Best Budget 6.5 Inch Car Speakers with Bass 2022

Best Budget 6.5 Inch Car Speakers with Bass 2022
Best Budget 6.5 Inch Car Speakers with Bass 2022

No one can imagine a ride without listening to their favorite sound-tracks. Purchasing a dedicated car speaker system gives you a fuller control over your sound choice. Unfortunately, many cars are not powered by a robust car speaker system. Therefore, there is a need to mount a reliable 6.5 car speakers in your car to have a fantastic ride and long drives.

In this article, our editors have explained 9 of these best 6.5-inch car speakers for 2022.

You can use our detailed descriptions to find dream sound features for your car stereo. You can find both positive and negative audio features from this review to make the smartest decision according to your preference and budget. 6.5-inch speakers an awesome sound with powerful bass.

Best 6.5-Inch Car Speakers 2022 Features Check Price
Kenwood KFC Sounds excellent, No distortions at higher volumes, The high-end is clear, the bass is quite deep, Brilliant replacement over the stock speakers, a crossover is not real Check Price
Infinity Kappa 6.5-inch car speakers Stunning sound quality and excellent mids. It can handle anything that you throw at them, the bass is punchy and accurate, Unbelievable highs. Check Price
JL Audio Distinguished crossover network, It has average bass output, Highs are excellent, and lows are good. Check Price
Pioneer 6.5 speakers Bass response is weak at the higher volumes, Good at average volume. Good investment at a low price, easy to install Check Price
Focal Access Perfect mid-range and dynamic bass. Built-in crossover network, the Installation process is easy and more straightforward. Adjustable and loud tweeters. Check Price
Hertz Audio Narrow frequency range, bass is pretty more. Mid-range is average, Excellent audio quality. Check Price
Kicker Heavy magnetic structure built with EVC technology. Very loud and crisp sound but a bit lack in tone range. Budget-friendly with easy installation features. Check Price
Rockford Fosgate Affordable, Crisp high and mid, Great build quality. Built-in super tweeter. Check Price
JBL CLUB6520 6.5-Inch Speakers Quality setup at an affordable price. Check Price


Best Budget 6.5 Inch Car Speakers with Bass 2022

Budget 6.5 Inch Car Speakers with Bass

Here is a comparison chart for the best 6.5-inch speakers for 2022. We have added a price tag along with features.

Kenwood KFC

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It is a two-way top car component speaker brand with amazing features. Kenwood 6.5-inch speakers provide optimum sound experience with its excellent stuff. This Kenwood series is no doubt the best audio series, and P710PS is the most popular 6.5 car speakers built by this brand. This model is brilliantly executed with an affordable price range.

This 6.5 car speakers have a diamond array pattern with a polypropylene cone and a well-executed crossover network. It is one-inch soft dome tweeters that deliver smooth highs with low distortion. These speakers use a simple ‘inline bipolar electrolytic capacitor’ for the crossover network.

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Its 6-3/4 inch woofer consume rubber surrounds to enhance bass response and added durability. The woofer basket can fit to a four-hole (standard) 6-3/4 inch of application. Its adapter rings boost the woofers’ compatibility by including a three-hole 6-3/4 inch pattern that is used by Chrysler and GM, a standard three-hole 6-1/2 inch pattern and 6-1/2 inch Ford’s four-hole pattern.

Its tweeters can be mounted by using metal retaining clips and supplied housings. You can adjust the angles of tweeters after installation to get a better sound stage. By using the included brackets, you can also mount the tweeters on top and bottom in a factory location. Speaker’s tweeters cannot pivot after their installation in OEM brackets.

The best thing is the Kenwood 6.5 car speakers is their superior sound quality. The bass is quite deep. The highs and mids are extraordinary without any distortions at higher volumes. The high-end is clear and crisp without the typical car stereo shimmer.

The speaker package includes everything that is required for most of the cars. In one box, there are 2 mid speakers, 2 tweeters with all the needed covers. Box also includes a tinny diode like wiring and crossover (which are built into the back of the mids). This 6.5 car speakers features a bigger magnets. It has mounting brackets as well.

Install is quick and straight forward, and no extra cutting is required to fit them. Plenty of directions are given to install the speakers. You will connect each tweeter with the mid-range speaker by using its wiring.

This 6.5 car speaker is a great choice to consider if your depth is limited. Its advanced crossover is easy to secure with the prevailing wiring harness to zip ties. The tweeters and woofers are placed right in.

