How to Play Video on Car Screen?

How to Play Video on Car Screen
How to Play Video on Car Screen

How to Play Video on Car Screen?

This article will explain in detail about the burning question, How to Play Video on Car Screen? I have added a step-by-step that will help you achieve this goal. I love to watch my favorite videos while I am traveling.

My name is Allen. I have bought a new car. I am a music lover and I love to watch videos especially the musical one. My car has its own car screen full on the music system. I love to listen to music on it. It is great fun for me.

How to Play Video on Car Screen?

Today I am going to tell you about the procedure of playing music on the car screen. The cars nowadays are equipped with multiple features to play videos.

10 Best ways for playing Videos on Car Screen

Head units

Most of the heads units are equipped with DVD, Blu Ray and CD players are available. These devices can play videos on written on DVDs and CDs. Nowadays, It is very much fascinating to watch videos on the car screen.

Now the DVDs are available in HD and the best quality of the videos can be seen.

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Combination units

It is also a trend that combination units are also available for many cars heads and they are playing perfectly well results on CDs or DVDs. This is also an important source of visual entertainments in the car. You just need to put the desired CD or DVDs inside.

USB Ports

USB ports are also present in the car stereo systems. You just need to save the data on a USB pen drive. And you can put it inside the USB to play the videos on the car screen and get a hustle free transfer data to the car stereo system and stream fewer videos can be played.

AUX cable

You can connect your mobile phone with the help of the AUX cable to the car screen. You can play videos of your mobile phone and music from YouTube also on the screen of your car.

The mobile screen and the screen of the car can get sync easily. You can also watch movies on your mobile.

Bluetooth Device

You can also connect the car screen with the help of Bluetooth with your smartphone. Thus you just need to pair your device with the car screen and you can watch movies and videos on the car screen just turning on the Bluetooth and pairing the device with it.

Thus this is also a way to watch your desired programs on the car screen.

SD card or memory card

Some of the car’s screens are equipped with SD card readers. You just need to get your car stereo to get connected to the SD card reader. 

There is also an SD Card reader built-in inside the stereo system. You just need to save your data on the SD card. Then you can see the videos of your desire easily.

Car Video Screen

There are different types of screens available. You can use different types of LED screens to watch videos on the car screen. These videos can be adjusted according to the user mindset and comfort level.

Head Units: There are head units available for watching videos. This is the system that is also available in the touch screen form. And you can watch videos on it easily and effortlessly.

Roof fitting; There are also LEDs available for watching the videos. It is fitted on the top of the roof of the car and you can adjust it according to your taste.

Headrest LEDs: It is the LED that is connected to the headrest and can be helpful for the uniform adjustment of the LED. You can see the system according to your taste and adherence.

Removable LED: There are also LEDs that is removable and can be removed and adjust with the strips and can be used to watch videos in the car with your feasibility.


It is very easy to watch movies on the car screen. You can watch movies and listen to music according to your taste. You can easily play movies on it without any problem.

You do not find any problem in doing so. It is quite easy to do. You have a lot of choices to select the medium of your choice to watch the video of your taste.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to this topic. just post your questions in the comment section below.

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