3 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $2000 (2022)

Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $2000

It’s easier than ever to have your music playing through a powerful speaker system with the best sound quality in this day and age. Whether you are an audiophile or someone who wants to hear their favorite songs louder than everyone in the room, floor-standing speakers can accomplish that task.

Standing floor speakers are perfect if you want a more powerful sound than a bookshelf or tower speaker or a satellite speaker. Floor speakers are also an excellent option if you want the best sound without a huge price tag.

That being said, floor-standing speakers offer fantastic sound quality and excellent power output that is sure to please any audiophile. We’ve compiled the three best floor-standing speakers under $2000, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes in style.


Top Floor Standing Speakers Under $2000

Floor Standing Speakers Under $2000

Here are detailed reviews on the top three floor standing speakers under $2000.

Klipsch RP-8000F Floorstanding Speaker Pair (Ebony)

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The Klipsch RP-800F tower delivers room-energizing bass and dynamic sound. At the same time, the front baffle diffuses left/right channel audio to create a wider sweet spot in any listening area of your home theater or stereo system.

These floor-standing speakers are best suited for large rooms with open layouts because of their larger size. There is no doubt that you will hear the best sound with these speakers, and they are the best in this price range.


A perfect blend of innovation and state-of-the-art technology is evident in these floor-standing speakers’ design, construction, integration, and performance. They are equipped with copper woofer cones that ensure crisp, clear bass for a dynamic sound experience.

The floor-standing speakers also have a great design, with clean curves and a black ash, wood grain veneer finish that is sure to complement any room in your home.

For the best possible value for money, these floor-standing speakers are worth checking out if you want to invest in high-quality sound equipment for your home.


Sound Quality

The Klipsch RP-800F speakers are excellent if you want to hear your music or movies come alive. They produce high-quality sound with their powerful woofers and tweeters that can reach up to an impressive 38 Hz for deep moving bass beats without any distortion.

The wide dispersion design of these floor-standing speakers allows them to create an expansive sound with an even spread of excellent quality music which you can enjoy from any location within your room.



A great addition to the Klipsch RP-800F is a receiver or amplifier so you can plug them in and receive high-quality sounds within minutes of taking the equipment out of their packaging.

The speakers are equipped with a set of rear ports, which allows for easy installation while giving more placement options when it comes to where you decide to place them in your home.


SVS Ultra Tower Flagship

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The SVS Ultra Tower flagship floor-standing speakers are the most powerful and expansive home theater sound system in a single cabinet. The ultra-long throw, high power driver design is engineered to produce reference caliber bass with stunning realism from a minimal footprint.

These speakers are specifically for use as front-channel loudspeakers in large home theater systems.


The SVS recently released its Ultra Tower series of new floor-standing speakers in its most popular speaker lines. They are also available in the same design with a wireless accessory.

The Ultra Tower speakers feature dual 12-inch woofers and four custom SVS high excursion drivers, including three 25-millimeter aluminum dome tweeters and one 38 millimeters metalized polypropylene cone midrange driver. This enables you to enjoy both impactful lows as well as crystal clear highs.


Sound Quality

These are the best floor-standing speakers under $2000 to fill a large room with sound. They have great, crisp detail that envelops you while listening to music or watching a movie.

Their frequency range goes from 38 Hz – 25 kHz, and they have an impedance of eight ohms. These SVS ultra tower speakers will give your house live sound that any audiophile will appreciate.


KLH Kendall Floor-Standing Loudspeakers- Pair (Walnut)

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The KLH Kendall floor-standing loudspeakers are another great option because they deliver incredible stereo sound. The speakers are front-ported, with solid bass response, and provide a solid mid-range detail. They have some excellent design features like curved legs, which provide good support. The walnut finish with black grills for the woofer and tweeter is visually appealing too.


The speakers are enclosed in a sturdy wooden cabinet that adds to their aesthetics. The front-firing bass port makes your listening experience even more immersive. In addition, the adjustable feet provide you with flexibility when placing them on uneven surfaces — such as a transition from carpet to wood flooring.


Sound quality

The KLH Kendall speakers are equipped with six drivers that deliver a clear sound and provide you with an immersive listening experience. The dedicated tweeter is responsible for high frequencies, while the bass reflex system offers an excellent low-end response of up to 28 Hz (-15 dB).

They also have an adjustable bass control for deep sounds, and their size is not too big, so they blend in with your decor. With this kind of performance, these speakers can easily replace your bookshelf speakers.

The features of this product are impressive, and the speakers deliver an exceptional listening experience. They are a great option to consider if you’re looking for floor-standing loudspeakers that deliver clear sound at all frequencies.



The sound quality of floor-standing loudspeakers is impressive for this price range. I would recommend them to anyone looking for the best speakers under $2000. The speakers are also perfect for people who have a larger living room or entertainment space to enjoy their music.

Whether you are an audiophile, a DJ, or want to listen to music on your new sound system, these speakers ensure everyone can hear the difference between them and other models.

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