Car Amp Turns On but No Sound from Subs

Car Amp Turns On but No Sound from Subs
Car Amp Turns On but No Sound from Subs

Car Amp Turns On but No Sound from Subs

Car amplifiers enhance the sound quality and you will experience a deep bass from subwoofers. You should properly adjust car stereo settings for a better sound experience.

However, if there is any problem with car amp then you may experience low-quality sound or even no sound from your subwoofers. This may be caused by problems in the wiring system or a blown subwoofer.

Problems in the car audio system can be caused by:

  • overheating
  • Overcurrent

In this article, our editors have explained common problems with car amplifier that results in low-quality sound from subwoofers.

Car Amp Turns On but No Sound from Subs

Some amplifier shows the problems that are common:

  • sound distortion
  • No sound at all
  • Farting sounds

Causes of no sound from subwoofer:

the problems that are caused by amplifier due to which subwoofers show no output or different problems. This problem can be caused by a broken amplifier and should be checked at the time.

However, if your amplifier is good enough and it is power ON and volume is also high then some underlying conditions can be the cause of this problem.

Fault in power system of the amplifier

If your amplifier ON but not giving output to subwoofer there could be a fault in its power system. To connect amplifier wires should be connected if wires are connected properly then check remote either its power button is on or not.

Remote wire fault:

Sometimes subwoofers do not take output because the power button of remote is off.

Same like it if your remote is on but wires have do not power then it means it will not give the power. The remote wires act an essential role in this system.

remote wires come from the radio, which means if your radio is on then it will connect the amplifier otherwise it does not give you output.

Some times wires are connected incorrectly that’s why it shows power on but it will not give you output due to wrong wires. In this condition only FM option gives output but AM do not give output. This can also result in no sound from subs.

Power wire fault:

Another thing to check its power wire if there is no problem in its remote wire.
Power wire could be shorted or damaged due to which it will not supply sufficient current to the amplifier. This wire is thickened than remote wires any corrosion or looseness can cause this problem.

Ground wire fault:

If both the wires are okay but still amplifier is not working or not working very well then also checks its ground wire that it is connected properly or not. Either it is connected or not giving connection.

If it is a poor connection or not connected then the amplifier will not work properly. If all these things are going well power wire connected well and in good condition and remote wire is in good condition and has supply voltage to its head unit and no fuse is blown then probably you are dealing with broken amplifier.

Impedance mismatching:

It is also caused by no sound or distortion sound from the subwoofers due to mismatching of impedance.

When your subwoofer mismatches to your amplifier of the car then it will give a farting sound due to overpower or under the power of the amplifier.

How to check problems in the amplifier?

In this part, our editors have explained common problems in the car amplifier that results in no sound from the subwoofers.

Protect mode lights ON:

some amplifiers have the protect mode button that helps in to further damage if any danger to the amplifier shown these lights on.

When these lights on it mean that you have faulty components or woofers, subwoofers cable, or other components that are connected with it.

You can check the problem by unplugging woofers wires from the amplifier if lights off then it means the problem is in the woofers then change the woofers.

You can check both speakers and woofer individually by visual inspection. In this way, you can check which woofers giving you a problem and then replace that woofer.

You can fix this problem by replacing other subwoofers. you can check ground wires by ohmmeter if the voltage is going well then use the same woofers wiring.

If you see any change in the wires change underground wiring and use other cables or woofers and then connect them to an amplifier.

Subwoofer sound like amplifier clipping

Clipping is an irregular type of voice that is caused by an amplifier. It is a sign where the amplifier cannot get enough power.

When the amplifier does not get enough power for the subwoofer it provides sound like clipping, which means cutting sound.

it is caused by the issue that amplifier not suited your subwoofers model. Or the software you are using is not suitable with a subwoofer that’s why it shows clipping. This type of amplifier needs to upgrade. Upgrade your amplifier.

so if you have this problem of clipping in your subwoofer then check the rating of power of amplifier that it provides enough power or not.

If the power of the amplifier is sufficient then there must be a problem in woofers or speakers wires, check them too to solve the problem.

No sound coming from woofers:

If your amplifier is turning on but not giving an output then unplug the RCA cables and then reconnect it correctly.

if everything is ok to head unit working well and turned on volume is turned on and high volume and make sure about the input device like USB or CD drive.

If everything is working well bypassing the RCA cable then you just need to replace the set of RC cables. And then if the sound comes from one side then the problem lies in your head unit and not in the amplifier.

After these, you did not get any output then remove the amplifier and check it that either it is alright and fix it. But if the amplifier is good then check the wiring that wirings are connected well and ground wiring is in its place.

Distortion from the Subs

If your car subwoofer gives distortion as an output then inspect the amplifier carefully. Check the patch cable and wires.

