5 Best Component Speakers for Car Audio

Best Component Speakers for Car Audio

Speakers are available in a limitless variation of quality, power, size, and price. While finding car component speakers for sound quality is one consideration, sometimes music preference plays a more significant role.

If you’re upgrading your car’s audio, you can start narrowing your search by examining the best-rated speakers.

Then comes the challenging part: deciphering whether a speaker suits your listening style. For example, are you all about that bass, no treble? Or do sopranos and instrumentation pluck your heartstrings?

Choosing isn’t simple, but we’re going to make it easier for you. Read on for our list of the five best component speakers for car audio.

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Why Component Speakers?

What are Component Speakers

If you’re still researching which type of speaker is the best for your car audio, let’s go over why component speakers are a top option.

The other go-to for speakers are coaxial, which combines woofers and tweeters in one speaker. Component speakers separate the two, which allows more room for improved function. A crossover connection between the two drivers ensures the components communicate without compromising for space.

What are tweeters and woofers? The names give a big hint. Tweeters are your higher-pitched sounds, while woofers provide lower tones.

Conveniently, that’s also an indicator of how you should arrange them in your car: tweeters go up, woofers go down. But they shouldn’t be too far apart. You want the opposite frequencies to reach your eardrums at the same time.

Component speakers have better tonal clarity, ambiance and spatial performance, and power. So instead of feeling like the drums are coming from behind you and the guitar is blasting in the front seats, the best component speakers for car audio improve sound dimensions.

One last need to know is the difference between 2-way and 3-way speakers. Again, the name provides a solid hint. While 2-way speakers utilize two speakers, 3-way use three speakers. However, one type is not objectively better than the other.

If you aim for a balanced, organic sound space, 2-way is the easy choice. Alternatively, suppose your preferred music is all about the lows, like rock, R&B, and bass-heavy songs. In that case, 3-way delivers more distinction between mid and low ranges.


Best Component Speakers for Car Audio

Anyone familiar with the most recognizable brand names will likely notice the list has compiled some notable sound brands. These speakers are the best component speakers for car audio to earn a reputation for performance and a dynamic listening experience.

Ready to explore the top car component speakers for sound-quality?

Focal Access 165 A1 2-Way Component Speakers

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The Focal Access 165 A1 6.5″ sets high standards for the best component speakers for car performance. Inverted Aluminum dome tweeters deliver warm, detailed sound quality. In addition, the patented TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) controls resonance and reduces distortion for powerful midranges.

The woofer has a woven glass fiber cone that optimizes frequency. The three layers of the sandwich, ultra-thin glass fiber layers surrounding a foam core, offer powerful bass and smooth mid-range.

The external crossovers feature gold-plated contacts for wire connections and an acrylic top plate. Installation is relatively simple, with the option of basic or bi-amping. If you use a 4-channel amplifier, you can customize speaker placement to benefit acoustics.


JL Audio C5-653 3-Way Component Speakers

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The JL Audio C5-653 component speakers offer a wide range of crossover settings with four tweeters and three mid-range adjustments. That’s a total of twelve unique combinations. Tune to your ear’s content for whatever mids and highs hit your musical sweet spot.

The C5-653 is high-performing with a dependable cooling system that ensures you can turn it up as long as you want without shaving years off your speaker’s lifespan.

There are six separate speakers: two 4″ mid-range drivers, 6.5″ woofer, and 3/4″ tweeter. The set delivers precision sound with an incredibly blended, full range. While the price is higher, and the crossovers can be tricky to position, you can’t argue with the results.

Both flush-mount and surface-mount fixtures are options. In addition, with JL Audio RSR (Ratcheting Swivel Rotation) mechanisms, you can tinker with aiming even after installation.


Hertz MPK 165.3 PRO 2-Way Component Speakers

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The Hertz Mille series construction uses premium materials. When considering car component speakers for sound-quality, materials make an audible difference.

Hertz MPK 165.3 PRO combines customizable configuration with innovative design. Design highlights include a heavy magnet, sturdy V-cone, voice coil woofer, and Boundary Free Surround.

The woofer magnet is a high-density flux ferrite, and the tweeter magnet uses neodymium. Flux ferrite is one of the most efficient magnets available, while neodymium is arguably the strongest available. Both evoke an expansive frequency response for more dynamic sound.

MPK 165.3 PRO’s sturdy speakers optimize full-range sound for organic acoustic emissions, clear highs, and the lowest of lows even without a subwoofer. If you like playing your music loud, rest assured the sound quality is boosted with volume as it emphasizes the richness of its mid-range and bass capabilities.


Rockford Fosgate T1650-S 2-Way Component Speakers

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The Rockford Fosgate T1650-S 6.5” component speakers are best for listeners who want power. Rockford Fosgate delivers exceptional sound for a reasonable cost if your focus is the deeper, lower-range sounds.

The woofer features a carbon fiber and polypropylene injection molded cone with a broader surface area. Butyl rubber surround contributes to a powerful, accurate sound space.

At the same time, the billet machined aluminum phase plug enhances cooling for louder, more extended playtime. Additionally, Rockford Fosgate’s VAST Surround increases the subwoofer radiating effect area up to 25%.

One-inch aluminum dome neo-tweeters feature integral suspension. While most configurations will offer remarkable sound clarity, the tweeters might sound too bright to some ears. You might need to play with the three levels of attenuation to find your preference.

The Rockford Fosgate features durable construction with external audiophile crossovers that you can configure for single or bi-amp.

The addition of the FlexFit Basket makes for easier mounting. Plus, the slot-mounted frame enables a variety of positioning options.


JBL Stadium GTO600C 2-Way Component Speakers

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The JBL GTO600C component speakers from the Stadium series smoothly blend the whole range from highs to lows. Plus, JBL boasts that its speakers are the first choice for the best recording studios, music events, and movie theaters.

JBL patented Plus One glass fiber woofer cones are lighter, stiffer, and more active, creating detailed sound, no matter the volume. With hi-roll rubber, the woofer moves freely and emits deep bass you can feel. Additionally, the woofers’ oversized coils provide more surface area and extra copper, reducing distortion and improving power control.

The soft dome tweeters are clear and accurate, no matter the volume. You can also use push-button controls to adjust tuning for smoother sound options.

Crossovers are gap-switchable, which means you can upgrade to a 3-way if you want to expand your midrange.

JBL puts everything you need in the box, including all the screws, gaskets, and grills for easy installation. In addition, the tweeters have a convertible mounting system for convenience. The construction also ensures top performance that lasts.



Music enthusiasts don’t need to suffer vehicular commutes with flat sound. Whether you’re boosting the volume or enjoying the ambiance, component speakers provide dimension. With the right fit and quality construction, you can upgrade your audio with woofers and tweeters that outlast factory speakers.

Our top five picks feature audio systems with diverse frequency ranges. We also included a few with extra-low range support. Consider your playlists or favorite radio stations to pair with the best speaker range. Whatever you decide, your ears will thank you for the enhanced listening experience.

Which is your pick out of the best component speakers for car audio?


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