How Often Should You Replace Car Speakers?

How Often Should You Replace Car Speakers?
How Often Should You Replace Car Speakers?

How Often Should You Replace Car Speakers?

People drive their cars and love to listen to music during their drive. Listening to music during a boring drive fills joy to their time. They install different stereos and speakers in their cars to get high-quality sound.

Never compromise on the quality of car speakers, otherwise, you may have to replace them within a few months.

Low-quality speakers only give a headache to the driver. So, people install the best quality speakers and stereo systems in their budget to obtain a better sound quality than before. So, the quality of speakers plays an important role in the quality of the playback track.

On average, you should replace car speakers after 2 to 4 years. Replacing car speakers depend on following factors:

  • When they start creating awful noises
  • When you upgrade the sound amplifier
  • When you buy a new car
  • When the speakers get damaged
  • Replace frequently

How Often Should You Replace Car Speakers?

People usually install aftermarket speakers, but their sound quality does not remain the same as it was before. There are some reasons behind the low-quality sound of the speakers, which our writers will discuss with you.

In this article, we have explained all the important factors that are responsible for maintaining car speakers and determine when to replace them.

As other parts of the car need to be changed after a specific period of usage, speakers also have the same requirement. They are the ones that work out to provide you the sound quality that you want and after a specific period of time, they need to be replaced.

People do not usually realize what the best time to replace their speakers for a continuous best quality of sound is.

So, we are here to share some information regarding how often you should replace your car speakers.

Speakers creating awful noises

Speakers come among the category of those parts of your car which work continuously for your pleasure when you are listening to music while driving. They have a specific life and they can wear out after a specific life. It may happen when you have been using them for a long time, like four to five years and you have not replaced them yet. Surface Mount Car Speakers are perfect for small cars and have long functional life.

The best practice to replace your speakers is to replace them after using them from three to four years of duration. To be updated with the new technology and better sound quality, the speakers should be replaced with the newer model.

If you have not used your speakers for a long time and still it is creating awful sound, then there may be a problem with the way you are using them. The expert recommends that the volume of a matched amplifier should not exceed 80% of the total volume if you want to use your speakers for a longer time.

What is a matched amplifier? The amplifier that is installed after matching the power and impedance of the speakers with its output range, which means your speakers are amplifier is compatible with each other.

It happens when you are in the mood of listening to louder music and you boost the volume to 100% so that you can enjoy the music.

By doing these types of things, you get full-fledged performance but you will get that performance for a longer period. And after some months it starts creating awful noises which annoy you while listening to your favorite music. These noises occur when the coil of your speakers heats up after running for a long time on full potential. The noises can also occur when the speakers are ripped from any place.

When you start hearing these noises like your speakers are out of the performance, then you should replace your speakers if you still want to enjoy a better quality of music.

You install a better amplifier

People always want more from everything. They are not always satisfied with the output of the things that they are using. They will be satisfied for a short time but after that, they will ask for more. So, when people are using a sound system for a long time, they would want to change the setup.

They will start thinking that they should get a better amplifier for their speakers for better sound quality and bass. So, when they replace the amplifier, they do not replace the speakers usually and play their favorite music on the old speakers.

It is not a good practice to replace the amplifier but not the speakers. When you are upgrading your sound system, stereo, or amplifier, your speakers are getting more power than they should get. Your new amplifier will force them to work by exceeding their limit because the new amplifier has more power.

The speakers will become louder after upgrading the amplifier but will not be able to stand high volume. So, whenever you upgrade the amplifier of your car, always upgrade your speakers too because you do not want to waste the performance of your amplifier.

Make sure you buy compatible speakers for your new amplifier, which will give you a better sound quality that you expect from your amplifier.

Replace car speakers when you buy a new car

You must be wondering why did we include the new car to replace the factory speakers. The reason is that the factory speakers of a new car are not always according to your expectations.

Because you may have a sound system at your house that you use, or you may have a different sound system in your previous car, that could be better than this one.

So, you may not like the quality of the stock sound system of your new car. The latest cars come with a good quality stereo but sometimes they do not install better quality speakers in the car. If you are satisfied with the quality of speakers, then you must get them replaced with the aftermarket speakers.

There is a suggestion for you to choose the aftermarket speakers by checking if they are compatible with your stereo or not. To check the compatibility of your stereo, read the user manual that is provided by the manufacturer of your stereo to check the maximum power output.

If you buy the speakers that are compatible with the specifications of your stereo, then you are good to replace them.

When the speakers are damaged

People use their cars for many purposes, some use their car to travel to their office, and some use their car for a tour. Many people go to the picnic with their family in a car along with all the things that are going to use during their picnic. Sometimes, you use your car to bring any tools from the market.

There can be any possibility that your speakers can get damaged by any human error. Something may hit it so hard that it gets ripped. If the speakers do not have a protective cover, then there is a better chance that something may have hit it and made it damaged.

If you take your children in your car, then it may also occur due to touching or hitting your speakers by your children. So, it is a better practice to keep the speakers covered with metal protectors to keep them away from hands and other things.

When the speakers are damaged or ripped, they start creating clipping sound or giving unpleasant speech. The speakers create a vibrating sound when the rubber material is ripped from any place. It does not sound like before. So, to enjoy the same sound as before you must replace the speakers as soon as possible.

Replace car speakers frequently

The speakers are those parts of the car that are in continuous working condition even when you are listening to music in low volume. So, if your stereo is set to autoplay the radio or any playlist that you have saved when you start your car, it is always working.

Car speakers do not work for a longer time, like the ones playing on the home stereo. They are weak and wear out earlier than the standard home speakers. So, they do not have a specific time limit of being of use. If your car has a set of good-quality speakers, they may not bother for a longer time.

But if you use an average set of speakers in your car that does not belong to the category of very good speakers, your speakers may lose their performance with time. So, if you want to maintain the quality of your sound equipment and enjoy the same quality of music as you used to hear before, change your speakers frequently.

In other cases,people do not like the same sound always. They want change in their taste and are tired of always listening from the same speakers. So, whenever they see a new model of speakers in town, they want to install it in their car for a change of taste.

But we will not recommend you to change your speakers as you see any new model. Use your speakers for at least a year, then if you feel to change your speakers and shift to a new model, buy the latest model after a year.


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