Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer for the Money 2022 Reviews

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Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer for the Money 2020

It’s the 21st century. Everyone wants to have their own cars, and in that they desire to have such a sound system that gives the best audible experience. Not only this, we want car subwoofers to be as small as possible to make up space for their other stuff as well.

To cater all these needs and to easily adjust into a smart car, no one can think of a better option than a Shallow Mount Subwoofer.

I mean who does not wish for a compact size, portable and easy to install a stereo system into the car. They are the best choice for you to play your heavy metal music, or maybe some Amy Winehouse jazz in some meaningful long night drives.

To show you the best choices of shallow subwoofers in 2022, our teams of editors gathered and collected information about it.

Let us have a look at the key features of these speakers and the extensive reviews of these are discussed afterward.

Here is the List of Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer for 2022:

Shallow Mount subwoofers 2022



Rockford Fosgate

Classy build material, the light-weight, stiff, best quality of music.

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Kenwood KFC

Great sound quality, sleek design, and dual-ventilation.

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Skar Audio

Amazing power handling, great design, and affordable.

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Kicker CVT104

Gives great bass production in congested areas. Extra safe and secure.

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Infinity REF1000S

Low-profile design, flexible installation. Comes with a smart switch.

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Alpine Swr-t10

Power-packed fits easily in compact cars, great range and surround.

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Pioneer TS

Bigger cone with MICA technology fits almost everywhere, cheap.

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Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer for the Money 2022 Reviews

We have already explained the basic features of these high-quality subwoofers. Shallow Mount Subwoofers are the future, these are compact yet these delivers a powerful; and deep bass.

When we decided to write an article on this topic, we selected all top-brands from the market and used these subwoofers at our office for many weeks. At, we never compromise on the quality.

Let us read the detailed reviews for these shallow mount subwoofers:

Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8

No products found.

The first shallow mount subwoofer that I am going to review for this article is Rockford Fosgate. This amazing subwoofer is 8-inches in size and is perfect for a small or a family car. I tested this subwoofer in my office car for a month before writing this review.

Let me tell you that it is one of the best subwoofers that I have ever come across. This features power handling of 300 watts. Its impedance is 2 ohms that are ideal for a car subwoofer.

This subwoofer looks great with the new sleek design. It is a shallow mount subwoofer that means it can easily be installed at almost any location within your car. You can use a plastic enclosure for this purpose; make sure to fix it properly with the bolts.

This amazing shallow mount subwoofer features a neat and deep bass that you will always appreciate. This comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

This subwoofer features a VAST Surround that enhances the sound quality and you will notice more deep bass.

You can easily install this subwoofer in almost any car brand. I have used it on my Toyota Prado and O, Boy, music quality is just awesome.

It comes with a detailed instruction manual that explains everything related t this subwoofer. For the installation process, simply follow the guidelines in the manual.

Aluminum cone gives this subwoofer a beautiful and elegant look. This subwoofer can be installed using both the vented and the sealed enclosures.

This 8-inch shallow mount subwoofer is verified with KLIPPEL, this ensures that this is the best subwoofer in its class and only delivers a high-quality sound.

You must also be surprised to know that this 8 inches subwoofer has the lowest mounting depth of them all. This makes it the genie that can fit into any lamp. Such small mounting depth can make it mount even in a small skiff.

You can buy this from Amazon.

The anodized aluminum dual 2-ohm coils are perfect to handle the high sensitivity and reduce any type of distortion caused during sound production.

In short, this product gives you utter satisfaction and ease of installation. You should definitely give it a go sometime.


Kenwood KFC

No products found.

I would be seriously remiss if I do not mention the leading stereo speaker series Kenwood into my review. And to your surprise, I have just got the perfect speaker for you.

First of all, let us talk about its size. This sub has a size of 10 inches which is quite ideal for both smart and big cars. This 10-inch shallow mount subwoofer, is dedicated to giving the best performance and satisfaction to its user.

If we talk about its power capability, it is impressively good. It has a 4-ohm power handling capacity which is good enough to produce high-quality sound.

