How to Clean A Subwoofer

How to Clean A Subwoofer?

In this article, I have added a step-by-step guide for cleaning your car subwoofer. I live near the beach and I love to take my Sedan every weekend for a ride.

My friends also started to join the event and we have super Sunday once a month at the beach. I have recently installed a massive 15-inch subwoofer in my car and O, Boy that is just awesome.

You can clean a subwoofer by using a micro-fiber cloth, soft brush, vacuum cleaner and by using ammonia. You should also clean subwoofer exterior, cones, and grills.

Clean Subwoofer Things required Easy to clean
Cones small cloth, brush Yes
Grills Ammonia Yes
Subwoofer exterior small micro-fiber cloth Yes
subwoofer box use a brush, vacuum cleaner Yes
subwoofer cables small cloth or brush Yes
Inner surface vacuum cleaner, brush Yes

I love to keep my stuff tidy and clean. When we take care of our car and other accessories then, we also have to take care of our Car Subwoofers. Because any music lover cannot compromise with this passion. You must clean your car subwoofers at required intervals for better performance.

Especially when we live in an area where dust is a major problem, there should be a regular cleaning schedule for car and audio accessories.

How to Clean A Subwoofer?

A friend of mine called me and told me that she could not find any way to clean the subwoofer of her car, I told all the precaution to my friend, which is necessary to keep a subwoofer clean. Just a few days ago, she called me and told that she was feeling very happy.

Cleaning her car subwoofer with a proven solution proved to be very easy and effective. I liked it very much after hearing these things. Thinking of this, I wrote this article for my readers also. So that my readers can also get benefits from this information.

As we all know, if any equipment is to be working well then it should be cleaned on a regular basis. This is the same with subwoofers also.

Now we come to our main point that is methods to clean car subwoofers.

Tools Required to Clean a Subwoofer

For this, we need the  4 things

First of all, We’ll take a lint-free fabric and move it to the upper surface in a circular motion on the subwoofer, exactly as we’ll put face powder on our face same like that.

After removing dust from the surface, we took a screwdriver and with the help of screwdriver remove the grill of the subwoofer. After that, clean the car Subwoofer cap and cones of a subwoofer. It is worth mentioning here that when we screw again, we will clean the inner surface with the vacuum cleaner. 

Cleaning the subwoofer exterior

The clothes we use to clean outer surfaces should be dry. However, stubborn dust may not be cleaned with dry cloths, in that case, the wet cloth can be used. But when you are using wet cloths you need to be careful.

To keep subwoofer surface dry, you can use ammonia free cleaner also. This works amazing for car subwoofers and you will appreciate this.

How to Clean Subwoofer grills?

Please keep in mind that if you do not know how to remove Subwoofer’s grill then it would be better not to remove Subwoofer grill Because it is difficult to remove the grill and fit again.

  • If your subwoofer’s grill is a metallic base then you cannot use water base cleaner.
    If your subwoofer’s grill is a fabric base then it is tough to clean because it can spoil your subwoofer, so be careful.

I have seen fellows who are not aware of this, and this can potentially damage your car subwoofers. Just follow this step by step guide and rest will be fine.

Cleaning the Speaker Cones

It is very important to clean the subwoofer properly especially the speaker Cones those are made of papers generally. The main part of the subwoofer is its Cones. It cannot be replaced once it gets spoiled. Cones are the main part of Subwoofer and get spoiled very easily.

So you should take care of Cones before cleaning. The solvent should be used to clean it. It is worth mentioning here that whatever solvent has to be used it should not be more than a limit. It can be cleaned by using soft brushes.

The Cones should be rubbed down with fine abrasive paper.  Because it is capable of cleaning the surface of speaker Cones by rubbing gently. It should be noted that during cleaning, the Cones should not be damaged. You should be very careful when cleaning the Cones.

Click here to buy fine abrasive paper from Amazon.

Dos and Don’ts for cleaning Subwoofers


Hard soap and detergent as it contains a chemical which can spoil your subwoofer

  • Wet clothes with excess water as it can ruin the equipment
  • Excessive cleaner – Excessive cleaner can destroy your equipment.
  • Vinyl solvent -It should not be used, because it dries quickly and can ruin the equipment if proper control and timing are not maintained.
  • Here, let me tell my reader that if you open any part of the subwoofer for cleaning purposes using any tool, then it will be so sure that you should also know how to re-shift all part easily.

What to do?

Read carefully the User Manual.- This should be read in detail so that it can be understood in totality.

Extra Care should be taken during cleaning otherwise your – subwoofer should get damaged.

It creates rupturing of the outer surface of the speaker if you use a vinyl solvent for cleaning

Final words:

I have explained the entire process of cleaning a subwoofer. Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions related to this topic.

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