Can a Car Stereo Work Without Antenna?

Can a Car Stereo Work Without Antenna
Can a Car Stereo Work Without Antenna

Here are 10 best DIY methods to make your car stereo work without the antenna. We have added the required tools and cost of this procedure, along with this step-by-step guide.

Can a Car Stereo Work Without Antenna? Yes, a car stereo can work without an antenna by using a Bluetooth connection, analog cable, FM transmitter, and by connecting it with an Android phone. You should locate the ground wires, adjust the settings, and search for radio stations.

If your car’s antenna is not working or your car radio does not have an antenna, you can manage to hear the radio channels by following these steps.

It means you can manage to listen to the FM channels without the long aerials hanging on the outer side of your car.

Can a Car Stereo Work Without Antenna?

You can make work your car stereo without an antenna. Below we discussed the general method to enjoy the radio if you do not have any annoying antenna.

Making a little modification on the chassis of the car will act as the antenna of your vehicle. The radio signals will reflect on the car’s metallic body.

You will almost get the full signals of the radio. You have to follow the below-given instructions if you want to play the radio in your vehicle without any additional equipment.

Required tools

  • Plastic tape
  • Coax plug
  • Screwdriver
  • Ground wire

Remove the head unit

First of all, remove the head unit from the Din slot of the dashboard. You must be careful and do not damage any parts of the radio. You can use keys or the Din tool for this procedure.

Locate the ground wire

On the harness of wiring, search for the ground wire, which is black. This wire connects the metal chassis of the vehicle with the CD player. It provides power to the CD player.

If you are not sure about the wire and it is difficult for you to find it, then go through the instructions manual that comes with the device. Once you have traced the cable, mark it with some marker for future reference.

Plug the wires

After that, you have to make a connection and the coax plug of the radio. Trim the wire from the middle.

Uncover or unstrap the wire and link it with cable known as a ground wire. After doing, it covers the unstrapped area of wire with plastic tape. Plug the wire on the gadget and secure it.

Search for radio stations

Press the button named RADIO and search for the stations. You will receive a wide range of channels on the head unit. Select your preferred option and save it.

Connect your phone

Usually, people love listening to their favorite music while driving. Sometimes we are out of radio frequency signals.

Use a USB port to connect the smartphone with the gadget and enjoy your favorite songs throughout the traveling.

Use Bluetooth Connection

Modern gadgets have Bluetooth connections with them. You can play music on the radio by connecting it with the smartphone or any other wireless network.

Switch on the Bluetooth option,. check that the Bluetooth device is discoverable while connecting.

With Analog Cable

Analog cable is considered one of the best and easiest ways to connect the phone with the device.

Use the analog cable to connect the smartphone jack of your smartphone with the audio system. There are numerous ways to do so.

For a while, you may have a quality line-in connector that is mounted on the dashboard of the audio system. It will provide you with easy access. A new car stereo will improve the sound and the results will be better.

You can also make a connection on the backside of the panel, connect your smartphone with it, and enjoy the music stored on your phone.

The older versions of audio systems have a player of the cassette tape. In this way, you can use an adapter of the cassette, which is a relatively cheap device, and it connects with the jacks of headphones on the MP3 player or your smartphone.

You can play music with the help of a cassette adapter and the audio equipment.

While using the option of analog, you can control volume in two ways. One is from the smartphone and the other from the audio system. You can play WMA files on your car stereo.

Add FM Transmitter

It is another option to listen to songs without an antenna. It usually depends upon the hardware of the mobile phone.

Some android devices have a built-in transmitter of FM. You can natively use FM, or you can use an application like a Quick FM transmitter. This app will broadcast audio and MP3 files from your phone to the receiver.

If it is not available on your android device, you have to purchase a little FM broadcasting device.

It is usually very cheap and easily accessible. It will connect your phone with the help of a headphone jack.

It will work similarly as an analog cable, but it needs access to the built-in charger of the automobile. Usually, it needs some power to operate.

Using Android Phone

Android mobiles give easy access to the internet, and they will allow you to listen to your favorite MP3 songs while you enjoy the journey.

Just by following these, you can convert your mobile phone into an FM transmitter. By doing this, you can play the stored music on your gadgets.

There is a wide range of products in the market; you can buy the best suited for your android device.

If the equipment has a Bluetooth A2DP option, you can stream music from your smartphone through that. You have to keep your Android in discovery mode.

After that, enter the suitable pairing code, adjust your device in Bluetooth mode. Now you can play all the music from your android device on the communication. Sometimes you might static until you will find the strongest FM frequency.

FM modulator provides excellent performance without the fear of being static.

External transmitters that you connect to the Android send a signal to the receiver. While the connection is direct in modulators to the aerial and aerial port of the equipment.

The modulators have distinguished features regarding FM frequencies. It secures these frequencies, especially for the transmissions of Android.

They are added through a cable. This cable removes all the concerns and problems regarding static.

Most modulators and external transmitters require downloading a specific application on Android. After downloading, you will install the necessary app on your Android. Always secure your gadgets, otherwise your car radio can be hacked.

These types of applications are free to download. They can be the type of external device for the application to get used to it.

When you convert your Android device into the FM transmitter, it will bring this music stored by you into the device.

You should keep it as your last resort device due to the spotty audio quality that may occur for something.

A 3.5mm can provide excellent sound quality if it has the feature of aux-in port.

Manufacturers have also made cassette adapters. This adapter usually connects with a wire to the device of Android.

You can insert standard audiocassette adapters into the cassette player of your stereo. It will make you enjoy the music of your android device on the speakers.


This procedure will require some equipment. You can get that equipment from any local shop or online.

It can cost you from about $150 to $200 for an average setup. The equipment in this range will also give you good quality sound.

If you want to use excellent equipment and you have heavy pockets then you can get more expensive equipment. And it can take up to 300 dollars for you.