Another striking feature of this component sub is that it can accommodate and handle up to 300 watts. Such high power for a subwoofer is wonderful. Now you can tune your radio at the beach and listen to your favorite music while enjoying the shore.

Now let us move on to the quality of sound. I once went on a drive with my friend and surprisingly, he had mounted this subwoofer in this car. I never imagined that such small speakers can produce such deep bass.

The clarity of the sound and vocals really impressed me. Despite the fact that the bass was really low, it still managed to produce a deep and clear sound.

The sleek and unique design of Kenwood speakers has got no parallel. Their build quality, materials used and the shiny touch speaks for itself.

These subwoofers come with a textured cone made with polypropylene. The cones of these subwoofers are skillfully surrounded by rubber. The rubber is tightened around super hard for better durability and more intense sound depth.

One box of this product contains one 10 inches subwoofer, 8 screws, adhesive foamed gasket, and a cardboard template. It also comes with an easy-to-install user-manual which contains all the steps needed to fix the item into the car.

The feature that almost shocked me is worth mentioning here. This shallow mount product has a dual-ventilation system.

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The dual-ventilation system provides the best capability to the speaker to prevent heating out. It has two side vents; one from the sides and one from the back.

It just simply sucks the hot air and releases it out. Now you do not have to worry about heated weather or traffic jams, this top-rated shallow mount subwoofer will make your journey filled with music.


Skar Audio VD-10

No products found.

If you ever wished for such a subwoofer that was a complete powerhouse then this Skar Audio Shallow Mount Subwoofer is worth a try.

Let me explain it more, it is a 10 inches car subwoofer with a great design. If we talk about the amount of power it handles, it is impressive.

This product will give you peak power of 800 watts, which is pretty massive for such a small size of a subwoofer. If we compare with other subwoofers, the peak power is comparatively high which means that it will provide a more dynamic sound.

One more feature regarding power is the notable 500 watts of RMS, which again is unusual for a ten inches subwoofer. This product literally celebrates power.

Moreover, this subwoofer is so versatile. I mean it has got all the qualities of a big speaker. You get crystal clear voice even in the high range, you get tremendous bass quality, the efficiency and performance of this product literally speak for itself.

Going further, the dual voice coil of this subwoofer is powered on 4-ohm which is more than enough for a sub. The production of high amplitude bass in this product is really a pleasure to those earbuds.

If you look at the design, you will find that it is flat enough to fit in the rear of the car or any other place you wish to put. The sleek design is finished with a jet black touch.

Adding to this, the subwoofer is a polypropylene cone developed in a dual-layer Conex spider technique. It ensures that high temperatures or humidity will not affect the quality of the sound of the speakers. The high-quality rubber is surrounded on the sides for maximum safety.

These subwoofers are equipped with some of the latest technologies especially the ventilation system is designed in such a way that it will keep the system cool even during the hottest hours.

Buy now from Amazon.

I couldn’t help but notice that this subwoofer has an amazing 4.41 inches mounting depth, which means that it can be easily installed without creating a big mess. You don’t have to worry about space now.

If you are looking for one good reason to buy this product, then the factor is the Affordability of this subwoofer, it is much cheaper than its competitors.

So if you want quality, high power-handling, and all this with a lower price tag then go order your Skar Audio VD-10 D4 10″ 800W Max Power Dual 4 Ohm Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer.


Kicker CVT104

No products found.

The kicker is one of the leading manufacturers known for good quality products and best designs and specs. And they haven’t disappointed us in their new Kicker CVT104 (43CVT104) 800W Peak (400W RMS) 10″ CompVT Series Dual 4-Ohm Car Subwoofer.

This is the type of subwoofer you do not want to miss. You can either mount it into your door panel or beneath your seat, it will provide you just the right amount of enhanced bass you needed.

These subwoofers are known for their excellent sound quality, crispy and clear vocals, strong bass, and a smooth flow of the sound. This is one of the best shallow mount subwoofers for 2022.

The power handling of this small sub is quite competent. It can handle an impedance of up to 400 watts RMS. If you talk about its peak power handling then it may go about 800 watts. This decent amount of power handling complements its compact size.

