5 Best Car Speakers for Bass Without Subwoofer in 2022

Best Car Speakers for Bass Without Subwoofer

It makes me sad when I see people sigh over the sound systems they have purchased while the quality speakers are catching dust in the store. Thanks to modern-day advertisements, people are now easily diverted from what is best for them. This is true in the case of car speakers as well.

9 out of 10 times, you’d end up buying things you won’t need. Subwoofers, especially, are the biggest culprits. Them not matching with your speakers is a common occurrence. If you’re into deep bass subwoofers, good luck finding any one of them within budget. If you can get quality car speakers that can provide clear bass without a subwoofer, would you waste your money on subwoofers?

Add to that, car subwoofers might not come with sound corrections either. It hampers our audio experience most of the time rather than enhancing the songs we love.

If you don’t have deep pockets, the only way out for you is to have some of the best car speakers for bass without subwoofers. But then, you’d have to do hours of research into things. Well… that’s If I didn’t come up with this piece on the topic.

In this article, I’ll be going over 5 best car speakers for bass without subwoofers. There’ll be a buying guide in tow as well. That’ll help you in sorting out your own product should you deviate from my choices.

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Top-Rated Car Speakers for Bass Without Subwoofers – My Picks!

When coming up with a top-quality audio device, you need to consider performance, price, and a host of other features. Narrowing it down can be challenging if nothing else. Not if I’m around. I’ll be pointing you in the right direction with the proper products that stood the test for me.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 3-Way Coaxial Speaker

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Rockford is a household name when it comes to speakers. Durability is their main USP when it comes to speakers. The first thing about this Rockford Fosgate that caught my attention was its build quality. I am not talking about the material alone. The way this whole device is made left me in awe.

If you don’t know, the rubber around the speaker contributes a lot to protecting the speaker’s internal components from being damaged. Yes, a simple rubber seal increases this sound system’s longevity.

In addition, the elastic polypropylene material helps the device sustain heavy blows. The titanium in its structure offers protection to the internal component, while its glossy look makes the device attractive.

The sound production of this speaker was unexpectedly better. Well, it’s not the best. The max 20kHz may sound like a lot, but this doesn’t make this a high-end speaker. 45W RMS paired with 91 dB sensitivity is not that impressive.

You won’t notice the difference easily unless you notice each and every beat of the music. The maximum RMS of 90W should be enough for an audiophile traveling in a car. The 4 Ohms resistance is also quite good when you think about it.

Yes, all the qualities and features are average, but the sound quality is smoother than expected. Again, it doesn’t produce mind-blowing bass. Still, the silk dome tweeters and the super piezo tweeter add excitement and frequency to the music production. Smooth sound with zero harshness promises to present the clearest bass.

The installation process is simple as well. You won’t have the slightest difficulty putting the whole thing together. It’s not only lightweight, but its dimension of 8.1 x 7.1 x 10.9 inches fits it right into the car. This thing comes with 1-1/4” self-tapping screws. They help in keeping it stable.

Rockford was truly dedicated to helping its customers. This is why they send 8-speed clips along with the device. This contributes to the setup process.

Last but not least, the best thing here was the two 15” inch wires it comes with. Anyone can comfortably install the speaker with this wire, but I still had wires left.

I would not recommend this speaker unless you urgently need a sound system, but don’t have the budget. This can also be a good choice if having a stereo set up is your only requirement.


Rockford R169X2 6 x 9 Inches Full Range Coaxial Speaker

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You are not to blame if you wonder why we have enlisted two similar types of speakers back-to-back at the beginning of this list. For a start, the Rockford R169X2 has everything the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime doesn’t.

Let’s focus on the common points for both these devices. The Rockford R169X2 is ideally built with durable stainless steel material. The speakers are fitted with stamped baskets. These baskets, too, are rust-proof. It means that even if the speaker comes into contact with water, there won’t be any damage.

The water-resistant speaker doesn’t mean that you can take it on boat trips and use it the way you want. Hence, what’s the use of water resistance? It keeps the Rockford R169X2 working at its best despite the ambiance. May it be snowing or raining cats and dogs outside, the humidity won’t affect the sound production the slightest bit.