Usually, drilling is not required if your vehicle has a specific location for the tweeters. If the location is new, you will drill a hole on the car’s door panel to mount the tweeters. These speakers are set up to 2-1/4 inch deep.

These best 6.5-inch car speakers can work without an amplifier. Its sound is better than the stock speakers with stock head-unit. These 6.5-inch speakers can rock if connected to an amplifier. With the amplifier, these 6.5 car speakers can sound even better to deliver robust highs and more strong bass. You can get an amp of 50- 100 Watt.

Component speakers are a high-quality car audio part that supplies a more vibrant audio in opposite of two-way or four-way speakers. In contrary to the previously specified approaches, all the speakers of 6.5-inch size, try to perform right at everything to deliver a much richer sound experience.

Its response is very well to boost EQ without breaking it up. Thus, if your sound resources are low quality such as mp3’s then it will stand out. I would recommend this 6.5-inch car speaker system to everyone who is looking to upgrade his/her factory component system.

These speakers sound a lot better than those old stock speakers, but you can not expect these to perform like a subwoofer. This 6.5-inch car speakers is a brilliant replacement over the stock speakers. Its sound is much clear (on a channel that outputs 80w RMS and 280W peak) and louder than the factory audio speakers.

One complaint about these 6.5-inch car speakers is that additional instructions are required to find out a better way to hook the tweeters. There are three different ways to mount the tweeters, but the given instructions did not explain how to make all of them. But if can you spend time to look closely at it, you will not destroy them.

One negative feature of the system is that the metal point of the grill get quickly pops off. You can put a small bit of three-meter strip caulk there to hold it in place to solve this problem.

My only wish regarding this 6.5 car speakers is that if they can have real crossovers, but in that case, the price will go up. These 6.5-inch car speakers can be exchanged or credited upon request.


Infinity Kappa, Best 6.5 Inch Car Speakers 2022

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The Infinity Kappa component 6.5 speakers delivers the matchless quality to provide the best value for money. It is a 6.5-inch two-way fantastic car component system built with improved quality and high output performance. Its improved power makes the user enjoy smooth music without any distortion.

The 6.5-inch car speaker is capable of making melancholic audio with authentic sound tones by the frequency response of 45-35,000 Hz. The system has two ohms of impedance to manage the vast 540 watts of power (270 watts each). The sensitivity of speakers is 93 dB, and the top mounting depth is 2-1/8 inch. Speaker’s grilles are also included in the package.

Furthermore, the system is carefully designed with one woofer cone technology. This technology results in enhanced performance of the tweeters and speakers and improved bass quality. Tweeters are not harsh like the other kappa tweeters.

Everything in the system is heavy-duty and powerful. Tweeters in this incredible foursome system are edge-driven and soft-domed with many mounting options. The high end is made from woven fabric. Cones are injected with carbon and glass fiber to provide optimal performance and high rigidity. There are massive magnets on the system.

The quality of the speaker’s parts and crossover circuitry is superior. The model is a lot improved and upgraded. The speakers are robust and very easy to install. These speakers can handle anything that you throw at them. The system’s price seems low if compared to the quality of components and sound. You can also hook it up with the small amp to reach its full potential.

This 6.5 speakers has a stunning sound quality and excellent mids to provide instrumentals music, especially guitar. It produces fantastic genres like metal, rock, piano and classical, etc. Female vocals are very clear, and electronic music is also a strong point of this speaker system. Speakers sound excellent at low volume. Its high ends are also clear and loud. Audio quality is awesome.

Bass is punchy and accurate. This 6.5″ speaker indeed lacks a bit in bass presence. If you are looking for a system with exceptional bass presence, then the system is not for you.

The 6.5″ speakers are clarity-focused, having exceptional mid-range frequencies. Although there is no need to pair it with a subwoofer if you want an impressive audio system, go for it. This will give excellent results without spending more money.

The 6.5-inch speaker system provides a perfect balance of clarity among bass, mid, and high levels. You will feel the crisp sound thumping in your chest with its fantastic tonal quality. Its sound is much louder and better than 6x9s. In this price range, it will be hard to find a more profound and crisper sound system.

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These best 6.5 inch speakers are perfect if you want to hear detailed and crystal clear music with unbelievable highs. One negative is for the poorly recorded bright tracks; this system sounds a little sibilant. The warranty period of the system is one year.


