How to Choose the Right Amplifier for Car Speakers?

How to Choose the Right Amplifier for Car Speakers?
How to Choose the Right Amplifier for Car Speakers?

How to Choose the Right Amplifier for Car Speakers?

A vehicle without an amplifier is like a meal without a cold drink. Everyone loves to have an amplifier in their vehicle. An amplifier increases the magnitude of the signals by taking power from the car battery.

You should get a good quality amplifier for the car speakers. The amplifier increases the power of the signal and transfer signals to the speakers.

In this article, I will tell you the qualities of an amplifier and options for buying the right amplifier.

You should buy an amplifier with remote control. Match speakers with an amplifier before purchasing, select an amplifier with multiple input connections; check all the features before buying it.

The amplifier should have all features like bass boost, high and low pass filter, and subsonic filters. You should purchase an amplifier that van connects directly to the speakers and it should have a wide range of frequency. I hope these tips will help you out.

How to Choose the Right Amplifier for Car Speakers?

It depends upon the two major factors

1) How much power amplifier has?

2) How many output channels amplifier have?

Types of the amplifier on the basis of output channels:

This classification of the amplifier depends upon the Number of output channels. It defines how many outputs are present to connect with the amplifier.

If you want you to connect one speaker or subwoofers then choose mono channel amplifier and same up to 6 channel amplifier depending upon the numbers of car speakers

Mono Channel amplifier:

It is also called a single-channel amplifier as its name says itself. The mono amplifier has on the output channel. These kinds of amplifiers are used to give power to the subwoofers.

It makes connections with one speaker present in the backside of the acre or you can also connect it with subwoofers. It gives only one output so you can connect only one speaker with it.

2 Channel amplifiers:

2 Channel amplifiers are more versatile and it provides 2 outputs for the speakers. As its name describe that it contains 2 numbers of channels and 2 outputs are available for the connection of the speakers. It is a very good quality of the amplifier you can connect two speakers with the amplifier.

You can easily connect a pair of the speaker with an amplifier; one speaker can pace on the back of the car and one on the front of the car. This amplifier provides two outputs that make the audio quality better and you can enjoy clear audio from the back and front of the car.

Two channels amplifier can also be bridged; this combines the output of two channels with a mono channel and provides power to the subwoofers.

4 Channels amplifier:

4 Channels amplifier gives more options for the speakers. It connects the couple pairs of speakers and provides them a power. You can enjoy with 4 channel amplifier by using two of the channels to power the pair of full-range speakers in the front of the car.

While the bridging the output of the other two channels to drive the subwoofers. By choosing this type of amplifier you can enjoy both the speakers and subwoofers together and it makes the environment entertaining. You will get clean audio and powerful lows out of one package.

5 Channel amplifiers:

Five channel amplifiers provide 5 outputs to connect 5 speakers only with one amplifier. It is a more preferable amplifier of all of the types. 5 channel amplifiers provide power o the speakers and woofers and give clean audio with perfect noise.

This type of amplifier has four channels for powering your front and rear speakers and a fifth higher-powered channel for powering your subwoofers. The benefit of choosing 5 channel amplifiers is, it consumes less space in the car and provides high voltage to the speakers.

It is easier to install than two separate amplifiers to install. The five-channel amplifier is a good investment if you want to build a system that has a lot of flexibility and room to grow.

How much power should the amplifier have?

It is most questions that arise in our mind when choosing the right amplifier for car speakers, that how much power should amplifier have? Because the greater the power of the amplifier, the greater will be the sound quality. You should know which amplifier you are buying and how much power it contains.

There are two different kinds of power rating out

1) Peak power

2) RMS power

1) Peak power:

Peak power is a power that can produce for a limited burst of power in the amplifier. When you will get o buy an amplifier the range of peak power will be shown on the pack of amplifier.

It is not very useful in the functioning of the amplifier. So if the rating range is not very good then it’s no problem you can look at its RMS rating.

2) RMS Power:

RMS power is the measure of the amplifier’s continuous power output. This is the power of an amplifier that given to the speakers for the output. So it is very necessary to check the RMS value of an amplifier before purchasing it.

When you are shopping then it is very important to check the rating of RMS power. If you want to sure about the exact power rating of an amplifier compare amplifier a CEA-2006 power rating. It is used to measure the power of the amplifier.

This standard establishes specific guidelines for measuring the power of an amplifier.

Tips to choose the right amplifier:

In this article, I would like to explain the few tips to choose the right amplifier for your car speakers. These tips will make you able to buy it with full confidence. These tips will encourage you to buy the right amplifier, especially for your car speakers.

Match speaker power with amplifier power:

If you want your amplifier to be able to play music library without any distortion and able to handle a sudden change in volume easily. You need to match, better yet exceed the speaker power rating with your amplifier.

To get that headroom in which signals match to the speaker if you have subwoofers that handle the 200 watts RMS power it with an amplifier that puts out 250 watts RMS. Then it will drive cleanly and without distortion especially when the volume is cranked. It makes your music best.

If you are going to purchase an amplifier then check your speakers and subwoofer power and try to purchase the amplifier having more power than the speakers. More power amplifiers will give you better results than a low power amplifier. More power is always better for the good quality of the audio.

The amplifier should have a low and high pass filter:

When you are shopping an amplifier for your car speakers then must check it should have low and high filter pass. It plays a very important job in the amplifier. These filters make sure that your amplifier is only boosting those frequencies that you want it to.

