to get maximum results.

The louder sound with quicker experience will help you to get the best music experience possible. With a few simple methods, your car stereo will deliver excellent sound, and it will reduce the road noise inside the car.

You can use soundproofing mats, sprays, or foam to eliminate the noise in your vehicle.

Add an amplifier:

An amplifier must be added to your car stereo system. There are different types of car amplifiers; you should choose an amp compatible with your car audio system. Their price ranges from $70 to $300.

You can install the amplifier under the car seat in the trunk. Compact amplifiers are in the trend, and they are the best in the market. You should adequately wire the amp with the car radio and also adjust the settings.

You can test your amplifier with a multimeter if there is any issue with the audio quality. To prevent these issues, always buy a good quality brand. You can buy Rockford Fosgate Amp from Amazon.

Add a Subwoofer

Adding a subwoofer with your car stereo system will enhance the bass. Car subwoofers are available in different sizes and prices. You should select the subwoofer according to the size of your car. You can choose an 8-inch subwoofer for small vehicles, and for bigger cars, you can buy an 18-inch subwoofer.

You can mount the subwoofer in the trunk; you should properly fix it with screws and bolts. You can easily adjust the bass settings from your stereo. You can also read the instructions manual to get the maximum benefit from subwoofers.

I have recently installed 15-inch competition subwoofers in my car, and they are just awesome.

Subwoofer box size

It is important thing to select the best box adjustment for the speaker system. It is also a great thing to get the perfect adjustment for the stereo system. So the car stereo system will remain intact and unbroken and delivers the best music.

You should design the subwoofer box according to the size of your car. I have just posted a detailed guide on best subwoofer box design for deep bass; with these simple steps, your car stereo will deliver awesome quality music. These are easy to make and with a minimum budget.

The subwoofer box should be secured appropriately with straps to avoid low-quality music. There are also subwoofers box stands that are now being used to secure the box.

Use minimum compression file

Try to use the minimum compressed file as possible. Even you have transferred files from the computer to your mp3 and then transfer them to the stereo system. A car stereo can play multiple file-formats; however, you should FLAC files on a car stereo to get an excellent sound.

When you compress a file, it affects the quality also, with the latest file formats. Selecting the right format helps your car stereo to adjust itself and delivers powerful audio.

I use DVD formats for my car stereo, and it is just amazing. Your car radio car plays a DVD file, and you should give it a try. All new car stereos can play all sorts of audio files.

Add the audio capacitor

It is the best thing to focus on that you should use the audio capacitors. The subwoofers require a lot of energy and voltage. It is useful to use capacitors to work on the subwoofers to enhance the working of car subwoofers.

These subwoofers act as a buffer system between the amplifier and the battery. It provides the resistance factor to protect the car stereo from being burned out. You must choose good quality audio capacitors to get high-quality sound in your car.

These are not expensive, and you can easily find them in a shop nearby. Their prices range from $20 to $70.

Adjust the car stereo equalizer settings

The equalizers provide the maximum crystal clear sound, and your ability to listen to the perfect music will be enhanced. You can manage the bass, frequency, and treble of the sound effects with the equalizers’ help.

It helps manage the quality of sound, and equalizers will surely enhance the car audio system. You can start with an audio trial track and adjust the settings according to your taste.

It is effortless, and you can do this within a few minutes. You can use these settings on the New Sonos Arc Soundbar that is recently launched.

Add high-quality cables

Good power cables can provide good ampere to give the best result of the sound to produce the music’s maximum effect.

It is the best effect to be produced by the cables, and this will help a lot to save the wastage of sound waves. It will increase the impact of sound waves to flow problem-free and results in a fantastic sound.

There are many famous brands, and their prices vary according to the quality of material used in their products. You should buy the highest quality wires and cables for your car audio system.

After you have added the cable and wires, secure them with black tape to prevent any damage. GS Power cables are among the best for car audio.

Fix Rear and Front Speakers

It is best to adjust the front and rear speakers equally. You should know where you should focus on the sound quality of the rear or front speakers. You can buy JVC CS car speakers.

Factory fitted car speakers are installed in the front door; however, you can also add rear speakers. When driving your car, if you notice any distortion or buzzing sound from speakers, check it immediately.

Usually, we ignore the front speakers that result in poor audio in the car. When you adjust both rear and front speakers, you will notice a better sound quality. Both front and rear speakers should work with a subwoofer to deliver the best quality of sound in your car.

You can also add speakers in the trunk or behind the backseat. It all depends on you and your car size. If you have excellent rear speakers, you can install them at any place.

Adjust speaker phase

This is a must that all the car speakers must be firing in a phase; many fellows are confused about this term. Let me explain this when you install car speakers and adjust them so that all the cones of speakers must move in the same direction; if they are moving out, then all cones should move out.

Play loud music in your car stereo; if you hear proper music, then your car speakers are in phase; otherwise, adjust the speakers.

Check the Treble settings

The adjustment of speakers is an essential task to perform. It is not an easy way out that you just set the treble like that. The treble of the sound must be different for the rear and the front speakers.

The rear speakers have to manage the bass so the treble is low, whereas the front speakers come with the tweeters, and it should have a high treble.

The bass difference must be optimized to produce sound effects that are optimum and hurdle free, and there should not be any problem regarding this.

Front speakers play the leading role in this regard; if you want to add more treble, you can install tweeters in your car. Tweeters can be installed with the front speakers or on the dashboard, and you notice a noticeable change in sound quality.

Adjust your car stereo for bass settings

After the treble is adjusted, you can set the bass of the speakers. The bass of the subwoofers should be adjusted according to your music taste, and you should fix it according to your musical adherence.

If there is distortion inside your speakers, you will not be able to listen to the sound properly. Let the distortion of your speakers come to an end. The next thing is to flat the signals and open the low pass filter to adjust the cutting quality of the bass, which will help you get the louder bass.

Adjust the speaker’s subwoofers according to your taste, and the receiving of the subwoofers should be controlled. The flow of the source signals should be managed and let the subwoofers adjusted by the different frequencies.

Try to set the frequencies according to the matching one and thus producing a clear sound. You should understand the need for the maximum sound effect and its connection with the bass.

The flow of signals should be adequately controlled and thus keep on doing the troubleshooting properly.

This is easy, and with these DIY methods, you can perform these settings in your home.

This sound level is a combination of many characteristics like bass, frequency, treble, and the setting of the subwoofers.

You should have to manage all these things to keep your sound level optimum and maximum. You must maintain the level of sound completely to get a clear version of the music.

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