How to Remove Corrosion from Car Amplifier?

How to Remove Corrosion from Car Amplifier?
How to Remove Corrosion from Car Amplifier?

How to Remove Corrosion from Car Amplifier?

One of the many problems that people face is the corrosion of car parts and accessories. People often do not care about their car when they have a busy routine. The problem is not only car parts are affected by corrosion, the car audio accessories that are installed in the car are also affected.

A car amplifier is one of them. We all know that dust and soil always affect the metal objects. People wash their cars once in a month or every two weeks because they know they have to keep soil and dust out from their vehicle. The amplifier, which is one of the essential accessories of the car, is also made up of a metal body.

Here are the 7 Steps for removing corrosion from car amplifier are:

  • Step 1: Open your car amplifier
  • Step 2: Choose anElectronic cleaner
  • Step 3: Clean the necessary parts of the amplifier
  • Step 4: Use foil ifcorrosion does not leave the body easily
  • Step 5: Use an old toothbrush to clean the circuit
  • Step 6: Clean the controller buttons if they are affected
  • Step 7: Close up the amplifier

So, if the car has soil in it, that means it is exposed to corrosion. Corrosion in the metal body of the car amplifier occurs very fast when the dirt and dust are mixed with water. So, we always recommend keeping the dust, soil, and water away from the car amplifier. Otherwise, it gets corrosion inside and outside.

How to Remove Corrosion from Car Amplifier?

People ask different types of questions to remove corrosion from their amplifiers. We will try to cover most of them in our article by explaining to you how to remove corrosion from a car amplifier? But first, let us discuss a step by step procedure of how you can remove the corrosion from your car amplifier.

This is a step by step guide to removing the corrosion from all the possible parts of a car amplifier.

Tools required:

  • Screwdriver
  • Panel opener
  • Clean cloth
  • Foil paper
  • Electronic cleaner
  • Toothbrush

So, let us get into the step by step guide of how to remove corrosion from car amplifier.

Open your car amplifier

To open your car amplifier, you have to disconnect all the wires that are connected to your car amplifier. After that, take the amplifier out of your car and place it in a place where you have enough light to see each smaller transistor. Please do not keep it in a wet place. Always keep electronic products in dry locations.

Now, you should see the condition of your amplifier and see how much corrosion you have to remove from the amplifier. Now, start opening the screws of the amplifier with a screwdriver. After opening all the screwdrivers, you should use a panel opener if you cannot easily open up the chassis of your amplifier.

Open the amplifier with a panel opener as a helping tool and separate the chassis of the amplifier. After separating the chassis, you must see a circuit board with lots of transistors and a transformer. You will notice that the circuit motherboard of the car amplifier is mounted inside the amplifier chassis with the help of screws.

Open the motherboard screws with which the car amplifier is mounted. It would be best if you were very careful while taking the motherboard of amp out of the amplifier because the ports are placed in the holes.

You have to carefully take the motherboard out so that nothing on the motherboard breaks during this process. After when you have taken the motherboard out of the amplifier, and there is nothing but only a power supply unit inside the amplifier, you can start with the next step.

Choose an electronic cleaner

After opening the car amplifier and separating all the parts of it, you have to clean every part of the amplifier that has corrosion on it. But before that, you must choose an electronic cleaner. Now, the question is how to choose an electronic cleaner for your car amplifier that will not damage it?

Well, choosing an electronic cleaner is never easy. You have to think twice before putting a liquid on your expensive electronic products. So, some professionals who know their way out of these situations, they will use petrol or an alcoholic substance for this purpose. But the most suitable method is to choose an electronic cleaner.

If you cannot decide between any electronic cleaners then you must consult with someone, or you can find the answers from professionals who help people online. You can ask for recommendations, or you can also see what people have been using for this purpose.

Clean the corrosion from all parts of car amplifier

Now, as you have chosen an electronic cleaner for your amplifier, the first thing to do is to clean the complete chassis of your amplifier. You have all the parts of the frame separated, so now it is easy for you to remove corrosion from your car amplifier.

Spray the electronic cleaner on your amplifier chassis and try to clean it with a cloth. Usually, the electronic cleaners are so reactive that they destroy the grip of corrosion by only spraying and cleaning on the metal. So, you have to only spray and wipe the chassis with a cloth.

If it is difficult for you to remove the corrosion with a cloth, then you have to try another method for it.

Use foil if the corrosion does not leave the body easily

So, we have another method for you to remove corrosion and get your amplifier in good shape. As you are spraying the electronic cleaner and is it affecting the corrosion with its maximum capability, then you have to use a piece of foil or foil paper to remove corrosion.

How is it done? The best way to do it is that you should spray the electronic cleaner on the chassis and clean it with the foil forcefully. When you apply force with a foil paper, the corrosion will rub off from the chassis, and your amplifier will start to get clean.

As you increase the force that you are applying while removing the corrosion with a foil, the corrosion will start to remove from the chassis of the amplifier. Repeat the step for every part of the chassis but do not use foil on the motherboard of the car amplifier.

Not only the wider places, you should also clean the portholes in the chassis completely so that they do not decay and damage in the future.

Use an old toothbrush to clean the circuit

After completely cleaning the chassis of the car amplifier, you must rinse the motherboard or circuit board of the amplifier. Remember, always be super careful when you are cleaning the circuit board. The circuit board always gets some white or brownish covering on the conductors present on it.

These non-conducting coverings stop the flow of current or signals from the circuit board and create a resistance for the current in its flow. These coverings must be removed timely, or they start decaying the circuit board, and you will get a loss.

First, it starts to decrease the performance then it starts to eat the circuit board, which is not suitable for the car amplifier. So, you have to clean the circuit board completely by using an old toothbrush. Spray on each part and clean the paths of the circuit board with a brush.

You should not apply force when you are cleaning the circuit board of your amplifier. If you apply force while using a brush, it will break any transistor or anything on the motherboard.

Clean the controller buttons if they are affected

When the car amplifier is affected by corrosion, that means every part of the amplifier is affected by corrosion. The circuit board, the chassis, the controller buttons, and the conductors. So, if you want to remove the corrosion from your amplifier, then you have to clean each controller button along with the circuit board and amplifier chassis.

How to determine if the buttons also need to be cleaned? If buttons of the controller are starting to get stuck when you are changing the volume, then they have corrosion inside. They might look elegant, but they have corrosion, which is preventing them from moving.

For removal of corrosion, you should spray in the entering area of these buttons, and you will turn the button on and off repeatedly. You will continuously repeat the step till the button moves freely. Repeat the same step for volume and other buttons.

Close up

When corrosion is removed from the amplifier entirely to some extent, then you have to put all parts of amplifier back. You will have to use the tools that you used before.

After closing up, go and attach the amplifier in your car and you will have your amplifier reconditioned like a new one.

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