JL Audio

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It is defiantly a critical decision to choose perfect loudspeakers for your car system design. Loudspeakers make a significant difference from any other car components. JL Audio is one of the most high fidelity speakers brand company.

This powerful 6.5 inch speakers offer a brilliantly executed car component system that is specifically designed for audio enthusiasts. This system requires 6.5-inch subwoofer locations, a mid-range of four inches, and a tweeter (sweet silk dome).

It is a three-way system that provides enhanced dynamic performance and long excursion. It can work6.5-inch woofer as an actual woofer without compromising the upper midrange.

It is very complicated to design consistent and accurate compliance (from one loudspeaker to the other) and the mass specifications of high-end speakers. Considering these complications, the C5-653 speaker system use suspension and cones components for the midrange drivers and woofers. These 6.5-inch components make crossover design less complicated and result in an enhanced natural sound.

This best budget 6.5-inch car speakers have 12 voicing combinations with 4 levels of tweeter and 3 levels of mid-range adjustment. The package includes two 4″ mid-range, two 6.5″ woofers, two crossover networks, and two 1″ tweeters. Top mount depth of these 6.5″ speakers is 2-13/16 inch and 6-1/2 inch woofer with its cast alloy frame. The package includes two woofers, two mid-range drivers, two tweeters, and two crossover networks. Its Rubber surround boosts the speaker’s linearity and suspension.

Strontium ferrite of high energy is used in mid-range drivers and woofers as a magnetic material. The 6.5-inch speaker system has midranges of four-inch that can fit in the different locations. It has mounting tabs of break-away-style.

A decent spacer ring is present to secure the bending of tabs during the installation of a speaker. The system uses an edge-driven tweeter that is a 19-mm silk dome speaker unit to keep a smooth character and balance overall frequency.

The system has amazing sound irrespective of listening level and musical genre. It has average bass output and a natural smooth timbre midrange. The bottom end is also full and strong, having good detail and definition. Bass strings sounds vibrant. The snare and drums are well-controlled and articulate even at high volume. Tweeters are not harsh or metallic; instead, they are crisp.

Sound is loud and clear without distortions. Audio can be heard from a mile away. The system’s sound never gets harsh or edgy even if it drives quite hard. Its top-end always sounds sweet without any brittleness or edge. When you play spunky pop music, these speakers bring chill to your life. If you are looking for high-quality speakers with audiophile-grade, these are perfect.

Highs of these 6.5-inch car speakers are excellent, and lows are good. The woofers sound spectacular, and they are for the mid-level base but not for the sub-level. The woofers did not create distortion, and the cone hit the magnet. It’s a massive upgrade with excellent audio quality.

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JL Audio has a broader installation experience and rich understandability in-vehicle acoustics. Another smart engineering used in this system is its distinct crossover network, which provides lovely adjustability. This network places air-core inductors and Mylar capacitors in critical locations. Its mounting options are installation-friendly.

I build a new set of 3-way baffles for the comparator of my listening room. I mounted the system to the centers of tweeter, woofer and mid-on a vertical straight line while keeping the 3 drivers very close on the baffle. After that, at the specified reference positions, I set the crossovers. Then I adjust the amplifier at a full range signal to begin a joyful listening session. I do a lot of experiments on a wide range setting position of crossover.


Pioneer 6.5-Inch Speakers for Bass

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This amazing 6.5-inch car speaker is a two-way coaxial full range high-performance car stereo speaker system for sound enthusiasts. Pioneer systems are built well in quality. Speakers are well equipped with all the necessary sound gadgets which can create a complete and influential system for your vehicle. These 6.5-inch car speakers are perfect for the car’s front doors. This system is an excellent combination of matchless quality and price.

This best budget 6.5 inch speaker provides efficient speakers with complete tech specs. The loudspeaker system needs a location for a 6.5-inch subwoofer, 1-3/4 inch mounting depth, and 1-3/16 tweeter location. It can handle 600 watts of power per pair (300 Watts each).

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Its polypropylene Coneis Injection-molded. The 6.5 car speaker is clear and decent all around the spectrum. Tweeters have a crisp output. EDM and metal are nice. The system has a frequency response of 31 to 18, 000 Hz, and sensitivity is 89Db and rubber-coated cloth surround.

