How to Install Subwoofer Under Car Seat?

How to Install Subwoofer Under Car Seat?
How to Install Subwoofer Under Car Seat?

How to Install Subwoofer Under Car Seat?

Listening to music while driving is a fun thing to do. People spend a lot of money on sound systems that fulfill their requirements of good sound quality. But sometimes, the speakers do not give them enough satisfaction even after spending hundreds of dollars.

It only happens because when people spend so much money on these speakers, they do not set their speakers according to the required fitting. They try to utilize everything. Some people install speakers that have higher bass but will not get a powerful enclosure that is designed specifically for those speakers.

Now, the real question is how to install a subwoofer under the car seat? Well, you have to go through the following steps to install the subwoofer under car seat properly:

Step 1: Take out the backseats of your vehicle
Step 2: Connect the power wire with the battery
Step 3: Get the power wire inside the car from a hole
Step 4: Mount the subwoofer on a wooden cardboard
Step 5: Connect RCA output cables if not then connect the input wiring
Step 6: Wire the RCA and turn-on wires from the audio head
Step 7: Connect the negative wire to the bare metal of the car
Step 8: See if the power connection is right
Step 9: Adjust the bass and place the seat and zip tie the wiring

Some people install subwoofers in their cars, but that takes a large space in their trunk and they are unable to put stuff in that place. So, the speaker manufacturers have a solution to this problem which costs just like a typical subwoofer but is very beneficial to use in your car.

If you are a music lover and cannot listen to music without a powerful bass set up in your car, then you should get under the seat subwoofer. The subwoofer that is installed under the seat has a better bass impact on you than the one in the trunk.

How to Install Subwoofer Under Car Seat?

You must be wondering how you can fit a subwoofer that is larger and impossible to put under the car seat with the enclosures on. Well, you do not need to worry about that because the technology has been upgraded with time and subwoofers are available whose enclosures are specially designed to fit under the car seat.

There is one more interesting thing about under the seat subwoofers is that some models also come with a built-in amplifier in their enclosures. So, these under the car seat are a complete package for your bass.

Tools required:

  • Screwdriver
  • Screw wrench
  • Dash plastic opener
  • Screws

Taking out the car seats

The first step to install the subwoofer under the car seat is to take out the seats from the car. It does not mean that you have to take all the seats out. Take out those seats under which you want to install a subwoofer.

Use screw wrench to open all the screws of the car seat so that you can work properly and efficiently. Opening the car seats will allow you to examine whole space inside your car and you will be able to judge the location for your subwoofer.

Connect the power wire with the battery

You have to get a wiring kit for your subwoofer, too, because the car seat subwoofer does not always come with proper wiring. So, get a good set of wiring that can support at least 30-ampere or current. After getting the proper wiring, connect one end of a wire with the positive terminal of the battery and the other end with the amplifier.

Do not connect the wire directly to the terminal of the battery. Connect the subwoofer wire with the joint of the main wire and then connect that joint with the terminal of the battery. Make sure that the fuse of the power wire of the subwoofer is placed close to the battery. This will keep your subwoofer package safe when there is a short in the wire.

Get the power wire inside the car from a hole

After connecting the wire with the battery, you have to pass the wire through the metal under the hood. Try to create a rubber entry by finding a rubber material in the hood.

If you find a rubber entry, then create a hole in it and pass your wire from that hole. If you cannot find a rubber entry, then create a hole with a drill machine. It is recommended that you follow all the guidelies to install subwoofer under car seat.

Pass the wire and route it through the side dash of your car to prevent it from the passenger feet. After reaching the subwoofer, connect the subwoofer with the main wire.

Mount the subwoofer on a wooden cardboard

Now, you have a proper length of wire after reaching the subwoofer. Disconnect the wire from the subwoofer and get the subwoofer out of your car. Get a wooden cardboard and place the subwoofer on it. Cut the cardboard according to the size of the subwoofer and mark the screw entries on the cardboard.

Now, when you have a proper cardboard according to the length and width of your subwoofer, then mount your subwoofer on the cardboard with the help of screws. Most subwoofers have a set of stands on all sides to provide the ability to mount them on any object. The screws will go on the stands of the subwoofer and it will enable your subwoofer to stand at a place and not move around.

The wooden cardboard will have some friction, and it will be placed on a single spot. Another benefit of the cardboard is that the subwoofer has an amplifier that needsa proper surface to lie. There is a reason behind it. The subwoofer has an opening on its side to blow the heat of the amplifier. So, it has to be placed on a wooden board.

Connect the RCA output cables

Every aftermarket audio head contains an RCA cable output for speakers that are to be attached to the aftermarket stereo. So, if you have an aftermarket stereo, then plug the RCA cables in the audio head.

You must plug the white wire in the white port and the red wire in the red port to know what wire you should plug in the subwoofer RCA ports. This is an essential step to install a subwoofer under car seat.

If you do not have an RCA cable output behind your audio head, then find the appropriate power output wires and connect them with the subwoofer.

Wire the turn-on wire and RCA wires from the audio head

After connecting the RCA wires to the audio head. Make sure that you route these wires to the opposite side where the power cable is not present. It will help to prevent noise interference in the wire. Connect these wires to the subwoofer and plug them to the right port. After connecting the RCA wires, you must connect the turn-on wire of the subwoofer to the audio head.

The turn-on wire will tell the subwoofer to turn itself on and off. If you do not wire the turn-on wire with the audio head, then you will have to install a different switch for the subwoofer. Otherwise, it will always remain on even when your car is turned off.

Connect the negative wire

The negative wire of the subwoofer will not be connected directly to the battery because the whole body of the car is charged with the negative current. You can use a smaller wire to connect the subwoofer to the negative terminal of the battery.

You have already used a longer wire to provide a positive current to the subwoofer. Now, take a wire and connect this wire to the bare metal of the car with a screw. You can find any nearest screw on the car and mount the wire with it. It is best to find the metal which has no other material involved between the wire and the metal.

Check if the power connection is right

Most modern subwoofers have a light indicator if the power connection is right or faulty. It has a red and green light indicator on the side of the subwoofer. If the light is red, that means that the power connection is incorrect and you may have to swap the negative and positive wire in the subwoofer.

If the light is turned green, then the power is alright.

Adjust the bass and place the seat and zip tie the wiring

Every car has a different shape. That is why the subwoofers come with the bass adjustment, which is adjusted according to the compatibility of the car. these adjustments are named as low pass, bass boost, and input gain.

All these adjustments are made according to the supporting capability of your car or SUV. So, you can adjust these according to your taste and mood. After adjusting the bass, just zip tie the wires to the proper location where they are not exposed to the passengers in your car.

Put the seats back in your car and screw them tight to their proper location. Now, you are good to go.

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