How to Adjust Car Amplifier Settings?

How to Adjust Car Amplifier Settings
How to Adjust Car Amplifier Settings

How to Adjust Car Amplifier Settings?

Having a good car audio system is a blessing. I have to travel a lot because of my job, I love to listen to my favorite tracks while driving. Now the issue is that the company fitted car stereo system does not offer high-quality music, we have to do some adjustments.

For me, adding a car amplifier is a must, Amplifier enhances the music quality and you will always enjoy your travel. Adjusting a car amplifier is essential to get super sound, you can easily adust car amp settings at home.

How to Adjust Car Amplifier Settings?

Now moving on to our main topic, on how to adjust or tune the amplifier for a car audio system. This is a step-by-step guide, and our editors have explained the best methods that will help you adjust your car amplifier settings for a better sound.

Follow these steps:

Check Car Stereo Settings

First of all, make sure that everything is turned off. And, unplug all the cables that are connected to your amplifier especially RCA cables. And, now turn on your stereo system. While there is no music, turn up the volume of your head unit all the way and note down the numbers which are displayed on the head unit. You should adjust the car stereo for the best sound.

Now, you know the maximum value of your system so dials it back down to 80%. And, adjust the setting of the stereo EQUALIZER to flat. Again, go back to your amplifier, and make sure that the Gain and Bass Boost is set to zero and your crossover filter is off.

And, then plug all the cables of RCA back into the speaker channels that you are looking to tune. Now, you can play wonderful music of your choice on the radio and continue to increase the Gain setting until you hear a bit of your distortion from the speakers.

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Then, slow down the Gain to the level where you no longer hear the distortion and this, my friend, will be your Base Gain Setting, which you will be using to tune various frequencies.

Amplifier Bass Gain Settings

To adjust the sensitivity of the amplifier, we use gain. It is the setting which helps us set the sensitivity of the amplifier. It means that it adjusts the power from the amplifier to the level, where it can be managed easily by the speakers.

In other words, you can say that you use this setting to reduce the distortion which comes out from the speakers.

Now, as you are equipped with your Base Gain Setting, you are ready to switch the crossover and put the filters back on. And, if you are going to tune your subwoofers, then opt for the Low Pass Filter (LPF) for one and High Pass Filter (HPF) for another speaker. And, in case you don’t have a subwoofer means you are using medium speakers to cover all frequencies.

Then, leave this step and move on to the step of both your crossover and the filters on. And, if you are tuning your subwoofers, then take a look at the maximum rating of your subwoofers and have your frequency dial at the same number.

But in another case, where you are tuning your rest of the speaker system, look at the lowest frequency rating and adjust the frequency to that number. Having a good subwoofer box is a must for deep bass. You should also be familiar with installing a powered subwoofer to a factory stereo.

Adjust Amplifier for Bass

If you are the person who likes to rock the world and in this case your car, then you have to amplify the Bass Boost setting of your amplifier. But be aware that its not that easy and can cause a lot of stress on your subwoofer. You must adjust the equalizer settings according to music.

But if you still want to continue, then to turn up your Bass Boost, you have to make sure that the Gain is down. Make sure that you adjust both settings at the same time, and that your Bass is at the highest without any distortion. It is going to take time because unlike other steps, you will be setting two settings at the same time.

But fret not, it’s going to happen and it is going to be worth it when you will be on the road with your new amplifier. You will let the world know, who is in there. Yeah, that’s my amplifier setting. Too bad, I am caught!

Frequency Settings

It is basically the pitch of the sound emitting from the speakers. And to check out, what is the frequency of your speakers, just look at the outer casing of your speaker, as it is usually mentioned there. If it is not there, then look at the back of each speaker as frequency numbers are also mentioned there.

These numbers are important when you are tuning your amplifier, so make sure that you have got them right or in case of any confusion, just ask for help in the comment and my team will help you out.

Frequency Filters

There are actually built-in frequency filters, which can be turned on to let only the maximum/ minimum range of frequency pass from the output jack.

For example, in the case of small speakers such as tweeters and you want them to handle high frequency. Just turn on the HPF on the corresponding output and it will work.

Adjust settings for high volumes

Now that you have your frequency and the Bass Boost set, you are ready to go back and set your Gain. Its time to turn on your radio and make sure that the volume is about 80%, no more or no less, and then turn the Gain up slowly till you start hearing distortion coming from any of your speakers. This is a must, otherwise, car amp can catch fire.

And, then again turn down the setting to the level where the distortion disappears. You can easily make car speakers louder by making a few adjustments.

Reconnect Amplifiers

At this step, reconnect all the amplifiers, in case you were separately tuning them, and then you can turn the stereo system to the level of zero. And, then again turn up the volume till it’s about the level of 80% or you start hearing distortion. If you were going in the right way till now and have turned everything in the right way too, then you will get the result.

By hitting eighty percent of the volume and you won’t get any kind of distortion too, finally. But in case, you hear any kind of distortion, take a look at your speakers to find out which one of your speakers is the culprit. And, sigh! And then turn down the Gain setting to the level where it no longer distorts and it is done! Your amplifier is tuned!

Final Adjustment

I know you are tired, and your amplifier is tuned but make sure you never ever exceed the 80% limit of the stereo system, which I have been talking about in the whole article. As the prolonged use at the maximum setting will tear down your system without any mercy and of course, you are also at the risk of damaging your eardrums.

Plus, keep in mind that depending upon the genre of the music, it may need a different type of amplifier tuning setting. For example, if you want a lot of basses in case, you are a fan of hip hop and rap. But not in the case, where you are fond of country music or folk music.

If you enjoy listening to music from two or more different genres, then you need to adjust your car amplifier to the level where it is in the medium of all.

My Story:

I bought a new amplifier last week and I was so excited that as soon as I received it, I opened the parcel and installed it in my car’s stereo system. But when I tried to start it, it didn’t work. The first thought in my mind was maybe it is broken and the second thing was maybe it is not properly tuned. And when I checked it, it was the second case. Thank God!

But in many cases, they don’t know the second option, so they just go with their first and I only thought that their brand new amplifier is broken. And if it has ever happened to you then you must know the pain it causes. Other than the wastage of time and money, it causes a lot of headaches and anxiety.

And there is another case, in which even though people understand that they have to adjust the setting of their amplifier, but they don’t know how to set it. And, I am writing this article for both cases. I am going to guide you, from now on, in a quick and operative way on how to adjust the setting of your amplifier for the car stereo system.

Even though it sounds hard, but honestly, it’s nothing but a bit of tweaking and you will get the crystal clear sound quality from your speakers. All you need to do is to follow the instructions step by step and you will get the results of your liking.

Hope, you are now clear on how to tune or adjust your car amplifier but if you have any query or didn’t understand anything, then feel free to comment. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck and enjoy your music!

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