Best Budget 10 Inch Car Subwoofer 2022

Best Budget 10 Inch Car Subwoofer 2022 Reviews
Best Budget 10 Inch Car Subwoofer 2022 Reviews

I remember back in the old times when things used to be cheaper and affordable. One could easily afford things back at that time and easily buy car subwoofers.

This is why, rather going for big and expensive subwoofers, people actually prefer small and best budget subwoofers for the car. And that is what we will be discussing in this article. We will discuss small-sized, budget-friendly subwoofers.

There is a wide range of subwoofers these days that you can get with a much pocket-friendly price tag. The most popular of them are the 10 Inch subwoofers.

Our team of editors has gone through big research and they finally managed to pull out the latest 10 inches subwoofer that will provide you immense satisfaction as well as the value of money.

Let us have a look at the top picks of best budget 10-inch car subwoofers 2022:

Best Budget 10 Inch car subwoofers 2022



Pyle Car Audio Subwoofer

Durable with impressive surround sound. Non-press cone and sleek protective design.

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MTX Magnum

Contains amp and subs in a single enclosure, excellent bass.

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Kenwood KFC

Smart and durable provides dual ventilation and deep bass.

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Skar Audio Dual-layer, powerful subwoofer

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Low-profile, inexpensive and shallow mount.

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Rockford Fosgate

Innovative. Equipped with top-notch features, provides ease of installation.

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JL Audio

Amazing ventilation technique, deep bass, and vocals, perfect for tropical areas and deserts.

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Planet Audio

Attractive design, clarity in vocals and strong bass.

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Kicker Car Subwoofer Budget-friendly, deep bass

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Lowest mounting depth, easily fits everywhere in the car, adjustable input and output.

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Best Budget 10 Inch Car Subwoofer 2022 Reviews

10 Inch Car Subwoofer

In this article, our editors have explained in detail these top best budget subwoofers that are perfect for your car. There are many brands in the market that are manufacturing high-quality subwoofers and with the best price tag. We have tested hundreds of 10 Inch subwoofers before making this list.

Below are the detailed product reviews:

Pyle Car Audio Speaker Subwoofer

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Whenever you go buy a speaker there are three things you look: Size, Durability, and Performance. Speaking of these three qualities, the Pyle 10″ Car Audio Speaker Subwoofer has it all. That is why we are starting our review from it.

What makes a 10 inches subwoofer quite fascinating is that it can fit in almost every car, whether it is a big one or a compact one. The mounting depth of this subwoofer is 4.7 inches which makes it even easier to mount in.

These best budget car subwoofers can prove to be an efficient replacement for your old speakers. Plus they save a lot of space in your car. It’s a complete win-win.

Moving on towards our second point, which is Durability. As I have already mentioned that this product is designed on the basis of these three points. It comes with a design that is can last long enough to go for years.

If we talk about its rubber suspension, then it is designed in such a way that it will not cause fatigue or numbness upon us. This design makes it perfect for younger and older people and to those who have sensitive ears as well.

You can buy this from Amazon.

Adding to this, these 10-inch subwoofers give the special feature of rubber magnet boot. It protects your speaker’s magnet from scratching the surface of the speaker. It also comes with a non-press cone which makes the sound output more surrounding.

This product has a bumped and vented motor which provides more power handling. The motor is bordered with special surround foam which gives it extra protection during humpy rides.

Now let us talk about the performance given by this budget-friendly subwoofer. The power handling capacity of this 10-inch subwoofer is quite impressive for a 10 inches car subwoofer. It can handle a max power of 1000 watts. Other than that, it gives the impedance of 500 watts RMS.

This level of power handling provides just the right amount of bass you were searching for. The sound output is loud and clear. You can turn loud music in it with ease. You can use a Single Din Head Unit with this budget subwoofer.

It comes with dual four-ohm impedance which greatly reduces any sign of noise or distortion into your music and gives out the crispy noise-less sound.

There is no compromise on the performance of these subs, add them with your amplifier and they will nail every note of the music. These subs have a sensitivity rating of 90 dB which is perfect for your small cars.

This product is a 2 quad later high-temperature dual voice coil which not only enhances your sound but provides a smooth non-fatiguing output as well.

Last but not least, the main wowing factor of this product is its price. With such highly-rated features and sleek design, the price of this sub is so mediocre. It will give the great value of money for students especially.

