How to Convert a Speaker into Subwoofer?

How to Convert a Speaker into Subwoofer
How to Convert a Speaker into Subwoofer

Here are 10 best ways to convert home speakers into subwoofers. We have added the required tools along with a step-by-step guide.

How to Convert a Speaker into Subwoofer? You can convert a speaker into a subwoofer by removing the cross-over of tweeters, cover the hole, attach the unit o bass with the subwoofer, build a box, add additional resonant elements, and seal the ports.

How to Convert a Speaker into Subwoofer?

If you are wondering about converting a speaker into a subwoofer, then the article is for you. For this, we will turn the home speaker into the home subwoofer.

Subwoofer explained

A subwoofer or sub is a loudspeaker or a woofer. Its fundamental function is to produce sound frequencies of low-pitch. It is also called bass in general language.

The structure of a sub is generally enclosed with plastic or wood. Its structure is a type of loudspeaker that can include a lot of woofers.

The frequency depends on its utility. They usually range between 20Hz to 200Hz, while the best devices have a frequency below a hundred hertz. You can also find the subs with a frequency range below eighty hertz in the market.

Speaker explained

Conversely, it is just a loudspeaker and nothing other than it. It is known as a transducer electroacoustic. It merely converts the electrical signals into audio.

The fundamental rule that it follows is the fluctuations of the electric signals make the device to coincide with it. It generates audio waves via the source of water or air.

Required tools

Amplifier: You need an amp that will supply power to the subwoofer. A usual amplifier has 2 channels; with the help of these channels.

Bluetooth USB: You can also install Bluetooth USB as it is the easiest way.

A converter: You will require twelve volts to five volts. This converter is utilized to convert the twelve volts of the power supply into five volts. These five volts of power is supplied to Bluetooth USB and you can buy this online.

DC adapter: You need two twelve volts DC adapters to supply power to the Bluetooth USB amplifier.

Switches: You need two toggle switches.

Wood: You can combine two different wood colors to create a fascinating effect. And your subwoofers will esthetically look good. You can combine dark brown and light brown colors. You can also mix black and grey shades to make it eye-catching.

Wires: You will require wires for the connection.

Fabric and foam: You will require some fabric and foam for the cylinders. If you want to make a gadget containing ports in it, you will need port materials. Drainage pipe is best suitable for this purpose as you know it is readily available and low cost. It can also do a perfect job.

Material: You will need equipment to damp in the enclosure to close it. You can utilize two things for this purpose. One is insulation, and the other is acoustic foam. Acoustic foam is not readily available and is quite expensive.

So carpet underlay of foam is a much better and cheap option to hide the speaker wires without cutting wall. You can also use fiberglass for insulation. Moreover, people also utilize pillows for this purpose.

It is not necessary to fill the enclosure. But you have to cover the essential areas completely. If your subwoofer is cylindrical, then you have to line the internal wall with some insulation.

Remove the cross-over of tweeters

The upper unit is called a tweeter, and it generates higher notes. At the same time, the lower unit produces middle or lower notes.

If you need to change your speaker in a subwoofer, you have to detach it’s cross-over and tweeter. It is a path of the circuit created to split the audio signals into low and high-frequency signals.

Cover the tweeter hole

After removing the tweeter, cover the hole with some suitable material. You can find the equipment from anywhere. Take care while removing the tweeters to prevent any damage.

Attach the unit of bass with the subwoofer

Now connect the jacks with the base unit of the AV amplifier you have. The intensity of the produced bass relies on the size and the cabinet.

For example, smaller boxes and smaller gadgets will generate higher bass, and larger and bigger boxes will make lower bass.

In this condition, the output will be dropped at 6dB/octave, lower than the resonant point. The resonance of a stereo is determined with the help of speaker cone mass that reacts with the compliance sum of the air spring and surround spring.

The cone’s working area makes it with the box volume. Motor strength controls the filter dumping. We get it by multiplying the drive coil turns number and the magnetic field’s strength.

This can result in an odd way as if the magnet will be more durable than the bass will be less as compared to the high frequencies.

Build Subwoofer Box

After that, you need to make a special box. First of all, check specifications to know the correct size of it. Generally, you must have a reflex system for bass to receive a good bass response and a tiny box comparatively. Here is a detailed guide on subwoofer box designs for deep bass.

If you need a packed product to get flat to twenty hertz, you will require a tiny box with a large and small cone type or a big box with a large cone.

It can go low later, but in this case, it might be less efficient. You will be capable of moving the cone very long to get enough air.

Add an additional resonant element

You can prolong the lower frequency response with a high-order filter. You can do it by adding more resonant elements.

It could be a hole or another cone; there could also be a tube connected. This tube relies on the air’s mass that works with the box’s air compliance like a resonant element.

Select the appropriate sizes to get this filter in working condition. To get perfect dumping to align this filter to avoid a loud sound boom.

Its sound depends upon the alignment that can sound boomer if compared to the sealed box. Your homeroom has the resonant mode series that can add or subtract the bass performance output. Your AV receiver should have a DAC for better performance.

Seal the ports

Seal all the ports that it has in it. After that, paint the unit cone of the base with the help of rubberized paint.

Try to apply the thicker layer of paint like a liner of the truck bed. In this way, it will result in a more elegant look.

Purchase a more powerful amplifier and move it into a shallow pass filter. Preferably also purchase an equalizer to tackle the resonance of low frequencies. You can connect a PS5 to the surround sound system.

Comparison Chart for speakers Vs subwoofers

The main contrast between a speaker and a subwoofer fundamentally relates to their range of frequency.

Therefore they provide high-frequency range just like treble and mid-range till the ideal. The speaker creates noise and distortion and gives hearable differences in the closed or open areas. They play an essential part in the sound system.




Frequency range



Bass audio



Noise and distortions






Power handling