How to Install Amplifier Under Car Seat?

How to Install Amplifier Under Car Seat?
How to Install Amplifier Under Car Seat?

How to Install Amplifier Under Car Seat?

Are you a die-hard fan of music? Have you bought the best quality speakers for your car and wish to use the best of their features? Do you crave for perfect sound?

If yes, then all of this can be done, just by mounting a simple device called Amplifier in your car. It gives you the perfection you desired for. An amplifier will provide a distortion-less sound output.

There are multiple options to install an amplifier into your car. It can be either installed under the dashboard, under your passenger seat or to the rear-seat.

Installing an amp under the car seat is done in some easy steps. You just have to remove the seat before, and then install a wooden or plastic plank at the bottom, place the amp on it and connect it to the wires. You are done.

How to Install Amplifier Under Car Seat? A Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, our team of editors will explain about the step to step procedure of installing an amp under the seat of your car. We will also tell you about the tools used in this procedure and the precautions of carrying out this procedure.

7 Steps for installing the amplifier:

The procedure to install an amp under your car is simple. Let us explain it step by step. Always keep the instructions manual along with you while installing an amplifier.

Measure your amplifier

First of all, you must know the dimensions of your amp. You have to make sure that the amp you are trying to install will fit under the seat.

To measure the amp, you can use a simple scale or a measuring tape. Measure its length, width, and height thoroughly.

Check your car size

Now the next step for you is to check your car and its dimensions. If you do not have proper space under your car then it might not be possible that an amp can fit in.

For best results, take a rough measurement and buy an amp according to the capacity of your seat bottom.

Remove the seat

After that, you should remove your seat to install the system. Be extra careful about the screws and stuff. Do not do it fast, be calm and persistent.

Once all the screws are done, lift the seat and take it out slowly. Now you have all the space and time to install your Amp.

Note that some cars also come with great sliding options so you may not need to remove the seat. It all depends on the car you use.

Make a wooden amplifier rack

One thing you must strictly follow that you should never, in any case, drill holes directly into the car floor. The car floor has lots of wires and pipes underneath so we cannot take the risk.

To avoid all this, you need to make a wooden amplifier rack. Just follow these easy simple steps:

  • Put an amp onto a cardboard sheet, with the help of a marker draw a borderline on it.
  • After the borderline is made, take an electric saw and cut the excess part of the cardboard.
  • Now that you are done, try adjusting it to the desired spot under the seat and fit it accordingly.
  • When you see that the fitting is perfect, take a good quality wooden plank and draw the same border on that plank.
  • After drawing the shapes, now is the time to drill holes into the spaces; the holes will be tightened up later with screws to give your amp the perfect grip.
  • Try to coat the plank with silicon to keep it protected from water and other factors.
  • After making the holes, try to put the amp on the plank and pass the wires through the holes to check if it is working properly.
  • Your wooden rack is ready.

Mounting the amp rack

Now is the time to mount the rack under the seat. It is better if you put the rack beneath the carpet. It will save the plank from damp and dust.

Make the holes into the carpet as well. Now put the amp on the rack after putting the carpet.


Join your amp with the speakers and battery connectivity; it will take some time and effort. Follow these simple steps:

  • Connect the positive wire of your battery to the port of your amp labeled +12
  • Connect one end of the earth wire to the metal chassis and the other end to the port of the amp.
  • Connect one end of the blue wire to the radio and the other to the slot of amp labeled rem.
  • Connect the negative end of the battery when you are done.
  • Connect your subwoofers to your amp.

Make sure to connect the earth wire to the base of the car to avoid any electrical mishap into the future. After joining all the wires, it is best if you test the system again to see if it works properly.

Finishing up

Once you see you are done successfully, it is time to finish it up.

Take the passenger seat carefully and mount it back in its original position. Be extra cautious to not touch or harm the amp setup. It is better if you keep the engine turned off.

Screw all the screws of your seat nice and tight. And now you are done with your installation. Enjoy your music now.

Tools required:

There are some tools that are required to perform the installation. You must have extensive knowledge of the tools before doing such a procedure.

All the tools must be handled with care and precaution. Here are the tools needed for installing the amplifier under the car seat.


It will help in cutting the wires. There might be additional wires used to connect the cables to the underseat car amplifier.


The drill will help you in making holes on the wooden rack.


Screwdriver is compulsory. It will tighten up all the screws on the rack and give perfect support to the amp.

Rubber Eyelets

It will protect your wires from any damage. They also provide maximum protection from any sharp edges or corners that may collide with the wire.

Power/Ground wires

These wires mostly come with the amp but if they don’t, buy them separately.

Socket Wrench

It will be of much use when removing the front seat of the car.

Precautions for installing amplifier under a car seat

You must need to follow certain precautions in order to avoid any type of mishap or damage to yourself or your car. The following are the precautions that you should need to know.

Always wear protective gloves

Always remember to wear protection while doing such type of stuff. The things you need to wear are heavy-duty gloves and boots.

Also, wear protective glasses to protect your eyes from any particles that may irritate you later. After you are done installing the amp, wear protective earphones to avoid any harsh irritating sound.

Do not drill holes in the car

The most important thing to remember is to not drill any type of hole directly on the car’s floor or body. A car’s floor contains lots of wires and pipes, which may include the gas supply as well.

Drilling holes can damage these wires and that could result in the malfunctioning of your car.

Prefer a Mechanic

If you are new to these things and you think that you do not have the right knowledge or grip over tools and installation; then go for a mechanic.