So if you are looking for a sleek and sexy design for a sub, with decent power handling and crispy enhanced music then go buy the Pyle Car Audio Speaker Subwoofer. This baby will rock your car up impressing everyone who hears it.


MTX Magnum

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Do you want such a subwoofer that comes with an additional amplifier too? A subwoofer and an amp which is enclosed in a box set come with the price of one. If yes, then the MTX Magnum MB210SP Dual 10″ Enclosure/Amp Combo is yours for taking.

This unique sub enclosure+amp is everything you can ask for. It comes with an enclosed box containing two 10 inches subwoofers along with a single amplifier. Let us explain the working and other amazing features of this sub box.

First of all, let us talk about the unusual design. It is a simple box containing two lightweight subs and an amp, the combination of these items creates an epic bass to your music. With these subwoofers, you will not to have to worry about budget.

Gone are those days where you worried about buying an amp to work with your subs. The amp built inside is specially designed to work with your subwoofers. They maintain a healthy connection to your subs and amplify your music wonderfully.

The manufacturer of this product claims that it is developed and engineered for epic bass. The subwoofers are designed to produce excellent music.

The subwoofers consist of the not-so-heavy polypropylene dust cap. Now, this is something fantastic because these dust caps do not let dust or any other fine particles enter into your subs. These are also durable and work for a long span of time.

The subs are bordered with larger rubber surround. These help the subs to provide more enhanced audio with clear vocals. They also act as a protective layer for your subs.

Buy now from Amazon.

There is a big port present on the front of the sub enclosure. Now, this big port not only adds extra Sound pressure level on the music but also quite wonderfully enhances music where resonating bass is needed more.

The build quality of this enclosure is superb. The design alone is built with an alluring black body with the company’s logo etched beautifully on the speakers.

The enclosure is built using a 5/8 medium density fiberboard. The MDF not only protects your subwoofer enclosure from humidity but also provides excellent bass handling. It can handle higher levels of bass with ease.

Let us dig into the power handling capacity of this amazing product. Its box can handle up to 1200 watts of maximum power charge which is pretty impressive for a 10 inches subwoofer.

Moreover, it has the capability to run stunningly smooth at a rate of 400 watts RMS. In addition to this, it posses the ability to withstand a peak power of 800 watts.

These sub+amp enclosures are perfect for your small cars or trucks. You don’t need to buy heavy and expensive speakers now. They are costly as well as roomy. Plus this product also saves you from the effort of buying an amplifier and joining with your subs.

This product provides you the fair value of money. Just keep in mind that you are buying a sub and an amp together and it saves you a lot of money. It works great indoors as well as outdoors.

Now your barbeque party at the weekends will be dope than ever.

Therefore, if you want to save yourself from the mess of buying an amp or if you want to save money then the MTX Magnum MB210SP Dual 10″ Enclosure/Amp Combo is all yours. Do try these subs out and let us know in the comments about your experience.


Kenwood Best Budget Subwoofer 2022

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Whenever we ought to buy new speakers for our car, we wish that we choose the best one within the minimum price range that can be reliable and durable. Who else can provide these top-notch features other than the Kenwood?

The Kenwood KFC-W2516PS 10″ 4-ohm Component Subwoofer is no exception to what I have just told you. It is sleek, it is powerful and it is sexy. Let us take a small tour of its specs to know more about this remarkable product.

This product promises its customers to provide the best bass to your car system. This feature is supported by its phenomenal design structure and power handling. Let us dig deep into its design. With all these super features, this is among the top best budget subwoofers in the market.

The cone of this product is made of polypropylene. These cones are perfect for mid-range frequencies. Their performance is applaud-able and they are also much easy to function. The sound output from these cones is smooth due to the dampness and stiffness of these cones.

The sub also contains a dual-stacked magnet. This thing will provide some amazing bass output. It will enhance the sound to a great extent.

The polypropylene cone is reinforced with a rubber surround. This rubber surround is as rigid as it can be. It supports the long cone and gives a reliable sound.

If we talk about the power handling of this sub, then the capacity of it is quite good. This subwoofer can handle peak power as high as 1300 watts. Other than that, it produces phenomenal output while working up to 300 watts RMS. You should know the average price of car subwoofers.

Click here to check the price.

If we use these subwoofers with an amplifier then it would be fantastic. The amplifier will enhance its output sound and let it produce an even more powerful bass. It will also let the sub create a louder sound without distorting or creating noise.

