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How to Play Youtube Videos in Your Car?

How to Play Youtube Videos in Your Car?

Watching Youtube while you travel, makes our journey better and we do not get bored. However, not everyone knows how to adjust your car Head Unit for watching Youtube videos while you travel. Thanks to the technology, now with just a click of your finger, you can enjoy live internet and streaming videos on your car screen.

In this article, I have explained in detail about the best methods for watching Youtube videos in the car. This is a step-by-step guide and by the end of this article, you will be watching Youtube videos in your car.

How to Play Youtube Videos in Your Car?

I am a dentist by profession and I am the one with good earning and a lot of work. I like watching videos on the internet especially on YouTube. But I don’t have much time to do so.

I used to drive through a long distance from my house to the hospital and I want to avail it for full filling my desire to watch the videos on YouTube.  But I was confused that how can I do so.

I have a screen on my car installed but I did not know the exact procedure of playing it on my car screen.  Then my friend told me about it and I am going to share my views with you.

You should have a double Din head unit for watching Youtube videos in your car. I am using Pioneer Double Din Head Unit, Click here to buy from Amazon.

Requirements for Watching Youtube Videos In Car

One should have the knowledge of these things for streamless watching of videos in your car. These things are:

  • Android phone
  • Android car stereo
  • Internet availability
  • Aux cable

 Mobile Applications that play Youtube Videos

You will need the following applications for the working of your car with YouTube:

  • Android Auto App
  • Car Stream App
  • Apple car play (Well that’s optional)

Step-by-Step Guide for Playing Youtube Videos in Your Car

Well, the most important thing you will need to get connected to YouTube is the uninterrupted availability of the internet.

Connect with the Internet

Without the internet, you are unable to do so. After getting access to the internet. You need to install the application from the play store called Android Auto App. You can also use Apple Carplay if you using an Apple device.

These apps are easily available on the store, and you can download these with ease.

Now, you need to connect this app to the internet after that you need to get the app called as the car stream app on your mobile phone as this app will help you to connect your mobile phone to the car stereo system.

Connect your phone to car stereo

After that, you can connect the mobile phone with the help of an AUX cable to the car stereo system. Once you have done all the connection done you can easily get your system connected to our mobile phone and you can enjoy the streaming of YouTube on your car screen.

The system on the Apple car play application is much easier to get connected with a car stereo. When you get your phone is connected with the Apple car play application downloaded with the app store.

Click here to buy Apple Carplay Stereo from Amazon.

You can connect to the car easily and you do not need to press the confusing keys and buttons. It has the ability to detect your voice and you can easily get on this system without any kind of trouble and enjoy the playing of YouTube on your car screen.


It is quite an easy thing to get your phone connected to the car stereo system and you can easily get on the things you want.  You just need to your internet get connected and you will enjoy the unlimited downloads and similarly, you can get different sorts of apps from the internet.

These apps. help in building the connection with the car stereo system and you can get whatever you want easily and smoothly.

Best of Luck.

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