6 Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers for Boats You Can Buy in 2022

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers for Boats

Speakers get damaged whenever they come into contact with water. But this doesn’t mean you can’t take one along with your next boat ride. Audiophiles prefer a range of sound systems when going on a ride. Waterproof bluetooth speakers can make your boat ride the chill you deserve.

Be it a boombox, headphone or some kind (wired or wireless), or your trusty product of a brand… nothing’s off the hook. However, not all Bluetooth sound systems are ideal for the ride.

You’d have to keep your eyes open. I mean… choose the right product. Portable speakers can offer you a range of benefits if you use them as intended. You’ll have to take note of several factors when buying one.

For example, when researching these waterproof bluetooth speakers for boats, I look into the sound quality, affordability, compatibility, range, and build, among other things.

This is what my article is all about. In addition, you will also learn to identify what speaker you need for the kind of trip you are embarking on. Stay tuned till the end.

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Top Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers – Our Recommendations

Trust me, you’ll find hundreds of options. Weighing each one for long-term performance, sound quality, and longevity is hard. Even harder If you’re a newbie.

In this section, I’m offering you a chance to cop-out. Have a look at six of these products I chose and reviewed myself. It’ll save you countless hours on the internet.

JBL Flip 4

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Flip 4 is your perfect portable bluetooth speaker if you’re looking to bridge affordability, compatibility, and performance. I picked this one instead of the flip 5. Believe me, it’s not as obnoxiously loud as the latest iteration of the product.

Oh, wait! I reviewed Flip 5 later in the article. This extremely portable soundbox supports wi-fi. However, this is not the USP of this tiny mean machine. The first thing that attracted me was its build quality.

If JBL has focused on anything else along with the performance, it’s the device’s durability. The enduring fabric material within a robust rubber housing ensures long-lasting performance.

But can this find a home on your boat? It certainly did on mine. Thanks to its IPX7 rating, this device is satisfyingly water-resistant. Even submerging it underwater didn’t affect its performance.

The sealed construction made it possible to keep water away from the internal components. As it is able to prevent liquid, the seals do a decent enough job of keeping dirt and debris out of the device.

I even took it to the beach, and it didn’t have any sign of the slightest distortion in the sound. As for quality, I have mixed feelings. JBL Flip 4 is the upgraded version of Flip 3. This is true not only in words but in real experience as well. It doesn’t have the distortion Flip 3 used to generate when set on max volume.

Though nothing much has changed on this device in terms of features, the sound production, especially the vocals, is now louder and clearer. The background music does sometimes feel a bit pushed back, and this gives a great taste to the music.

The bass has improved as well. Dual external passive radiators show how strong this JBL speaker is. Although the bass sounds a bit downgraded, it doesn’t do a bad job of creating the vibe you are looking for. You will get at least 4 hours of continuous music from it even if you turn up the volume to 11. If this is not great battery life, I don’t know what is.

Controlling the speaker was a breeze. There are buttons to turn on and off the device and to change music as well. But I avoided these hassles, downloaded the JBL app, and connected my phone with the device. This way, I could control everything from my smartphone.

The best part is that you can connect up to 2 speakers simultaneously to get a stereo effect. The connection ports are along the spine, right beside the battery indicator.

Don’t worry, a strong flap hides all the ports. There isn’t the slightest chance for them to contract water.

Thinking of getting JBL 4? I would recommend you to get it right away. If you like what you have read so far, the budget won’t be an issue because it costs less than $100.


Bose SoundLink Micro

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Another waterproof bluetooth speaker on Amazon’s top 10 list is this Bose SoundLink Micro. This attracted my attention before I even touched it or heard it play. The mere outlook is stunningly classy. The color variation of blue, black, and orange is enough to lure anyone in its direction.

The soft rubberized finish gave it a nice feel along with a strong grip. I could tell that this is a strong fella and won’t show any sign of damage even if it falls from a standing Michael Jordan’s hand. The build material is born for this exact purpose.