Sound is loud enough that a subwoofer is not needed after adding these four. Pioneer 6.5 inch car speakers are suitable for money, but at the higher volumes, there is a bit lack in bass and clarity irrespective of the vehicle. Bass is excellent for the door speakers.

Its response is good, and it will rock if you install a subwoofer. The mids and highs frequencies are improved to provide clear sound quality. Speakers are unbeatable if compared to the price. The sound is similar to the expensive alpine 610 speaker system. High-range is crystal clear, and the mid-range is decent.

The low end is a bit sacrificed to enhance to mids and highs. The system’s high-mid range is balanced pretty evenly between the tweeter drivers of high and mid-range. Low ends have plenty of punch. You can add a little sub for lows.

These best budget 6.5-inch car speakers are an excellent upgrade to factory speakers. It has a superb 80W per channel head unit for CD, SD, MP3, DVD, and USB with FM/AM radio. The system will sound better, even with a cheap dollar 50 amp. You can use a two-channel amp (at two ohms) to wire four speakers.

The installation of these 6.5-inch car speakers is easy and straight. The system’s profile is slim, which makes it easy to install in tight places in your vehicle. The system has many mounting holes to fit in the mounting locations without having the separate brackets.

Anyhow, I bought the bracket for my car to adapt, but mostly adaptors are not needed to install. The base is good if compared with the Kenwood speakers. Sound is crisp and bright with a decent frequency response. No distortion of resonance occurs.

These 6.5-inch speakers are perfect if you love to listen to music at the average volume. Bass is not suitable for the higher volumes. You can use an amp to power the system to get outstanding audio quality. This system will not disappoint you if you are looking for a system that is a few steps up from the factory sound.

The 6.5 inch car speaker is like a good investment at a low price. Sound is many times better than that of the stock speakers. If you don’t want to buy expensive subwoofers, you can stick to four of these speakers to get the inexpensive and excellent sound quality.

Sub can also raise your installation cost. You cannot expect a big boom from this system because they are not high-end speakers.


Focal Access, Best Cheap 6.5 Speakers

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We conducted careful consultation and extensive research to find the best of the latest Focal car sound systems. Our research results in the best option of component Focal Access 165 A3 6.5-inch. Focal is a well-known French company brand since the early ’80s having expertise in speaker manufacturing. It provides one of the best car components and coaxial speakers.

The focal offers excellent speaker design, which looks very natural. It is a worthy upgrade to your old car audio speakers. This 6.6 inch car speaker is humidity resistant with fiberglass cone, which provides perfect mid-range and dynamic bass.

It is one of the best budget 6.5 speakers for car. Other distinguishing features include excellent power capability, high sensitivity, good crossover, outstanding heat disposal system of tweeters, and a voice coil cooling system.

This system is defiantly one of the best among coaxial speakers for your car. Its incredible specifications provide an impressive sound system. Tweeters are featured in aluminum inverted dome, which works like a tinny woofer cone.

This cone evenly disperses high-frequency tunes with excellent resolution and incredible dynamics. You can make different adjustments with tweeter to get your choice of perfect sound imaging. 

Speakers have rigid woven glass-fiber woofer cones that offer precise mid-base audio. Its frame is lightweight and sturdy. This frame feature makes available a lot of open space for the free cone movements, swift heat dissipation, and vent to cool down the sound coils.

One great plus of these 6.5 car speakers is its built-in crossover network, which makes the installation process much easier and simpler. Crossovers offer even circulation of frequencies between the woofers and tweeters. This results in a more natural and perfect sound and feels like you are at a concert.

It is a decent entry-level 6.5-inch car speaker system. The frequency response of the system is 60 Hz to 20 kHz. This response basically creates a variety of frequencies between low bass and high vocal. Speakers can handle max 120 Watts of power with four-ohm impedance. Mounting depth of this 6.5-inch car speaker system is 2.5 inches.

Sound is crisp and clear with any distortions, even at max volume. Its standout audio can be heard both inside and outside of the car. Mid-range is pleasing and bright with a higher frequency band that digs deep.

This 6.5 car speakers system delivers an awesome quality sound. Highs are bit brittle yet crisp. Woofer cone gives an impressively smooth, clean punch. They do not punch very hard. These speakers will provide perfect results if you know how to tune the system.

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Overall the system is fantastic with excellent acoustic ability. Focal always provides unique value sound systems. Speakers efficiently cover the variety of music range. If you are using one pair of the system, you can get a 75 watts amp per channel to get rocking results. The package includes two speakers in one pair. Grill is also included. Extra tweeters are not needed.

