How to Connect PS5 to Surround Sound System?

How to Connect PS5 to Surround Sound System
How to Connect PS5 to Surround Sound System

Here are 6 best DIY methods for connecting PS5 to a surround sound system. We have added the required tools along with this step-by-step guide.

How to Connect PS5 to Surround Sound System? You can connect PS5 to a surround sound system with a wireless connection, HDMI cable, auxiliary cable, and optical cable.

You can use this console to watch movies or play games in your home theater room.

How to Connect PS5 to Surround Sound System?

In this article, we have added 6 fantastic techniques to connect a PS5 with a surround sound system in your home. Before going into the details, let me explain the required tools.

Tool required

  • Wires
  • Screwdrivers
  • Cutters
  • Extra ports
  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Cables
  • Ties
  • auxiliary cable
  • Optical cable
  • Soundbar

Wireless Connection

The idea of connecting wireless headphones is extremely liberating. Some people prefer cutting the cord, and they link Bluetooth headphones with the device. You can buy a PS5 from Amazon.

It does not support Bluetooth activity sometimes. If you have a specific type of headphones that have Bluetooth facilities in them, connect them correctly. The connection must be straight and smooth.

The cable should not tangle with the devices and with each other. Moreover, there should not be any disruption in the system to produce sound and provide maximum quality.

If the equipment is far from the center channel, you can use an extension to solve it.

You cannot sit far away; otherwise, it can break from the middle with a small jerk or little effort. Some people buy costly wires, and those can be a bit heavy on the budget.

If the headphones contain Bluetooth in them, then follow these instructions. Select the Bluetooth button on the gadget for at least 10 seconds.

It results in the availability of the wireless network. Now select the pairing option and build a connection between both types of equipment

Use the HDMI port

In this method, you can buy an extractor of the sound. These extractors have HDMI ports. These are usually two in number, and they exist opposite to each other.

These ports are available for optical cables and other cables. Ports are generally three point five millimeters in size.

These ports are useful for other cables, which can make it smooth. These extractors of sound are available online, and you can also buy them from cable stores. You can also use a projector for gaming.

The output and input should appropriately match each other otherwise, the connection becomes poor. It can impact stability. You should always buy a surround sound system that has all these features.

You can add these extractors of sound and the speakers with each other through a cable. Buy this cable from a technician store and join them.

This cable should be following the output of the sound extractor. It should also match the input of the audio.

You can also add the sound extractor with the television by an extra HDMI cable. This can enhance sound quality perfectly. Appropriately insert the wires so that there should not be any disruption.

The device should be in a direction that it faces you. Add the extractor of sound with the television using a second HDMI cable.

The cable links both audio devices with the video device. You can also add speakers to this system and enjoy the best sound and video quality during gaming.

Turn on the gadget and modify the sound if there is low sound or no sound after tuning in the device. You can connect two soundbars with one TV for enhanced sound.

Use HDMI Cable to Connect PS5

You can use an HDMI cable for connecting the PS5 with a surround sound system. Buy a suitable cable from a technician store or online.

Locate the port for the HDMI cable in your speakers. These spots are different than the optical and auxiliary cable ports.

They are present behind the some devices, they are two in number and mostly one port.

Plug the cable carefully so that it cannot produce any disruption and impact the sound quality. Select the option to turn on and then use this.

If there is any sound disturbance, then modify the sound settings.

Use auxiliary cable

In this method, you need to buy an auxiliary cable known as male to male cables. They are 3.25 millimeters in their length.

These cables are available at the port and cable stores. You can also get them online.

The port for the auxiliary cable is usually on the side of the device. Locate that side of the device and insert one end.

Insert the other end in the controller port for better and complete results. The port appears between the working heads or the handles.

You can use the headphones which have the auxiliary cable already. Plug the ends in the controller and press the button the controller for a few seconds.

Now press the button on the account, and it produces a login inside the system. Select the menu bar and press the X option on the extreme right side.

Then also press the X and move to other functioning. Select the audio and other input devices; this results in better sound. You can convert a speaker into a subwoofer and add it with the audio setup.

Connect with optical cable

These cables have a separate mouth, which makes them versatile. The mouth is the connectivity area of the cable.

The front is made up of plastic material, and the shape is unique. The hexagonal end smoothly places itself inside the other devices and ports.

The properties of optical cable depend on your requirements. These are available in all sizes, shapes, and even colors.

It is totally up to you; either you want to buy it online or from a store. All of these cables are readily available at technician stores at different rates.

These are very slim; they cannot take an optical hexagonal end. You cannot use these with small ports.

Use it in those speakers and surround systems that have bold port availability. Choose a port on the backside of the speaker.

Insert the end of the optical cable inside it; push it slightly without any hard pressure and force.

The port behind the speaker resembles the end of the optical cable, so both of them fit correctly.

If the port does not allow the insertion of an optical cable, you can buy an adaptor. This adaptor is known as an optical adaptor, which allows a smooth link.

This method is easy and convenient for those who have narrower ports inside their speakers, but they want to use the surround system during gaming to better sound results.

You can locate it quickly by turning the device on the left side. This port is also available on the backside.

Connect PS5 to a soundbar

The surround system also contains the soundbar, which provides better sound quality during gaming.

You can add the sound device with your console is a very convenient method. Follow these instructions and make a smooth link between both electronic devices.

The tool contains two HDMI ports for adding two external devices simultaneously.

In these ports, you can add other home audio and video accessories. There is one other port in the sound device outside of the device and slightly visible to the user.

You can use the television to this port. Insert cables for using it with all devices. You can add any wireless subwoofer to a soundbar.

There should not be any disturbance between these wires with tangling. In the end, make sure that the PS5, soundbar, and DVD players are turned on.

You can use the remote for diverting from one HDMI to the other. In this way, you can use the system by remote controlling it. The soundbar provides excellent sound quality.