Types of Car Subwoofers

Types of Car Subwoofers
Types of Car Subwoofers

Types of Car Subwoofers

Hi, Guys, this is me, Ashely Roode, again, and today I have come with another article about different types of car subwoofers.

The guys who previously read me know who I am, but for the new readers I am just a guy, having 20 years of experience in dealing with cars and personally owning three showrooms in New York, Kansas, and Los Angeles.

In a previous article, we talked briefly about the methods to increase the audio levels in your car without using or installing any amplifier, and how to keep it simple and cheap by using general methods and techniques.

In this article, I will explain in detail about types of subwoofers in car. With a subwoofer, you will experience powerful bass with high-quality sound.

I have received so much response after that article and the questions and points of that response urged me to write another article to further explain the techniques and methods regarding this topic. People have asked me various points but the most commonly asked questions were about types of Subwoofers.

What are they, why we should use them, how to install them properly, and how to manage them on the whole? So, in today’s article, we will discuss every single piece of information about subwoofers completely and I am very hopeful that it will answer all questions and curiosity about them.

Types of Car Subwoofers

Subwoofers are basically the speakers built around the LFE technology. LFE stands for Low-Frequency Effects) which means that subwoofers are the components that reproduce the lowest audible frequencies.

They are basically speakers but produce quality much more than a normal speaker. It is like a complete product, a pack of woofer and amplifier together. It has a frequency range of around 20 to 200 Hz. It enhances all audio channels and resulting in greater audio experience.


Difference between speakers and subwoofer

The main difference between speakers and subwoofers is the pattern of their frequency ranges. Speakers have a limitation of producing only high frequencies and unable to produce a base effect, while subwoofer works around the lower part of audio frequencies and perfectly creates base spectrum as per required by the user.

If we talk about the structure of Subwoofer, it consists of one, two or more woofers, alongside an amplifier, placed in a wooden case so it can resist and withstand the air pressure and resistance to provide perfect base and sound. As I mentioned above already that it has a built-in amplifier so, all that you need to do is to plug it to the socket.

Talking about its parts, the primary section of a subwoofer is the cabinet, containing an amplifier. Sizes are customizable as per customer requirement and also some default presets are available (from 8 inches to 21 inches)

The voice coil contains a found magnet usually to produce sound. It also has the support of suspensions to keep control of it while getting movement on playing sound waves. Generally, there are two basic types of coils:

  1. the single voice coil
  2. the dual voice coil

And alongside this, these coils are integrated with a specific impedance. Impedance is the resistance of audio signals while transforming into audio. And they play a major role inlining and wiring up your subwoofer to achieve perfect results.


Classification of Subwoofers

Generally, the subwoofers are classified into two following types:

Passive subwoofers

This is the type of subwoofer that doesn’t have a built-in amplifier, and quite similar to general speakers. They need an external audio receiver or amplifier. The ability to produce bass is dependent on an amplifier or receiver in this type of subwoofer.

Powered subwoofers

The most popular and common type of subwoofers is powered ones, as they possess an integrated amplifier and subwoofer speaker, inside a wooden box, making it an all in one perfect product. Usually, subwoofers used in cars are powered types. I am using Rockville under-seat subwoofer and that is just awesome.

There is another type of powered subwoofers, containing a wireless connection option (getting very popular these days), and making connectivity easier than wired connections. Also, you can purchase a separate wireless transmitter if your powered subwoofer doesn’t have it be built and can accommodate your cause.


Which Car Subwoofer is better?

Well, it depends on the requirement of the user but in my personal opinion, the powered one has a clear and definite edge over the passive one. But still, it is very dependent on the requirements and needs of the user. But, the problem with passive ones that buying a separate amplifier means an increase in the cost of the product and it will really get very expensive for you.

Meanwhile, the powered ones are all in one product, takes lesser space than passive ones and one single unit it enough to provide quality results. Even by connectivity requirements, powered ones have greater compatibility as compared to passive ones.

As we know, currently we are talking about Subwoofers, which can be used in cars.


Following are the different types of car subwoofers

8 Inch Subwoofer

This is a decent-sized subwoofer. An 8-inch car subwoofer is ideal for a small car, it delivers high-quality bass with powerful sound. Many brands are coming with top-rated car subwoofers that are just awesome. I am using Rockville 8-inch car subwoofer that is ideal for deep bass, Click here to buy it from Amazon.


10 Inch Car Subwoofer

Now, if you want a bigger sized subwoofer for a family car, 10-inch car subwoofer is just perfect. Many brands are coming with a compact sized 10-inch car subwoofer that delivers deep and powerful bass. One of the best 10-inch car subwoofers is Kicker Slim Design, Click here to buy from Amazon.


Self-Amplified Bass Solutions

This type of subwoofer is a good and easy system that not only provides the user with a great experience in terms of audio output but also helps users to save the maximum amount of space in the car.

It doesn’t provide much powerful sound as compared to other types of subwoofers but still in terms of saving space in a car, it is the main deal.


Bass Tubes

These are the powerful types of subwoofers, providing the maximum quality of sound. These may take some space in your car but the output is just amazing. So, for the person who can afford the sacrifice of space, it is an ideal fit.


Standard Subwoofer Speakers

These are more like customized and user instructed speakers. They are hybrid of both bass tubes and self-amplified solutions and can provide both high-quality powerful sound and space-saving structure.


Underseat vs Trunk Subwoofers

Now, it is totally up to you, I personally use a trunk subwoofer which is 15 inches in size. If you have a family car, you should buy a decent-sized subwoofer for your car. I have just posted an article about the differences between Trunk and underseat subwoofers.

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