The system is perfect if you want pretty good speakers with loud tweeters. Choose a different speaker option if you are looking for exceptional bass, and you enjoy soft-toned music like jazz.


Hertz Audio DCX

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Hertz is basically a famous Italian brand which was founded in 1998. It offers high-end loudspeakers marketplace for the end-users. It also provides mobile audio products, which include subwoofers, speakers, and amplifiers. Hertz speakers are pricy and well-engineered.

These are carefully designed without compromising performance and quality and making installation easier. This is among the Best 6.5 Inch Car Speakers with Bass for 2022.

Overall it’s a great audio deal for your car. It is a two-way coaxial car system with amazing features. It has 93 dB in sensitivity rating. This system can manage sixty watts of RMS. It comes in two kinds of covers. Coaxial speakers are the best choice to consider if you need something easy to install with a tight budget without compromising quality.

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You will receive a significant difference in the audio quality of these speakers. Bass is quite more and lots of kick. Highs are excessive with a clear and loud sound. The mid-range is more than average. If you amplify the system, it will perform like hell loud.

This 6.5 inch car speaker system comes with tension clips and mounting screws, but mounting brackets and grills are not included in the package. It’s a significant upgrade over the stock audio speakers. One negative about the system is its narrow frequency range relative to other speakers.


Kicker 6.5 inch 2-Way Speakers

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The KICKER audio system is famous for its high-quality sound equipment. Its technical specs are wow in this price range. The system’s intuitive design provides a more compact structure, unlike other car sound systems. It has reduced depth baskets, which allows excellent fitment into any vehicle type application.

The CS-Series system has a massive magnetic structure built with EVC (Extended Voice Coil) technology. This technology provides high audio performance and brilliant lower end in the frequency spectrum, which creates impressive bass.

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Unlike other speakers, this model can respond to a frequency from 40 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Its wider frequency output range allows it to play low and high music tunes without losing the audio. Speakers have 100W RMS and 300W max of combined power for both tweeter and woofer. It has four-ohm impedance, 90dB sensitivity, and 1-11/16 inches of top mounting depth.

The performance of this best budget 6.5″ speaker set is excellent across the whole audio spectrum. The pair speaker produces a peak power of 600 Watts. RMS rating is 200 Watts, which is very impressive if compared to the price. This shows that the speakers can deliver quality sound.

Its sound is sufficiently loud and distortions free. Balanced Dome tweeters provide high, clear, and natural audio. Low end is also decent. Bass produces rich and crisp tunes regardless of its small size. Tweeters need many EQ adjustments to get the required high end. You can plug in a 40w RMS amp if you want to spend a little more to enhance its sound even more.

These speakers are significant factory upgrades that provide reliable and remarkable sounding coaxial and easy drop. The clarity of PEI dome tweeters is brilliant. It’s mid to high range frequency performance is quite well, and especially its high power handling is impressive.

This best 6.5-inch car speakers is a two-way well-executed car audio system. Install is super simple and quick. Simple modifications are required in mounting brackets. Speakers have 4 ninety degree brackets. It’s shallow mounting design, and reduced depth baskets make it easy to fit into any car. Usually, a 6.5-inch system is mounted in the doors of the vehicle.

The system has plenty of power if compared to the size of the speakers. The system is perfect if you are looking for a budget-friendly system with easy installation features. Sound quality is average while the system seems stylish.

Polyester foam is used to cover the woofers of the speakers, which results in good quality bass with no crackle. Polypropylene cone material delivers accurate performance and more durability.

Kicker’s CS sound series are marketed and known for its budget-friendly package. This system offers a vast improvement in sound over stock speakers. Although the speakers are very loud but there is a bit of lack in tone range. 


Rockford Fosgate

No products found.

The Rockford Fosgate speaker is an entry-level system that offers fantastic features that are brilliantly executed with the latest audio technology. This fabulous system is manufactured with high-quality material. You will receive deals and features in this series. These speakers meet all the needs of sophisticated car owners and perform much better than those previous models.

It’s three-way features provide enhanced sound experience with reliable midrange drivers, tweeters, and woofers. It has 10.9″ wide dimensions, 7.1″ length, and 8.1″ height. Speakers RMS are 45W and91 dB in sensitivity with a 90W of peak power. Its 4 Ohms impedance is almost up to the car standards. The mounting depth of the system is 2.15 inches.

