Should I Upgrade Factory Car Speakers Without an Amplifier?

Replace Factory Car Speakers Without an Amplifier

Want the short answer? Yes! You should definitely upgrade your factory car speakers. It may not be true for all cars, but the factory car speakers sound awful in most four-wheelers.

This is why it is preferable to upgrade the sound system. However, several of us stop here because they don’t have a budget for an amplifier. If you are among these people, I have good news for you.

It is fine to replace factory car speakers without an amplifier. I took my car through numerous modifications. I did so for my clients as well. All my clients are satisfied with the outcome.

While it’s true that an amplifier improves the sound quality, the performance boost isn’t as exciting as it sounds. Moreover, if you want, you can add an amplifier later when you have the budget.

Basically, this sums up the simple fact that it is okay to replace default car speakers. You don’t have to worry about the amplifier.


How To Choose the Right Speakers?

How To Choose the Right Speakers

When you are on the search for the perfect speaker, you need to keep a few things in consideration. Size is a significant part here. In fact, if you get the dimension of your speakers right, you won’t face any problem sliding them into your vehicle.

You may think that this is the only reason you need to pick the right size. That’s not it. There are other factors here as well. The correct speaker size can generate the best sound.

The problem arises when you are supposed to identify the perfect one. The decision here is crucial, but the tons of options are almost identical in size. If you have zero clue about it, you may end up with the device you don’t want.

Fortunately, there is no need for head-scratching. I purchase speakers depending on a few specific criteria. If you can follow my lead, you are sure to get your hands on the device you need.

Car speakers come in 3.5 to 7 inches. It can be more than this depending on the car model. One size will not fit the other. This is why I make sure to measure from all directions.

Firstly, I determine the diameter of the speaker. The diameter obviously has to be similar to the old speaker. However, if there is no old speaker available, just measure the diameter of the speaker’s slot. 

Then comes measuring the depth. This is the speaker’s distance from the front rack angle to the back rack angle. I have seen speakers with adjustable mounting depth as well. But it’s not that common.

Similar to the mounting depth, mounting height is quite significant. This is the distance between the finish grade part of the speaker to the bottom-most part of the speaker. In simple words, this is the complete length of the device.

Now I look at the mounting screw width. It’s important to ensure that the screw holes here are perfectly proportionate. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep the device attached to its panel.

Finally, I again measure the speaker slot and make sure I got the right speaker. Just matching the lengths is enough to assure me. The best thing is, if you have all the measurements, you can just go to the markets, hand them the dimensions, and they will find the ideal device for you.

So basically, choosing the right speaker means you only have to know the accurate size.


How To Replace the Factory Car Speakers Without Amplifier?

How To Replace the Factory Car Speakers Without Amplifier

Now that you have your speaker, it’s time to replace it. Replacing a car speaker can be a piece of cake. But this is true only if you know the right way. Blindly rummaging for a solution will lead to nowhere.

Although, this is how I discovered the foolproof method of installing a car speaker without an amplifier. Not gonna lie, I had the basic ideas about the speaker first. This helped me discover what I found out recently about car speaker replacement

Here I am going to share what I have come up with. If you maintain each and every step, you will be able to reach perfection with utmost ease.

Before getting on with the project, let me share the bright side of this. This method is not only easy and effective, but it’s very cheap as well. If you have a few specific tools, you literally won’t have to spend an extra penny on the process itself. These tools are:

  • Tape rule
  • Screwdriver
  • Welder
  • Paper and pen 

If you don’t have them at home (which is very unlikely), you can buy them for less than $50. And this is all you have to spend.

I always keep the tools at my fingertips. Then I start off by removing the factory speaker. All I need here is a screwdriver. There are usually 4 screws holding the speaker in its place. I unscrew them one by one, and this loosens up the device.

What about the screws? I keep them in a safe and accessible place. Finding screws identical to these can be a pain in the neck. So, I would recommend you do the same.

At this point, I disconnect all the wires leading to it. It may feel wrong to pull off the wires and tear them apart, but this is exactly what I do. But before doing this, I write down the position of the wires.

Actually, I draw a little diagram marking each cable. It’s crucial to make sure the wires are in the right place. This is how I will put everything the way they were.

Once the factory speaker is out of the way, I mount the new speaker in its slot. As I am using the perfect-sized speakers, it slides in smoothly without any hassle. Mainly this is why I have been emphasizing getting the right device.   

When everything is in its place, I take the help of the wire positioning I noted down. You’ve probably already guessed what I am about to do here. I weld the wires in their position per my note. Welding may require a bit of precision. Be careful here, and that will be all.

There is nothing much left to do after the wiring is complete. So, now I just put the speaker back on and screw it tightly. Remember the old screws I stored for later? That will come to use here.

If I am sure everything is perfectly put and nothing is out of place, I test the speaker. I play the loudest music on my playlist and let it judge the speakers.

If the song sounds clear with zero distortion, I rest assured that everything is perfect. This is how you can be assured of your car’s sound system as well.

See, I didn’t involve any amplifier in the process. This is all you needed to do all along.


