Can My Car Stereo Play WMA Files?

Can My Car Stereo Play WMA Files
Can My Car Stereo Play WMA Files

Here are 9 easy steps for playing WMA files in your car stereo. We have added the benefits of using this format along with this detailed guide.

Can My Car Stereo Play WMA Files? Yes, your car stereo can play WMA files by inserting a black CD in the CD-ROM, paste the WMA files, burn the files, and play it in the head unit.

WMA files deliver high-quality audio even with small size, it is an ideal choice for listening audio formats.

Can My Car Stereo Play WMA Files?

In this article, we have explained proven methods for playing WMA format on your car radio. Before going into the details, let me explain this format.

What are WMA files?

These are the windows media audio files that are capable of running on the Windows operating system.

They contain bitstreams that are properly encoded by the Windows media audio. These files are hard to run on the audio system because of these sound systems.

You will need to convert them into the mp3 to play. Many sound systems require mp3 or mp4 format rather than WMA files.

You have to convert the files to the desired format to run it in your vehicle. There are following steps that you have to follow to get accurate results:

Put a blank CD on your CD-ROM

You have to purchase a simple, compact disk free from all types of data and viruses. It must have a storage of 700 MB.

You have to put that disk in your CD ROM that will allow you to burn it. You have to check your CD’s working that it is working up to the mark and running all types of CDs and DVDs.

You should also check its ability to burn the disc and add all data types in it that you will require.

Click on the CD icon

When you have inserted the disk in your computer’s CD-ROM, you have to click on the START menu from the left bottom corner of the opening screen.

You will see the windows’ pop-up screen, and you have to select the PC from all these options.

You can use the search bar to reach it in no time. It must be your priority to check all the parameters before starting this process.

When you open the data available on your computer, then you will see all types of external and internal storage disks on your screen.

You have to click on the empty disk that you have inserted that will be showing in the option of devices and drives on your PC.

You have to check that there should be no unknown files containing a different type of viruses there.

You can use the option of format to remove your confusion of viruses and other unwanted content in it.

Paste the WMA files

You have to copy or move the files of windows media audio from your computer’s folder to this disk.

You should not change the format of these files by renaming the files and changing their extensions.

These techniques will corrupt the files, and your data will be lost. Many vehicles can play the files with the CDA format.

You have to use the method of a CD burner that will help you without losing any data in the whole process. Your car stereo can play DVD+ format.

Burn the files to disc

You have to click on the burn option that will appear on the screen when you will right-click by selecting all the WMA files.

You have to choose the option burn to CD by using a CD burner. It will burn the data from your computer’s windows to that blank CD that you have just inserted on it.

This process will take time as the amount of data that you have stored in it.

If you are burning around 700 MB of the data, it will take almost one hour to complete it. It is not a slow process because it has to convert every song into the disk’s compatibility.

There are fewer chances of loss of any data to lose in this process. All the files will be converted into a compatible form in one hour without any cost. You can use the car stereo without an antenna.

You have to pay a blank CD price that will not be more than ten to fifteen cents.

Take the CD out

When your PC shows that all the burning process is complete, you have to open the CD-ROM and remove the CD.

This CD will have the data that can run on your audio system. You have to save this CD from scratches so that it can run smoothly. You have to look for any wrapper of CD where it can place safely.

You can add accessories like subwoofers for better results, you must know the average price of car subwoofers.

Play WMA format in the car stereo

You have to put it in the car radio with complete confidence that it can run all the files on it. You have to turn on your vehicle’s sound system and try to check all files of your system.

You have to open every folder and try to match it completely. It will give you confidence while going on a long drive. A car radio can be hacked, always use reputed brands to prevent this.

You should also check that its sound is proper or low after burning on the CD. The sound of the files should remain the same there.

When you are trying all the files, you have to turn the volume high to get a straightforward idea of any problem present.

You have to resolve the issue, and you can also do the process of burning again for better results.

You can also do the process of burning by hiring an expert in this field. You can solve all these things without any problem by doing this.

Change the format of any single file if required

In some cases, there is a possibility that the form of all files may not convert. You have to change only those files by leaving all others that are working well.

You have to get an idea of changing all the files’ format by scrolling and getting a bird view of all the files.

It will give you a statement that you have to repeat the whole process of burning or change it to a few single files.


Let me explain a few of the benefits of using WMA files:

  • Easy to transfer because of small file size.
  • High-quality audio even in the car stereo.
  • Works best with door speakers, delivering clear audio lessons.
  • You can burn the files at home within minutes and under $1 in cost.
  • You can transfer files from your laptop or USB and play while you drive.