High frequency strips away the low frequencies from the signal the amplifier is boosting. It is very useful for the condition when the amplifier is connected with smaller speakers and it rests powering the small speakers, for example, the speakers on the front doors of your car.

In this way, your amplifier will direct its energy to make the vocals and instrumentals sound their best. So one should check the amplifier before purchasing that either it contains a high pass filter or not.

Low pass filters do just the opposite. They take out the highs so you are only amplifying the lows. Low pass filters are used for the powering of subwoofers. These filters transfer the power to the subwoofers. Hats way the amplifier can concentrate its power on kicking out the low notes.

The amplifier should have a subsonic filter:

It is the 3rd type of filter available in the amplifier. It blocks the ultra-low frequencies that you cannot hear from getting the subwoofers.

This filter operates the subwoofers very efficiently. There is also a lot of filters but these filters are variable. They select the frequency for the filter, other filters are fixed and they limit a specific frequency.

The amplifier should have a bass boost:

It is another feature of the right amplifier. Before purchasing the amplifier check either it has a bass boost feature or not? A bass boost frequency augments the low-frequency output of the amplifier so you get a bigger bass output with your subs and your larger speakers.

A bass boost frequency can be fixed or variable and the amount of boost can be fixed or variable too. Variables bass boost give you some more choice in how you tailor the sound that your amplifier puts out. So you have to keep an eye out for this feature if you are planning to connect the amplifier with subwoofers.

An amplifier should have speaker level inputs:

The number of speaker output channels we talked about earlier, amplifier has also other inputs and outputs that you should look before purchasing. The first is speaker level inputs.

Most of the amplifiers take their signal from the receiver through RCA inputs which are connected to your stereo preamplifier outputs. These will tap into your car speaker wires for the signal your amplifier requires.

Choose an amplifier with a direct connection to the speaker:

Check the outputs of an amplifier for the direct connection of the speakers. If the amplifier has a feature of direct connection then prefer this kind of amplifier because it can make the whole process very easy.

You can easily connect the amplifier with your larger speakers or subwoofers with just attaching the audio cable. In this way, you will get clean audio.

If you do not have a preamplifier in your car then you can connect it direly with the audio cable. Choose the right path of the wires and connect systematically for clear and distortion-free audio.

Choose an amplifier with remote:

While you are driving the amplifier might be out if your reach so chooses an amplifier that can controls with the remote so that you can control it from your seat.

By the remote, you can change track and select your own choice of the track you can increase or decrease the volume.

Moreover, you can also change the mode with the help of a remote. Many of the advisers will suggest buying an amplifier with remote control. By remote, you can ON or OFF the amplifier.

An amplifier should have a wide range frequency:

Audio quality depends upon the range of frequency wider will be the frequency wider it will provide the quality of audio. Choose a wide frequency range of amplifiers for good quality of audio.

For your car speakers, you should buy an amplifier ranging from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. Amplifier with a range of 20 top 60 Hz gives you bass feelings it likes that you feel more than you hear.250 to 500 Hz makes the audio clear and provides clear instrumental bass.

The amplifier with the frequency of 6000 to 20000 will be responsible for the harmonic sound of the track and add clarity to the sound. Depending upon your choice choose a wide frequency range of the amplifier for your car speakers.

Choose an amplifier with multiple input connections:

Choose an amplifier that contains a lot of input connections. The benefit of using this kind of amplifier is this; it helps to connect different devices into your amplifier and can enjoy the music of your own choice. Your amplifier should have USB input so that you can connect USB into it.

By this USB input port you can connect your mobile and iPad to the amplifier and can enjoy the music of your own choice. With different verities of the plug, you can connect the different devices into the amplifier like headphones, laptops, computers, and phones.

Are expensive amplifiers worth it?

The mostly question is asked that either a cheap amplifier or an expensive amplifier works equally? For all of those who are asking that is it necessary to buy an expensive amplifier than a cheap.

The answer is for good quality audio you need to buy good quality and expensive amplifier. Because the cheap quality amplifier works properly but somehow it makes some distortion in the audio.

For example, we will consider 2 amplifiers one is an entry-level amplifier and the other is the most costly amplifier. Here we will compare the circuit and the function of these amplifiers. Both amplifiers are mono channel amplifier use for providing power to the subwoofers.

The entry-level amplifier circuit contains small capacitors and small coils in their circuit due to which circuit cannot reserve energy. This kind of amplifier cranks the sound and cause distortion. Compare to the entry-level amplifier, the other amplifier of a little bit high cost has a closed circuit.

This amplifier will be a high-quality custom-built circuit that is tying everything together. The design of the amplifier keeps the circuit cool. It works efficiently without any current loss.

It provides a high quality of audio. After analyzing the entry-level and little bit costly amplifier, the result we have taken is that a little costly amplifier will work more efficiently than the entry-level amplifier.

Final words:

Now you can choose the right amplifier for your car speakers easily by the above-given tips. You can choose it accordingly to the number of speakers you want to connect it with the amplifier. If you want to connect with subwoofers then you can choose a mono channel amplifier it will work efficiently.

I am using 4 channel amplifiers in my car and it works very great for me. It provides the power to the front pair and back pair of speakers in the car. It also makes the bridged between subwoofers.

So the basic thing is the choice of the right amplifier and the above tips will help you to purchase the right amplifier that will give the best sound quality.

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