For added security and quality, the speaker of the sub remains stiff and tough at the start. They require some good time to play along with some hard music. As soon as they break-in, they will reach their normal position and then your subs are going to BANG!

The mounting depth of these subwoofers is quite low which makes them more appropriate and easy to fix into any shallow space. If you have a small truck or a lorry, then this subwoofer is just the right option for you.

This item is a single voice coil subwoofer. The cone of this subwoofer is an injection-molded polypropylene design, which is mainly used in every high-end subwoofer. The purpose to use this design is for additional depth into the sound even when the frequency is low.

The cone is protected with a Santoprene rubber which gives extra tough protection to the cone with some enhanced dynamic vocal range. Kicker subwoofer are always a perfect choice for deep and powerful bass.

If we take a look at the venting system of this sub then it is designed with a very fine technology that keeps all the parts of the subwoofer cool.

So if you are looking for a decent choice that includes protection, enhance depth and non-stop entertainment then go for this product.


Infinity REF

No products found.

Are you looking for a reliable and flexible subwoofer? Do you want such a sub that comes with a low profile design and can be set brilliantly anywhere in the car? If yes, then the Infinity REF1000S 10 Inch Shallow Mount Subwoofer is your best boy.

There is a reason that these subwoofers are hyped-up. First of all, let us talk about its performance. When I first heard music from it, it had a nice high-end touch to it. I could hear the higher and lower frequencies very clearly.

The reason for it is that it is equipped with a higher sensitivity (approx 97 dB) which sounds so great with such type of speakers. It also provides a 25-hertz resonant frequency which is quite lower than other subwoofers, which makes it one of the best picks.

Let us talk about the design and build quality of these subs now. As I mentioned before, the design is low-profile which makes it perfect to mount anywhere in the car, without any compromise to the quality of the sound.

You might be surprised to know this but this product has been tested in extreme conditions; some of that include high radiations of the sun rays, severe cold and humidity and every possible way to ensure that this product will ensure maximum resistance and provide quality throughout every obstacle.

If we talk about the power, the peak power handling capacity of this item is 800 watts which gives the perfect balance of power and sound output. The RMS of this item is 200 watts, which is a decent amount of power for a low-profile subwoofer.

You can buy now from Amazon.

One of the best features of this subwoofer is the impedance switch. Most of the 2-voice coil woofer offers to wire two separate coils for different impedances.

But this subwoofer has changed the concept and introduced a smart switch. This switch lets you choose between the 2-ohm and 4-ohm impedances. This will make you listen to your favorite music without any noise or distortion caused by the amplifier.

So if you want a great bass in such a low-profile design and low cost then you should give the Infinity REF1000S 10 Inch Shallow Mount Subwoofer a try. It will give you best sound quality, easy installation and maximum durability.


Alpine Swr-t10

No products found.

What happens when you combine a low-profile subwoofer with an enormous amount of power? You get the Alpine Swr-t10 10-Inch 1800 Watt 4 Ohm Shallow Mount Subwoofer. Ah, this product is perfect on many levels.

First of all, let me get straight to the phenomenal design of this sub. This amazing shallow mount subwoofer has a sleek design, that is thin, which makes it easy to adjust in different locations of the car.

You can easily adjust these subwoofers to the side doors or back of the car. If we compare the size, it has a mounting depth as less as 3.5 inches. Wow, now this is something huge.

Despite all of it, the cone of this subwoofer is similar to that of other subwoofers and it promises to provide great deep sound effects.

Moving towards the power handling capacity, I was really surprised to see that how can this small shallow mount subwoofer handle such great power.

This tiny 10 inches subwoofer is a power pack. It handles a tremendous amount of 600 Watts RMS which is extraordinary for such a small sub. Adding to this, the real jaw-dropping deal was when I get to know that it can handle a peak power of almost 1200 Watts. 

The aluminum cone is made of a special surround design. The thin sheet of the spider design creates a vividly amazing surround sound.