But the first thing about this sound system that will attract your attention is its glossy design. The sleek, flat-black dome tweeters look simply cool. Adjustable ABS grilles make the speaker cooler.

Don’t worry. This stylish design is not detrimental; rather… the thermoplastic ABS is perfect for industrial application. In other words, it adds more to the speaker’s durability. A built-in crossover network backs up this dome tweeter. Things are getting confusing, I know. Let me dumb it down for you.

In Rockford R169X2, unlike the R165X3 Prime, the frequency of the generated music gets divided to their assigned driver. This makes the sound clear, and the music experience becomes surreal. All these are possible thanks to the built-in crossover network.

Now let’s just forget about all this and see what kind of sound it makes. Simply put, this sound system produces one of the loudest music you are going to get. The woofer cone has great flex. As a result, it is capable of producing marvelous midrange frequencies up to 20,000 Hz with 90 dB in terms of sensitivity.

You’ll enjoy the punchy sound it makes. The quick transition between noises was catchy to the ear. The shallow mounting depth and the wide frequency response make sure you get a mind-blowing sound (or, should I say, ear blowing).

If this speaker plays any music in your room, you will have a hard time ignoring its presence. I mean, you can’t help but just vibe to it.

Can you install it by yourself? Yes, you can! The installation process itself is simple. Just make sure there is a 6X9 inch opening for the speakers to fit. The best part is the speaker comes with the tweeter already attached. This makes it hassle-free to set up the speaker.

This tweeter design is flexible as well. You will have no problem installing it. Make sure to check if it’s compatible with the 2W – 65W RMS range. The impedance here would be 4 ohms.

As the speaker comes in 2 pieces, the total resistance is 8 ohms. The question is: Can your car handle this? If yes, then get the Rockford R169X2. Nothing much is holding you back.


2 Kicker 43DSC6704 D-Series 6.75″ 2-Way 4-Ohm Coaxial Speakers

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Usually, robust durability means compromising the sound quality. Let’s face it, if the build is strong and extremely steady, it won’t have much flex and, as a result, will fail to produce the expected sound, right?

Wrong. Honestly, I was surprised too when I was proven wrong by this 2-Kicket 43DSC6704 D-Series speaker. However, this is not the only reason I kept it on my list of best car speakers without a subwoofer.

This Kicker sound system is enclosed in a stamped steel framework similar to any other durable speaker. The polypropylene cones are infused with extended voice coil tech. Hence, what’s so different about them? It’s the attention to detail.

The Kicker made sure to give a touch of improvement wherever possible. It is not common to see highly modified foam surrounds because no one really cares much for it despite it being a pretty essential component.

However, Kicker had an impressive attention to detail here. The foam surrounds of these speakers are UV-treated. This undoubtedly extends the durability of the whole device. But I noticed something more. The UV-treated foam had better flexibility than other materials.

Here, the foam works as the ideal medium to maintain fluent sound flow. I can’t help but emphasize the quality this device offers. The polypropylene cones felt very stiff and ribbed. They are sure to outlast most of the other alternatives.

As I’ve already mentioned, the UV-treated foam surround somehow creates its own reality with surreal sound. The DS motor delivers sounds that are high in both quality and volume. You have to use this speaker to fully enjoy its merits.

However, I won’t recommend it to everyone. For starters, this is the most expensive product on this list. Yes, it costs more than other speakers on this list, but it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

There’s something else. You should not get it if you don’t want extreme power. This powerful speaker has an RMS of 240W. This is just insane compared to the Rockford speakers I just talked about. The 90 dB sensitivity is average here, and I got up to 20K Hz.

You have to admit that this is not normal. Unfortunately, these specs are not compatible with some vehicles. But I didn’t come across such cases.

Finally, I have to mention its compatibility. The 8-speed clips it comes with are handy for installing the sound system. The box even includes 4 red plastic butt connectors.

