Do Car Speakers Need Enclosures?

Do Car Speakers Need Enclosures?
Do Car Speakers Need Enclosures?

Do Car Speakers Need Enclosures?

People get confused when they install speakers in their cars. They want to get the best performance and output from their speakers. That is why people get confused about how to mount their speakers for the best quality and sound.

So, people who have smaller cars, think twice before installing car speakers with the enclosures. Now, the real question is, do car speakers really need enclosures? Well, the answer is yes, and no. There can be many cases where your car speakers need enclosures and where you might not need it.

Following are some reasons that will determine if your car speakers need an enclosure or not:

  • Enclosures enable High Bass
  • Enclosure keeps your speakers safe
  • Speakers that come with enclosures
  • Enclosure indoor speakers

Do Car Speakers Need Enclosures?

So, people ask too many questions about where they should install the speakers in their car. Some try to install in the doors of the car while some install behind the backseat of their car. There are many ways in which you can install speakers.

People also ask questions about whether they should install the speakers using enclosures or not. You often use speakers in your home which are larger in size and better in quality. The enclosures for home speakers are big and weigh more than the car speaker enclosure whereas cars have less space to store speaker enclosures.

Enclosures enable high base

Enclosures are boxes in which the speakers are installed. The speakers are installed in the enclosure in such a way that the front of the speaker is kept outside the enclosure, and the magnetic coil is kept inside the enclosure. When people want to install more than one speaker in an enclosure, then they build a larger enclosure for their car.

Larger enclosure can only be kept in the trunk of the car, and the speaker often take a huge space in the trunk. So, people, when choosing the enclosures for their speaker, they want high bass and better sound quality. Some people have a 3D audio system in their car so, they install several speakers in the enclosure for better sound.

Larger speakers are often used behind the backseat of the car. When the speakers are installed behind the backseat of the car, there can be two options for you to install your speakers. Whether you can install them with cardboard behind the head of the backseat or you can use enclosures to install the speakers.

So, if you want higher bass from your speakers, then you can use enclosures to install the speakers. You must be wondering how an enclosure gives higher bass? Well, the enclosures can give higher bass in such a way that when the speakers try to take out bass from them, they use the air inside the enclosure to create more pressure and give out more bass.

Even when the speaker gives out bass, the enclosures are placed in the car and is always in contact with the car body. So, when the speaker hits the bass, then the enclosure vibrates while it is inside the car. This makes you feel more bass because you feel more vibration because of that.

So, enclosures can be used to create more bass, so they are good for better quality if you want bass.

Enclosures keep your car speaker safe

Yes, enclosures are beneficial for your speakers too. How is that? When you install the speakers on a wooden board behind the head of the backseat of your car, the speakers are exposed to the backseat passengers. If you have a smaller car, then we will recommend you to install your speakers on a wooden board behind the backseat of your car.

The reason is that smaller cars have a smaller trunk. If you place an enclosure in the trunk of your car, then your trunk will not be able to store more items in it. Enclosures are good for your speakers if you have a bigger car. If you have a smaller car and you can compromise the space of your trunk, then you must use enclosures for your speakers.

If you cannot compromise the trunk space in your car, then you must install the speakers the other way. People who want to keep stuff in the trunk of their car, they do not install speakers with enclosures, but those who are fond of music and do not care about how much space their soundbox is going to take. So, people with small cars should install speakers on the wooden board.

How enclosures keep the car speakers safe? The answer to this question is when the speakers are installed on the wooden board, and they are always exposed to the backseat passengers because they are placed behind the head of the passengers.

Whereas, when the speakers are installed with enclosures, they are safely placed in the trunk if they are pointed towards the backseat from the trunk. Also, when the wooden board is used for speakers, then the speaker wires are also exposed when we open the trunk. To prevent all these problems, enclosures can be used for car speakers.

Speakers that come with enclosures

The speaker manufacturers make speakers with enclosures too. They sell drivers and enclosures separately and altogether too. There is a large number of models that the manufacturers sell with a complete package. These packages contain an amplifier, audio head, wirings and speaker with enclosures.

These are specially designed for the clients that have a larger vehicle or SUV, where they have a good space to keep these enclosures. The sound boxes or enclosures are do not only contain one or two speakers, and they contain a speaker driver, a subwoofer driver and a tutor also.

To give the best sound quality and high performance, these types of models are specially designed with a perfect architecture and engineering to provide the maximum output with the available devices. These car speakers enclosures are often fully packed and they do not contain any exhaust in them, which provide better bass vibration and sound quality. If you want good quality sound than your car speakers need enclosures.

Enclosure in car door speakers

You may be wondering how an enclosure is installed in a door. Well, when the speakers are installed in the door, they are always in contact with the door. By being attached directly to the body of the car, they create powerful sound and even create a good bass. For a super neat sound, your car speakers need enclosures.

But you cannot say that the speaker enclosures can be installed in the speakers. The enclosures are big sound boxes in which the driver unit of the speaker is installed. Some good cars come with door speakers pre-installed in them. Low-range cars have speakers mounted on the board of the door, which is just a simple fitting.

Mid-rangers and luxury cars which come with stock speakers fitted in the doors of the car, always have a luxury fitting for the speakers inside the door. The doors of these cars are always designed to mount these specific speakers in them, and they produce good quality sound even better than an aftermarket speaker.

Why is this so? This is because the company creates a built-in enclosure for the speakers inside the door. These enclosures are high-quality enclosures and they are pre-mounted in the doors of these cars. So, enclosures inside the door speakers are really good. If you could install any aftermarket enclosures in the door, then we would recommend that to you.

But those cars which have a special design and structure for a speaker to mount. These are no less than any speaker enclosure.

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