Here, the IPX7 waterproof rating adds more to its quiver. Be it heavy rain or a 1-meter deep puddle, this Bose speaker will keep working at its same pace. The dust-proof seal allowed me to take it to the beach as well.

Not only that, the heat-resistant surface, along with water resistance, made it seem like this speaker is made for the beach. Additionally, the 6 hours of battery life on this thing is enough to last for an entire pool party.

However, the volume is not enough to satisfy a large crowd. But as far as the intimate gathering is concerned, it is hard to find a rival here. The clear, crisp sound is enough for both indoors and outdoors.

A small boat can be the ideal home for Bose SoundLink Micro. This is not a point I would complain about because with the dimension of 3.87″ H x 3.87″ W x 1.37″ D, it does more than it is supposed to.

The sound is loud enough with a perfectly balanced bass. This is all I care about in a speaker. Well, I am probably underestimating the speaker here, focusing on its “balanced bass.”

To give you a clear picture of the bass’s power, I could feel the air moment against my palm as I held my hand 10cms away from the speaker. 

Surprises were waiting for me when it came to connectivity. Bose SoundLink Micro is better than the JBL 4 dual connector. I could simultaneously connect two different devices with this speaker through Bluetooth.

This is unusual, yet the quote is useful. I didn’t have to switch between phone and laptop every time I wanted a different vibe. This much bass usually means the vocals will become distorted. But I was surprised to see otherwise. The reproduction of vocals remained perfectly stable. However, its clarity dropped a bit as I increased the volume by 75%.

This is not a negative aspect of the device. Rather it’s impressive to have such treble from this tiny machine. Finally, I’d just point out that it’s not as cheap as the previous one. But it is certainly affordable and better than the JBL 4 in terms of design, portability, and connectivity.


Sony SRS-XB43

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If you have tons of cash lying around, and you want to spend it on only the best things, it’s time to let go of that money. Sony SRS-XB43 is a bluetooth speaker made to offer you whatever you expect from a sound system.

Including a powerful sound for audiophiles. The only question with this speaker should be, “what’s missing?” The answer is, “Nothing.”

This compact 4.8″ x12.8″ x4.6″ device comes in black, blue, and taupe colors. I liked the black version. It just looked cool with the LED bands wrapping around both sides. There are pale LEDs behind the grille as well.

Controlling the versatile speaker is pretty simple. The buttons on the top of the body were quite convenient. But the most satisfying part is the port selection. I am thrilled about its USB-C, one 3.5mm aux input, and USB-A output.

Yes, it is a power output port. That means you can use this Sony SRS Speaker’s 5000 mAh battery as a power bank to charge up your phone. Apart from this, I could connect Sony SRS-XB43 to the XB33 and XB23 models of the speaker. Unfortunately, other models, such as the XB41, are not compatible with it.

Controlling the device with your phone is a breeze as well. It features easy-to-connect options, and you can operate everything from your phone. I found options to control the LED stripes along with the regular music adjustment settings.

Changing the pattern and the scheme of the colors was really fun. This 6-pound device can turn any room or place into a party house. You’ll have an IP rating of 7 with this machine. 

IPX7 protects the internal components with its unusually impressive dust resistance. Not only dust, but the seal can also remain waterproof up to 3.2 feet. Rain or water splashes are not troubling here at all. My speedboat ride couldn’t do much to this speaker.

Both the sound input and output were impressive as well. Balanced bass made the speaker sound as if it was tailor-made for that specific song.

The distinct sound of each instrument was loud and clear. Even Orchestra tracks played at max volume with zero distortion.  Surprisingly, the microphone I got was a quality product. It could catch every word uttered.

However, the mid-bass of this speaker is not accurate. The bass and treble here are dominating over the mids. The good thing here is you won’t notice these issues unless your ears are well-trained.  

