How To Install Car Speakers In Rear Deck?

How To Install Car Speakers In A Rear Deck

Having a satisfying sound system in your car requires a few modifications. Some are effective, while some just work as a showpiece. In other words, you may not know what is best for you.

Should you be worried about this? No, because you are in the right place now. Here I will show you how you can get the best music experience in your car just by installing rear deck speakers.

In addition to this, you will get to know a whole lot more. By the end, you will become a car speaker expert yourself. Am I exaggerating? Keep reading to find out.


What Will the Rear Deck Speakers Do to Your Cars Sound System?

Rear Deck Speakers for Cars Sound System

I know you are here to learn how you can install car speakers in a rear deck. So why tell you what rear deck speakers do to your sound system?

Well, I don’t want you to invest in something you don’t really want or need. Though installing car speakers in the back can be a good expenditure, this is not for everyone.

Let me tell you what rear deck speakers do. They bring a drastic change to the overall sound production in your car.

If you have speakers in the front and speakers on the back as well, you will be surrounded and consumed by the sound. The music will just be alive. You will feel the difference.

The rear deck speakers tend to be extremely powerful and can easily pick up more decibels through the system. So, if you are into loud funky music or obsessed with pop songs, installing a rear deck can turn your car into a party house for you.

Moreover, adjusting the setting properly can make you feel like you are enjoying a live performance. Awesome, isn’t it?

But what if you don’t like loud music and all? In this case, don’t install rear deck car speakers. They do enhance the sound quality, but this won’t make much of a difference for you.

The front speakers are enough for regular music consumption. The same goes for those who listen to music on the headphone. I mean, you guys don’t even use the front speaker, why would you need rear deck speakers for!

Finally, if you are thinking that having front and rear deck speakers will make your movie-watching experience better, then sorry to say you are wrong.

Having speakers all around you won’t create the 3D environment you are hoping for. However, if you are looking for something like this, your car retailer can help you make a decision.


How To Install Car Speakers in A Rear Deck?

I guess you have made up your mind by now, and probably chose to install rear deck speakers in your car. (Why else would you keep reading, right?). If this is the case, then you were looking for the following words (trust me!).

Installing rear deck speakers sounds complicated, something only professionals can do. But this is not true at all. Believe it or not, you can install car speakers in the rear deck of your vehicle in less than an hour.

I am not kidding! I will show you everything you need to know in the simplest way possible. Well, what I will do basically is I will describe what I do when it comes to installing rear deck speakers.

So, why wait? Oh yes, we can start once you have gathered a few stuffs near your reach. Here’s a list of what you will need.

  • Pryer
  • Bolt remover socket
  • Plastic Rivets

And obviously, you have to keep the new set of speakers near your reach. Surprisingly, this is all you will need and not a single item more.

Now let’s get this over with.


Step 1: Removing the Back Panel

Installing Car Speakers in A Rear Deck - Remove Back Panel

I don’t need to elaborate on why you need to remove the back panel. It’s common sense that if you don’t put the back panel away, you won’t be able to reach the point where your speaker goes! However, detaching this panel can be a challenge

But I have found out a simple solution to the problem.

I start off by grabbing a pryer. You can also use a trim remover tool, but I feel comfortable with a pryer. So, what do I do with the pryer?

I snoop around the hard plastic edging of the back panel. After prying on all the sides, the plastic rivets holding the panel pop out. These plastic rivets will be necessary when I put the panel back again. So, I save them in a plastic jar.


Step 2: Removing the Bolts Holding the Speaker

Now it’s time to remove the old speakers. This is a delicate process. So I handle it bit by bit. At first, I deal with the bolts that hold the speaker in its place. There are quite a few options here, but I prefer using sockets.

I set the compatible sockets on the bolts and turn them anti-clockwise till they become loose. You know how socket works, right? After removing the bolts, I store them as I did with the plastic rivets. I will need them with my final step.


Step 3: Preparing the Old Speaker for Removal

Installing Car Speakers in A Rear Deck - Preparing the Old Speaker for Removal

I can’t just pull out the stereo after removing the bolts. The process demands caution because the wiring here is quite delicate.

This is why I am conscious while pulling the old speaker out of its place. Most importantly, I don’t pull it all the way. After the whole speaker is out, I delicately remove the plug connected to it. This is where are the wirings are linked.

However, while pulling the plug, I make sure to lift the plastic piece holding it. You can’t really do anything without adjusting this plastic switch.

When everything is removed, I place the old speaker in a secure location (don’t throw it away! It can be useful for you). And I also clean the slot with my handheld vacuum cleaner.


Step 4: Installing the New Speakers

Installing Car Speakers in A Rear Deck - Installing the New Speakers

Everything is ready now. All there’s left to do is install the new speaker. Here I basically do step 2 in reverse.

