How Much Does a Soundbar Weigh?

How Much Does a Soundbar Weigh?
How Much Does a Soundbar Weigh?

The weight and size of the soundbar depend on a variety of factors. The weight of the soundbar becomes heavy when you replace some of the parts with low-quality parts.

How Much Does a Soundbar Weigh? The weight of the soundbar is between 6 to 17 pounds and 1020 x 82 x 190 mm in size. On average, a soundbar weighs around 11 pounds.

Different types of sound devices are used in different places. You have to look for the weight and sizes of the soundbar so that you can place it easily from one side of the room to another.

How Much Does a Soundbar Weigh?

The genuine quality system is a little bit heavier than average quality products. You have to consider the size after looking at the needs of your room.

If you want to change the place of the appliances after some time, then you should try to purchase the lighter products.

You must try to use those products that are fulfilling all the needs of your system. Some suitable quality devices are so lightweight because the smart material is used in their manufacturing by the company.

Weight and sizes of different types of soundbar


Weight of soundbar (pounds)

Dimensions (mm)
(W X H X D)

Sonos Arc


1142 x 88 x 116

Samsung HW-Q90R


1230 x 85 x 133

Q acoustic M4


1010 x 92 x 144

Sony HT-X8500


900 x 65 x 110

Polk audio command bar


1024 x 300 x 320

Vizio SB362An-F6


920 x 55 x 146



1060 x 60 x 96

Denon HEOS bar


1100 x 72 x 148

Sonos beam


651 x 68 x 94

SennheiserAmbeo 3D


1300 x 130 x 180

Samsung HW-Q70R


1100 x 60 x 120

Yamaha YAS-209


1030 x 88 x 120

Bose 700


800 x 130 x 200

Sony HT-S350


900 x 145 x 200

Yamaha YAS-207BL


845 x 160 x 220



600 x 160 x 300

Roku smart


780 x 200 x 250

TCL alto 7+


840 x 230 x 96

JBL bar 3.1


930 x 170 x 80

JBL bar 2.1


820 x 48 x 78

JBL Bar 9.1


1200 x 50 x 98

JBL Bar 5.1 surround


1100 x 70 x 120

Samsung HW-K360


900 x 110 x 80

Sony HTCT790


1000 x 260 x 92



1200 x 270 x 154



800 x 300 x 140

Yamaha YSP 4300


1100 x 86 x 160

Samsung HW-Q90R


850 x 200 x 80

Bose solo 5


800 x 210 x 156

Samsung HW-R550


875 x 225 x 148

The most lightweight soundbar is almost 4 pounds. The heaviest soundbar will not increase from 20 pounds.

The latest technology creates innovation in the system and makes the devices smart and lighter. The newest technology makes electrical appliances smart and innovative. It has made the whole computer technology in our hands in the shape of the tablet and smartphones.

The average weight of Sonos soundbar

It is nine driver speakers that consist of the six woofers and the three different types of tweeters. You have to tune the speakers to get the maximum level of volume from it.

The average weight of the Sonos product is varying from 11 to 12 pounds. It is easily portable, and you can change its location whenever you want to change it. You will get the play, pause, and volume buttons to manage the settings of the device.

Weight of Samsung soundbar

Samsung is one of the top brands that are manufacturing home audio equipment on a larger scale. The average device is lighter and varying from around 5 to 6 pounds.

Weight of LG soundbar

This brand is providing a wide range of sound products, and you can choose one of them by looking at the shape of your room. They are improving their models year by year and creating a lot of innovation there.

The updated innovation in the technology of sound by this brand makes its devices lightweight and free from the problem of portability. The sound devices are around 10 to 12 pounds and you can mount it on the ceiling.

Weight of JBL soundbar

They are providing the vast range of the sound systems at their online stores and from their official stores. You have to note that this is one of the old brands that are satisfying their customers from at least five decades.

The average weight is around 20 pounds. You have to consider all the effects of the sound in your room before installing it in your room.

The average weight of 2.1 channel soundbar

This sound system consists of two speakers and one subwoofer. You will feel it lighter as compared to the 5.1 or 3.1 sound system. They have more numbers of speakers in their body as they have more channels. You have to make sure that the system that you are using should be free from all types of faults and giving you better efficiency.

The 2.1 channel gadget is varying from 7 to 9 pounds. It is considered to be normal among the different types of sound systems. You can use this sound device in a medium-size room without any problem.

The average weight of 5.1 soundbar

It is used for the larger size rooms that cannot be covered by the 2.1 or 3.1 sound system.

You have to measure the area of the room before using it in your room. The average weight of this sound product is varying from 15 to 16 pounds. There are different types of designs of the cones in this device.

Factors on which weight of soundbar depends

Different factors impart a lot of impact on the weight and size of the sound system that you are using. You have to note that good quality parts should manufacture the system that you are using. You should add genuine parts as the replacement of products in your devices.


If you want to add the larger size products in the home theater, then their size will also greater. You will use the size of the device by looking at the position in your room. The addition of some more parts to your devices also makes it more complicated and heavier.

Some people prefer heavy sound systems. If you are willing to use the smart devices, then you will face no issue in their portability. Many smart devices are producing the same quality products in your room, such as the google home mini.


You have to put all the efforts to choose the brand wisely that provide you all the benefits. You should try a product with more functions. The different brands are producing a different number of channels in their system.

Different brands are producing the raw materials of the products on their own. They will not compromise on their quality and will use the right quality parts rather than dimensions.

These things will make the device heavy and challenging to move from one place to another. The researchers suggest that the place of the devices should not change continuously. You should know the average price of soundbars.

Quality of sound

To maintain the quality of the sound in your room, you have to use the devices with the better parts. These systems are sometimes heavier, and it won’t be easy to move from one position to another.

You have to look for the needs of which thing you need most for your room. You have to consider one thing that the quality of the sound should not compromise while looking at the slim size of the speakers.

Size of the cones

You have to choose for the cones after looking at the need for the sound quality and the volume of the sound. You should properly connect the wires, otherwise, it can say check your subwoofer.

The quality of the music is directly related to the size of the cones that we are using. We have to use the simple method for the production of the sound waves as compared to looking for the complex structure of the cones.

Raw materials used

You have to make sure that the system that you are using should fulfill all your needs and demands otherwise it can cause echo with a surround sound system.

This thing should not ignore at any cost because if the sound quality will not better, then the whole beauty of your entertainment setup will ruin away.