How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amplifier?

How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amplifier?
How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amplifier

How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amplifier?

What’s the purpose of having an audio system in a car that is incapable of delivering the required level of thrill and enjoyment? Well, the question possesses the answer in itself. You want your speakers to deliver, you should make them do that.

Well, my name is Ashley Roode, a proud owner of multiple car showrooms in New York, Kansas, and Los Angeles. My experience regarding cars is about more than 20 years old.

And I can understand the questions and techniques often asked by customers and friends. Mostly their queries are not about technicalities, but about general things, we all like to have in the car.

Most commonly I have been asked about how to increase music levels in the car with the help of the system provided in stock by the company itself. And to be honest, yes It is possible to do that with the help of some knowledge on how sound works and how can it be turned around in your car.

Yes, you can make car speakers louder without amp by adding a subwoofer, adjusting car stereo settings, adding tweeters, and by using high-quality car speakers. You should always adjust the equalizer settings for a louder and deep bass.


How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amplifier?

I am the owner of Toyota Fortuner, and I have increased the audio system levels in my car without installing an amplifier. Yes, without using an amplifier. It is definitely possible, as many car owners don’t go for amplifiers as they are expensive and all that you require is to play with your car interior and exterior.

So, today we will today discuss the techniques and possibilities on how to increase the volume of your speakers in your car without installing an amplifier.


Add Car Subwoofers

The best and the cheapest alternative to the amplifier are subwoofers. If installed correctly, placed correctly, subwoofers can do wonders with the music levels in your car. People usually misunderstood the concept of amplifiers and subwoofers.

Both are very different products. Amplifiers are supposed to amplify the music signal to make sound louder or softer as per the requirement, by regulating the volume control. However, if you are using an Amplifier, you should adjust its settings for a piece of better music.

Meanwhile, a subwoofer is a complete loudspeaker, and in simple words the inner cone of a woofer, associated with the task of producing bass and sub-bass. Their frequency range is around from 20-200 Hz normally. Subwoofers will make your car speakers louder without using an amp. Car subwoofers always work great if connected properly.

So, the work as a loudspeaker and to make the maximum out of it you should place it somewhere in the car, a place not likely to vibrate and disturb the subwoofer. You should place them in your car trunk so they can produce the maximum bass.

Fine-tune the levels and parameters with your car audio system and enjoy the result. With a good subwoofer, you will experience a powerful bass that will make your music sound awesome.

My best advice is to place your subwoofers with the help of a professional so you can benefit from his experience. Using a good subwoofer box is a must for good and powerful sound.

Following are some top-selling and best subwoofers available at Amazon as follows:

Kicker 12-Inch 300W Power Car Audio Subwoofers

For the price of just 128 USD, these subwoofers are a really best quality product. A set of two with sensitivity level 88.3 dB and impedance at single 4 Ohm, gives you the best experience for the price tag. Buy now from Amazon.


JL Audio Single 3-Ohm Subwoofer

A single piece of 12-inch subwoofer with surprisingly amazing sound quality, makes this product one the most wanted at Amazon. A solid cast alloy basket alongside the sensitivity 86.2 dB and a power range of 400-1000 watts RMS, a combined weight of around 25 pounds. Click here to check the latest price.


Rockford Fosgate

This amazing subwoofer delivers a powerful sound, this product is an absolute piece of beauty. Perfectly sealed for accurate bass and containing a Class D amplifier in it, this product is the spearhead in the car audio products. The whole product is covered with Industrial Heat Activated Vinyl to let the thing work in any sort of circumstances.


Orion HCCA 122 Black Coil Series

An excellent product and now recently HCCA updated this product with adding a new voice coil, has expanded its potential regarding power performance and resistance to temperature.


MTX Audio Terminator Series

It’s the whole package, two 12 inch subwoofers perfectly sum up the name Terminator and performs so well in any condition. Comes up with the most affordable price tag, these speakers are the best among the rest.


