Can You Play Spotify on Your Car Radio?

Can You Play Spotify on Your Car Radio
Can You Play Spotify on Your Car Radio

Here are the 9 best DIY methods to listen to Spotify on your car radio. We have explained all the details in this step-by-step guide, along with the required tools.

Can You Play Spotify on Your Car Radio? You can play the Spotify app on your car radio by using cables, Bluetooth, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, FM transmitter, and USB drive.

It is famous for providing streaming services for music. With Spotify, you can enjoy your favorite songs, podcasts, and artists.

Nowadays, modern cars have default Spotify app in them. You need to know about the streaming devices, and you can start enjoying the best tracks.

Can You Play Spotify on Your Car Radio?

It is a streaming app that gives you the facility to listen to digital music. It provides you with a lot of videos, songs, and podcasts. You can listen to your favorite artists across the globe, like Amazon music and Apple music.

It is an entirely legal service to stream your favorite music online. Moreover, listening to music from this is free of cost.

You can see some advertisements while streaming music on the official app. You will also hear some occasional audio ads between streaming music; they are nothing but a trade-off.

If you don’t want to listen to or see ads, you can avoid them by paying for the premium. It is a paid membership that removes all the ads while streaming music. It will also allow you to download music for offline use.

Use a cable to connect Spotify

You easily connect this app with your car with the help of your smartphone. If your stereo has any AUX-IN or a USB port, you can connect your phone directly with the help of a cable.

Before connecting, you should check the manufacturers’ instructions and find out which cable will go better with your smartphone and radio.

When you connect your device or smartphone through a USB cable, you can manage your track choice from the control panel.

Connecting the device through AUX-IN can only let you adjust the volume setting through the CP (Control panel). For other actions like to back, forward, or skip, you will use your smartphone.

Play the Spotify in Car through Bluetooth

A few stereos have Bluetooth functionality with built-in features in a vehicle. Generally, it is compatible with a lot of Bluetooth radio brands.

You will pair your tablet, computer, or smartphone having this software with the stereo to enjoy it through Bluetooth. The procedure is the same for the pairing of any enabled Bluetooth device.

First of all, enable the Bluetooth of your tablet, radio, computer, or smartphone. Go to your Bluetooth settings and set your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Connect your device; in the final step, open the app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You should adjust the car stereo for best sound by adjusting the settings.

Stream Spotify through Android Auto

Therefore if your vehicle has any modern aftermarket products that can run these devices, you will receive special treatment with the phone controls.

It is a solution of Google to get your smartphone power compared to the vehicle infotainment’s dumb nature. The design of Android auto is very safe. Its voice actions are easy to use, and the interface is straightforward to work.

Download it on your android after downloading the app and log in. Many fellows ask which is better single Din or Double Din head unit; now you know the answer. With Double Din Radio, you can play all these fantastic apps.

Connect your smartphone with the help of a USB. Make sure your device is compatible with Android.

If it is working on your mobile, it will continue to play songs. If not, then start it on the display of the vehicle.

Android Auto needs version 5.0 of Android lollipop or higher otherwise;, your car radio can be hacked.

Use Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is another application which helps to use the iPhone in your vehicle. This application is installed on all the iPhone 5.

It is also available on the later versions of the iPhone. It is compatible with the iPhones containing iOS 7.1.

The CarPlay application activates the head unit, and the user can use it as a display. Moreover, it also behaves like an iPhone controller.

You have to log in on the iPhone. Attach the iPhone with the help of USB to the stereo, which is compatible with the CarPlay.

You can easily play this on display; you can listen to songs by giving Siri voice command. If you are playing the radio on a car battery, you should adjust the settings.

Listen to Spotify on Parrot

The parrot is an infotainment multimedia system that is located inside. This system is providing the basics for the in-car computing experience for real-time.

It consists of a Spotify client. This client makes you capable of playing it, even in the absence of your phone.

It will require an internet connection for offline music or dongle. It has a beautiful audio recognition system.

You have to download it on the Parrot Asteroid from the ASTEROID retail and log in. While it in the car via Parrot, you should have paid for the premium. You can play WMA audio files on the car stereo.

Transfer Spotify audio to a USB drive

We have listed multiple ways to enjoy music on this fantastic software. All of these ways can work only if you have an internet connection.

If you don’t have Wi-Fi or an internet connection at the spot, you can also enjoy music without an internet connection.

You have to download the music from the internet after downloading the music to the USB drive and enjoying listening to your favorite music.

The best audio Downloader to download the songs is the Note Burner music converter.

It will allow you to download and record all the music. It will also help you convert AAC, WAV, MP3, or FLAC with one hundred percent original quality.

Burn Spotify audio to CD

In addition to transferring the downloaded music to the USB device, one more option is to burn the music on the CD.

A music converter named Note Burner Spotify will help you do so; it will help you convert music directly into a CD.

After the customization or conversion, click on the Tools button and then click on Burn CD. Follow all the instructions given to you for burning a CD. This will help you to burn your favorite music on the CD.

Use FM transmitter

If you do not have a Bluetooth connection, AUX-input, or USB port, despite that, you can manage to listen with the help of a 12 volts transmitter.

These types of transmitters are readily available on Amazon for just 18 dollars. This device will be plugged in the 12 volts lighter socket.

The lighter socket connects the other end containing a USB port with your smartphone after plugging it in. It will help you to connect your smartphone with Bluetooth.

This will share music from the smart device like a phone to the connected device; it will be broadcasted on the frequency of FM.

Use Google and Alexa Assistant in your Car Stereo

Manufacturers are introducing a new feature of voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa in the upcoming vehicles. You have to tap on the pre-existing accounts; they will play your required music by this process.

Mini and BMW are one of the first manufacturers who introduced Alexa in their products. They allow you to control the playback music by talking to Alexa, an Amazon assistant.

You can bring Alexa with the help of 3rd party accessories like Roav Viva costs around $37, and the Echo auto costs $25.