Even without these tools, setting up the device is easy peasy. People don’t even have to drill holes in the car. Sliding in the speaker just out of the box is as simple as possible. Moreover, the design is universally compatible. In other words, the installation process is smooth as butter with this Kicker speaker.

This is the perfect product if you want something loud. Although Polk speakers are deafening too (more on this later), it does not work with an amplifier half as well.

I would suggest this Kicker speaker if you are willing to invest in amplifiers later. Adding an amplifier changed a lot in this speaker’s sound production.


Pyle PL63BL 6.5″ Three-Way Sound Speaker System

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Pyle speakers mean value for money. I’m not saying this is the most affordable speaker without a subwoofer among my picks, but it has some features that are surely worth more than its price. The impressive build quality with exceptional audio experience has a touch of high power.

Compatibility didn’t miss the chance to impress me as well.

Let’s talk about its design a bit first. It just looks stunning. The unique blue woofer is the first thing that attracted my attention here. According to the manual, this is a poly injection cone. Poly materials are usually lightweight. This was true for this particular speaker as well.

Hold it in your hand and you’ll get my point. When researching, this made me think that the woofer would not be as strong as needed. But fortunately, my suspicions were proven wrong.

The stiffness of the woofers is sufficiently strong. This, along with enough flex, convinced me that the sound production would be smooth. As it turns out, the woofer moves enough to create the perfect bass.

In terms of durability, the voice coil can stand the test of time. For at least 5 ~ 7 years. People won’t notice the slightest change in the noise flow during long drives to tell you the truth.

This is possible thanks to the heat-resistant material of the voice coil. And even this voice coil has a protective surrounding of butyl rubber. It makes the whole speaker durable by securing all the internal components. The speaker won’t have scratches even if it falls from your hands.

Nobody looks forward to such accidents, but it’s good to know that your speaker can sustain heavy blows.

The audio production here sounds quite decent. It’s not the best, but it’s really good. 360W RMS and 90 dB of sensitivity are certainly above. But the 20K Hz frequency range isn’t. However, combining all these numbers adds up to something that gets all the basics done.

As far as the specs are concerned, I was confused about what type of sound it would make.

Fortunately, it didn’t fail to match my expectations. Its loudness level advertised mirrored the Kicker speakers, but there were certain issues with the clarity of certain music. At this price range, you can’t expect anything less.

While researching the device, I found that a pair of Pyle speakers get the basics done with flying colors. This is why you should get this speaker.

Although the installation process is complicated (the user manual is a bit difficult to understand), I can let this one slide because of the price point. But when I think about it, the setup process is not that hard. You just need proper guidelines. Check out this video. It might help.


Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Balance Coaxial Speakers

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As I was saying while discussing the Kicker sound systems, Polk speakers are known for their deafening sound production. Polk DB652 UltraMarine coaxial speaker is no different. In fact, it’s stronger than alternatives. Even the price is reasonable for what is offered. Should you get it then? Let’s find out.

Let me tell you who these Polk speakers are for. These DB+ series speakers are IP5 rated. It means this device is tested for salt fog, humidity, and even UV. Can you guess where I am getting at? This speaker can survive in almost every environmental condition out there.

From dust to rain, nothing can affect its internals. This makes it an ideal choice for long tours and rough journeys. No wonder it’s one of the best car speakers without subwoofers.

Remember how I said that the Rockford speaker is not marine certified, and that’s why you can’t take it near water? Well, the Polk DB652 has the marine certificate. No matter how the weather is or your destinations, you are sure to enjoy a continuous flow of fluent music.

The non-corrosive plastic grille and waterproof inner-outer surround make it marine certified. I found a UV-tolerant cone built from polypropylene. It made the device light and quite flexible.

But you probably know that flexibility can lead to damage. However, thanks to the stainless-steel mounting hardware, it provided 100% security to the internal components.

I said enough about the durability of this Polk speaker. But I am not done yet. For example, I didn’t mention its polymer/silk dome tweeter yet. This material helps the speaker generate a well-balanced frequency.

