Can You Put Floorstanding Speakers on Stands?

Can You Put Floorstanding Speakers on Stands?
Can You Put Floorstanding Speakers on Stands?

Here are the 9 best DIY Methods to put floorstanding speakers on the stands. We have added the required tools in this detailed guide.

Can You Put Floorstanding Speakers on Stands? The floor speaker should be placed at a certain height on the stands. If you are setting a device near your television, put it at a specific height. It should be placed in a way that the voice disperses correctly.

You should place these near your ears; you can adjust them according to your room’s shape and size and on the proper stands.

Can You Put Floorstanding Speakers on Stands?

If you will not setup your high-budget speakers correctly, it can result in disaster. Put some effort and place them accurately.

You should place devices in a way that they can provide the best sound to the whole room. If you have a surrounded sound system, then put them in the middle of the room.

Better sound quality

These are good at the even surface; the voice quality becomes so clear and pure. An uneven ground produces vibrations, and heightened bars help in reducing them. The music gets disperse in every area of the room. I am using Klipsch speakers for my home and they work perfect.

When you place it on the surface for a more extended period, they can get bass issues. They provide excellent music quality and clean sounds due to stable tools.

There is no distortion and vibrations on durable furniture. The drivers at a higher frequency are more directional.

A surface speaker gadget not only elevates but also improves the sound’s quality. The high-positioned devices help in the placement and provide maximum stability. 

When you use the tools correctly, they enhance the pitch and frequency of sound.

You should use the excellent quality and material higher desks for the whole sound system.

Elevation from absorptive surface

The surface absorbs the sound’s frequencies; due to this unnecessary absorption, the sound gets disturbed.

You can hear various voices other than the original music. When you put these on them, this problem solves. 

It helps in reducing the absorption of music. Ultimately the quality of sound becomes excellent without any vibration. You can use Definitive Technology speakers for better results.

Prevention from hazards

These gadgets help prevent any damage to your devices. Sometimes it gets affected by the surrounding sound system. It isolates the device from this environment.

Types of stands for floorstanding speakers

There are several types of gadgets on the market. These are various specifications. Some of them are costly, and some are moderate rates. We have explained all the major types in detail here:

Glass and aluminum bookshelf (23 inches)

People prefer them for their fantastic quality and specifications.

It is made up of aluminum and glass, and these materials have a specific function.
The stand is 23-inches in height.

The color of this tool is black and shiny, and it is changeable according to the color of your furniture. You can also connect the iPhone with the Yamaha AV receiver within minutes.

It helps to produce a striking accent in the room. The top edge of this device is of glass, and it minimizes the vibration.

The aluminum column hides all the wiring. The feet of glass and aluminum is made of rubber, and it works as an insulator for vibrations.

The rubber ends provide maximum stability; it makes the sound quality unique. It weighs around 23 pounds, and these are best for carpeted rooms.

They are better than all-steel products which are available in the market. Glass and aluminum are lighter in weight but heavy in supporting better sound quality.

Desktop fixed height speaker stand

These are suitable for those people who adjust these near their desktop. It provides maximum sound quality and prevents vibrations.

You can move it near to you or away and can achieve better sound quality. These have padding, which helps in reducing the distortion of sound.

The functioning of this equipment is fantastic, and the structure of the position is unique and rare.

These devices are usually black. The installation is easy and less time-consuming. They provide maximum security and safety to the bars.

Black 36 fixed height stand

These have fixed heights, and you cannot alter its width as well. They are black and are very stylish in appearance.

The size is set at 24-inches. It is made up of steel to support heavy products.

You can choose a product with rubber padding, which prevents scratches on the surface. It is fantastic for carpeted rooms with no negative impact on the tiles or wood grounds.

It provides better sound quality with the help of brass studs. Some isolation pads help in better condition and functioning for your sound devices.

The structure of this product is stylish, and you can add them as decorating items.

24 inches speaker stand

These sets come in a pair, and their height is not changeable. These tools come only 24-inches in size.

The body is usually made up of steel; it provides maximum support. They have an excellent glass appearance and are shiny to the eyes.

The lower pedestals of these devices have a small edge, which provides stability. This pair is economical and sturdy, and that’s why popular as furnishing materials.

You can put them with your stylish furniture. They enhance the performance of the woofers.

Satellite adjustable height speaker stand

These are flexible in terms of height. You can move it near to your ears. You can place small to medium gadgets on these products.

These bars are on-ear level and provide better sound quality. The positions can bear 10 pounds in weight.

You can position your gadgets at any place in your room. You can buy a satellite desk-in pair, but initially, they are not in pairs.

These do not require enough space; you can set up the positions and orators anywhere you desire.

How high should my speaker stand be?

You should use an adjustable product for your home theater. It provides a maximum positive experience of listening, but some are good without adjustments.

It depends on the type of voice devices. It also depends on the combination of the sound system. It should be aligned according to the audio distribution.

Moreover, you should place it in a way that everyone can hear an equal amount of music.

Consider the entire setup when you finalize the positions of your gadgets.

The room area decides the height of the desk for you as well.

How do I keep my floorstanding speakers on the stand?

The positions should be away from every individual. If you are placing it near walls, then it should be one-third of the walls.

You can test other placement areas in the carpeted areas; you need to remove the distortions.

Remove all the surrounding absorptive materials; all of these things affect the sound quality.

The backside of the equipment also gives an idea about their placement. You can put the product right next to the walls in case of finished backs.

The adjustment of the positions helps in the better sound quality of the whole sound system.

Tools required

  • Stand
  • Screwdrivers
  • Zip ties
  • Tape

    Select stand

You can buy a stand of your choice from an electronics store. These are also available online at different prices.

Select a device according to your budget and quality. Mostly these are available in black color, but you can also get a customized design for your gadgets.

Choose the right place

This equipment can withstand the floor, but now you are placing them on the stands, the right place should be a priority. Select a corner in the area, and adjust them carefully.

The surface should be stable so that these produce distortion-free sound. Carpeted floors must have smooth and fiber-free surfaces; otherwise, these fibers can create a disturbance.

Moreover, the corner of the room must be a safe area. You can adjust your devices with the home theater.


The adjustment of these is a big challenge. The placement step is one of the most critical phases of this guide.

It should be according to the size of the speakers. If the sound devices are more than one in number, then the place must be following the quantity.

It must have the capacity to carry the weight of these gadgets. You can choose the right equipment according to the size of your devices. It should have holes or areas for wires and connections to electricity.


Secure all the wiring and connections when you place them correctly. Ensure that the frame is near the electricity bored; otherwise, adjust the extension cables for this setup.

Hide the wires behind the structure or place them under the stand area. There are particular places for adjusting wires and cables to not tangle with each other in some products.

Check setup

At the end of the whole processing, insert the cables and wires in electrical sockets. Check the connectivity and sound quality of the system.

If there is any distortion or instability, then change the placement of all sound devices. Readjust them and again check the whole system.