How to Clean A Subwoofer

How to Clean A Subwoofer? by
How to Clean A Subwoofer? by

You can clean a subwoofer with these easy methods. You should always disconnect the power connection before these DIY cleaning methods.

How to Clean A Subwoofer? You can clean a subwoofer at home by using a micro-fiber cloth, soft brush, vacuum cleaner, and by using ammonia. You should also clean the subwoofer exterior, cones, and grills.

Subwoofer Parts Things required Easy to clean
Cones small cloth, brush Yes
Grills Ammonia Yes
Subwoofer exterior small micro-fiber cloth Yes
subwoofer box use a brush, vacuum cleaner Yes
subwoofer cables small cloth or brush Yes
Inner surface brush Yes

I love to keep my stuff tidy and clean. When we take care of our car and other accessories then, we also have to take care of our car subwoofers.

How to Clean A Subwoofer?

In this article, we have explained 5 best DIY methods to clean car subwoofers at home. You have also go to a car audio shop and use their services. However, I recommend that you do this at home with these easy steps.

Before going into the details, let me explain the things required for this procedure.

Tools Required

For this, we need the 4 things

First of all, We will take a lint-free fabric and move it to the upper surface in a circular motion on the subwoofer, exactly as we apply face powder on our face.

After removing dust from the surface, we took a screwdriver, and with the help of the screwdriver, remove the grill of the subwoofer. Gently remove the dirt from the subwoofer cap with a soft cloth. This method can be applied to all types of car Subwoofers. It is worth mentioning here that remove the dust particles with a wet brush.

It is a must to remove the dust from the interior parts of the subwoofer. This machine will suck all the dirt and debris that is attached to the inner surface. Use it for 5 minutes on every subwoofer for better results. Do not use it for more than 5 minutes as it can quickly overheat.

Remember to start gently; you can not rub hard on the surface and cones of the subwoofer. Never do this in a hurry; this requires your time and attention.

Cleaning the subwoofer exterior

Only use dry cloths to clean the outer surfaces of the subwoofer. However, stubborn dust may not be cleaned with dry cloths; in that case, you can use the wet cloth. When you are using a wet cloth, be very careful and do not damage the wires and cable.

To keep the subwoofer surface dry, you can use an ammonia-free cleaner (Amazon). This is much better than using the wet cloth that can damage the subwoofer.

Clean subwoofer grills

Carefully remove the subwoofer grill for cleaning, read the instructions manual to remove parts of the subwoofer correctly. Keep the nuts and bolts at a safe place as you have to fix the grill after this procedure.

If your subwoofer’s grill is a metallic base, then you cannot use a water-based cleaner as it can damage the structure. Whenever liquid on the metallic part, always dry it to prevent corrosion. You can use this spray cleaner (Amazon) to clean the subwoofer parts.

If your subwoofer’s grill is a fabric base, then it is tough to clean because it can spoil your subwoofer, so be careful. Never use force or hold the grill with tools, just use the duster or a brush. Fix the grills back with the subwoofer and secure it with the blots. You can connect any wireless subwoofer to a soundbar.

I have seen fellows who are not aware of this, and this can potentially damage the subwoofers. Just follow this step by step guide, and the rest will be fine.

Cleaning the Speaker Cones

Carefully check the cones; these are generally made of papers. The central part of the subwoofer is its Cones. It cannot be replaced once it gets spoiled. You have to be very gentle when removing the dust from the cones.

You should always use a liquid to clean the clones, never use a dry cloth for the subwoofer cones. It is worth mentioning here that whatever solution has to be used, it should not be more than a limit.

Apply the liquid with a small brush. Gently brush the dust away and let it dry. Do not spray the water directly on the parts; it can damage the cones. You can also use this cleaning spray (Amazon) for cleaning the cones.

The Cones should be rubbed down with fine abrasive paper because it is capable of cleaning the surface of speaker cones by rubbing gently. I have seen many people who damage the cones while cleaning, never rush in it. This will take a few minutes.

Another method is to use a cleaner. Place it exactly over the cones and let it clean for 3 to 5 minutes.

Dos and Don’ts


Do not use hard soap and detergent as it contains a chemical that can spoil your subwoofer. When using a wet cloth, you have to be careful as not to damage the parts.

Do to use excess water and vinyl solvent as these can ruin the equipment. If you have a small-sized subwoofer, use water with care.

If you have a subwoofer installed in the trunk, remove it and take it out. Never do this while the car is turned ON, switch off the engine, and remove the key before this procedure.

What to do?

Read the User Manual carefully; you should be careful during this procedure; otherwise, your subwoofer can get damaged. After using the liquid, you can use the hair dryer to dry any liquid or water that may be present on the inner parts of the subwoofer.

Vinyl solvents can rupture the surface of the subwoofer, never use this directly on the outer surface.

If you have a large-sized subwoofer, it will take 30 to 60 minutes to clean it properly. You can ask your friend to help you. Once you know these methods, you will be happy to use them. You can use the same method to clean the Sonos Arc Soundbar with Dolby Atmos.

If you have any questions regarding the subwoofers, just post in the comment section, and our team will get back to it.

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