The Best Hidden Car Stereo for Classic Cars

Best Hidden Car Stereo for Classic Cars?
Best Hidden Car Stereo for Classic Cars?

Even though you see so many luxurious cars on the road, but still the trend for classic cars never go off the table.

Check the car interior and then decide the size of the car stereo, identify the location to hide it, and connect the wires. You can add a single Din or a Double Din car stereo in the classic cars and hide it under the seat, in the dashboard, or in the door panel.


Best Hidden Car Stereo for Classic Cars

You can add a hidden car stereo to your classic car with a few modifications. Now imagine a fancy Classic car, with all of its original components, and then you add up the latest stereo system on that. Does this sound appeal to you? Now you must be planning to add any other classic stereo system over it.

Most classic cars did not have any music system for entertainment because they were built to make traveling easier.

SecretAudio SST Hidden Stereo

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This fantastic brand, by Custom Autosound, is specially designed to go with classic cars. This device is known to be the best remote music system and best-reviewed by many customers as well.

You can also operate this device with remote control with a range of up to 40 meters.

Furthermore, this product also includes a separate LCD where you can see the tracking number along with the song title. You should also know which car stereo has the most watts, and then buy accordingly.

Furthermore, there is a tuner for radio, and the same panel also acts as an Amplifier. This sound system includes a USB port to be connected with a flash drive.

Furthermore, there is also an option to insert a DVD or CD as well. As far as FM is being concerned, then there is also a powerful antenna attached to it. 


Marine Bluetooth Hidden Stereo System

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Next comes another unique brand by Pyle, which you can get at a very affordable price of around $300,  including the shipping charges.

So just in case if you have this music system installed at a place where there is a chance of fluid being fallen onto it, then still, this stereo will go as smooth as it was before.

Furthermore, a Bluetooth module is added to it, which allows you to enjoy trouble-free music fun for as long as you want. Besides, now you need not worry about all those cables tangling around.

Operating this system is simple and easy with few buttons. Last but not least, even its installation is as simple as its operation. Furthermore, there is an option for an AUX cable, just if Bluetooth connectivity is weak. You can also add apps for Apple Carplay stereo.


Sound Storm Laboratories Car Stereo

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If you need a Stereo that you can keep in plain sight, then obviously, this masterpiece by Sound Storm Laboratories would do the job correctly.

This excellent music system comes with a Bluetooth feature that allows you to play songs and controls a few other features, including attending or reject calls and even maintaining a few music apps, including Spotify.

Moreover, if you are not interested in connecting your Bluetooth to the device, you also get the Flash Drive and DVD option.

Similarly, there is also an option for AM or FM to keep you entertained when you are not interested in those tracks to be repeated. Likewise, you also get to set the equalizer according to your choice.

Last but not least, this masterpiece comes with a premium warranty for three years, which is more than enough to test the strengths of this fantastic product thoroughly. You can get your hands on this hidden Stereo System at a price of just $200 excluding shipping charges.


UNITOPSCI Car Stereo System

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If you are looking for an electronic Stereo system in your classic car within the glove compartment, this should do the work.

Its small size can easily fit inside the glove compartment while keeping the beauty of your classic car. When it comes to safe drivers, the Bluetooth feature in this product comes in handy because now you can attend to calls with a simple tap.

When it comes to installation, it is straightforward and straightforward, as all you need is to power it up with a 12 Volt of DC supply, which can be provided with a set of batteries.

This fantastic product is available at a low price of $90, one of the best deals you can get for such a feature enriched Stereo System.


Why Use Hidden Car Stereo in Classic Cars?

Now when you have understood and everything about a Hidden Car Stereo, you must also know why you even need it in your classic car?

As you know, when it comes to automobiles, just the matching features give it good looks; otherwise, it will be a complete disaster.

Similarly, when it comes to classic cars, then the latest and electronic gadget will ruin their importance and appearance. Classy vehicles are scarce in their original condition, but those still running on the road should stay in their original looks.


Need for Hidden Car Stereo in Classic Cars

Need for Hidden Car Stereo in Classic Cars

So, there is less to no chance that you will ever be able to get any classic-looking Stereo system for your ride. Still, those cars had enough power and stylish looks that they can overcome any other latest luxurious vehicles.