The Sony SRS-XB43 is not for everyone. Mainly because of its price. But I won’t say it’s overpriced because it returns you exactly what you are paying for. So, if you can afford it, go for this product. 


Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Bluetooth Speaker

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This wonder product here lives up to its name. It’s truly “Mega” in design, durability, and, of course, volume. The creative design is the main reason why MEGABOOM 3 is the obvious choice of audiophiles when it comes to choosing the best waterproof bluetooth speakers for boats.

This 3.2 x 3.2 x 8.75 inches speaker comes in a cylindrical shape, and this makes all the difference. MEGABOOM utilized the cylindrical aesthetic and has improved its experience a lot. Thanks to its all-around speaker, you’ll have a stereo effect from this single portable speaker.

Again, an IP rating of 7 sounds too good to be true, given its size and weight. So, I decided to give it a hard time and see how much it could endure. Well, it outlasted me. I held it 3 feet underwater for half an hour and noticed no difference in the performance. This was enough to convince me that I won’t face any issues with dirt and dust as well with MEGABOOM 3.

While testing for audio quality, the speaker sounded fairly well. The max volume can generate a whopping 100 decibels. Just so you know, 100 decibels is the sound of a jet taking off at 30m.

Yup, it’s loud! Though the max volume results in slight distortion, keeping it around 80% gives the best experience.

Just one of these bad boys is enough to satisfy a medium-size crowd. But if you have a yacht party filled with people, you can pair with multiple MEGABOOM 3 speakers simultaneously. I had 5 speakers connected to my phone, and I have never had such a thrill listening to the Stroke’s “Ode to The Mets.”

The music just went through me. If this is the case with only 5 speakers, imagine what will happen if you have a hundred of them? You can arrange a whole concert by pairing up to 150 of MEGABOOM, thanks to smartphone connectivity.

The massive battery gives 20 hours of continuous service. This is more than most people need. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way for me to dabble in speakerphone. But to compensate, it has Bluetooth 4.2. I know it’s not the latest version, but it’s strong enough. People can control the music from 2 walls away.

The range of the compatible device is vast as well. You can hook up Ultimate BOOM, BOOM 2, BOOM 3, and MEGABOOM along with this MEGABOOM 3. To my regret, I couldn’t connect BLAST and MEGABLAST with this speaker. Keep this piece of information in mind before putting this device in your cart.

I would discourage you from getting this soundbox unless you hold parties now and then. The generous amount of sound you are looking for is available at a lower price with JBL Flip 4 and Bose SoundLink Micro.


JBL Charge 3

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JBL deserves to keep returning on this list, and you know why. This brand dominates the realm of versatile audio devices. Among everything they manufacture, the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker for a boat is JBL Charge 3. The rugged design is tailor-made to survive wars (yes, wars). And the sound? It’s mind-blowing.

This speaker is designed for portability. Its 8.38″ X 3.42″ X 3.48″ dimensions complement its shape. The combination of the shape and size allowed me to fit the speaker in my bag, luggage, and even in my pocket. 1.76 LBS weight is crazy light. So, carrying is not an issue at all. 

This small speaker is packed with a 6000 mAh battery that got to its full charge in less than 5 hours. The ‘connectivity’ aspect was ‘ok’ with a unique touch — the usual 3.5mm jack to connect headphones. In addition, there is a micro-USB socket and a Type C USB socket to charge smartphones with its massive battery.

All these ports are hidden behind a solid panel to keep the device safe from water.

Although, setting up the device was not as straightforward as the others. I had to hold the pairing button along with the volume ‘+’ button simultaneously for a few seconds till the device turned off. This may sound weird, but trust me… this is how it works.

Then I turned the speaker on again. Once the blue LED light started to blink, I could pair it with my phone through Bluetooth (FYI, it has Bluetooth 4.1 in it). It should’ve been possible to avoid all these hassles and simplify the process. But I can let this slide because of all the other things it has to offer.  

