Will 6×8 Speakers Fit in 5×7?

Will 6x8 Speakers Fit in 5x7?
Will 6x8 Speakers Fit in 5x7?

Will 6×8 Speakers Fit in 5×7?

Most of us want to listen to some good tasteful music and especially when we have to travel long through our car or just to have a long drive.

I personally like to listen to my favorite tracks on my newly installed 6×8 speakers and O, Boy they are just awesome. These speakers deliver a high-quality sound with good bass.

In these modern days when students use Uber as a part-time job late at night, they need something to keep their selves awake and besides coffee, you need some really good music to keep up with your late hours. Sometimes you need navigation while driving, wouldn’t it be great if you connect the sound system with your mobile and the navigation app tells you where to turn now.

Yes, 6×8 speakers can it in 5×7. If you want to replace your low-powered, normal quality 5×7 car speakers provided by the manufacturers with a high dynamic range set of speakers then 6×8 speakers will do the job.

So talking about music, to install music in your car you obviously need some good quality speakers. There are multiple factors regarding how to choose the right speaker for your car. As a student, you want to install some less costly but high in quality speakers

Will 6×8 Speakers Fit in 5×7 Detailed Guide for 2022

Before going into the details of today’s question, let’s discuss in detail more about the 6×8 and 5×7 speakers.

6×8 speakers:

6×8 speakers are known to be most commonly used by those who are into deep and loud music. They are believed to fit almost all cars.

What makes these speakers epic is their surround sound technology. It makes a deadly combo especially while playing RnB songs.

Another notable feature of 6×8 speakers is their power handling. These speakers can handle a large amount of power that can cater to most cars. The power handling range varies from 140-300 watts of a 6×8 speaker.

The 6×8 speakers are relatively easier to install. You just need some proper installment guidance and a little bit of skill and you can do it yourself.

They have a highly sensitive build which means that they will produce the best quality clear sound when exposed to a high volume. If the speaker’s sensitivity is beyond 87 dB, it is considered good quality and highly sensitive.

The 6×8 comes with a set of HF tweeters, low-frequency woofers with no noised up sound pitch, and a smooth base.

Talking about frequency, its average frequency rate can range from 45W to 20kW.

Moreover, the 6×8 speakers give you better control of the sound and advance adjustments that lacks normal car speakers.

With a better quality sound, it also comes with a better and sleek design that will add to the beauty of your car.

5×7 speakers:

The 5×7 speakers are much likely the same as the 6×8 speakers- only an inch less. They are a bit bigger than the 5.25 speakers and will be consuming more power to generate.

They come with an easy installation kit that you can install yourself without any difficulty. They come with some specific installation ports.

If you are looking for a loud sound with amazing clarity and less noise distortion then you should go buy these 5×7 speakers in 2022.

Unlike the smaller speakers, they are good at high volumes with efficient sound control and almost zero sound distortion.

5×7 speakers may be available as coaxial or 3-way versions. You may also find additional components with separate tweeters.

You will be able to hear much clearer vocals, smooth transition of music complimented with a great mid-bass.

A step-by-step guide to fit 6×8 speakers into 5×7

So, here is the question if you want to replace your new 6×8 speakers with the 5×7 speakers. Is it possible to fit into the 5×7 speaker holes? What amendments to make?

Well, firstly let’s talk about the size. There is not much difference between 6×8 and 5×7 speakers. If you buy some new speakers you will probably find fitting of 5×7/6×8.

And as for the fitting, the 6×8 speakers will definitely fit into the 5×7 speaker space. The 6×8 speakers have a slighter bigger cone than the 5×7 but it will not affect the installation process.

6×8 speakers are front door speakers, you need some installation steps to replace those speakers. There are many best 6×8 speakers in 2022 that delivers high-quality sound.

You just need to remove the front door panel, take off the previous speakers and fit in the new 6×8 speakers. The dissembling of the front door panel may vary from car to car.

You just have to be informed about your car and where there will be the connection areas of the panel to the door, disconnect them and take off the panel.

Now you will see the 5×7 speakers with 4 screws around them. Unscrew them with the help of a screwdriver (with a drill).

Carefully take out the speaker and disconnect the harness attached to it.

Now, carefully take the new speaker and connect it with the wire harness. There will be two wires, one big and one small.

Connect the small wire to the small female connector of the speaker and the large to the larger connector. You may also tighten up the wires with some pliers if you think that they are somewhat loose.

Just put the speakers in their position and attach them with the harness. After fixing just screw them up nice and tight.

Speaking about other accessories like woofers, subwoofers, etc they can also be placed in the factory provided locations.

Speaking about tweeters, you have to install it yourself by drilling a hole in the car. The tweeters can be best placed at the sail panels or above the dashboard.

Tools required:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Wirecutter
  3. Car doors panel removing tool
  4. Tape
  5. Drill screwdriver
  6. Crimp

Things to Consider while replacing 5×7 speakers with 6×8 speakers

Now let us talk about what factors to look into before installing a 6×8 speaker.


you should be aware of how much you want to spend on the speakers. High prices speakers will give you better clarity and sound range and may come with a set of additional enhancers.


speakers come in different sizes, you should buy the ones that can fit into your car. Some most used sizes are 6×9, 6×8, 5×7, 4×6, etc.


you should go for speakers that possess a wider frequency range that are highly sensitive and the amount of power they will be consuming. 6×8 speakers are far better in quality than 5×7 speakers. You should always buy from a reputed brand.

Build Materials:

Lookout for the build materials, like woofer, subwoofer, tweeter, etc. what type of materials are used for instance the type of cloth used on car tweeters.

Car Speaker Types:

you should choose what type of speaker you want to buy. There are 2 types of speakers known as full-range or component speakers.

  • A Full Range speaker is a set of speakers. They are relatively less costly and easier to install and a great option for those who want to replace their old system with a newer one without getting into the fuss to components separately. They cannot be customized too.
  • A Component speaker is one that has a range of big and small speakers. They are customizable, easy to move and a little more expensive. A component speaker is smaller in size and it gives some great dynamic range of music due to its diverse set of speakers.

Speaker system:

there are commonly two speaker systems i.e two way and three-way.

  • A Two Way speaker is comprised of a tweeter and a woofer. Also known as Coaxial speaker
  • A Three-Way speaker is comprised of a tweeter, woofer and an additional midbass. They are known to produce a good transition of the music of high and low frequencies.

Installation Compatibility:

you should always check whether the speaker you are buying is compatible to run or install into your car system. It is recommended to check for the type of speakers your car model is compatible with.

Power Consumption:

you should be aware of the amount of power a speaker system would consume or handle. It is measured in max RMS.


you should be able to check if the system you are buying is high or low powered. A low powered car stereo would work great with high sensitive one. While the low powered system would compliment well with high sensitive speakers.

So that’s it. We hope we got you covered with everything you need to know about the 6×8 speakers and their installation. A sunny day at the weekend would be good enough to install some new speakers and try it out by going on a long drive.

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