The frequency response of this subwoofer ranges as low as 32 Hz to as high as 300 Hz. This frequency range is considered ideal for subwoofers given their size and mounting space.

The mounting depth of these subs is 4-9/16 inches which are pretty reasonable to fit in any small-sized car. The impedance of these subs is 4 ohm.

A splendid feature of this product is the double ventilation system. The sub is designed in a way that the motor inside does not get heated up even in hot temperatures. The ventilation system takes out the heat from two different ways: Back and sides.

The box of this product comes along with certain things needed for installment. For example, it comes with 8 screws, a cardboard template, and an adhesive foam gasket.

It will also contain a user manual and a warranty. One side of your sub will have the option of spring terminals. The purpose of these is to connect with your amp with multiple options like wires, banana plugs or pin-connectors.

You can also etch your subwoofer either in a sealed box or you can place it inside a vented box. The sealed box will provide you additional controls and power handling while the vented box will produce more bass and it can go well with your amp as well.

So if you are looking for a long-life sub that has a booming bass production along with the value of money then you should try the Kenwood KFC Component Subwoofer. You are going to love it. Do share your experience with us.


Skar Audio 10-Inch Subwoofer

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It is much difficult to choose between the best subs because all of them are very much alike. It then comes to the main contrasting features that distinguish them from others. Such is the case of the Skar Audio VD-10 D4 10″ 800W Max Power Dual 4 Ohm Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer.

This 10 inches dual 4-ohm subwoofer is something you do not want to miss. From its strong foam surround to its super protective aluminum basket, this sub is a complete package.

This item is a product of the VD series of the manufacturing company Skar. The VD series was specially designed to provide immense power and smooth handling along with flexibility.

This 10 inches subwoofer is a shallow mount subwoofer. A shallow mount sub can fit easily in any part of the car, unlike traditional subs. The shallow mount budget subwoofers are designed to produce perfect output even if is concealed under the seats.

This product is a perfect blend of epic bass performance, a relatively higher amount of power along with the best performance.

The power-handling capability of this sub is absolutely crazy. It can handle a whopping 500 watts RMS which is quite massive for such a small size of sub. It can efficiently handle peak power exceeding 800 watts.

The frequency response of these subs ranges from 45Hz to about 500 Hz. These ranges are perfect to produce bass and lower-mid bass in a subwoofer.

The sensitivity of this subwoofer is 85.2 dB which is pretty good. This high level of sensitivity will create even louder music that will make your long drives lit.

The 2 four-ohm voice coil will provide such an enormous amount of bass. They will produce some higher-level amplitude bass.

Buy now from Amazon.

If we take a look at the cone of this sub then you will be amazed to see dual-layer spider conex. This cone shape will provide more efficient power to the speaker. The sub is surrounded with heavy strength foam surround which lets it adjust anywhere in the car.

The shape of the cones will make it much easier to fit inside the smallest of places inside your car. They are designed to work in concealed spaces.

The mounting depth of this product is 4.41 inches. Having this little mounting depth can prove to be of great value for a shallow mount subwoofer. Lower mounting depth means more chances of fitting into smaller spaces.

If we talk about the ventilation system of this sub, then you will be impressed to know that it is equipped with the latest cooling technique design. It will let the sub-work normal even in heated areas. This system will do the best efforts to keep the motor cool even in the hot busy hours.

If we etch these subs into a sealed or vented enclosure it will work brilliantly in both cases. As I have discussed earlier the difference between vented and sealed enclosures, they will be perfect in power handling and deep-bass enhancement.

Lastly, the only thing most of us care about is the price tag. You don’t need to worry about that. The price of this subwoofer is quite affordable if compared to other high-end speaker systems.



No products found.

Do you have a small car or a truck where it is impossible to fit big speakers? Do you prefer more space in your small car but also want a decent sound system so that you don’t get bored during the long travel hours?

If you want all of this then you must consider installing the PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10-Inch, 1.200 Watts Shallow-Mount Subwoofer

This speaker is such a great thing to fit into your car. It has the ability to fit anywhere inside your car or truck. This 10 inches subwoofer will redefine the class. After all, this is Pioneer we are talking about.

This shallow mount subwoofer is made to fit in congested enclosures. This is a low-profile sub and it will provide the best performance no matter which area of the car it fits in.

It has the capacity to withstand a peak charge of almost 1200 watts. A sub that can handle more peak power can last longer.

The power capacity range lies between 100 to 300 watts. This decent amount of charge is enough for the sub to function properly.