These speakers are well-built, sturdy, and robust in quality. The system is stylish and attractive to look at. A steel frame around the system protects it from the hard hits. A rubber is also present around the speaker to improve its longevity.

The speakers are built by using elastic polypropylene. Its durable tweeters are designed by using Mylar and Titanium materials. These Best 6.5 Speakers are so light in weight to fit in different types of cars. Its compact dimensions make it appropriate for small vehicles.

Each speaker of this brand series comes in polypropylene vacuum woofer, a stamped basket frame (steel), and silk dome tweeters. The magnet is nice and heavy. You will receive a much better audio experience by switching it with old stock speakers.

Installation is easy. No need to run additional tweeters. The package includes two speakers and all the necessary components, including mounting hardware and grills. Speaker’s design is perfect for almost all OEM cars and the vehicle’s stereo systems, which can operate full-range speakers. It’s a great door replacement.

This is a popular full-range system that offers an epic ride in a price-friendly zone. It’s quality stuff allows you to enjoy excellent audio for a longer period. Although the bass is average in 6.5 inches, but you will love the sound quality for sure. Its surprising crossovers help playing the music of any frequency range without significant distortions. It’s a vast improvement over old R165 speakers.

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Speaker’s sound performance is crisp and clear even at high volume. It’s three-way system is noticeable. The system performs great at mid-range and high-range. Bass is not much deep. You can add a subwoofer to get a more robust output if you have deep pockets and want to invest more in the system.

These are the type of speakers which can make your ride and trips enjoyable yet not epic. If you love to listen loud all the time, then do not purchase the system. It creates slight distortion at max if played loud all the time.

These speakers are neither very pricy nor very cheap instead, and they are in an affordable range. It is the best choice to consider if you do not like old factory car speakers without having deep pockets. If you purchase the speakers from the authorized reseller, you can have one year of warranty.

One negative about the system is not waterproof, and therefore it can lose its efficiency over water. This speaker can cause negative results if operated at max all the time. Another negative is the system does not satisfy the audiophiles. These budget-friendly speakers are almost at the lower end in the sound market. Therefore you cannot expect outstanding sound.


JBL Premium

No products found.

JBL is a well-recognized high-quality audio brand that offers brilliant features in premium coaxial car speakers. This company also provides many other end users products like headphones etc. This brand introduces its exclusive editions of loudspeakers in every period for audio lovers. Three sizes (5×7″, 6×9″, and 6.5″) are available in this system, and 6.5-inch is the smallest among all.

This 6.5″ car speaker is definitely a massive upgrade to the current stock sound system. Its specialized carbon injected cone delivers tunes accurately and naturally as compared to the other brands. This carbon injected cones capable of moving more air, which results in the creation of more bass. Its efficient components provide balanced, bright, and crystal clear Mids and highs without any distortions.

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The sound quality of the latest coaxial speaker is incomparable. Its patented UniPivot adjustable tweeters deliver more real and life-like audio quality. Tweeters are not harsh like other high-end component systems; instead, they are crystal clear.

You can make adjustments with this dual-level tweeter according to your preference and music taste. Midbass quality is great. For the fronts, this 6.5 car speaker is a perfect match.

This 6.5 car speaker system provides high-quality, sturdy basket, cone, surround, and Substantial magnet. There are three-ohm speakers with low-impedance, which can compensate for the modern cars of undersized wires. The system is capable of making great use of each watt which car stereo can expect to deliver. Installation is easy and quick. The package includes adapter plates and all screws.

This well-made 6.5 inch speaker delivers excellent value with its quality stuff. It has a 12dB dedicated octave and good quality crossover network, which directs the highs and lows to provide the best possible sound. The speakers have 4-7/8″mounting cutout diameter, 1-13/16″mounting depth and 6-1/4″ of external diameter in dimensions.

One significant plus is the speaker’s size, which is particularly made for the specific car models. This 6.5″ speaker has some minor disadvantages as well as other brands. It is necessary to check your car size before selecting this speaker pair because it’s not a one size fits all type. Another problem is with its low end, which kind of sucks. A subwoofer is a must if you to enjoy Hip-hop or EDM.

The 6.5-inch speaker is perfect if you are looking for a quality setup without spending a lot of money. These speakers can perform excellent without an amp. 



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