How do I connect Bluetooth speakers to my car?

How do I connect Bluetooth speakers to my car?
How do I connect Bluetooth speakers to my car?

How do I connect Bluetooth speakers to my car?

Bluetooth speakers have gathered massive fame in the world because they have enabled people to get rid of the cords connecting their phone or any music player.

Because sharing or connecting over Wi-Fi or NFC was much faster than Bluetooth. But when Bluetooth speakers were made, the researchers and developers worked on Bluetooth technology to improve it.

In this way, the Bluetooth was also upgraded to the next levels, and this improved connectivity and performance.

2 Best Ways to connect Bluetooth Speakers in Car:

  • By pairing it with your phone
  • By connecting it with the car stereo

So, Bluetooth has been known for its quick connectivity and pairing. It has been used in almost all smart devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablet pcs, and many more.

When there is a need to play music on the speakers with smartphones or laptops, people had an option for connecting their device with the help of auxiliary cable or RCA cables.

People have been connecting their devices with the help of cables, but now, they want everything to be wireless. They want to use their device freely; however, they want to listen to music without being disconnected from the speakers.

How do I connect Bluetooth speakers to my car?

Sometimes, people do not want to change or alter the sound system of their cars. The cars which have double-din stereo can also have an android interface. If the current system doesn’t include Bluetooth Connectivity Support but includes  AUX cable support, adding Bluetooth Connectivity Support to the old system is way more cost effective than changing it. 

When people do not want to listen to the sound system of their car, they buy a small Bluetooth speaker and connect it to their car and enjoy the low-volume music.

Let us discuss both scenarios one by one so that we will be able to answer both questions.

Connect Bluetooth Speakers in Car by pairing with your phone

Bluetooth speakers are easily paired with mobile phones, but the main problem is what type of speakers you should choose. People buy Bluetooth speakers according to their taste and usage.

The types of Bluetooth speakers vary concerning shape, size, battery, bass, volume, and many more factors. It also depends upon what you want from your speaker. If you are a tourist and you have a long way to drive, then you must buy a speaker that has long-lasting battery life.

If you like loud music with good bass, then you will have to buy a speaker with a large woofer. It all depends upon your choices. After choosing the Bluetooth speaker for your car, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Choose a location and mount:

When you are choosing a Bluetooth speaker, you are also thinking about the area and the shape too. You may have made your mind that you want to mount the speaker on the dash or the windscreen, etc. So, you will choose a speaker that will satisfy your plan and purpose.

For example, if you choose a small and decent speaker for your car that has enough volume to listen to a call or radio during your drive, then you can mount it on the windscreen as well as on the dashboard. But some speakers are designed in such a way that they cannot be pasted or kept on something.

They are only designed to mount on unusual places like steering, or dashboard, or the car stereo. So, you have to be selective about it and must install the speaker so that it does not play around in your car.

Step 2: Connect a charging cable with the car:

When you have successfully mounted your Bluetooth speaker, it is now time to connect with the AC power supply in your vehicle. It can be a car charger or any power bank. You will have to connect it because you may select a speaker that has lesser storage capacity in its battery, and you might end up killing the speaker after 2 or 3 hours.

So, please connect it with the AC power while using it. So, insert the cable in the AC plug in your car and then connect the other micro USB side of the cable to the micro USB port of the speaker.

Step 3: Pair your phone with Bluetooth Speaker

When you have correctly mounted the Bluetooth speaker in your car, and connected it with the ac power in your car, you will have to connect it with the phone.

When you pair your phone, make sure that both the devices are in pair mode. When you want to turn on Bluetooth mode, there is always a button on the Bluetooth speaker that says (Mode).

Push the button a few times until it speaks (Bluetooth mode) or (pairing mode). When you hear the speaker saying this, then stop pressing the button because now, the speaker is in Bluetooth mode, and you can easily connect your phone with it.

Now, you will have to open the Bluetooth settings on your phone and turn the Bluetooth on. When you do so, you will have to enter the settings in Bluetooth that say (pair new device). Tap on that option and search for nearby devices.

After that, you will be able to see a device with an icon of speaker or headset or any audio category sign.

If you find any device like that, tap on it and your phone will start to connect with the speaker. When the speaker and phone are paired with each other, the speaker will create a sound that will be the sign of a successful connection. It can also say (Bluetooth device is connected successfully).

So, this is how you will connect to the Bluetooth speaker in your car with your phone.

Connect Bluetooth Speakers with Car Stereo

You can use a Bluetooth speaker in your car even without your phone. But you must have a smart or android double din stereo installed in your car. If you do not have a luxury car stereo, you can work on an excellent Bluetooth speaker by connecting it with your phone, as stated above.

But when you have a luxurious car with a luxury car stereo, then you do have an option. So, you can do this process step by step.

Get the Bluetooth speaker ready:

You will have to get the Bluetooth speaker ready by powering up the speaker with the ac car adapter. After doing so, repeat the same procedure to get it into Bluetooth mode. This is a must to connect Bluetooth speakers in car.

Open Bluetooth settings on your car stereo:

Every luxury car comes with an android or smart car stereo in it. They have features like GPS navigation, audio-video playing, WIFI, Bluetooth, and many more. They are like a smartphone. But not every car stereo is the same.

So, the step by step procedure will be different for each stereo, but we can guide you through the standard steps that can be followed to open the Bluetooth settings on your car stereo. When you are connecting your phone with the car stereo, you do not have to open the Bluetooth settings on your car stereo if the Bluetooth is always on.

But if you have to turn on the Bluetooth every time you connect, then you will have to open the Bluetooth settings always. Now, touch the Home button for accessing the home page.

Look for the Bluetooth option on the home screen. If you find any Bluetooth option, then you can quickly tap on it and go to the Bluetooth settings.

If you cannot find any Bluetooth option displaying on the car stereo, then you will have to open the settings of your car stereo and search for connectivity settings. When there is more than one connectivity option in your car stereo, then they are placed collectively in one place by the manufacturers.

So, open connectivity settings or connections, and then go to the Bluetooth option. Turn on the Bluetooth of your car stereo.

Search and pair:

When you are in Bluetooth settings and have turned it on, you will have to search for nearby Bluetooth devices. When you see your Bluetooth speaker in the list, tap on the screen on that device, and it will connect the Bluetooth speaker to your car stereo. You can also use the same method if you have installed a soundbar in the car.

Turn on Radio:

Now, as the speaker is connected to the car stereo, you will have to return from the settings of the car stereo. Tap on the home screen and go to the apps on your stereo. Search for radio option and turn it on. You will see that the radio broadcast is playing through your Bluetooth speaker.

This is how you connect a Bluetooth speaker to your car stereo.

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