If we take a look at its design, it’s luxurious. The sub is made in a way that maximum air passes through it when it is working. It will produce massive levels of bass with a twist of deep vocal notes.

The cone is built up of special MICA injected molded design. One special thing about this cone is that its diameter is huge as compared to other subs. These cones are so Hot in appearance.

The singular 4 ohms voice coil present inside the subs ensures that the sound quality must be the highest along with super bass that can take you to the moon and back. The cone and the coil both complement each other and together they create outstanding beats.

The mounting depth of this sub is almost 3 1/8. It is indeed one of the smallest mounting depths we have come across in our reviews. The advantage of this will be that you can perfectly fit it into smaller spaces. It gives you diversity at the best price. If you are tight on the budget, this is a perfect choice for your car.

If you take a look at the sensitivity levels then you will see that it is 91 dB. This frequency level is ideal for bass propagation. You will experience rich bass because of the sensitivity levels of this sub. This will also allow the sub to create louder sound efficiently.

The box of this product comes with a 10 inches subwoofer, 8 self-tapping screws, and a user manual along with a warranty card. You will also find an adhesive foam gasket. 

The best thing about this product is it looks so expensive, but it isn’t expensive. The price tag is way too low as compared to others and you can easily afford this beauty.

So if you need perfection in your car, then you must have to install the PIONEER TS 10-Inch, 1.200 Watts Shallow-Mount Subwoofer. It is attractive, it is small and it is cheap. Go grab it right now!


Rockford Fosgate

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Everyone wants to buy equipment that is designed from the latest technologies and this case is true for your subwoofers as well. Don’t you want such a subwoofer that provides maximum protection and top-notch features in a compact size?

The Rockford Fosgate P3D4-10 Punch P3 DVC 4-Ohm 10-Inch 500-Watt RMS 1000 Watts Peak Subwoofer is all about what we described. This little subwoofer has got all the qualities of a high-end woofer or speaker. Let’s dig into the details.

This subwoofer is manufactured by Rockford Fosgate which is one of the leading manufacturers of stereo systems. This item belongs to the Punch P3 series. The P3 series equipment is specially designed to give their customers utter satisfaction in terms of quality and bass production.

So what is the difference between this sub and the other ones mentioned in the list? Let’s read a few details about it.

First of all, these subwoofer series have cones that are designed with unique parabolic design. This anodized aluminum design lets the sound propagate more. The aluminum does not let the heat gather inside and dissipate it out. Your sub will be pretty cool due to this feature.

To help the cone work more efficiently, there are huge rubber surrounds bordered to the cone. These surrounds will help in creating rich and deep bass. The sub contains one of the best motors inside to support the sound system and maintain power control

The spider venting design of these unique cones does not let the motor to over-heat. This product is developed with such materials that it has become relatively light-weight as compared to other subs.

The peak handling capacity of these subs is 1000 watts. For a 10 inches sub, this peak power capacity is wonderful. The handling capacity of these subs, otherwise, is 500 watts RMS.

These speakers handle power in a continuous manner rather than instantly connecting, in this way the voice coils are protected from any damage.

The voice-coil itself is built up of high-temperature voice coil technology. This lets the voice coil to work smoothly even in severe heat conditions. This feature is quite useful if you belong to a hot tropical area. It contains a Nomex collar on its top which reduces noise in the subs.

These speakers follow the Vertical Attaching Surround Technique. This phenomenon dramatically increases the capabilities of the sub. It creates a significantly higher amount of radiations near the cone which results in a more concrete sound that can be heard from longer distances.

This speaker gives you the ultimate ease of installation due to its flexing capabilities. The frame of this sub uses slots instead of those typical screw holes. This greatly helps when you are etching your sub; it lets you adjust more easily.

Rather than using those typical wire leads, this product uses Stitched Tinsel Leads. These leads are better in performance and are long-lasting as well. Moreover, they can bear long working, high amounts of current, and fatigue as well with proficiency.

We bet that these features are something that you were looking for. These subs are the ultimate innovation. They aren’t that expensive either. So this is the time to think wisely and if it clicks your mind then take this Rockford Fosgate 10-Inch 500-Watt RMS 1000 Watts Peak Subwoofer home. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments.


JL Audio

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Let’s say that you work at a place. Your job requires you to deliver things in your car and you live in an extremely hot region. You would want to have such type of equipment in your car that does not burn out due to excessive heat. Your subwoofer might be a victim too if it’s mounted on the rear side.

