How to Mount a Subwoofer Box in the Trunk?

How to Mount a Subwoofer Box in the Trunk?
How to Mount a Subwoofer Box in the Trunk?

How to Mount a Subwoofer Box in the Trunk?

After buying a new subwoofer, the next thing is mounting it in your car, in a proper way and, that’s where most of the people get stuck.

I want to share my own personal experience with you guys, which actually motivated me to write this article. Plus, also the help which I was being asked for, from my friends or people around me.

It made me realize, I wasn’t the only one stuck at this point but there are also other people, who need guidance on this method.

Yes, you can mount a subwoofer box in the trunk by using stripes, bolts, multiple hinges, a wooden base, and metallic plates. You should properly secure the subwoofer in the trunk by using wooden plates.

So, for me, I just love my car. I absolutely, definitely love it. I have recently installed a subwoofer box in the car trunk. I am so careful before trying anything new on it, you know. I just don’t blindly follow the methods I hear about.

I do proper research, before trying anything new on my car. That’s why I knew so many different methods for simply mounting a subwoofer box in the trunk of the car.

When I had just bought my new subwoofer box, I researched a lot on the ways to mount it in my car. But, unfortunately, in a few days, I saw that the subwoofer box in my car’s trunk kept moving. It seriously, distracted me a lot, while driving. So, I went for a 10-inch subwoofer box and mounted it in the car’s trunk.

I, actually, used screws for that. To fix them on the sides of the subwoofer box. And used hinges to fix it on the floor. And, also, I just used a simple rope to fix the box in its place. But, I just didn’t stop here. Stopping there, that wouldn’t be me. And, you know, yeah! I love my car! And I love going on long drives.

So, I went for something extra. I used the hinges to fix it on the roof of the car’s trunk. And, then used the ropes, to fix the box. These ropes can actually move across the hinges and they are tied to the top of the trunk of the car.

Also, I had properly secured the wires of the amplifier. So, after all this, I was ready for a long drive, without any worry or distraction in my way.

How to Mount a Subwoofer Box in the Trunk?

In this article, our editors have explained in a step-by-step manner to mount a subwoofer box in the trunk.

Actually, it is the car subwoofers that brings the power and quality to the bass. So, mounting it properly in the car or car’s trunk in our case is really important.

But, before moving on to the main answer, I want you guys to know the necessary tools. These tools are required for properly mounting a subwoofer box.

A step-by-step guide to install a subwoofer box in the trunk

Actually, to mount the subwoofer box in the trunk, there is a number of ways to do it. I will be telling you the methods which are quick and easy to follow.

You will need strips for this method so that the subwoofer box doesn’t slide away from its place. Plus, you will need bolts so that it will be secure with the floor and the external cover so that it is fixed properly in its place.

Tools required to mount a subwoofer box in the trunk

The tools you need are:

  • screws, which can be 1 inch or maybe 1.5 inches.
  • Rope, which must be strong, keep that in mind.
  • Hinges,
  • screwdriver,
  • a kind of wooden structure, which you will need to fix the box.
  • The bolts to fix the box.
  • plastic stripes in order to secure the subwoofer box.

After getting all the necessary tools, now you are ready to mount your subwoofer in the trunk of your car.

Subwoofer box:

Do you have any subwoofer box or any box suitable for your subwoofer? If yes, then that’s great, you are ready to move on to the next step. But, if the answer is no, then worry not. You can easily get it from the local market.

But please know that there are some boxes that are specifically designed in a way that produces a powerful bass. So, try to look for them.

With rope and screws:

Now, I am going to explain the method in which you can mount your subwoofer box with the help of screws and hooks. For that, first of all, you will need to fix the hooks at both sides of the subwoofer box and make a bracket in a way that it will fit on the top. Also, get two small screws and fix them in a way that they are on the side of the box.

And, these screws will go right through the hinge and into the speaker box. Make sure it isn’t too deep. Then, mount that hinge, right at its bottom. So, that it doesn’t interfere with the wires that much. That is also a way to secure your carpet, you know.

Now, the rope will be moving along the hooks and hinges and it will mount the subwoofer box I quite a proper way.

Using this method, you can be worry-free when traveling.

Secure the subwoofer box in the trunk With strips:

Just place your subwoofer box on the floor of your car’s trunk. And, then you can use the stripes and use them to fix at both the sides of the subwoofer.

This way, the subwoofer box will be fixed in its place. Keep in mind that the stripes will be moving from the top of the box, so you can tie it with the end. This is actually quite a common method and most people are using it.

With wooden plates:

This is the most interesting method, in my opinion. For this method, you will be needing a wooden plate of proper sizes.

First of all, place these wooden plates on the floor of your car’s trunk and make sure that they are secure in their place with the screws. Opt for the 1.5-inch screws, as they are better in securing the whole wooden structure properly.

Also, make sure that you have taken a look at the bottom of your car, you definitely do not want to drill over the car tank, do you? Just kidding but take a look there and check it.

Also, put the wooden structure on the proper side of your car’s trunk. Once, you think the base is ready, you have to mount the subwoofer box on it properly and you are ready to go.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the subwoofer box sliding from its place as the wooden structure will not let it move, even an inch.

Guidelines for new buyers

I totally, don’t want to bore you guys but if you love your car like me, then you need to read this. You need to know how to properly mount the subwoofer box in the trunk of your car while keeping these things in your mind.

So, first of all, be careful of the size of the subwoofer you are buying. I know it sounds cool to use the bigger one but that’s actually not the case.

I have seen many of my friends who have bought the bigger subwoofer and now it is lying in their storeroom because they can’t use it. So, don’t make this mistake. Try to do a bit of research on what you are going to buy and what is suitable for you. That would help you a lot later. It will save you time, money, energy, and a lot of anxiety and headache.

It is always better to access your car’s trunk and then looking for a subwoofer. Plus, if you are a family person or usually travels with your family, then my buddy, you need to reconsider all of this. A subwoofer of a large size will cover most of the place in your car’s trunk, but if you really need to buy one.

Then, it is better to go for the 8-inch subwoofer. I know you definitely need some things for your car. Totally understands this, unlike my wife.

Though 8 inch subwoofers are small in size, they are actually really good in use. It truly delivers powerful bass and has a size, which is suitable for most cars. And, I am speaking from the experience, as I have used it in my previous car. Plus, if you like going on long drives like me, then I would give you a suggestion, which is a must to do.

Always and I mean always, check the subwoofer in the trunk of your car. It should be properly secured in its place with whatever method you have used. And, if you haven’t used one, then use one from now on. All jokes aside, it is really important for your own safety. Without being properly secured in its place, the subwoofer box will keep sliding in the trunk.

This will not only distract you from your driving, but it can also damage the subwoofer or your car’s trunk. Plus, it can also lead to an accident. So, be extra careful and just give a minute and take a look at your subwoofer before going on a long drive.

That’s all from my side. If you guys have any questions or confusion about mounting a subwoofer box in the trunk, then feel free to leave your query in the comment section below. And, I or my team will get back to you with an answer, as soon as possible.

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