Now when you have decided to keep a Classic car for yourself, then without any doubt, you would like to enjoy the ride with your favorite music as well without ruining the looks of this beautiful ride.

So for this purpose, you will need a Hidden Car Stereo that will not only keep the eyes of your car as it should be but will also let you enjoy your favorite music while you are out there enjoying the long drive.


How to Hide a Car Stereo in A Classic Car

This is the part where you will learn that what options do you have exactly to keep stereo reachable and still stay hidden, to fulfill its purpose. There are various options for you to choose from, depending on the type of stereo you will be using for your car.

For example, there are remote wireless systems that can connect via Bluetooth. Others for connection via wires, and you have to operate it using buttons like any other usual Stereo System.


Hide Stereo in Plain Sight

Well, you might be wondering that this is just impossible to keep the stereo system on the front side, and yet it is kept hidden without anyone finding anything about it.

So obviously, you need to place it where you see the usual stereo system in a car. This sounds a bit awkward when you install a sound system over its usual place, then how no one else may see that?

This problem’s simple solution is to cover the stereo with a lid with the same pattern as the Dashboard.

Now you have a fantastic Hidden stereo in Plain Sight. The best thing about this location is that you can keep any stereo installed which you like. Now you have all the fantastic features of the latest sound system while maintaining your Classic Car’s beauty.


Hide Car Stereo Inside Dashboard

Hide Car Stereo Inside Dashboard

Then the second-best place is beneath or inside the Dashboard, and this is the place closed to all those circuits and wires, which means that you do not need any separate preparations for installing the system.

Besides, beneath the Dashboard, there is no way that someone will ever notice a wireless or even a wired Stereo System. You should make some arrangements so that the device should not disturb any other circuit.

Even though it is one fantastic place for Hidden System, this is also the location for all other electronic circuits. So, it would help if you placed it with proper adjustment. Otherwise, you will end up messing up with any other system in your car.


Place it Inside Door Panel

Now coming to another great place where your Stereo system will stay perfectly hidden without even anyone finding anything about it.

Besides, the speakers are usually installed inside the door panels, so this also makes a perfect spot inside your classic car to have access to your Hidden Stereo system.

A Stereo system should be close to your Smartphone because this system will operate over Bluetooth, so if they are near your phone, better the connectivity you have.

Now when you are already aware of a few of the perfect spots inside your car to install Hidden Car Stereo. Well, there are a few more that you must know about, like you can place it beneath passenger seats.

Otherwise, you can also install it behind the passenger seat, where you usually see speakers in modern cars. Your Classic car’s whole compartment has so many places that you can choose for installing Hidden Car Stereo.


Hide Stereo under your Car Seat

Hide Stereo under your Car Seat

Now, coming to another best part of your car, where your Sound system will completely stay hidden. Keeping an electronic device beneath your car seat may not seems to be a good idea, but no one will ever notice it.

As of now, it is apparent that you will be using a wireless system to enjoy music, so this might be the best place for you to keep the system close to your Smartphone. Besides, keeping the device near to your Smartphone means better connectivity.


How to Install Hidden Car Stereo in a Classic Car

Once you have decided which place you have to choose to install your Hidden Car Music System, next comes the part where you have to learn how to install your remote music system without any trouble.

You should understand that classic cars, like installing an MP3 or Stereo device, is a bit different from all those latest cars. There are already options to upgrade or add a sound system to all those latest cars in all those latest cars.

Whereas, when it comes to classic cars, then things are a bit different. Most classic cars have not even a concept of having a stereo system added to them. Usually, the factory-made stereo systems do not go well in this situation.

So mostly modified and aftermarket stereo devices would be perfect to go. You need not make sure about the ideal size that fits in with your classic car.

All you need to worry about how exactly you are going to connect it. Most remote stereo systems do not require any connection—just a fine place to them and a Bluetooth modulator to connect them to your Smartphone.

Now you are all good to go, make sure to replace or charge the battery from time to time. On the other hand, if the wires include in the sound device, you need to make the radio’s adjustments to power and connect MP3 to the speakers of your classic beauty.

Watch the tutorial to learn how to install hidden bluetooth stereo in a classic car.