Moreover, you can turn the tweeter around. Many of you are probably wondering what’s the use of this. Well, it can add dimensions to the music.

Similar to the build quality, I didn’t find any disappointing aspects in the actual audio production. The Kapton voice coil used in this speaker and the Neodymium tweeter magnet are set to match your expectations. I think the highlight of this device is its massive RMS of 300W.

Not kidding, but this speaker can produce the loudest sound of 22kHz every audiophile wishes for. 92 dB sensitivity is above average as well. In terms of performance, all these add up pretty well.

Apart from the music, I enjoyed installing this speaker. The slim mounting profile and 8-speed clips made the installation process effortless. From my experience, people can set this thing up within minutes. You don’t even have to know the speaker slots size as it’s compatible with most car models.

Another thing that got me is the shallow tweeter design.

At first, it was hard for me to guess how useful this is until I read someone replaced the factory speaker grille. In case you are wondering, it is not mandatory to replace it. It’s an option. This will help you set up the adapter. All I can say from all these is that this Polk speaker is user-friendly.


How To Purchase the Bass Speakers Without Subwoofer?

If you think that spending thousands of bucks will save you from the trouble of pinpointing the ideal speaker, you are wrong. The expensive device may not be compatible with your vehicle.

I’ll tell you where to begin. Certain points of consideration can lead you to the speaker you need. If you can maintain these criteria, you are sure to get your hands on what you are looking for.  

Type of The Speaker 

Type of The Speaker

The market is filled with different types of speakers. Among these, you will either have to go for a full-range coaxial or a component speaker. Well, I must mention one point here. Both are perfectly fine for what they are supposed to do. 

Hence, what’s the difference here? The component speakers come in separate parts, while the full-range speakers are a complete device. In terms of durability, the component speakers are the winner.

However, nothing can beat the full-range speaker when it comes to performance. Although, it can cost you a bit extra. Make sure your pocket can handle your decision.


RMS or Power Capacity

RMS is short for Root Mean Square. This is the same thing as power handling ability. This is exactly what you are thinking. Power handling ability indicates the amount of continuous power a device can take. But why does it matter? It’s quite simple, and you’ve probably guessed its significance.

The more power your speaker can handle, the louder it can get. If a speaker has a low power handling capability, it can burst at a suitable volume for thrash metal.

However, this type of speaker is comparatively expensive. The decision here is yours to take. If you are not into loud music, investing in a high RMS device is not worth it. You can get the range you desire from any speaker.


Speaker’s Sensitivity

Measure Speaker’s Sensitivity

Speaker’s sensitivity matters a lot. In case you don’t know, the speaker’s sensitivity indicates the highest sound the speaker generates. Don’t confuse it with power handling ability.

Here, capacity means how loud the speaker can get. Sensitivity is the loudness a speaker generates when it receives a certain amount of power. In other words, sensitivity is about the clarity of the speaker.

So, how much sensitivity should you aim for?

Your car stereo has the answer. The sensitivity level of the speaker should match the stereo. Low-powered stereo goes well with high-sensitive speakers, while low-sensitive speakers are made for high-powered stereos. FYI, stereos with less than 15 Watts RMS are low-powered.

Having more than 16 Watts RMS makes a stereo high powered. Make sure to get this accurately. If you can’t handle the compatibility, your speaker may not work as you expect.


Speaker’s Impedance

The speaker’s impedance is directly related to the power capacity of a unit. Let me tell you how.

Impedance is measured in Ohms. A Low Ohms rating means the speaker will get more power. Similarly, High impedance means the speaker will get a comparatively less power supply. It is basically the resistance.

You know what resistance is, right? It determines how much electricity will be conducted through a system. It does so by stopping the electrical flow.

I’d measure this carefully as the fluctuation of power might impact the sound quality as well.


Voice Coil

check voice coil before buying speakers without subwoofer

The speaker’s voice coil is responsible for producing audio as we know it. It receives the power supply and converts it to the sound you hear.

