How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Soundbar?

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Soundbar?
How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Soundbar?

Here are 9 Best DIY methods to connect ceiling speakers to the soundbar. If you have a soundbar, you may connect it with ceiling speakers for better results.

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Soundbar? You can connect ceiling speakers with a soundbar by using Bluetooth, HDMI, RCA cables, wireless router, AUX cables, and 3.2mm line out.

Connecting ceiling speakers to soundbar provides a cinema-like environment and enjoyment. The soundbar can be connected to ceiling speakers in many ways. It is based on the models of both ceiling speakers and soundbar. Nowadays, a modern sound system connection is advanced, and you can connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Soundbar?

You should remember that both soundbar and ceiling speakers should be of the same brand; otherwise, it can create errors and damage your home audio system. This is a complicated task to connect these, you should read the guide book properly, and if you face any difficulty or confusion, you must hire a sound system expert.

Tools Required

You should be aware of handling ceiling speakers because any irresponsibility can make a significant loss for your sound system. You must be wear gloves and glasses when you are about to start work.

Following tools must be included in your toolbox to secure the connectivity of devices: Stud sensor, wirecutter, a drilling machine, multipurpose knife, level, screwdriver, measuring tape, masking tape, marking pen, box cutter, drywall saw are the required tools included in the toolbox of sound systems.

You should make sure the availability of large movable steel stands to inspect the speakers on the ceiling. Additionally, you should buy another pair of cables and remote control batteries so that if any damage occurs, you can manage at that time.

Add a Wireless Router

You can connect the ceiling speakers to the soundbar through a wireless router. A wireless router is an example of a Wi-Fi system. Both of them consist of a digital system so that they can be connected easily. First of all, you should disconnect all the cable and USB connections.

Now you have to control the remote system. You may check the Wi-Fi connection that has been established, after this, check the indicator light to access the connectivity. Now install the sound touch app on your mobile to control the sound system, go to the setting, and enable the speakers to connect with the home theater.

After connecting, you can check the audio quality of speakers. You can minimize or maximize the volume through an audio control system. If your soundbar does not feature Wi-Fi, then you have the option to connect the Wi-Fi adapter and install the Wi-Fi system. You must have placed the Wi-Fi device in the room to avoid connectivity problems.

Connect with Bluetooth

You have an option to connect via Bluetooth. First, you should activate the Bluetooth system, so that both devices can be paired and connected. You may face the problem if Bluetooth connection becomes unstable due to interruption in connectivity.

When Bluetooth is activated, the red indicator light is turned on the respective port site of both devices. Now you can hear the sound from speakers. If your device is not equipped with the Bluetooth system, you can use adaptors to secure the Bluetooth connection. You can enjoy the quality sound after developing the device into the wireless connection.

You shouldn’t be worried if you have not remote, you can use the keyboard of the audio system. The Bluetooth connecting range is generally 8 meters. The walls can reduce the pairing range. Nowadays advanced Bluetooth system is developed in the devices. This is named as Bluetooth 5.0, and you can connect ceiling speakers at the range between 25 meters to 40 meters.

Use Optical Cable

You can find the connecting option Digital Audio Output (DAO) on the soundbar. It is a simple wire connecting process; its name is TOSLink optical audio cable. They have an analog-based system, so you need a converter to match the audio connection; it is called Digital to Analogue Convertor. It will convert the digital audio output to analog RCA output.

For this method, you have to remove covering caps contoured on the end of the optical cable. Now you should plug in the respective port of devices. You may find the port of optical cable in the speakers. After activating the optical system in the speaker, it will release signals. These releasing signals from the ceiling speaker can be paired with the audio system.

Go to the setting menu and press the source button. Enable the settings; it will display a screen that will show that system is ready to work. After finished the pairing, your speakers will be connected with the soundbar. You should be aware of connecting the wiring in the respective port. Opposite wiring may damage or stop working any device.

Before starting the procedure, you must go through the guide book and read the procedure. You can buy the optical cable from an electronics accessories shop. You can also buy it from the online market at a reasonable price. The price range of the optical cable is $4 to $6. You must have to buy branded optical cable to avoid any disruption. You need a subwoofer to get better results.

Use AUX Cables

This method is used when your sound system is not equipped with a wireless system. So you have the option to connect via AUX cable. You should locate the 3.5mm output jack, the connection method is simple and straight. Like headphones, microphone connection jack AUX also has the same connection jack.

First of all, you have to power on, after locating the respective port, you need to plug in the input AUX cable end in the soundbar and output AUX cable end in the speakers. If your connection is not secured, you should press the source button or remote and check the settings.

If your device is not equipped with a 3.0mm jack, you can buy it from the market or online shop. You should buy the AUX cable, which is made of Nylon. Nylon made AUX cables are expensive, but it will be long-lasting. It is useful for better sound production. The price range of AUX is from $5 to $10. You can install the soundbar in a vertical position for proper connection.

HDMI Cable

Before applying this method, you should confirm that your soundbar supports this method. Old models are not equipped with ARC. This only allows the data to receive from the receiver. Audio Return Channel or ARC is the solution that improves the ability of machines to send and receive signals.

In simple, it can allow the device to output as well as input the signals from ceiling speakers. To connect via HDMI, you will enjoy the best sound quality.

Due to digital transmission by HDMI, your sound system will produce clear crystal sound. Before applying this method, you must read the user manual. You can find the button labeled with Anynet+ on the remote. This button is applicable to this method.

You have to plug in the one end of HDMI cable in the respective ports and other ends of HDMI cable in the port of the device. After connecting both, you can test the quality of sound.

The significant advantage of HDMI is that if the speakers are equipped with ACR advanced HDMI port, you can transfer a large amount of sound data. You should use a soundbar bracket to properly fix it with the TV.

RCA Cable

Most of the old versions are equipped with the RCA or coaxial inputs. This connecting method configures the two way RCA framework, but the new soundbars are advanced; they can connect wireless as well as an optical cable system. Coaxial cable is less preferred because it can create electrical hindrance, but in fact, this assumption is not true in the audio world.

Like optical cable, coaxial cable can send a huge amount of audio data. First, you have to power on, you should insert the yellow audio cable in the port. The red and white audio cable is connected to the port of the RCA. After connecting them, you will hear the sound.

There are different RCA cables according to all models. The RCA output port is located on the gadgets, most of the advanced home theater systems can be paired via wirelessly and optically. The RCA cables are made of different kinds of material, for instance, gold, copper, or silver. The RCA cable, which is made of gold, is expensive, but it will be more useful as compared to other materials. You can also use Google Home Max as a soundbar.

3.5mm line out

You can use a 3.5mm line out. This is quite a simple process, and it enables you to hear the high-quality sound. You have to insert the plug into the port labeled with the line out.

While inserting the plug, you should never put the plug in the headphone jack because both ports look like the same, now you plug another end of the cable in the soundbar port. Then you will hear the sound from speakers. You should never plug a cable in the soundbar first because you can listen to horrible sounds while doing this.

This method is least preferred because 3.5mm line out cannot transmit sound data like AUX cable, Bluetooth, or HDMI cable, etc. The price of the 3.5mm line out is between $6 and $9.

You don’t need to be set the speakers in the corner of the room. These are mounted according to their positions. It is difficult to change the position of the sound system every time. They provide the first-string audio quality to the downward of the room. You should add the acoustic panels on the ceiling along with these speakers.

In addition to having amazing features, their prices are also affordable for audiophile persons. Martin Logan and Sonos brands sound devices and speakers are of good quality and have multiple features.


You should be aware of switching off all the devices before securing the connection. When you have to secure the connection, then turn on the device power.