How to Fix a Hole in a Car Subwoofer?

How to Fix a Hole in a Car Subwoofer?
How to Fix a Hole in a Car Subwoofer?

Subwoofer in a car is nowadays an essential component. It provides pleasure and soothing during traveling. Most people have subwoofers in their cars. As the usage of the subwoofer is widespread, the chances of damage are as possible.

How to Fix a Hole in a Car Subwoofer? Yes, you can fix a car subwoofer hole at your home. First access the damage, unscrew the car subwoofer, clean the area around the hole, use RTV silicone to fix the car subwoofer hole. It is recommended to use gloves during the procedure.

This damage can be of any kind like it could be damaged in the private area with a break in the internal wiring, or it can be a hole in the rubber around the sound wheel.

This hole can occur due to various reasons. Sometimes when people try to hold tight the nuts and bolts of the subwoofer, a gap can occur in the rubber due to miss-interpretation or the screwdriver or any other such tool.

But as the subwoofer is essential and it is in demand regularly. Its maintenance is crucial and necessary as soon as possible. For this purpose or repairing hole, you need to understand firstly, which are the tools required for maintenance and repairing of a breach in a subwoofer of the car.

How to Fix a Hole in a Car Subwoofer?

In this article, our editors have explained methods to fix a hole in a car subwoofer. Before going into details of the topic, let me explain the tools required for this procedure.

Firstly some of the tools which can use in the repairing of a subwoofer’s hole may be used are as follows, screwdrivers, pry tool which is a flat screwdriver, clean lint-free cloth, nitrile latex gloves, wire cutter.

These tools will help you to follow the nine-step guide for repairing a hole in the subwoofer of a car.

These nine steps for repairing a hole are exact and competent. They play a vital role and are very helpful for a reliable and ultimate repair within an hour. These steps for repair are numbered as steps 1 level 2 etc. and each stage has its unique qualities and guides.

Detection of damage/hole in car subwoofer

The very first step in repairing a hole in the subwoofer of a car is accessing the damage.It means this step enforces the judgment and detection of the loss or the breach, that where is exactly the hole is present.

This detection is beneficial and essential because after knowing the severity of the damage and accessing that how big the gap is, you can easily estimate that which kind of tools you need for the repairing or the hole.

The severity and the size of the hole will tell the further proceedings. Either there is a need for using only RTV, or there is a requirement for some other tools as well.RTV silicon can use if a whole chunk is missing. And this missing of a decent chunk made an appropriate clear whole.

This detection is essential because by detecting this, we can understand that the hole of the subwoofer needs silicon or not as well as the comprehension of the quantity can obtain.

Unscrew the nuts and bolts

The second step is to unscrew the eight Philips or screws, which are on the wheel of the subwoofer. This unscrewing should be done with the help of a flat screwdriver so that it could not form any other chunk or hole in the rubber.

This screwdriver should be a cordless driver to remove the screws because otherwise, it can result in an accident. The purpose is the repairing of one hole, instead of creating another hole or number of holes in the rubber. That is why extreme care and attention needed for this step.

Holding and lifting of car subwoofer by a screwdriver

In this step, the holding and lifting of the subwoofer done with extreme precise care; for this purpose, you can use a flat pray tool that can place underneath the wheel of the subwoofer. Through this tool, you can easily lift the wheel of your car sub-woofer after lifting place your fingers under the rubber wheel very carefully, and hold it firmly with your fingers.

The grip of digits should be on the edges of the rubber wheel, not on the center, and not on the rubber around the wheel. Now lift it carefully and manage all the wires of the subwoofer so that they cannot create any sub closure or disturbance while doing the repairing of the hole.

Cleaning of the damaged area

In this step, cleaning should occur. Here cleaning is very important. To clean, use lint-free cloth because it is free from fibers, and it never stuck and left the grains or other threads in the wheel.

Clean the rubber wheel and rubber of the subwoofer with the help of your fingers in the lint-free cloth. Use the digits in specific directions for proper cleaning.

After cleaning the rubber of the subwoofer, slightly lift the hole and clean the vent from an upward and inward direction. Clean the mess from inside with the help of a lint-free cloth. Here is a detailed guide on cleaning a car subwoofer.

This cleaning is essential because it helps in seeing the hole and damage. This cleaning gives a whole comprehension of how much silicon is needed for closing and repairing the breach.

Use Nitrile gloves

In this step, you need to prepare yourself for the application of RTV silicone. For this purpose, wear the gloves these gloves can be your favorite gloves, but they should be nitrile gloves. Other gloves can retain and gives some threads, and that is why these threads get stuck in the silicon very much. These gloves should fix and nitrile in nature.

In this step, you can take a flat plate or a clean plane and flat surface. On this plate or either on this flat surface, you can pour the silicon by pressing the tube. In this stage, you will not use your hand or finger for the mixing or controlling of the silicon. Just squeeze the container and add some silicon to the surface you have chosen.

Use Cotton swab as RTV applicator

In this step, you need a cotton swab. You can use this cotton swab as an RTV applicator. But as no fiber is allowed in the application of RTV or the repairing, so you can easily remove the upper part, which is the cotton part of the cotton swab.

The remaining stick will now work as an RTV applicator. It would help if you make sure that there is no fiber of cotton remained on the stick.

Now step is to dip the stick in the RTV silicon done by the stick in a manner that it should not contain all the RTV silicon. Take a drop off or a patch of this silicon.

Now apply this silicon on the hole or the damage with the help of this stick. The stick should move in the repairing directions. There is no requirement to fill the void inside and outside with the RTV silicon.

Just put the appropriate amount on the hole. Slightly rub it and cover the damage from upward and underneath the hole. Don’t overload it form a thin layer of RTV silicone on the shaft.

RTV silicon on the fingertip for inside repair

In this step, the underside damage would repair. For this purpose, take a dap of RTV silicon on the gloved finger. Then apply and rub this finger on the underside damaged area.

Now slightly move your finger and rub it around the damage and cover it smoothly.

This step is significant in that you are only forming a thin layer of the RTV silicon. There is no need to make a considerable lump or damp of the silicon. Gently form a delicate and precise layer and cover the whole damage carefully.

Pushing with precise attention and calculated force

In this step, pushing performed and obviously, the pushing method is risk-based, because, during pushing, you can again open the hole and create damage.

That is why complete attention and a large force required for pushing the wheel of the sub-woofer. This pushing did for the firm joint. But it is a hazardous method.

For the appropriate pushing, you need to learn a few things; one of them is pushing a couple of times in the center of the subwoofer.

This pushing is done for making sure that RTV silicone is wholly attached to the damage. Moreover, this pushing is to make sure that silicon will not impede the subwoofer, and it will not affect the functioning of the subwoofer in the future.

Flashlight detection across the subwoofer hole

This stage is the final step of repairing the hole. In this step, when you make sure that the silicon is ultimately formed with the shaft and covers the damage. Then use a flashlight. Put this flashlight underneath the damaged hole. On the torch and see through the hole.

Make sure that no light is making its way from the place of damage. If no light is coming from the site of injury, it means that the hole is completely covered with silicon. And it is a sign that repairing is carrying out completely.

This method above is a precise nine-step guide for repairing a hole in a car subwoofer. If you follow this nine-step guide carefully, then it can help you improve your sub-woofer.

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