Best Equalizer Settings for Bass in Car

Best Equalizer Settings for Bass in Car
Best Equalizer Settings for Bass in Car

Best Equalizer Settings for Bass in Car

Where words leave off, music begins. We are living in an age where music is a basic element of life. Music is the thing that lifts you up while you are feeling sad and music is the sole sort of pleasure that keeps you despite all the difficulties.

There is a variety of music but all of them require a blending of harmony, tempo, rhythm, melody, and pith. I love to listen to my favorite tracks while I travel.

One of our regular readers asked,

What are the Best Equalizer Settings for Bass in Car?

Setting up the equalizer depends on your likes and dislikes. I like to listen to powerful and deep bass, you can always adjust equalizer settings to your mood.

Simply adjust the treble and bass settings in car stereo to get the desired sound. For deep bass, you need to focus on low frequencies of sound. Adjustment of an equalizer for low frequencies will deliver powerful and deep bass.

In this article, our editors have explained in detail about the Best Equalizer Settings for Bass in Car.

Car is the best place to enjoy music and for that purpose, there should be a sophisticated sound system so you can enjoy the best quality of music. Sometimes people complain that they carefully design car sound system but it does not work as efficiently as it is expected to be.

Great power comes with great responsibility, equalizers give power to your sound at your fingertip. Although equalizers are not a superpower it will let you come close to the sound you want and will help you to equalize bass and treble.

What are bass, mid and treble in the sound?

Sounds or music actually travel in the form of waves. The sound produced by these waves actually depends upon their frequencies There are basically three bands of sounds or music depending upon their frequencies, Bass, treble and mid.

While we talk about bass we are actually talking about low-frequency sound waves whose frequency ranges from 16-256 Hz.

When we talk about treble, we are actually discussing the sound waves whose frequency at the highest point of human hearing from 8,000 to 25,000.

While mid frequency lies in between bass and treble and ranges 400 to 2500.

Best Equalizer Settings for Bass in Car

Music is blended all and while listening music you have to equalize sound frequencies according to your mood.

If you tune best your EQ setting you will surely be able to best sound from your car stereo system. Equalization a simply the reverse of distortion which helps to manipulate frequencies. They can be analog or digital. Both work on the sound elements and adjust them in such a way so that the music comes at the end surely appeals the listener.

Say thanks to sound engineers who work on frequency balance of the music to correct the frequency response of a sound system. Equalizers are the simplest way to modify the sound pitch according to your mood.

An equalizer always helps you to dial in the sound that suits you in the best. Equalizer settings will smooth out the audio in the best touch in a way that it will add some beef to low-frequency bass and take away some bites from the high-frequency treble. Try to use an EQ with wide bands.

Why there is need of equalizer setting for bass in your car?

The basic purpose of the equalization setting is to maintain the balance between bass, mid, and treble while listening to music in the car. It all depends upon your mood and the conditions of travel.

Usually, when people are traveling alone they prefer high or full bass and while traveling on a highway they usually prefer full treble and while traveling with your wife or family you prefer higher and mid-tones with low bass and medium treble.

All depends upon your mood. I suggest using a good subwoofer enclosure if you are looking for deep and powerful bass.

Step-by-Step Guide for best equalizer settings for bass in the car

Step #1:

Take start from parking your car, and turning on your car stereo sound system


play a song on your sound system but before playing a song make sure that it consists of a lot of different sounds eg high-frequency sound, low-frequency sound, and mid-range frequency sound also.


Your car stereo’s fade control should be tuned in such a way that all the sound comes from your front speakers. Adjust the left-right balance until the sound comes from your sound system is your choice.

You should also make sure that balance settings are the same for both of your speakers


First, notice what is wrong with the tone .then better to try with different EQ presets, cuts bass and treble boosts .stop at the point where you enjoy the sound.

Things to Consider When Adjusting Equalizer settings for bass in car

Before going to the setting, you must keep in mind some factors, and then you should go for the setting. Once you notice all the factors then it will become easier for you. Here I am sharing some factors and must read and keep in mind:

How the positioning of speakers influence music quality?

There is a pair of speakers in your car and if they are not in phase then you will lose bass response which turned out your system unfocused.

For a better quality of sound, the pair of speakers in your car should be in phase it simply means that all the cones in speakers will move out and move in at the same time. You must properly install the car speakers for better sound.

Here the question arises either your pair of speakers out of phase or in phase. Here is a simple by which you can easily judge a speaker’s phase turn on heavy bass music keeping stereo’s balance control to the one side then bring the balance control in center considerably more bass if the speakers are in phase and vice versa.

If the speakers are out of phase then put the positive and negative leads on one speaker and repeat the above-mentioned procedure and check the response if you hear more bass then it’s ok by this method you can independently check your both speakers

The type of music you are going to listen

You should set your equalization setting according to your music type. If the music is of a low pitch then surely you have to put the equalizer knob accordingly. You should always adjust the settings according to the music.

Quality of the speakers you are going to use for your car

Speakers’ quality directly influences the bass and clarity of the sound. And whenever someone asks me how can I enjoy a good quality of sound in my car?

I always say, firstly focus on the quality of the speakers you are using in your car. If they are of low quality then the EQ setting is of very little use, so be careful with the quality of the sound system.

Type of sound system in your car

Usually, car systems consist of three basic components, head unit, amplifier, and speakers.

Head unit basically provides audio signals which then enter into an amplifier which amplify or boots the signals coming from the head unit and finally the speakers produce sound from these amplified signals.

All the three components work in collaboration with each other to produce the best quality of music .so never ever compromise on these

Sound present inside or outside the car

Ambient noise either inside the car or outside the car always makes distortion and worse enemy of the music. Many high-quality car systems are being made able to compensate for this factor. Here is a need to boost the bass .at this stage you require a powerful bass .here you actually should put the bass to full and the treble to full again.

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