If head unit wires or amplifier wires are alongside power cable it gives an interface that can cause distortion into the woofers.

For this type of problem, one should use good quality wires and adjust than in the angle of 90 degrees that it can prevent the distortion type problems or do not give interface issues.

Inspect the wires carefully and if they are arranged well and still distortion sound is present then unplug the wires.

Now check that now it giving distortion sound if not then you have resolved your problem. Rearrange the wires in a well-mannered way to prevent distortion.

Farting sound from the car subwoofers

This can be caused by overpowering or under power subwoofers. It can be caused by incorrectly installed subwoofers. So to fix this problem it takes time to fix this type of problem.

First of all place the woofers in that place where air can escape while listening to music. It can go ahead to farting sound, vibrating speaker air into and out of the box.

This problem can be fixed by placing the speaker properly in the car.

After that still problem is not resolved that makes sure that your woofers impedance matched the amplifier. Impedance matching is very simple.

If you have sub hooked subwoofers to a single amplifier then you need to do some calculations based on parallel or series.

If your subwoofer matched impedance with amplifier then check the power. Overpower needs bigger subwoofers so do not overpower the amplifier.

If it is overpowered then correct it at head unit, turn down the base boos, and adjust all the settings until your subwoofers stop farting. This can also make your car stereo only play bass.

How to check the car amplifier for no sound?

1) First of all check the power button that the amplifier is on or off. Many of the amplifiers have a light that switched on when the amplifier is working. It contains two light red and green-red light means blown fuse and a green light means it is working well.

2) Check all the wiring to the amplifier that they are connected correctly o the amplifier. Check the red cable and black cable of the remote wire is connected or not. And also make sure that other components like woofers are also connected to the amplifier or not.

3) If you don’t hear any voice in the subwoofers then wiring could be the culprit and check the wiring setting that connecting well or not. Make sure that the amplifier is power on.

How to fix Car Amp for no sound?

In this part of the article, our editors have explained how you can easily fix your car amplifiers for no sound. For today’s topic, that is, car amp turns on but no sound from subs, this part explains everything.

Fix blown fuse

you can fix this problem by checking the blown fuse and then fix it. For today’s question, Car Amp Turns On but No Sound from Subs, this section is a must-read:

1) First of all turn off the Car make sure it is not on ignition. Note that always turn off the electricity before removing the fuse.

2) Check the fuse correctly that either it is covering with any type of wire. Remove that wire from the fuse and make it clean

3) now check the fuse with millimeter that will tell you either it is okay or not.

4) If you found any problem in the fuse then change it. And buy a new one it can be easily available in auto shops. Choose the right fuse that is fit for the amplifier low or high power fuse can damage the amplifier.

5) Fix the fuse into the amplifier and turn on the amplifier and listen for music as you turn on the amplifier. If it again blows out then it means the problem is in the wiring of the amplifier.

Power wires testing:

1) first of all remove all the wires and check that still protect light is on: if it is still on then it means the problem is in the amplifier. If the light off then changes the wiring.

2) Inspect all wires carefully with naked eyes that wires are free from any type of damage. If you find any damage to wire physically do not touch it before turn if the power because it can lead to current.

3)check the wires on millimeter, if it shows voltage then it means it contains some voltage and is free from damage can use further.

4) Replace the cables with new cables. New RCA cables if it works properly it means your old cables were faulty and now you will not face any problem.

Fixing sound cracking:

1) Check the sound in subwoofers by removing the wires or colored RCA wires. by removing that wires if the sound of the subwoofer is gone that means wires were faulty or damaged.

Now, by changing or replacing new wires you can fix this problem. If sound remains constant it could be the problem of other components or you have a faulty amplifier by replacing you can get rid of this problem.

2) Always compare the amperage rating of the amplifier with the subwoofer. You should buy subwoofers slightly higher amperage of the amplifier too high or too low amperage rating would not go with your amplifier it will not match the impedance.

3) When dealing with Car Amp Turns On but No Sound from Subs. You should arrange the wires in the correct way in series or parallel way that other wires do not affect the subwoofer due to which it causes distortion. Its wires should be arranged isolated away from metals.

4) Place it at the place where no air pushing occurs, so place it at the right place to prevent it from more vibration and farting of subwoofers.

5) Keep the woofers well-mounted so they cannot move. If your woofers have screws holding them in place, make tighter the screws to stop them from rattling.

Final Words:

Error in amplifier that causes the sound problem or no sound in subwoofers is very common in cars. Because amplifiers can be broken down by time.

I also suffer this problem many times in my car because I am a music lover so I fix this problem very easily by checking its power wires and remote wires or sometimes by changing its blown fuse. I fixed it easily.

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