The main attraction here is its audio experience. Both ends of the speaker are highlighted by passive radiators pulsing. It produces powerful, crisp audio fitting all kinds of songs. The bass kicks were just too perfect. Lower volumes sound heavy here, meaning mild songs perfectly catch the vibe.

This type of sound management makes it apparent that Charge 3 prioritized the music experience. But it didn’t forget to focus on durability as well. Its IPX7 rating can sustain for 30 minutes straight. I dumped it 1 meter underwater. You can take it kayaking without issues.

If you want the same thrill, get the JBL Charge 3. It’s a portable speaker, perfect, and resistant to water, dust, dirt, and every possible thing that can break apart electronic devices. The balanced sound will make sure you feel the music beating in your heart. 


JBL Flip 5

No products found.

It’s a coincidence that the start and end of this list are marked by speakers from the same line-up, but not a surprising one. JBL earned its place with its impressive quality. Portable bluetooth speaker at its peak, I’d say.

This thermal-flask-like product is compact and lightweight. Holding it by hand is quite comfortable, and slipping it into a bag is also convenient. I could even hang it on a hook, thanks to its shoelace strap. Its 7.12″ x 2.91″ x 2.71″ dimension is perfect for any regular pouch or bag, along with its 1.2 lbs. weight! Simply put, the handling and placement of this speaker should not be a concern.

The usual IPX7 rating can withstand water pressure under a meter for half an hour. The build quality is good as well. The seals perfectly prevent the penetration of dust, dirt, and any kind of liquid.

However, I am disappointed with its passive radiators set on either end. The problem is they are exposed enough to be easily damaged by any sharp object.

Nevertheless, maintaining caution while placing the device can reduce the risk of damage to zero. The simple button layout made controlling the device a breeze. A battery indicator is something I miss on even some high-end speakers, but not on this one. Overall, the control panel seemed like it prioritized the users’ convenience.

Music production is the sweetest part of this device. Sonic amplification is the main attraction. In addition, I enjoyed its clear and detailed sound. Seriously, the clarity is worth emphasizing here.

The rhythm of this device is the result of its impressive design. The speaker is quite spacious inside. This makes the bass crisper and gives it a thick and fast taste. It does get distorted, but this slight distortion is impossible to detect in a wide area.

I connected it to my phone with its Bluetooth 4.2. In total, I got more than 10 hours of battery backup with only 3 hours of charging.

These are all the upgrades it got from the Flip 4. Among all these, there is an unfortunate downgrade. I noticed that FLIP 5 doesn’t allow you to receive your phone calls as you could do with Flip 4.

This device is made to sustain. And the splendid performance says it all. I would recommend it to anyone who goes on regular trips on their boat and doesn’t want to buy a new speaker for the next 3 or 4 years. Though the guarantee doesn’t promise this durability, its overall experience is certainly here to stay.


How To Buy A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Buying anything is difficult if you go in blind. Speakers are no different. Not because there aren’t many options. Because searching for the best waterproof bluetooth speakers for boats” would return thousands of results. Even when you pair your needs with the products, your options won’t limit themselves.

Want a fix to this problem? Trace my footsteps. I’ll discuss a bunch of factors to help people make the best decision they can.

Measure Water-Resistance Level

Measure Water-Resistance Level of Bluetooth Speaker for Boats

Water resistance means how much water an object can endure before getting damaged. Well, this is a simplified definition, but it should suffice.

The water resistance level is measured with IPX or Ingress Protection points of the subject. It’s the global standard. This rating can extend to IP8, which offers an extreme form of protection, ensuring not a single drop gets inside even under 3 meters deep. However, you don’t need this much protection for speakers.

A sufficient IPX level for Bluetooth speakers is IP7. It means a speaker can stay submerged within 1 meter of water. So, in case you drop your soundbox, or it accidentally falls under a splash of water (or rain), you have nothing to worry about.