But with the 10W0V3-4 – JL Audio 10″ Single 4-Ohm W0V3 Series Subwoofer now you do not need to worry about your subs frying out due to heat. Its venting techniques are excellent along with the quality sound which it produces. Let’s have a look.

First of all, let’s speak about the star feature of this sub which is the ventilation technique. This advanced elevated frame cooling technique is such an epic solution to heat issues.

It will pass air directly to the voice coil which will in return dissipate heat present inside the motor. This rapid heat dissipation will prove to be much healthy to your sub’s frame structure. This will let your sub handle more power and show more efficiency.

The JL Audio has already established its name in the field. They have provided high-end stereo products to their customers over these years. This subwoofer is no exception.

This subwoofer can hold a peak power of up to 600 watts. The capacity of this product is 300 watts, which is quite reasonable for a 10-inch subwoofer. This makes it one of the best budget 10-inch subwoofers in 2022.

Another contrasting feature of this sub is the dynamic motor analysis. It is to optimize its motor and maintain stability, especially in the magnetic field. This will create a depth effect on the vocals and bass. The sound produced will be crisp and clear.

If we talk about the cone’s material, it is made up of a polypropylene cone. This type of cone is rigid and durable. To support and protect the cone, a large rubber roll is bordered around it. It will not only hold the cone but also provide epic quality extra-long excursion.

All these features will make your sub more concrete and deep. The 2 voice coil present in this sub ensures the best performance in any condition.

If you still want to see the best of these subs then connect it with an amplifier and then enjoy some rave music. These will work pretty well in sealed and normal-sized ported enclosures.

This subwoofer is inexpensive. You can easily buy it with a month or two savings. This product will be worth the wait.

So without any doubt, the JL Audio 10 Inch Subwoofer is a classic. It works extremely well in heated areas. It produces high-quality sound with an additional depth effect. It is not costly. What are you waiting for Grab this baby and nail it inside your car.


Planet Audio

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From sleek design to jaw-dropping surround sound to excellent voice coil and cones, this subwoofer has a tale to tell. The Planet Audio AC10D 10 Inch Car Subwoofer is a combination of high-end specifications combined with impressive build materials. This is one of the best budget subwoofers in 2022.

Let us take a detailed tour of this best price subwoofer.

First of all, let me tell you about its cone. Like any other good quality product, its cone is always made from Polypropylene. This feature not only enhances the surround sound but can be long-lasting as well. The polypropylene is light-weight, durable and flexible.

If we take a closer look at the voice coil, then you will notice that it is developed to work quite normally under extreme conditions such as heat. The voice coil is functioned in a way that causes no fatigue. This makes it ideal to use for long hours.

The sensitivity is 87 dB which is ideal for strong bass production. It also means that you can go as much louder as you want without damaging your speaker.

The cone of this sub is surrounded with very flexible foam which boosts the performance and efficiency levels of your subwoofer. It will also prove to provide enhanced excursions. This foam does not let the cone move here and there.

This foam also has the capability to sense any abnormality in the subwoofer. If it thinks that the sub is working aggressively more than its capacity then it will halt its own waves to control the situation.

This sub is equipped with a stamped bask feature is what many of the music lovers die for. This provides a platform so concrete and firm which lets the listener experience strong vocals with ultimate clarity. The output sound takes you to a merry ride.

For best results, mount these best budget car subwoofers into a sealed or vented box. Also, attach it with an amp for extended performance. This will not only enhance the bass but you can also enjoy the louder sound without any noise and distortion.

Another great advantage of these subs is that you do not need to drill new holes into the car while mounting; it can easily fit in place of your factory speakers.

The price of this product is not high. You can easily buy it with some savings. It is best if you save some money and buy an amp with it.

So if you are looking for a ravishing design that can attract many with its design and quality then do not hesitate to buy the Planet Audio 10 Inch Subwoofer. It has got everything for you.


Kicker 43C104

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Some are built to provide quality, some show great durability and some show the best vocals. This product here is a mixture of all. The thick cone of this product is such a monster.

Here I present to you another marvel manufactured by the Kicker Company. This is the Kicker 10″ 300 Watt SVC 4-ohm Car Audio Subwoofer.

It promises to deliver an enormous amount of bass. It is like you’ll feel like sitting in a vibrating machine, the massive amount of bass will vibrate your life up.