Firstly, I connect the new speakers to the plug I removed earlier. It’s essential to make sure that the plug is inserted correctly.

After that, I slid the speaker back into the slot where the old speaker was. I am sure you have already guessed what I will do next. Yes, I put the bolts in the predrilled holes and tighten them up using the same socket. I just rotate the bolts clockwise, and this is how the speaker is securely placed.

Which speaker are you using? If you haven’t made a choice yet, you will find helpful information regarding this at the end of this article.

How to Install Speakers in Car Trunk?

Step 5: Putting the Back Panel Back on

Installing Car Speakers in A Rear Deck -Putting the Back Panel Back on

Now comes the final part of the process. This, again, is the reverse of step 1.

Remember the plastic rivets I saved earlier? Yes, I will be needing them now. Once I have put the back panel in its place, I give it a gentle push to set it properly. I finish my task by screwing down the plastic rivets.

If you look from far, everything can seem hard. So divide your tasks as I did here. And even the complex jobs like installing rear deck speakers in the car will be a breeze.


How Much Can It Cost to Install the Speakers in The Rear Deck?

Your overall expenditure depends on what you are doing. Each step will either add more to your budget or make the process cheaper. But what is the number? Let me show you the calculation.

If you want to install the speakers all by yourself, it should not take more than $300 (I am guessing you won’t have to purchase the tools!). Don’t have the items? Then have an extra $30 ready.

What if you need adapters? In this case, just add $50 to your overall expanse. In total, you should be able to handle everything for less than $500 even if you choose the best deal.

However, if you don’t want to take the risk of messing things up and hire a professional instead, you can do that with $200 more. No, you won’t have to purchase tools when seeking expert help.

Here price of the speakers, the adapter, and the installation fee adds up to around $700. Remember, this is an average amount. You can get your job done with less than this, depending on where you live.

So, how much should you have in your hand before starting with the process? A bit more $500 should be enough! 


How Long Can It Take to Install the Speakers In The Rear Deck?

This point too, totally depends on you. Just to give you the bottom line, it can take around 1 hour to finish the installation process. The duration is less than this if you get a professional for the task.

Removing the panel usually doesn’t take more than 15 minutes. The same goes for putting the panel back on. However, the wiring process can be a mountain to climb.

Here you have to get every wire in the right place without damaging them. This is why it can take you around half an hour only for this part.

I personally need 40 to 50 minutes to wind up everything. In certain unique cases, the panel removal process was smooth as butter. It took me less than a minute to get everything out of my way (can you believe that!).

Chances are your car has a similar feature. Who knows! Go check it out.


Can You Install Rear Deck Speakers in Any Car?

Can You Install Rear Deck Speakers in Any Car

Well, most cars nowadays are compatible with rear deck speakers. In fact, these cars usually have a set of speakers already installed at the back.

I have seen cars that even come with a plug-n-play rear deck speaker. Working with this type of sound system is as easy as it gets.

However, handling older cars can be more challenging. Can you guess why?

Old vehicles with rear deck speakers have all the equipment firmly installed. Displacing them from their position can be tricky unless you are a professional.

Now let’s dive deeper into this question! Can you have rear deck speakers if your car has no slot for it? In case you are wondering, this can be an issue for vehicles with their rear deck as parts of the body shape. These structures don’t have mounting holes.

Saloon cars are a good example.

So how is it possible to install speakers here? You surely can’t make holes to set your speakers in this position! Well, this is exactly what you are going to do here. Trust me, I am not crazy. In fact, I have done this with my friend’s car, and he is quite happy with it.

However, if you are even considering this, you should keep a few things in mind.

The most important point is to know that making holes in the car will affect the warranty of your car’s body. So if you just brought your car last month, don’t think of drilling the body of your vehicle.

Now, let’s address another issue. You are probably wondering how I manage the wiring! Well, this is where everything gets complicated. Rerouting the cables is the way to go here.

You have to pull the wires of the front speaker and slide them to the backside of the car. And this is as complicated as it sounds. This is why I strongly recommend using Bluetooth speakers for cars incompatible with rear deck speakers.

Finally, I can’t emphasize more how helpful it can be to hire a professional for what you are planning to do. If you have zero experience, performing such modifications yourself can damage your car beyond repair. So be careful about what you are up to. 


Do You Need an Amplifier with It?

Let me put it simply. No, you don’t need an amplifier with your rear deck speakers. However, an amplifier can ‘amplify’ the quality of your speaker.

You know what an amplifier does, right? While adding an amplifier can make the sound production clear and crisp, it’s not something mandatory.

Although, you may want to have it if you are into loud music. An amplifier can boost volume up to another level. Considering everything, I would recommend getting an amplifier no matter what type of audio you listen to.