If you are not sure which one to buy, go with Sony SRS-XB43. This may cost you a bit less than $500, but it’s worth it if you want excellent water resistance.


Sound Quality

Let’s not forget the main purpose of your device. It is to generate satisfying audio. These units usually lag when it comes to this point — the focus on protection results in bad sound production.

In these cases, you can always check the specification. Good speakers usually generate 100Hz to 20k Hz. This frequency response should tell you that the device is capable enough to play all the music you like.


Battery Life 

You’d ideally want these units to stay alive throughout your kayak or luxury trips through the sea. It’ll be a bummer if the battery gives in. That’s why you’d need a device with long runtime.

How long do you need? It depends on your journey. If you make short trips of 4 to 5 hours, having a 3000 mAh battery like the JBL Flip 4’s can accompany you throughout the ride.

Going for a long tour? The Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 has a massive 6000 mAh unit inside that can last a whole day.


Keep an Eye on Price

The budget is a major concern. For me, at least. It determines whether you need a speaker now or should you save up to purchase one in the future.

I won’t say there aren’t affordable options that show incredible efficiency. For example, Flip 4 is one of the affordable waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Similarly, Bose SoundLink Micro comes at a bit more than $100, yet it has satisfying durability and perfectly balanced bass.

But if you can afford it, you should not settle for anything less than Sony SRS-XB43. It has everything you will ever need. There isn’t a single point where it doesn’t excel from permanence to performance. So, if you want the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker for a boat, no matter how much it costs, go for the SRS-SX43.

This is pretty much all you need to look out for. Getting this checklist Ticked will present you with the ideal speaker for your boat.


Make Sure the Unit is Robust

How To Buy A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Boats

You are not purchasing a device like this for a single boat ride, are you? If you want to use it for all the trips for the next 3 to 4 years, you need something robust yet powerful.

I usually know whether a device is durable or not by looking at what it’s made of. If the material is sturdy and flexible, I can be confident that it will last. Usually, rubberized cases are the perfect thing to go for when durability is the question.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are manufactured targeting durability, but some are more durable than others. If you ask me, I would recommend you go for Flip 4. Its rubber housing is accompanied by robust fabric material.

An accidental slip of hands won’t put a scratch on this thing. Moreover, its performance is top-notch, and the price is affordable.



 Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are not as simple as the concept seems. It involves a lot of topics that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cover it all while recommending the devices alone. A buying guide might not cut it either. The following section deals with  answers to popular questions

Are waterproof speakers really waterproof?

Here’s the thing. Waterproof doesn’t mean you can dive underwater with your speaker and start a party there. When we call a speaker waterproof, it means splashes of water or accidentally dropping it in any liquid won’t cause the device any damage.

So yeah, don’t throw your speaker in your pool. The most you can do is take the speaker in your shower.


How many years should you get out of these Products?

These things should work fine for 3 to 4 years. With proper care, you may get 5 years out of it. After that? Get a battery change, and you will have 2 to 3 years more. In the meantime, if your unit gets damaged, take it to the professional for a $20 fix and keep it running. In total, you can use these for 10 years if you handle them well enough.


What to do if your bluetooth speaker falls in the water?

If one of these devices fell in the water or drowned in a splash of liquid, the first thing you need to do is wipe it with a soft cloth.

After whipping the whole body dry, place it in a dry place at room temperature. Don’t apply extra heat. This can destroy or melt the internal components.

Keep the speaker this way for about an hour, and everything should work just fine. However, you don’t need to go through all these with your waterproof speaker unless it falls deep in the water. A splash won’t hurt it.



Be it a yacht party or a peaceful family vacation on your boat, your experience can get better with music. Well, the perfect music can do that. It can offer you an uninterrupted stream of songs that just sets your mood.

To make sure you enjoy this to the fullest, you need the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for boats.

By now, you know what this means, and you probably have found the one you are going to spend on (congrats!). Either way, you can now have a good time with your friends and family.


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