How to Install Tweeters to Head Unit

How to install tweeters to Head Unit?
How to install tweeters to Head Unit?

How to Install Tweeters to Head Unit?

In this article, I have explained in detail about the entire tweeters installation process and connecting it with a head unit.

Before going into the details, I want to give you a short overview of tweeters. The sound system of any vehicle is incomplete without tweeters. If you want high-quality sound without distortion then you should have the best tweeters with proper installation in your car.

Tweeters produce high frequencies to make the sound system loud and melodious as you want.

Anyways, we will discuss tweeter’s features in detail in our next articles. Now let’s start to know how to install tweeters to the head unit.

I am sure that if you will follow this step by step guide you can become an expert in tweeter installation for any car. So, read it carefully with open eyes and mind, understand it then start practice to do, because practice makes a man perfect 🙂

How to install tweeters to Head Unit?

When I learn about the tweeter installation from my friend who is an expert vehicle electrician, he told me that you should have some required things with you to complete this process.

Tools Required

I have compiled a checklist of those required items that we must have with us before move forward to the installation of tweeters:

  • First thing, we need best quality tweeters
  • The appropriate length of speaker wire
  • We need some connections, like male & female connections
  • Some nuts and bolts
  • Speaker polarity tester
  • Plastic stripes (In absence of nuts & bolts)
  • Soldering gun with soldering wire (For strong connection)

Step-by-Step Tweeters Installation Guide

Step 1

First of all, you must have a pair of best quality tweeters in your hand. I got this out for my own car from Amazon and they are lower in price around $7 or $9. I am pretty satisfied with the quality of these tweeters.

If you have built-in tweeters of cheap quality in your car, I suggest you replace them with new ones for the best quality of sound.

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Step 2

Now move forward and install the tweeters in the dashboard of the car. To install the tweeters in the dashboard you must have some nuts and bolts. To avoid any future problems, make sure that the connections are enough tight. Without ensuring the proper connections the proper installation cannot be done. Tweeters will make your car speakers louder without an amplifier.

Step 3

If you don’t like any kind of installation or modifications in your car by nuts and bolts then you can also use plastic stripes for this installation. Here you learn installation through plastic strips because most people don’t like nuts and bolts in their luxury vehicles.

First of all, adjust the plastic strips then fit the tweeters. Make sure that fitting is enough tight and any bump and jolt during driving will not affect the installed tweeters to displace them.

Step 4

Most people do not want to drill a single hole or make changes in the structure of their car dashboard. So, they can also use a small mounting cup for tweeters. That will be secured for the surface and tweeters can be installed in this mounting cup by a single screw that keeps it holds in an adjusted place.

This type of installation looks decent and it is an easy and suitable method of tweeter installation.

Step 5

After that all, now it’s time to connect the wire of tweeters with the wire of the head unit by the connectors. It is better to use a soldering gun that makes the connection super strong.

Before creating this connection, make sure that the polarities of wires are accurate, else! An inaccurate connection can be a cause of a short circuit. I have just installed tweeters with Single Din Head Unit.

Apply the same procedure for another tweeter (pair) and make the connections enough tight. 

Step 6

After making the connection of tweeter and speaker wires to the head unit of the car, now check the polarity. You must have a speaker polarity tester to check it accurately.

Step 7

Keep in mind, during the connection of tweeter and speaker wires with the head unit keep the power source off.

Step 8

Now it’s all done, after mounting the tweeters and making their connection with a car head unit. Now turn your car sound system on by its power source, and play some music to check the quality of sound. I am sure; you will be experienced with the quality of sound that you are looking for.

Step 9

In the end, you just have to adjust the volume or do the advanced volume tuning according to your choice and likings. You are done now.

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Features of Tweeters

When you install tweeters in the head unit they deliver clear high-quality sound that enables you to listen to classical blasted music.

You can easily hear the clear treble by installing tweeters in the car’s head unit that will make you drop in love with them.

If you install the tweeters in any other place block the frequencies or make a little-distorted frequency that when came to ears, it disturbs the crisp. But with the installation of tweeters with a head unit you can get the clear audible frequency that comes to you directly and spread in the whole car smoothly.

Hope, now you have a better understanding of how to install tweeters to head unit for the car.

Final Words:

As I tell you already that I have learned this complete method from one of my best friends, who is an expert vehicle electrician. He helped me with this tweeters installation as he knew a lot of each and every component of the vehicle sound system.

First, I was thinking about the tweeters installation in my car’s doors, but he told me that the installation of tweeters in the head unit is better than installation indoor. Then I think, I should have to accept the expert’s recommendations as he knows better than me.

Finally, I told him to install tweeters to the head unit for my Honda car. Then he starts this process and guides me step by step.

After doing particle by a couple of times on my other friends and relatives car now I am expert in this installation and can explain if someone wants to know that how to install tweeters to head unit for cars.

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