Things To Keep in Mind Before Upgrading Factory Car Speakers Without Amplifier

You probably don’t have any confusion now regarding the whole process. It all seems very easy, right? But one question still remains. Is upgrading factory car speakers without an amplifier is the right option for you?

A few things can stop you from jumping into the process and push you to re-evaluate your decision thoroughly. Of course, you need to consider the size and the price of the speakers. These are quite basic. What you may not know is the deeper stuff.

In this section, I will tell you about the things I consider before I replace factory car speakers without amplifiers. Knowing this can be a small blessing for you. Believe me.

Speaker Types

speaker type

There are two types of car speakers: component and full range.

Component speakers optimize the quality of your vehicle’s sound system and take it to a great level. Simply put, it makes speakers sound better.

On the flip side, full-range speakers are in fact ‘full-range’ speakers. There are different spectrums of sound, commonly known as high, medium, and low volume ranges.

Long story short, if you love vibing to loud music, choose a full-range coaxial speaker. Consider a component speaker if you don’t care much for deafening noises and like soft music.

What if you like both? In that case, go with a full-range speaker because here, you get the opportunity to adjust the volume to the level you prefer.


Power Handling Ability

The first thing I look into is the power-handling ability of the speaker. Let me dumb it down. Speakers take in a certain amount of electrical power.

If this power is too low or too high, it can cause the speaker to malfunction. Apart from buzzing noises and muffled sounds, an infrequent sharp screech can give you a headache.

So, while you purchase a new speaker, make sure it matches your old one’s power-handling ability.

This sounds difficult because it is quite complicated to determine the power handling ability of the device. Only professionals can do that. For this reason, I recommend you take your old speaker to the market and ask an expert to give you an identical one. This should ease your problem a lot.


Material Used in the Device

Things To Consider Before Replacing Factory Car Speakers Without Amplifier - Speaker Material

A speaker body can be made from plastic or metal. Similarly, the woofer and the tweeter inside can be made from diverse elements. You have to make a choice here.

If you go for durable materials ( e.g. metal), you have to spend a bit of extra money. This also makes loud music sound slightly buzzing.

On the other hand, if you choose the less durable one (e.g., plastic), you may get it at a cheap price, it won’t last long. However, thanks to the flexibility of the material, you will get nice, crisp sound from your speaker.


Make Sure Your Speakers aren’t Glass Cannons

Some speakers tend to be quite sensitive. Surprisingly, the most expensive ones turn out to be the most delicate. Just like the previous point, here too is a relation between durability and performance.

From my experience, I can confidently say that sensitive speakers produce the best sounds. But they don’t last long. Although, if you are very careful with them and show dedication when it comes to maintenance, your speaker can outlast its life expectancy.

However, durability is not a matter of concern for those speakers that aren’t “too sensitive”. These devices last longer cost less than others, and, as per my observation, they don’t sound that different.

So overall, in my opinion, choosing a non-sensitive speaker is the best option.


Weight Management is an Issue as Well

Things To Consider Before Replacing Factory Car Speakers Without Amplifier - Speaker Weight

I bet you didn’t guess this will be a matter of concern. Well, unless you are a car audio expert, this should not come to your mind.

Weight is a serious point of consideration. It is directly related to the positioning of the speaker. If you are planning to replace the front panel speakers, then getting a heavy speaker won’t make much of a difference.

However, when it comes to door panel speakers, you must choose a lighter one. In other words, heavy speakers are for sturdy regions, while light speakers are for weaker areas.

And this is all I do. Here I tried to elaborate on my method. You may include other points as per your preference. But these are a must.

You would’ve known why I am so confident about these points if you had seen my 3-year-old car speaker. It is good as new!



Replacing a car speaker without an amplifier is actually a pretty straightforward process. You have to do only what you already know. I only helped you here with an arranged set of instructions and a few tips I maintain. However, I left out a few important questions.

I think it’s important to address these topics for your better understanding. This is why I have created this section. Here I will be answering all the questions you may have.

Do You Need a New Set of Wires for The Car Factory Speaker Replacement?

Actually, no. unless you pull off your car speaker’s wire all the way, there is no need to get a new set of speaker wires. The old ones that are already attached to your car are just the thing you need.


Does Replacing a Factory Speaker without An Amplifier Promise a Better Performance?

It depends on how you define better speaker performance. If you are talking about getting better and louder sound from your car, adding an amplifier gives better results.

Amplifier’s sole purpose is to boost the sound of your speakers. However, if your vehicle’s sound system is already top-notch, having no extra attachment can show a better result.


What Is the Benefit of Replacing Factory Car Speakers?

The worthiest benefit of replacing the factory speakers is getting drastically better performance. It is a bitter truth that factory car sound systems are not that good. This is why the majority of people consider upgrading it as soon as possible.


My Last Two Pennies on The Topic

Any professional will take 100 to 300 bucks if you hire them to upgrade factory car speakers without amplifiers. Why spend this extra money when you can get everything perfectly done for free!

The whole process may sound difficult and the length of instructions and tips may make it seem hard, but if you have given the entire description a good read, now you know this is not half as complicated.

Feel free to return to this article whenever you need, and upgrade your car speakers without any hassle.

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