Can you connect two soundbars to one TV?

Can you connect two soundbars to one TV?
Can you connect two soundbars to one TV?

Here are the 11 best DIY methods for connecting two soundbars with your TV. It is effortless to attach both with the detailed procedure that is given below.

Can you connect two soundbars to one TV? You can connect two soundbars to one TV by locating the output and input jack, plug the cables, and adjust the settings. You can use HDMI cables, Optical connection, and headphone jack, and RCA cable.

We have two soundbars to connect to the TV. At first, you will connect one soundbar and join another. Or at first, you will combine both the soundbars together and then connect them to the TV.

Can you connect two soundbars to one TV?

By connecting the audio feed of one system to the other system, you will usually hear two different sound feeds from a single speaker simultaneously.

The connection needs that one device must have an output navigator, and the second device must have an input navigator.

Find the output jack

In the first step, you will find the output jack of the 1st sound system. The output jack is labeled as the headphones or output.

Locate the input jack

Now find the Mic or the input jack of the 2nd soundbar. It will also be located at the sound system’s front or back side like that of the output jack.

Plug the cables

Plug one side of the audio cable in the output jack of the 1st sound system. Now plug the second side in the Mic or input jack of 2nd sound system.

Turn On the systems

Now turn on the sound systems after attaching the cables. Play the one device into the other one. You will see the setting of one system and set the other accordingly.

You will set sound Input to Line In or Auxiliary to make the other gadget into the correct working position.

Adjust the settings

The last step is to adjust the EQ and volume settings of the first one to moderate if applicable. If you set the EQ and volume too high, it might produce poor audio quality from the other sound system.

Therefore correct setting is a compulsory factor for getting quality audio from the two soundbars.

Here are some additional suggestions for the connection. You can face pairing issues. Use the optical speaker; it will help you to pair two gadgets easily.

After joining these, it can be possible that you may not feel any increase in the audio quality. It might also depend on the position of the second device.

If the second device is positioned accurately, it can provide you with exceptionally smooth bass and an increase of 3db in volume. You should estimate the budget by calculating the cost of the soundbar.


You can connect two sound systems with your television by using HDMI. For this purpose, your TV must be HDMI-ARC supported. It is an Audio return channel in which sound signals travel in both directions with the cable. I am using this to connect with my soundbar.

Digital coaxial or Digital optical

You can use digital coaxial or digital optical if you don’t have the HDMI connector within your gadget. It can transfer digital sound up to the surround sound of 5.1. You can also use this method to connect any wireless subwoofer to a soundbar.

Headphone jack

For this, you will adjust the volume settings of your TV at first. If you do not adjust the volume settings, the sound may go awful.

Some have options in their settings to alter the headphone jack functions, and in this way, your sound settings will not need any further sound adjustments.

If your equipment does not have the adjustment option, you will change your base, volume, and other treble settings until you feel satisfied with the audio quality.

Remember that when anything is plugged in the headphones jack, its volume is usually reduced because of safety reasons.

You have to keep the volume relatively higher than the normal. While unplugging the audio equipment, remember to lower the volume otherwise, soundbars are too loud for the apartment.

RCA or 3.5mm line-out

If any of the options mentioned above are not available to you, you can use RCA or a 3.5-millimeter line connector. For this, ensure taking a line out one labeled on your television but not the jack.

That’s why it will be wise to find that your product has a port of line-out or not. For the connection, you will plug the mentioned cable in the port of the line-out.

Now plug the second end with the soundbar. Now you are successfully done with the procedure. You can hide the speaker wires by putting them under the carpet.

You can join your double audio system by using RCA. Many people recognize the input/output RCA sockets. These sockets are white and red circular connectors.

Remember that you will plug the connector in red color into the red output cavity and the white connector in the white output cavity. Now join the other side with your gadget.

If your home theater’s gadget does not have an RCA output and you are using Blu-Ray or DVD player, you can insert your stereos into these devices. Remember that the audio will be played from the attached device. You should properly clean the subwoofer for better results.

Why would you connect two soundbars to one TV?

Smooth bass response: The ideal sound system is the one in which all the frequencies respond equally and simultaneously. It will make frequencies more smooth and clear.

3db volume addition: The increment of 3db will also increase the intensity of sound. An increase of 10db is needed to double the sound. It means that a little rise in decibels results in a huge rise in the sound intensity. 10db is 10 x higher than 1db, and 20db is 100 x higher than 1db.

Better sound quality: LED television speaker technology shows limits. Its volume enjoys a more profound bass response like the cinema without sacrificing the balance of low medium and high frequencies.

More Power: These can give you more power than ordinary speakers. Be careful if you are buying cheaper gadgets. The cheaper products consume a tremendous amount of power. They consume tons of watts and rely on a lot of power.

Bluetooth: These are usually equipped with a Bluetooth connection. This option will provide you with so many benefits. You can listen to your favorite MP3 music from your android, tablet, or other devices that have a Bluetooth connection.

Fewer cables: Soundbars, if compared with the typical home theater, have very few cables than any other sound system. In some products, almost all the speakers have HDMI standards, and that’s why they are very easy to setup.

You only have to link the source 220V, and a sound source is necessary. You can mount the soundbar on the ceiling for better sound quality.

Disadvantages of using two soundbars simultaneously

There are 2 huge disadvantages: The first problem is the big size of the products. Usually, these are not tall and deep, but they are wide; that’s why they create placement issues.

Mostly these are mounted on the wall to avoid this problem. They need a lot of space for mounting or placement.

The second big problem is the quality of sound delivered through the gadget. Some brands offer the best audio quality, as they are always best than ordinary speakers.

But some home audio equipment sound so bad; even ordinary speakers sound much better than them. Therefore it will be wise to install any other device to improve the audio quality. Before buying, ask the seller to let you check the product for better results.