How to Hide Speaker Wires Without Cutting Wall?

How to Hide Speaker Wires Without Cutting Wall?
How to Hide Speaker Wires Without Cutting Wall?

Here are 11 best DIY methods to hide the speaker wires without cutting walls. Along with this step-by-step guide, we have added the required tools for this procedure.

How to Hide Speaker Wires Without Cutting Wall? You can hide speaker wires in your room without cutting the walls by adding pipes during construction, using flat wire tape, corner duct, LED light strips, PVC box, and paint.

The wires of the speaker scattered on the floor and walls seem strange and evil. But do not cut the walls to hide these wires. In many cases, you have to lay down speaker wires over the room because of home theater.

It is just as essential to conceal the speaker cables as it to install the speakers. While hiding the speaker’s wires, always arrange them to enhance the room’s decoration and mix with interiors.

How to Hide Speaker Wires Without Cutting Wall?

This article has explained proven methods to manage the speaker wires in your room without even cutting the walls. By following this guide, your home theater room will look beautiful.

Use flat wire tape

Flat wire tapes seem just like ribbon. The sticky side of tape can apply around the cables on flat surfaces.

Though these are thin and flexible, thus tape remains flat and looks like beautiful strips. You can enhance the beauty of tape by coloring that matches with surroundings.

These are found in 16 gauge with two or four conductors. You should know what gauge wire is best for sound quality.

You should buy terminal blocks of flat wire of one pair for every product. You should connect one side of the terminal block with flat wiring.

Now, join the other side of the terminal block and attach it to the device’s backside. When you connect the terminal block and hide wires, then you can paint flat wire tapes.

Install pipes during construction

To prevent concealing wires from the problem, you should install underground pipes during the construction. It is an easy and reasonable option without spending money.

Hide speaker wires under carpets and baseboard

It is the easiest, pretty, and operative way to tuck cable between the baseboard and rugs runner. If your room is carpeted, you must have the baseboard’s lining as every carpeted room has.

It will be more effective than purchasing a new carpet and install baseboards. Rug runners not only give aesthetic attention but also saves from tripping hazards.

You have to push down all the stuff on a carpet. Never put the gadgets in a place where you have to move around all day.

Always secure carpets to prevent cables from getting damaged. You can tuck them between the carpet and baseboard with the help of your fingers.

If it seems too tight and makes it difficult to push with a finger; then, you can use a slim paint stick or ruler to push them correctly. You can put floorstanding speakers on the stands.

Under the furniture

The other way is to hook cords in the backside of your nearest furniture. You have to install clips to hang cables in the back of your furniture, you can buy these clips online.

These are available in the market in different sizes such as small, medium, and large. You should choose the size of the clip according to the bundle.

You can press the clips with the help of a hammer. Too much pressure on the furniture causes it to break or indulge it. Now you should hook two or three cords and let them run precisely, well, and have a console.

Use Corner duct

It has a triangular shape. These corner ducts have multiple accessories such as outside and inside the hole, pre-applied backing, tee reducer, fittings, and customized management.

Raceways are just like long PVC. They have enough space to accommodate a few products. They can easily be close and open. You only inward it in raceways and bend it properly.

Though raceways are lightweight, you can cut the raceways to the required length with a utility knife and hacksaw.

Wire raceways are available at stores that retail stereo theater types of equipment. You can also purchase raceways from hardware stores; these have already mounted tape in the back and prepared for application.

Raceways can also be painted or colored to assortment well with floor and ceiling color. All parts of raceways are lightweight, strong, UL 94- VO, durable and paintable PVC.

Install wire covers

These are a beautiful way to secure your devices and their accessories. They install to decorate the room and seem like cute hard strips. Nobody can recognize that they are placed inside these covers.

Before installing wire sheets, you have to measure the length where wires are scattered. Often these are falling along the verge of the device where it is attached. Wire covers are available at hardware stores in different sizes.

You can buy according to the length which you have measured. If the cover is large, then you can use a handheld saw or knife to cut down according to the size that you need.

To neatly install the covers, you should mark a point with a pencil or level. There are two parts of the cover first one is the base, and the second is the cover.

The nails or screws are used to fix the base. The kit has all components, such as joints, adhesive tape, anchor, and covers. You can use this to convert a speaker into a subwoofer.

You should keep everything inside the base and fix it over the base. If the wire cover does not match with your surroundings, then you can paint it. But you can also use the contrast color for designing.

Under the wooden floor

If your floor is wood, don’t worry about the concealing device. There are multiple ways to cover cords by using the ghost wire method.

These are more flatter than standard products. However, these are too flat, so you can quickly put them into any flat surfaces like carpets or rugs.

Ghost wires are available in two or four conductors. You can also use wood colored corner duct or raceways and conceal your devices inside the baseboard. You can place these raceways on the floor, and it seems just like strip decoration. AV receivers with DAC can be adjusted easily with your system.

Use Adhesive or ghost speaker wires

It is an ideal and permanent solution to hide your products without much effort and paying money on hiding equipment.

These are usually weak or super slim and have more flexibility. So you can run them around the corners.

These have two or four conductors, and each conductor has 16 AWG wiring and 1 cm width.

These flat adhesive wires have pure copper inside, which helps to uphold the sound system perfectly. You should buy the termination blocks by yourself.

If you find any problem regarding connecting these, you can get professional home help. Make sure you seek permission from a real estate agent or your landlord to get a permanent modification. You can connect any wireless subwoofer to a soundbar and other devices.

Properly paint the Speaker wires

If you do not have the option to tuck gadget cables between rugs or baseboards and do not have wooden floors, it is the best option without much cost.

For this method, you have to run device ports straight and fix them along the walls. You may require a staple gun or zip ties to straighten it.

This hiding method is not permanent; you can easily remove it from zip ties without any damage if you are connecting two soundbars with one TV and adjust the gadgets.

Add LED light strips

LED lights are available variety of output colors, length, brightness, temperature like warm or cold, features, and materials.

Some lamps use an AC wall adapter power. And some lights are powered by a USB source. Some light strips can be controlled with a mobile app, and some other strips controlled by remotes.

These clips can easily be removed without damaging the surface. Press the hooks with similar spaces and hang the gadget under the LED lights.

Use PVC Box

If you can not find any other way to hide, you can use a table to do this. Before placing a box, you should decorate it with beautiful paintings and colors.

Now, place this decorated box under the wires. Combine everything and bend in a box to invisible them. You have to make a passage to pass the ports through this hole.