Car Speakers Sizes Chart

Car Speaker Sizes Chart
Car Speaker Sizes Chart

Car Speakers Sizes Chart

Figuring out car speakers sizes is really confusing. There are different types of car speakers available in the market and it’s always difficult to choose one best thing among the variety.

If you are a music lover then obviously the car is the best place to enjoy music but you can only enjoy the music if it is of good quality. The quality of the music is directly influenced by the size of car speakers.

There is a wide range of car speakers sizes and your selection should depend upon your car. Speaker’s size should be compatible with that of your car size also. If you have a small car, then you must choose speakers according to the capacity of your car frame diagonal measurement, and hole alignment is also important.

In this article, I will describe in detail car speakers sizes and I will also provide car speakers sizes chart.

Car Speakers Size
6×9 Speakers 11 x 6 x 17 inches
6×8 Speakers 13 x 9 x 4 inches
6.5 Speakers 6.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches
5×7 Speakers 5 x 7 x 1 inches
5.25 Speakers 12 x 12 x 0.47 inches

Factory-installed speakers are of not a good quality mostly. People usually ask me why our factory-installed speakers do not functions as well as the separately-purchased from the market.

If you want good quality music then must change your factory-installed speakers with a new one according to compatibility with your car.

Car Speakers Sizes Chart

There is a lot of variety of car speaker sizes and from them. I will describe the standard sizes of car speakers.

  • 6×9 car speakers
  • 6×8 car speakers
  • 6.5 car speakers
  • 5×7 car speakers
  • 5.25 car speakers

With the change in size, speaker features also change. I will describe it all in detail and you can choose according to your car either you have a newly bought car or you are going to change your old car speakers with the new one.

Music bass and quality of sound directly depends upon the size of the car. If you want high bass then you must have to choose a larger size speaker for your car but never ignore the size of your car also. You should also adjust your car equalizer settings for better sound quality.

Before selecting your car speakers, first, you should inspect your car thoroughly. You must be aware of all the features of your car like space available in the car, compatibility with speakers, the area specified to car speakers and also about cost.

Chart for car speakers size

Here is the dedicated car speakers sizes chart:

Size of car speakers Sound quality Bass Max power required
6×9 Speakers superior Highest quality bass 150 watt
6.5 Speakers High High-quality bass 300 watt
5.25 Speakers Average High-quality bass 200 watt
4×6 Speakers High Low-quality bass 240 watt
5×7 Speakers Best powerful quality bass 600 watt
6×8 Speakers High Good quality bass 350 watt
5 inch high Good quality bass average

This chart provides a brief summary of car speaker sizes. I will explain all sizes in detail also

Here is a detailed summary about can car speaker sizes and their features which will help you to understand completely and by this, you will be able to best choose car speakers. I will discuss all one by one

6×9 car speakers

The best thing about these car speakers is that they do not require any amplifier. They provide good bass with good quality sound. If you try these speakers they will surely become your favorite one. They are best suited to any car without any trouble.

These speakers are available at different prices in different markets with some changings .from the financial point of view they are also best.

If you want more bass, good quality sound at reasonable rates you must have to choose these speakers. With these, you will be better able to enjoy your ride with good quality music

6.5-inch car speakers

These are smaller than 6 x 9 as indicated by name. These speakers are provided by different brands and for good quality, you must have to choose the best .these speakers are available at relatively low rates but their features are too good.

They will provide high bass, good quality music, and the interesting part is that you have no need for any amplifier if you have these ones.

I always advised music lovers to change your factory-installed speakers with this one because many of the people when buying a new car complains about music quality.

For not having any compromise upon music quality, you can trust blindly upon this type of speakers. They will never disappoint you but I will like to explain that you must keep in mind power consumption.

6 x 5-inch car speakers consume double the power than that consumed by 6 x 9-inch your first priority should always be 6 x 9 but if 6 x 9 car speakers are not compatible with your car then the best option you have is to install 6 x 5inch car speakers.

5.25-inch car speakers

Most of the factory-installed speakers are 5.25-inch speakers. These speakers usually come with not many good features but they are user-friendly and usually available at a relatively low cost.

If you are buying from a good brand then they will also provide good quality music with high bass. Refer to the car speakers sizes chart for more details.

4×6 car inch speakers

These speakers provide good quality sound with high bass but if you want high loud music then you have to add an amplifier with them

Their main advantage lies in their small size. Due to the small size, they can be installed in any car even in a small size car. Their life span is also too good, so if you have a small car and want to enjoy good music then go for them

5×7 car speakers

The disadvantage of using these car speakers These are the expensive one and their power consumption is also very high .if you can compromise on power consumption and if they are compatible with your car also you must go for them. The other disadvantage is their large size. Due to their large size, they are not compatible with every type of car.

Advantages of using 5×7 speakers you are not much conscious about the expense and you also have a big car then I advise you must buy them. I personally these size speakers.

Their bass is strong, powerful and sound quality is too good that none of the others can compete them. With these types of car speakers, you do not have any needs of amplifier .just install them and enjoy your journey with your favorite tracks

6×8 inch car speakers

They are of big size comparatively others and are much expensive also. If you can afford them then must go for them, they are usually fitted at the car front door so mainly termed as front door speakers.

Price apart they provide the best quality bass with good sound quality .as they occupy large space, so before buying them, first, check the space in your car

5-inch car speakers

Most of the car manufacturers feature 5-inch car speakers. They are not much expensive easily available, can be installed easily, mostly compatible with a variety of cars, provide high baas with good quality music. All these features make the user’s if you are interested in all the above-mentioned features then go for them.

Final Words

Once you choose the best car speakers with perfect compatibility with your car and then focus on proper installation. Proper installation is as necessary as choosing the best speakers.

For installation, you first have to remove your factory fitted speakers or the old speakers you were using previously. Factory-fitted speakers do not have good quality, most of the time they are only filling the gap.

With choosing the best speakers by thoroughly reading above mentioned speaker’s features, install them properly with great care .you may need an amplifier with some speakers.

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