The cone is surrounded by a unique multiple roll rubber design, which ensures the perfect depth and range of the sound.

If we talk about the heat and air ventilation system, then this subwoofer is designed with radial finned heat sink technology. It is attached exclusively with the subwoofer, does not let the heat inside and let’s air pass through. It will keep your system cool.

So if we take a look at this product, it is perfect. It has a great low-profile design that can fit in any compact car. It has a great dynamic range and surrounds effect.

It is a powerhouse with immense peak power impedance. In short, you should definitely try the Alpine Swr-t10 10-Inch 1800 Watt 4 Ohm Shallow Mount Subwoofer.


Pioneer Shallow Mount Subwoofer

No products found.

In the end, the last product I am going to review is the Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8-inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofer with 600 Watts Max Power. Pioneer has already established its name in the market and is best known for its quality, durability, and versatility.

This subwoofer comes with an 8-inch size which is less than the other subs we reviewed before.

Whether it is located underneath the backseat, or on the front doors, this subwoofer promises to provide high-quality distortion-free bass throughout the drive.

It is engineered and manufactured in such a way that it works better in congested and closed areas. You will not find any better subwoofer for your small car.

Moving towards its power capacity, this Pioneer sub can handle a peak power of 600 watts. The impedance of it is 150 watts RMS which is reasonable for such a system. It also has a higher sensitivity rating of 86 dB which complements other features of this model.

The design of these Pioneer subwoofers is made in a way that they can fit in a variety of vehicles. These subs can be placed on the side doors, under the seats or in the rear as well.

The cone of this subwoofer is composed of Injection Molded Propylene. This cone is extremely lightweight but firm which makes it perfect to produce dynamic bass.

Another notable thing I found in this design is that the cone is much bigger than any other subwoofer I reviewed which was quite unusual. The larger the cone, the more air will pass through and you would love it for sure.

It also houses a dual 2-ohm voice coil. With the help of these coils, you can either switch to 1-ohm or 4-ohms, depending on the amount of load given to the sub.

Lastly, these woofers are light on your pocket. You get the best quality and performance in this sub with a much cheaper price tag. So I would recommend you to hurry up and grab you the Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8-inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofer with 600 Watts Max Power ASAP.


Why Shallow Mount Subwoofers Is the Future of Car Audio?

Shallow Mount Subwoofer for Cars

It is the 21st century. Everything is getting smart and concise. The same is the case with your cars; they are getting smarter, compact, and environment-friendly.

The future of car audio is set on one goal- to minimize the size of the stereo system and make it more efficient.

And that is what exactly the shallow mount subwoofers do. They are smarter, more efficient and easy to install. The future of car stereo belongs to them.

Now let us talk about some of the features of these shallow subwoofers that make them the device of the future.


One of the most noticeable factors of these shallow mount subs is their size. These woofers are much smaller and smarter in size than the regular ones.

The normal subwoofers are big and heavy, which makes them so difficult to be installed in a small car. That is where shallow mount subs are used.

The regular options for the sizes of these subwoofers are 8, 10, 12, and 15. The size of these subs also has a great influence on the type of sound they will exhibit.

The smaller subwoofers will provide a decent amount of bass and crispy dynamic vocals. While the bigger ones will be showing a more aggressive bass, that will provide you sheer satisfaction.


Power Handling

A shallow mount subwoofer does not have the same power handling capacity as compared to your normal ones, but they still do give a tough competition.

The peak power is the maximum amount of charge a sub can bear without messing out. The peak power is lesser than the normal subs but they are enough to provide the charge that would let them work at their best.


Frequency Range

The shallow mount subwoofers also possess excellent frequency range. The range of frequency determines how well the speaker will handle high or low frequencies and how efficiently do they work.

The normal frequency range of an average shallow mount sub is somewhat between 20 Hz to 200 Hz. Again, this all depends on the quality of the speaker.

If the speaker is of good quality then it might get below the 20 Hz range and exhibit some best low-frequency deep music, but if it’s just a normal priced sub then it won’t get that low. It might just as well stop at 100 or 90 Hz.