Do not do it yourself if you are unsure. Let the experts do their job; a little payment won’t affect you.

Check the battery

Before going for this process, it is also necessary to check on your battery. If your battery seems drained or needs a recharge then recharge it first.

Do not forget to fill the water levels of your battery as well.

Grab a helping hand

Do not do this procedure all alone. Ask for a helping hand from a friend or a good neighbor. It will divide your work and let you concentrate more.

Disconnect the negative terminal

To prevent yourself from any electrical hazard, you should remove the negative wire from the battery terminal.

This will save you from a shock that you might get while connecting the wires.

The Earth Wire

Every amp comes with a built-In earth wire. You must connect that wire to the metal chassis of your car.

Make sure that the part you are connecting to is not coated and fully-metal that can conduct electricity well. You can use a bolt to tighten the connection of your Earth wire.

Keep the connection and power cables away

Do not mix the speaker-connection cables with your power cables; this will cause distortion to the sound output.

Try to keep these wires opposites and far from each other so that they don’t collide and produce a noisy sound to your music.

Protect from moisture

One of the biggest issues caused when installing an amplifier under a car seat is that it can make contact with wetness, dust, and dirt.

It can be anything, you might spill your coffee on the way or your snow-covered boots can put frosting and cause it to burn.

The best way to avoid is to put aside protection on the rack; this will not let anything directly contact with the amp.

Be cautious while removing the car seats

There is a big issue that can happen while removing the seat, which is the airbag system malfunctioning.

The airbag system is connected to your seats and it can be harmed, damaged or turned off while removing the seats, so be cautious about that.

It is best to get your seat removed from an authorized mechanic who knows how to deal with such an issue.

Check if your speakers match the amps

The resistance of your speakers should not be lesser than the resistance-handling capacity of your amplifier.

See if the area is well-ventilated

Mount the amplifier under a car seat, in a way that the air can easily pass through. Also, use maximum AC in hot weather to keep the amp cool.

Why installing an amplifier under the car seat is the best option?

Well, there are some advantages of fitting your amplifier under your car seat. Let us tell you a little detail about each one of them to clear your mind.

Nearer to the receiver

Mounting your amplifier under the car seat gives you closeness to the receiver. The closeness to the receiver will give a more powerful connection to both sides.

Moreover, this will lessen the wire distance from the car amplifier to the receiver. Fewer wires mean less hassle and low chance of damage, plus easy to troubleshoot.

Less distance to front speakers

Mounting your amp somewhere else will not be able to come as closer to the front speakers as the under-seat installed amp.

This will make a straight connection of the amp to the speakers, through the wires. Other scenarios would relatively take more wire length and distance. This will have a good effect on the amp and the speakers.

Shorter patch cables

One advantage of putting the amp under the seat is that you have to use shorter wires in connectivity. It is recommended to use a shorter patch and signal cables.

This will not only reduce the cost but also reduce the noise and distortion that is mostly caused if you use longer wires and cables.

There will also be no signal loss if you mount the amp under a car seat.

Maximum protection

Installing your amp under your car seat will ultimately become a protective shield for your amplifier.

If you install on the rear or trunk of your car/truck, it is most likely that it can get contact with direct heat or humidity.

By putting it under the seat will protect it from direct sunlight heat and humidity.

Saves space

Most of us value our space a lot. The same is the case with cars. Cars these days are much smarter and compact. Making space inside the car is not the easiest job to do.

So by installing an amplifier under a car seat, you will not only protect the amp but you will also save a great deal of space. Problem solved!

More cooling

If we mount our amp somewhere else, there will be more chances of it getting heated up, therefore the best place to set it is under the seat.

During extremely hot summers, your amp might start to heat more; you only need to put the AC on the face and feet mode. This will make the amp cool down and work as well as ever.

Ease of access

Well, if you have installed your amp to the trunk of your truck, then you have to go all the way back to change the controls or have access to the amp.

Having an amp under your car seat is another case, you just need to slide your seat a bit and simply modify your controls or whatever you want to do.

Can all types of amps be installed under the car seats?

The simple answer is No.

All amps cannot fit under your car seat. There is a lot of brands out there that are not roomy enough to fit under the car seats.

There are two things here to consider:

Space available under the car seat

First of all, before even buying for an under-seat amplifier look for space under the seat. If you plan to mount it under the seat, then you must take the measurement of the space that is there beneath the seat.

Every car has different dimensions and thus, they offer different spaces under seats. You can install a bigger amp if space is more and if the car is small then simply go for a compact product.

Size of the amplifier

After measuring the length, width and height of the space under the seat; now is the time to choose such an amplifier that fits under the car seat.

You also have to be sure that the wooden rack you have made will fit easily under the seat. Make the rack according to the measurement taken.

The ideal measurement

So if you want to go for an amp that goes perfect in whatever space is under the seat, then you must choose the measurement mentioned above.

For length, the ideal length of the amplifier must be between 8 to 12 inches. This will easily fit under the seat.

The width should be between 10 to 15 inches.

The height of the amp should not be more than 2.5 or 3 inches. As there is less space under the seat and the rack would also consume space so it is best that minimum height must be chosen.

Final words

Installing an amplifier under the seat of your car is a brilliant idea. It will not only save you space but also provide the best of its abilities.

So follow these easy steps, look out for the precautions and tools used in this procedure and have a great experience with your amp. Good day!

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