Why Does My Car Radio Changes Stations by Itself?

Why Does My Car Radio Changes Stations by Itself?
Why Does My Car Radio Changes Stations by Itself?

Why Does My Car Radio Changes Stations by Itself?

There can be many problems with a car stereo. People can correct the errors when their car radio turns off because it is probably a power issue. They can fix the problems when the car radio gives creepy sounds because it is probably a speaker or signal problem.

But what can you do when you are driving through a dark road, and suddenly your radio starts changing the stations by itself? Your radio is neither in search mode, not you activated any best channel selector on your radio. You will think that your radio is ghosted or something.

Here is a list of reasons that can make your Car Radio to change stations by itself:

  • Faulty buttons of the car radio
  • Faulty connection
  • Steering buttons
  • Poor motherboard

You may wonder that the path that you are going through is possessed. But if you think wisely and logically, what can be the main reason behind it? You may have heard of turning on and off, but why is it changing stations? It can be very tricky to identify the main problem behind it.

Why Does My Car Radio Changes Stations by Itself?

We have come across some common reasons for this issue and have gone through some solutions which have been helpful to solve the problem. Let us see why is your radio changing channels by itself.

Faulty buttons of the Car radio

One of the many reasons that cause the radio to keep changing the stations by itself is faulty buttons. Let us discuss first how the buttons on a radio can get faulty; Well, there are many reasons for the radio buttons to get faulty and work by themselves.

If you have an old radio in your car and you try to push too hard on the buttons, then they get sticky inside. The buttons are used too many times when you have to search for required stations on the radio.

They wear out from inside when they are used for a longer time. These buttons get stuck inside sometimes and keep changing the radio stations. ATOTO A6 Car Stereo(Amazon) has good features.

Another fault that can happen with radio buttons is that when anyone spills any drink or water on the radio by mistake. The radio may turn on after getting dry but it still may have stickiness under its buttons that can get the button to stick inside.


The possible solution for the above problems is that if you have an old radio set, then you may have to replace the buttons of your radio. If not, then your radio may require a new strip of buttons to be installed in them.

If your radio is not an old one, and your new radio is giving you troubles by changing the stations by itself. Then, the problem is the second one.

It may have stickiness due to any drink spilled on it. In that case, you should get a good quality aftermarket cleaner that can solve your problem in seconds.

Faulty connection

The radio is connected with all the input and power wires with the battery of the car. But some wires create interference with the radio wires that, instead of creating interference in power, tries to manipulate the stations somehow.

So, sometimes when all of your car radio buttons are fine, then there can be a problem of wires doing interferences with each other that causes interference inside the radio. How to correct this error, and how can this error be removed?


The solution to this problem is that you have to take the stereo out of the dash and see which wire is damaged.

If there is no wire damaged then see if any connection is loose or out of order. If there is any wire cracked then immediately replace that with a newer one.

If you notice any loose connection, then try to tighten it and push it firmly in the port. If the connector is out of order, then replace that connector immediately.

If the connector and wires are fine, then see if the power wires and antenna side of your stereo are interfering with each other or not. If yes, then you have to relocate those wires.

Power wires can also send up and down signals to wireless receivers, that is why they are kept away from these types of devices.

Problem in steering button can make a car radio to change stations by itself

Many vehicles come with a pre-installed radio controller in the steering. They try to keep it easy for the driver to reach the radio setting or seeking stations. But sometimes these buttons annoy you all the time.

You may have to drive roughly sometimes while going through smaller roads or bumpy roads, where you need to steer again and again.

You can face some problems at that time because you will have to hold the steering from everywhere, and you may push or touch the buttons all the time, resulting in changing radio stations.

The steering has a remote under its head. That remote may have become faulty due to bumping the steering again and again.


The proper solution for this problem is that if you do not want a radio controller in your steering, then you can get them removed or cut that connection. This will solve your problem if you are hitting the buttons again and again while driving.

If you do not want to cut the connection and you have a faulty controller in your steering, then get that controller replaced.

Old Car Stereo

Old radio stereos have older circuit motherboards installed in them. These motherboards are very delicate and can be broken or damaged by some jerk or power malfunction.

So, if you have an older radio and you cannot find any other reason for your radio to keep changing the stations by itself, then you may have to replace your radio with a newer one.

Older radios are difficult to repair because the circuit board is weak and can be damaged very easily if more heat is subjected to it.

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