These shallow mount subwoofers are the best space savers. Their compact size can fit in almost any type of small car. If you have a small pick-up, an SUV or even a 2-seater car then it can easily fit inside and save you space.

Moreover, it is so light-weighed. It does not put additional weight on your car; if you have mounted it on the rear side then it will work well without putting a weight on the back.

Their size and weight make them easy to carry and install.



Sensitivity is one of the most contrasting features of a subwoofer. Most high power speakers cannot cope well with higher or lower sensitivity levels.

That is why the shallow mount subwoofers are better to handle high and low-level sensitivity. They just give you the perfect depth in your music, you will love it.

You should go for a shallow sub that supports high frequency if you are not using an amplifier. It will create a louder and satisfying sound.

But if you are using an amplifier, then go for a shallow sub that supports lower sensitivity.

For more depth and perfection, try to buy a subwoofer that handles the sensitivity of lower range. The range must be between 80 to 100 dB.

Now, this type of feature is what you will not find in big expensive speakers, so that is why these are the speakers of the future.


Power Saving

The shallow mount subwoofers are power savers. They do not become harsh on the battery and does not drain it. This feature makes it the boss of them all.

The future is all about saving power resources and being nature-friendly, so the shallow mount subs are up for it.

So these were the factors that tell us that we will be seeing more of these shallow subwoofers in the coming future in our cars. Now let us get to the point that how do they actually sound?


It Gives Your Audio System a Good Boost

The shallow mount subs exhibit a great deal of boost in the sound. It enhances the sound and compliments your normal car speakers.

The bass is just perfect. It does not pinch your ears, rather gives a pleasant experience to hear.


It Creates a Mesmerizing Depth Effect

Everyone desires to listen to their soul music. To feel the depth of the lyrics and dive deep into the music, one must have some good speakers.

Your shallow mount subwoofers are just the right device for you to hear to that perfect depth, blended into the right amount of bass.


Comparison Chart for Shallow Mount Subwoofer and Regular Subwoofer

So let us conclude our comparison of both the shallow mount and our regular mount subwoofers with the help of a simple table.

Let us discuss Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular subwoofer:


Regular Subwoofer

Shallow Mount Subwoofer


Loud and Unpleasant

Deep and Soothing

Bass effect









Ease of installation



Mounting depth

More/Limited to install

Less/Not limited to install


More protection

Less protection

Power consumption







Normal and Bulky

Sleek and Outstanding








Do Shallow Subs Hit as Hard as The Regular Subs?

Shallow Mount Subwoofer for Indoors

There is a big difference between shallow mount subwoofers and regular subwoofers. We will describe their differences categorically to explain them better.

The Output

If we talk about the performance, there is a big difference between and regular subs.

A regular subwoofer will exhibit a more clear sound. It will also exhibit frequencies that are mainly low in pitch.

On the other hand, if you try a shallow subwoofer, you will listen to some crispy vocals. Moreover, the sound created by the shallow subs has great depth and bass in them.


Bass Effect

Both the shallow sub and regular sub are perfect in creating bass and sub-bass.

A regular subwoofer will exhibit a great amount of bass. Sometimes, the bass is so much great that it can damage your earbuds or even the windows of your cars. Mostly you have to keep the subwoofers low to save your mighty ears.

A shallow subwoofer creates a decent bass. The bass created by the shallow sub is pleasant to the ears and does not damage your earbuds.



One major difference between a regular and shallow mount subwoofer is the portability.

Regular subwoofers due to their size are not much portable. They can only be mounted in the rear of the car, and consumes a lot of space and adds weight to the car.

The shallow subwoofers, on the other hand, are specially built to be portable. They can easily fit anywhere in the car. Their compact size and small weight are just extra-ordinary.

You can fit a shallow sub either on the side doors, back or even beneath the seats. So in terms of portability, the shallow subs are the obvious winners.



There is a big difference when it comes to the installation of regular and shallow subwoofers.

The installation of a regular subwoofer can be a tricky one. You need good skills and knowledge of tools and screws to fit all the equipment of a subwoofer.