The main reason is the low price of these devices. With as little as a $20 upgrade, you get a speaker set that is sure to exceed your expectations. It’s not possible to put the experience in words. You just have to try it. 


What About the Front Speakers? Do You Need Them Anymore?

Car Front Speakers

The choice is up to you. While it’s necessary to have speakers on all sides, this type of arrangement can give you a surreal music experience in your car. Imagine your favorite music coming toward you from 4 directions, all at the same frequency! It will simply be amazing.

However, you have to do a few things to attain this benefit. Firstly, you have to make sure that the front and back speakers belong to the same brand.

Though different brands don’t in fact make much of a difference when it comes to performance, subtle noticeable changes can be an itch. This is why, if you want perfection, use speakers from the same company. Don’t forget to adjust the settings in the same way as well.

But…. what if your front speakers are old? It goes without saying that old speakers will have distorted sound and will surely not have the same capability as the new ones.

Turning up the volume will bring more noticeable distortion, ruining the sound quality. No, you don’t have to get a new set of front speakers. Just take the old ones to an expert, and they will fix it at half the price of a new sound system.

To sum it up, all I am saying is front sound systems are not mandatory when you have rear deck speakers. But having both is definitely a good decision. In fact, I would recommend you to have this arrangement!


Which Speaker Should You Get?

Which Speaker to Choose for Car Rear Deck

This may just be the most crucial point of this whole discussion. Why? Because if you don’t have a good enough speaker, you will not get what you are looking for even after getting the installation right.

As you know, there are tons of options available on the market. Filtering out the best one is not quite simple. Everyone demands that their device is the best. Whom to trust! Leave this to me. Below I have mentioned a few points that will help you make up your mind.

Consider The Size

Before even making a shortlist of rear deck speakers, make sure you are aware of the speaker size you should get. Let’s face it, the slot for speaker is not going to get any bigger.

A speaker smaller than the slot can get damaged quickly. So, make sure to purchase a speaker that will smoothly slide into the rear deck of your car.

Consider The Compatibility

Your speaker will be connected to a set of wires. Is the speaker you are choosing compatible with these wires? You don’t need to be an expert to answer this. Just look at the wire and see if your speaker has a slot for each one of them. It’s as simple as that!

Consider The Price

Sound system for cars comes at a wide range of price. It can cost anything between $100 to $1500. You don’t need the most expensive one.

Chances are, the cheapest one will be a pain in the neck. Take my suggestion and keep saving up till you can. Go for what you can afford.

Consider The Power Supply

As I have already mentioned, a Bluetooth speaker is also an option here. This is especially convenient if your car doesn’t already have rear deck speaker slots.

But while making a choice, try to go for one that runs on battery. This way, you can get consistent performance years after years without damaging the speaker’s internal components. Don’t forget to have backup batteries in your car, though.

This is actually all a good sound system needs to maintain. Follow these points, and you are sure to get to the speaker you want for your vehicle.



Knowing how you can install speakers in the rear deck of your car is not enough. You have to know a lot more than this to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

I have compiled all that you need to know in this article for your convenience. But I couldn’t find a place for certain information. You may have questions regarding those points as well.

Mainly, for this reason, I have composed this section. Here I will briefly tackle a few important issues I couldn’t include in the main article. Check this out!

Should Front and Rear Speakers be the Same in Size?

If you want the short answer then, yes, both the front and rear speakers should be of the same size. The reason here is balance. If you want to maintain the balance between sound production, you can’t use speakers that produce sound at different frequencies.

A bigger speaker will obviously generate the sound a smaller one can’t. As a result, a jumble of noises will fill the inside of your car, ruining the music experience.


What Is the Perfect Placement for Rear Speakers?

As the name suggests, you are supposed to place your rear speakers at the back of your vehicle. It should be positioned at least 2 feet above the head level.

Finally, make sure to place the speakers at 130 – 150 degrees off-axis relative to the primary seating position. Otherwise, you may not get the sound your speakers have the potentials for.


Are There Wireless Rear Deck Speakers for Cars?

Technically, any speaker that works at the front of the car will also work at the rear deck. There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers for vehicles (now you do the math). In other words, yes, there are wireless rear deck speakers available for cars.

And in case you are wondering, they are usually powered by rechargeable batteries.


Where Else Can You Install Stereos in Your Car?

Apparently, there are multiple places where you can set up a sound system in your vehicle. Apart from the front panel and rear deck, you can install speakers in car door as well. If it seems weird to you, then let me inform you that this is pretty common.


My Last Two Cents on The Topic

Audiophiles like me love to be surrounded by music. If you fall into this group, you probably realize how amazing it would be to have both front and rear deck speakers in your car simultaneously.

The best thing is, now you know how to install car speakers in a rear deck yourself! Feel free to return to this article and check out the instructions whenever you are stuck. Trust me, this can take you to the result you are hoping for.


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