How Much Does a Soundbar Cost?

How Much Does a Soundbar Cost?
How Much Does a Soundbar Cost?

Here is a detailed guide on the price and features of the soundboard. We have added a detailed comparison chart with 37 examples.

How Much Does a Soundbar Cost? The price of the soundbar is between $150 to $1500. On average, a soundbar costs around $400.

The sound devices are available in all ranges of prices. You can buy the sound system by looking at the available budget for your home theater. You have to restrict yourself in the budget of the entertainment setup. They will give you more benefits as compared to their price.

How Much Does a Soundbar Cost?

These sound devices give multiple benefits as compared to other sound devices. You will get many benefits like good bass, good terrible, and good volume. You will feel a louder volume sound that provides you much better entertainment.

You have to keep it clean and tune its mechanical parts after regular intervals. They do not have the high cost if we compare them with the benefits they provide.

The average price of the soundbar


Cost (Dollars)




Dual built-in subwoofers and multiple input options



Sleek sound base and multiple connectivity options

Yamaha YSP 4300


7.1 channels and options of four HDMI input options

Samsung HW-Q90R


It provides the best quality sound from 17 speakers

Bose solo 5


It provides you wall mounting options and a TV sound system

Bose soundbar 700


It provides you the option of the voice-controlled management

Sony HT-S350


It provides you surround sound with powerful subwoofers

Yamaha YAS-207BL


They will provide you a wireless subwoofer for better sound



They will provide you the Google Chromecast and Dolby atoms built-in connections

Roku smart soundbar


They will provide the premium sound and low bass

TCL alto 7+


They are providing the energetic bass

JBL bar 3.1


This brand provides you the dedicated center channel by providing it amplifier and speakers

JBL bar 2.1


You will get the adjustable listening modes with a wireless subwoofer

JBL Bar 9.1


They will use a battery-powered pair to give energy to this system

JBL Bar 5.1 surround


They have provided the two detachable battery-powered system wireless surround speakers

Samsung HW-K360


It can be connected with all type of wireless connection such as wireless fidelity, Bluetooth, and all others

Sony HTCT790


They provide you more than 330 watts at the output

Samsung HW-R550


They are providing you a good claim of warranty in case of any claim of these products

Yamaha YAS-209


They are providing crystal clear voice quality to the user and developed a great name in a market

Samsung HW-Q70R


It is the lowest priced product for this brand with amazing features.

SennheiserAmbeo 3D


They are giving the option of voice cancellation for better strength

Sonos beam


This sound system will give an amazing look to your home theater

Vizio SB362An-F6


It provides superb sound quality with two built-in subwoofers.



It will provide you a powerful listening experience through beautiful cones

Denon HEOS bar


They provide the user the four-channel of class d amplification

Sonos Arc


It is one of the company’s expensive products that provide you the Airplay and Bluetooth for a better experience.

Samsung HW-Q90R


It is the most costly sound system with a wonderful experience

Q acoustic M4


It is a wonderful thing to enhance your television volume without spending a lot of money.

Sony HT-X8500


It’s sound features are competitive with the top devices of the top brands

Polk audio command bar


Alexa voice control is one of the amazing features of this brand.

These are the few lowest and highest limit of the price for your sound system. You can opt for one of them by looking at the budget and the quality of the sound you want to get from it.

Samsung and Yamaha are the top sound brands that are providing quality products to their customers. These brands are anxiously waiting to solve any problem in their product. Their system of claim is unmatchable, and you can replace or repair anything from them in the prescribed time. You should purchase products only from their official store or from websites.

Their price is not too high if we compare the features they are providing in their products. Their functions are extra-ordinary that cannot be compared with any other brand of sound. You will have no regret for paying the amount for these brands if you are fond of listening to music.

Factors affecting the cost of a soundbar

Different factors affect the price of the sound system. Let me explain this in detail:

Brand Name

The brand name of the product affects a lot the increase and decrease in the price of the product. If one brand is well-established and developed proper goodwill in the market, they will charge you high.

People trust their products, and their sales are increasing day by day. They can charge any amount for their products; the people will be ready to pay for their products.

You can purchase these products when you have a handsome amount of budget in your hand. If you cannot afford expensive products, you should search for a new brand, developing their goodwill in the market.

If you find that type of brand from the market, then you will get a good quality product at a lower amount. They will not compromise on quality because they are imposition to developing goodwill.

You will get the right product at a much lower rate because of that brand’s policy of developing a name in the market. You can connect any wireless subwoofer to a soundbar within minutes.

These are the few variations that you will face while searching for sound products in the markets. If you follow all the guidelines, you will be able to get the best product for your home theater without any problem. You can also connect 2 soundbars with 1 TV.

Size of the sound system

The decision of the sound system will depend on its position in the room. You have to decide the shape and room of the device after deciding on the product’s size. You have to make sure that the system that you are purchasing will best fit your system.

You have to explain all the things to the seller about the type of product you want to purchase. You can also mount a soundbar on the ceiling.

Some people try to use the high devices on both sides of the screen to show a beautiful look in the room. They will be costly as compared to the small devices. The value of the product has a direct relation to the size of the device.

The sound quality also depends on its size. The large gadgets are usually made up of good components that are of better quality. You should know the average weight of the soundbars.

Quality of sound

The quality of the sound that you want to get from the sound system will decide its value. The variety of the cones and other components of the device will be used for this purpose.

You have to note that the use of small things makes the device different from others. If you want to listen to the better sound, you should arrange for the right amount of budget. Poor quality materials can cause echo with the surround sound system.

It is simple to estimate the sound device’s cost by looking at the raw material used in its manufacturing. You have to properly look for the features and specifications of the product before going to buy it.