It looks like a magnet. And this is a magnet. But it gets heated up depending on the amount of impedance or resistance. Getting a bigger voice coil is not the solution here. High-quality voice coil materials tend to be heat-resistant, and this is what you are looking for.


Choose a Robust Speaker

A speaker’s performance and durability greatly depend on one common thing: the speaker’s build material. If the speaker is built from good elements, the device will last longer and produce a crisp sound with less distortion.

But what element ensures the best performance? It depends on the purpose of each component. For example, the woofer cones are responsible for producing bass. Here lightweight materials such as polypropylene are an excellent choice.

On the other hand, the woofer’s surroundings must be durable and perfectly stable. I am talking about rubber. A rubber surround holds the woofers firmly in their place. The material doesn’t buzz or make any unwanted noise while the device is running. In addition, the rubber provides flexibility. It is significant in generating smoother bass.

Nowadays, car speakers for bass without subwoofers are getting popular. Not only are they cheaper, but they produce the crispest sound. It all has to do with what the speaker is made of.

Which speaker are you choosing? It doesn’t matter as long as it has all the ideal materials in it.


Speaker’s Size 

deciding car speaker size

Most people overlook the speaker’s size and take it to be an insignificant thing to consider. But it matters a lot. The speaker you are choosing must fit your car.

Otherwise, I don’t have to tell you what will happen if the speaker is not perfect in size! A smaller speaker will wobble and easily break in the vehicle. On the other hand, a larger device won’t even sit, let alone function properly.

In a word, it’s essential to get the perfect sized speaker. Unfortunately, there isn’t a definite number regarding this. It only depends on the spot where you want to position your speaker. If you are installing the sound system on the front, you’ll have slots.

You will find their dimension in the car manual. The same goes for the back trunk and the car door as well. In simpler terms, no matter where you want to set up your speaker, make sure to get accurate measurements.



I know the budget is the primary factor, but I put it last to make it easier for you to decide. By now, you more or less know how much your ideal speaker can cost.

One small tip from me: If you don’t have the budget yet, wait till you do. Never settle for something you don’t want just because you can afford it now.

Yes, you can always upgrade the speakers, but that’s not worth it. Having the perfect device from the very beginning should be your priority. Don’t hesitate to take your time, though.

However, features are things you need to consider as well. Only go for a specific price range if you want to pick and choose between features.

And this is all you need to know to choose the ideal speaker for bass. Maintain these points, and you will get to the speaker you want and can afford.



The majority of the speakers are sold for bass. But people also care a lot about compatibility. This is where bass speakers without subwoofers shine. And so far, you have learned a lot about this type of device. However, the vast elaboration may not have been sufficient.

Hence, I’ll be answering some of the popular questions that I found when scouring the internet. I’ll update this section as I move along.

Why Consider Bass in A Speaker?

Bass doesn’t only add power to music, it gives our favorite songs lives of their own. Adjusting the bass offers customizability as well. You can turn any kind of sound to what you prefer. Most importantly, a good bass offers easy upgradeability. To sum it up, bass hands you full control of the music production.

Hence, if you want to pull out the best from a song, you have to get a speaker with good bass.


How to Increase the Bass of Car Speakers?

There are a few tricks to boost the bass of a car speaker. But only a few work perfectly. For example, if you adjust the bass, the treble tone controls at just the right point, you can get a better tune out of your speaker. Just so you know, adding a sub-woofer is always an option. You can give that consideration if you want.


Should You Consider the Warranty on Bass Speakers?

Yes, of course. You are going to spend hundreds of bucks on your speaker. The least you can do is ensure that your sound system will please you for the years to come. A warranty ensures that.

It’s not only about getting a free fix. Rather, it’s about quality because only the best devices offer the longest warranty period.



Finding the best bass speaker for a car is harder than installing one. But none of it should be a matter of concern now. I believe if you follow this article, you will not fail to reach the perfection you want.

This information is not a lot to take in. But despite being so simple, I tried presenting everything in as much detail as possible. And I am pretty sure you won’t have to know anything more than these. Bookmark this page, and feel free to come back when you are purchasing the best car speakers for bass without subwoofer.