Can You Connect Any Wireless Subwoofer to a Soundbar?

Can You Connect Any Wireless Subwoofer to a Soundbar?
Can You Connect Any Wireless Subwoofer to a Soundbar?

Here are 5 best DIY methods to add any wireless subwoofer to any soundbar. You can design them according to your settings and sound setup. It will receive audio signals via different connections like radiofrequency, infrared, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Can You Connect Any Wireless Subwoofer to a Soundbar? You can connect any wireless subwoofer to a soundbar by adding a receiver, connect a stereo mini mixer with a soundbar, and then add any subwoofer to your system. You can pair both devices using Bluetooth technology.

Wireless subwoofers not only give you cable-free connections but these subwoofers also provide a lot of other facilities.

Can You Connect Any Wireless Subwoofer to a Soundbar?

Wireless subwoofers work similar to the wired subwoofers, but the only different thing is the method of audio signals transmitting.

When you use the wired subwoofers, the connection cable will be responsible for sending the data and add the amplifier via cable and attach with the soundbar.

These cables would be of different types like HDMI, RCA, and coaxial, optical, and auxiliary jack. But they all need physical connectivity to perform better.

In the case of a wireless sub; you can simply hide your sub from the sight. It all depends upon the transmission’s mode; the sub will continue receiving the signals irrespective of where the transmitter is present.

Both have similar output, ratings, and power that will give the same sound quality. In the mode of transmission, things can be a little different according to the features.

Wireless Subwoofer and Soundbar should be of the same brand

Match the features of both gadgets, if both are of the same brand then it will be very easy to join them together.

In this way, their hardware and other features will be the same. So they will become compatible with each other and ultimately results in excellent sound quality.

Check the compatibility

If both devices have different features, then the sound can be damaged. It can spoil the sound quality. If your devices are not of the same brand, then don’t worry.

Taking different gadgets can create a pairing issue as well. For this purpose, you will read the instruction manual carefully and add both accordingly to avoid any disturbance.

Buy Subwoofer and soundbar altogether

You are not able to add standalone products to most of the audio devices. This can only happen when both devices will be sold all together and designed accordingly.

Here is the other option, buy them altogether simply. There are different packages available along with additional speakers just to make the sound quality better.

There is a wide variety available according to your price range. You can easily buy the sound system according to your price affordability and the choice of your desired sound quality.

Add a wireless subwoofer

Power cord connection: First of all, connect the wireless device and power cord to the channel.

Turn On the system: When you will turn on the unit, then both the gadgets will automatically connect. If it is placed closer to the gadget, then the sound quality will be more enhanced and better. Therefore try to install both devices closer to get this benefit.

Final check: After the installation, if your sub does not give the ideal bass sound, then check the following.

There can be any obstacle between the head unit and sub. A device with the same frequency of your connection can create problems.

There can be a pairing issue with the soundbar and sub. Check this issue and resolve it by pairing it back to the sound system. You can use this 5.1 channel soundbar for better results.

Use Stereo Mini Mixer and Receiver: This method is not a traditional way, but you can do it if you have the needed equipment. A receiver, stereo mini mixer, soundbar, and subwoofer are required for this method.

First of all, you have to connect the soundbar to the receiver. After that, you will go from the front left, front right, and then the center channel to the stereo mixer.

By the stereo mini mixer, you will simply add it to the main unit, and then you will combine it with any device. You can hide the speaker wires without cutting walls by using a box.

This method is only applicable if you will make all the connections carefully and appropriately; otherwise, the wrong link can affect the sound quality. In addition to it, if you do not have all these items, then you will have to buy the new package along with these gadgets.

Why would you connect a wireless subwoofer with a soundbar?

Sometimes when you purchase an audio system, and it does not have a built-in subwoofer, then you start thinking about adding a one. The latest products have an amplifier, a transmitter, and also a sub by default.

It will work like a flared port that can simply enhance the low ends by their upgraded technology. You should regularly clean the subwoofer to get better results.

Feel and look

Apparently, Sound woofers will be like the black box, and they will be below the line of our sight. And it is not as huge that people can get their eyes on it. These can usually adjust to any environment.

Size Matters

Due to ow-frequency audio that is mostly omnidirectional, there are so many options available regarding the placement of gadgets in the room.

We all know very well that keeping the furniture in a small place is quite tricky. We have to do the settings according to the room adjustment, otherwise, it can make your soundbar turn on but no sound.

We can also place them in a much better way i.e., at the entertainment cabinet. If you do not have enough space and you want to upgrade your system, then you must go for an upgraded system. If you like games, you can connect PS5 with a surround sound system in your home.

Better performance

As we all know that wires are not able to support so many frequencies. So, if you are a user of high-end products, then the performance will be restricted by the physical connection. You can also connect two soundbars to one TV.

Its installation and configuration cost less

If you have a big media room, then you will require the most expensive system for the connection in case of a wired system. And definitely, you will require getting more wires for connection. You can estimate the average cost of soundbars by reading this article.

These are free from any technical know-how; instead, their configuration is quite easy.


If you had used the Bluetooth speaker, then you should know well about the hearing pain. The reason behind this pain hears statics that can occur in the sound system. Sometimes the statics is misunderstood as Bluetooth skipping.

Here is another disadvantage, when someone adds them to their cell phone, then they are not able to walk away anywhere. Someone who is connected to the system can’t leave its phone. This is because it also needs power.

In this procedure, you must have to purchase batteries as well. As the wired network is already plugged in, they need more power to work with the amplifier.

Moreover, the network will be plugged into the outlet; you can produce more power otherwise not. If you put the excessive volume, then failure chances can also be high.