If we go through the power of this product then the stats are quite satisfactory. This can handle power up to 125 watts RMS. This will provide just the ideal amount of depth to your classical music.

The peak power of this product is about 500 watts. If we attach an amp to this speaker it will improve the handling capacity and performance too.

I couldn’t help but notice the power-pack frequency response of this budget subwoofer. The range lies between 50 Hz to almost 500 Hz. This range is ideal for subwoofers. It helps to produce deep bass, along with mid-range and high bass.

The sensitivity of this product is quite normal lying at 86.2 dB. As I have already mentioned, a higher level of sensitivity means we can turn our sound louder too.

Now let us move towards the dynamic design of this subwoofer. As you can see the shape of the cone is somehow much different from the products we have reviewed before. There is a big reason to shape it like this. Let me explain it to you.

The cone is composed of injection-molded polypropylene with a flex-resistance technology. This unique cone has a 360 degrees back bracing feature. This feature will let you listen to music even if it is the lowest.

This type of cone will show a high amount of resistance against heat. They save your speakers from humidity and dust. They are rigid as well, unlike the typical paper cones.

This amazing cone has a unique build and its look is so dope. To complement this cone, a ribbed foam surround is attached to the borders. It will exhibit a great level of excursions.

The strong basket of steel will act as a concrete base for those tremendous amounts of bass levels. For added security, the terminals of speakers are plated with nickel which will help in solid connectivity. A rubber magnet boot is present on the outside to protect the magnitude of pre-installation.

This subwoofer works really well in sealed and ported enclosures. The sealed enclosure will provide more controls and versatility to your sub while ported enclosures will improve the overall performance with enhanced bass.

The mounting depth of this subwoofer is about 5 inches. This can perfectly sit on the rear of your car or the side doors.

The box of this product contains a subwoofer along with a user’s manual and rubber boot magnet installed on the amp. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

In the end, this subwoofer is much light on the pocket. It is affordable and durable.

So this subwoofer celebrates bass all over. If you want such massive bass with top-notch facilities and monstrous design then do buy the Kicker Car Audio Subwoofer and enjoy your ride. You will be amazed to see the price tag with this best budget sub.


Rockville Powered Subwoofer

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Do you have low space inside your car? Do you want to attach such a sound system that can work well even if you mount it under your seat? Do you like slim stereos?

If your answer is positive, then let me present to you this showstopper Rockville RW10CA 10″ 800 Watt Slim Low Profile Active Powered 10-Inch Car Subwoofer. This low profile subwoofer is the ultimate solution to your space issues. Let me give you a detailed review of it. You can always choose a subwoofer with a small enclosure.

This speaker is designed to install in the least of spaces. The wonderful design is a marvel from head to toe. This subwoofer has an advanced level of controls which does not require you to manually turn your on or off.

Another brilliant feature is the smart circuit. This smart circuit automatically senses whether an audio signal is present or not, it turns your radio on according to it.

A shining feature of this speaker is the built-in amp which is built with the latest technology. If you turn off your music, the amp will also be turned off.

Another feature you might like is the subsonic filter technology. This lets you have advanced controls over the sound and volume; even you can control the lowest frequencies with this technology. Moreover, this also lets you control bass, phase and filters crossover.

The structure and design of this item are simple. If you take a closer look, you will see that all the input and output ports are placed on the single side. This lessens the complexity of wiring and provides ease of installation.

The frequency response of this box ranges from 20 Hz to 150 Hz. This is perfect for a 10 inches box. The 20 Hz low sensitivity wonderfully enhances the low pitched sounds making your music deeply.

The sensitivity level of this subwoofer is 90 dB. This means more loudness and less distortion.

This box can fit easily into any small place of your car. The mounting depth of it is also small (2.7 inches) which makes it ideal to mount under the seat or rear. There will be no compromise on the sound quality even if it is under the seat at it is developed in such a way that it auto-enhances your sound.

Unlike other products, that we have mentioned above, this one has an impedance of 2 ohms instead of 4 ohms. The advantage of this will result in more acoustical sensations in the music. Plus it works great with the amp as well.

If we take a look at the handling capacity then it is 200 RMS. The peak power of this sub is estimated to be around 800 watts.

So overall this product is great. It is less expensive, it can be mounted in the smallest places and it has so many features that other subs lack exclusively. We recommend you to buy the Rockville Powered Car Subwoofer for your smart cars.

Check the amazing capabilities of this budget subwoofer yourself and do let us know about your experience in the comment section below.


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