Adjust Door Speakers

The most neglected yet one of the most important areas, need to be focused in terms of increasing the audacity of your car audio system, is to dampen the door of your car. Because the doors are the main source of interior noise of our car.

So, buying a good damper from the market can solve this issue easily. I am using 6.5 car speakers and they work awesome, you will notice increased car speakers volume without using the amplifier. You can even install speakers in a car trunk and they will deliver loud sound.


Proper Car Speakers Cable Connections

Just like the veins in our body, cable connections are of the same importance and need in the car audio system aspects. People usually think that wires are built to last forever, well that’s not the case at all.

They also need to freshen up, change or replaced by new ones. The concept behind this is the metallic composition and it goes on to expire after some definite time period. And as they tend to expire, the sound quality drops and it leads to poor sound.

So, take your car to the professional and replace the wires after every some time to minimize this element permanently. With good speakers wire connections, you will notice better and increased speakers volume without an amplifier.



Now, let’s focus on the heart of a car, the engine, the most workaholic part of our car and definitely responsible for the vibrations and noises (interior plus exterior). We can dump the engine also and a lot of products are available in the market to serve the cause. It is very essential to dump the engine alongside all other possible components.



Like its name, floor means the lower part of your car, nearest to the road or ground and it explains the importance of dampening the floor automatically.

Dampening the whole floor is necessary alongside the seating areas and muffles also. With proper flooring, your car speakers will deliver loud music with better quality. This is the best method for making your car speakers louder without an amp.



Now, this technique is a bit not famous and not considered effective but still, it’s the most helpful factor while using subwoofers especially. I have heard a lot of complaints from drivers that whenever they play a high bass song, right after that, the performance of the car takes a dip. And that’s not a good sign.

But if we technically look at the reasons behind it, it’s simply because the high bass song dissipated high energy of your car and this is where a capacitor is required to store the power and not let it dissolve.

You should use good quality capacitors for making your car speakers louder.


Quality of Music:

I don’t know how on earth you can expect of playing acc format, mp2 or 3gp quality of the track and expected the audio system to make an environment for you. You may disagree with me but the quality of audio matters a lot.

It’s simple. Whatever you input in the audio system, gets the same output. So, the better the size or quality of the file, the better the output will be from the sound system.


Electrical Impedance:

Let me explain you this, Electrical impedance is the audio system or speakers distortion or resistance from turning electrical signals into audio. The more impedance means to lessen the performance of the audio system. So try to match the specs of your speakers and audio system to attain maximum results.

I’m not asking you to downgrade the speaker size but you need to check the speaker coils, magnets health and cable connection health and the overall circuit must be checked properly to keep the impedance as less as we can.



In addition to the basic audio system, you can add tons of gadgets and add-ons to help you in terms of tuning and controlling the audio levels, thanks to the modern advancements in technology. These add-ons are portable and easy to be compatible with every basic audio system of every car model.

One more tip, don’t you ever max out the tone controls of your audio system. Like any other musical instrument, proper tuning and frequency adjustments are very necessary. Always keep two or three audio Equalizer presets ready to not get any hustle on the road.

Set them to flat and then tweak one or two things while the music plays on to get a grip on output. Do buy a signal processor or an equalizer to maintain the sound quality as poor adjustments can not only let glass and plastic surfaces reflect crazily but also can cause ear fatigue.

Another tip is the usage of Bluetooth or wireless system to eliminate wirings and their cons alongside. They are cheap too and have a lot of advantages from being portable to compatibility and more. So, you can simply buy such gadgets or system instead of heavily investing in wired audio systems.

Well, I hope that with all of these brief informational points, you all will be in a great position to wisely plan your car to be a sound wave on the road. I hope you enjoyed the article and will remember all the bits of advice.


Add Tweeters in Car:

You can also make your car speakers louder by adding tweeters with a car stereo. Tweeters will enhance the sound and you will notice louder and clear music. This will cost you a minimum and you will enjoy a powerful sound from your car speakers.

Till the next article, very Goodbye.

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