The bulk of the subwoofer alone is a big issue. One may have to compromise a lot on the seat space to make space for the subwoofer system to install. That is a lot of work which needs to be done by an expert.

The enclosure of the subwoofer too can create a problem to fit in.

If we take a look at the shallow subwoofer, it is much easier to install. You just have to use some simple tools, a bunch of screws and you can easily fit them in anywhere.

The small size and thinness of the shallow subs make it easy to adjust and install. So if you are looking for an easy to install option then you should opt for these shallow mount subs.


Mounting depth

The mounting depth is the space required to mount a speaker over a designated area. The mounting depth of a speaker determines how much space it will require to fit in.

The lower the mounting depth, the more areas a subwoofer can fit in.

The mounting depth of the subwoofers is also greater than the shallow ones which make it limited to confined spaces. The mounting depth of a subwoofer starts from 5 inches or more which makes it limited to the rear side of the car only.

The mounting depth of the shallow subwoofers is much lesser than the regular subwoofers. A normal shallow mount sub would have a mounting depth of 3 to 4.5 inches.

Some shallow subs come with a much lower mounting depth that they can easily fit under your seats or the front doors.

So the shallow mount subwoofers win this category again.



One major issue that can happen to the speakers is their protection. Are these shallow mount subwoofers secure enough to handle any mishap? How durable are they?

A regular subwoofer allows more protection against any impact than the shallow ones. If the subs come within a box or enclosure, they ensure more safety to the system. They also do not come off from their enclosures easily.

The shallow subwoofers are small, thin, and more fragile as compared to the regular subwoofers. You cannot get much durability from them. They would also brace damage to any impact more than the regular subwoofers.

The installation point might also be a factor in this issue. If you place your subwoofer in a place that can get into contact with impacts while going on a bumpy drive, then kiss it goodbye.

So it is better to keep the subwoofers (shallow or normal ones) maintained and fixed to keep them running for long.

As for the durability and protection, the winner here is the regular subwoofer.


Power Consumption

The sizes of both the regular and shallow mount subwoofers are directly influencing the amount of power they are consuming.

A regular subwoofer consumes a high amount of power than the compact shallow mount ones. Some high power subs can consume power up to even 1000 watts, which is a great deal for your car battery too.

While the shallow subwoofers consume less amount of power, they do not put stress on the battery. This feature makes them long-lasting and power-saving.

So in terms of saving energy and power, our winner is the shallow mount subwoofer.



The usefulness of the subwoofers and shallow mount subs is also a major factor. The nature of both of them is somewhat different.

Regular subwoofers have just got the best range for outdoors and open spaces. If you want to dance on some crazy music, using your car audio then these regular subs will be a cherry on top. They work so well on open outdoor areas as well as inside the car.

The shallow mount subwoofers are designed in a way that they work better in closed and congested spaces, which makes them perfect to work indoors. If you happen to use these subs in a closed, small room they will show the best of depth and bass.

So if you want big loud music outdoors then go for regular subs, and if you want decent sound with the best bass indoors then use your shallow subs.



The design of both the subwoofers and shallow mount is different and has its own characteristics and aesthetics.

The regular subwoofers are bigger and tougher. They do not have the beauty of design like shallow subwoofers.

The shallow subwoofers are sleek, slim and compact. Their streamlined design is worth it. They increase the grace of your car.



Regular subwoofers are higher in cost than the shallow ones. Even the cheapest one is still costly. If you buy a subwoofer with additional components and amp then it will add a tremendous amount of money to the already expensive subwoofer.

On the other hand, the shallow mount subwoofers are less costly. This is why shallow mount subwoofers are best for the money.

So if you are looking for a budget-friendly sub, the shallow mount sub is the answer.



The regular subwoofers due to their bulk and size are much more difficult to be maintained and cleaned. One might want to call for an expert to maintain them.

The shallow subwoofers are compact and provide more easy options to be maintained and cleaned. You can easily maintain them on your own with just a little effort.

So the case is again won by the shallow mount subs.

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