How do you make a soundbar bracket?

How do you make a soundbar bracket?
How do you make a soundbar bracket?

Here are 8 best DIY methods to make mounting brackets for the soundbar at home. These provide support to your audio system. You will feel no problem while attaching your system with the metallic brackets. It will give multiple benefits if you fixed it at a certain angle.

How do you make a soundbar bracket? You can make a soundbar bracket by measuring the size of the soundbar, design the support, drill the holes in the metallic sheet, cut it to the exact size, and fix the mounting bracket.

There are different types of materials that are used to make these supporting items in a large number.

The holes of these materials should do after complete planning and marking by the pointer on the sheet. It will allow you to find the exact place while marking them on the metallic sheet. You have to do complete care while marking these points. There should be a particular gap between the two holes of the sheet. The gap will allow the device to adjust and fix with complete focus.

How do you make a soundbar bracket?

There are different ways to form these materials at your home. It will depend on the tools that you require for its formation. If you have all the necessary tools there, then you can make any type of supportive material at your home. You will take a few times at the start to learn, and then you will become an expert in their formation at a larger scale.

Tools required

The tools are the set of the screws, nuts and bolts, cutter, piece of metal, and other required material, if any. You have to complete these tools before starting the process of making it at your home. These tools are not costly, and you can lower the cost as compared to purchasing it from the market.

The length of the metal can be taken ten meters if you want to mount the full size of the system on the wall. After purchasing ten meters of length, you can cut the metal as your requirements of the materials. If you are using the long width sheet, then you should go for the purchasing of the small length metallic sheet. The quality of the sound system that is present inside the device will start giving better quality as compared to before. The screwdrivers and screws should be of the same size for the proper fixation.

Measure the size of the soundbar

The measurement of all sides of the soundbar is essential to estimate the size of the mounting brackets to attach to its body. There will be particular holes in the electrical devices for the connection of the metal devices with them. You have to note that the use of the metallic sheet is only possible when there is proper holes are present in the backside of the devices.

If your sound system is large in shape, then you should try for the two metallic pieces that are average in size. You can use three to four inches long metallic strips there. You have to note that the use of the metallic strips should be according to the size of the device and its weight. These things will decide on the number of strips and their particular dimensions.

Design the support

You have to improve the mounting of these devices by adding the strips. The use of the nuts and bolts on the strips of the devices will decide by seeing the material of the wall on which the particular equipment is mounting. The mounting of the device is an easy process in which you will only require fixation of nuts on the walls of the room. You can use the cutter after measuring the size of the device and deciding the size of the metals.

The width of the metallic sheet is two inches on average; it is a good size that you can use for the permanent fixation of the devices there. Some are four inches wide, but they are rarely found in the market. You have to use the wider strips when the device is heavy and difficult to handle with the smaller width sheet. The length of the sheet will also decide by seeing its width.

Drill the holes in the metallic shield

After choosing the particular size of the metallic sheet and its place, you have to mark the places of the holes with the permanent marker or pointer. The marking of the hole should not be greater than the size of the screw. After marking the points for the holes, you have to decide on the machine which you can use for making the holes in it.

There are different sizes of the drilling machine present in the market. You can opt for one of them while looking at the drilling instrument of the device. The size of the driller machine will decide the use thickness of the screw that you will use for the fixation of the mounting brackets on the walls of the room. You have to develop a strong relationship between the supporting materials and the devices.

The strength of the fixation will depend on the quality of the screws that you are using in this process. You have to identify the weak places of the device to mount the devices from that place so that the metallic sheet may not be bent down from the middle. The center of these sheets will have a hole for the screws because maximum sheets bent from there.

If you are using the two inches long metallic sheet there, then you should drill the holes for the three screws. This number of screws is enough for secure fixation. You can increase the number of screws to five while using the four-inch-long metallic sheet. These are the average numbers that you can change by looking at the size and weight of the device.

Some are available that provide you the holes while purchasing them. These sheets are of good metal and expensive from a simple metal sheet. You have to note what type of metal is necessary for you and which one is the same as your budget.

All the decisions will make by seeing the currently available budget there. You have to take good care of the devices by using these measures that provide a better quality of wall mounting.

Cut the metallic piece to the exact length of the bracket

After making the holes in the sheet, you have to cut the sheet in the desired length. You have to note that the weight of the device and its size also before cutting it into different lengths. You have to understand the relation between the size of the supporting metal and the weight and size of the device.

If you are running an average size device in your room that may be larger in shape or some are higher. The larger device will require long sheets may be greater than of four inches because they will be using less number of sheets and which sheets are using should be of greater length for proper fixation. For a square shape device, you have to use the maximum number of metallic sheets that are average in size.

In that type of device, you can choose the size from two to three inches long for a two-inch-wide sheet. All these measurements are correlated with each other; if one is changing, others will also vary according to it. You have to keep an eye on these changes to decide the proper length of the metallic sheet because the length decides the level of strength that you are providing to your device from the wall.

After taking a firm decision, you have to cut the metallic sheet in the same lengths and multiple numbers. You can use the plier or cutter to cut the metallic sheet. The thin sheet can cut with the help of the plier, but for a thicker sheet, you will require a particular type of cutter to cut quickly and by wasting no time. You have to note the use of these sound-producing devices that many of them will not have the holes at their backside.

You cannot mount those devices that do not have the holes because they are just manufactured for keeping at the floors or a different type of the shelves. You have to note these things before arranging all these things for your device.

If you are interested in using the mounted sound system in your room, then you should purchase it while taking complete care of it. You have to spare some time for the proper arrangements of the devices in your room. You should properly install the acoustic panels on the ceiling for better results.

Make multiple brackets for proper fixation

After making the cuttings of the metal sheets, you will be looking for the number of the metal sheets that you will require for the proper fixation. You have to note that the use of the multiple supports will decide by seeing the specifications of the device which you are mounting. The longer and slimmer sound system will require only two to three sheets of longer lengths.

The devices of the same length and width will require four to five sheets that will give you complete fixation with the wall. These numbers will be varying according to the shapes, designs, and weights of the devices. You have to use one more sheet from the requirement of the device for the complete fixation. You have to create a possible combination as you can. You can use this method to connect Google Home Max with your TV.

The user guide of the device may have the information on the mounting of the devices. Some manufacturers are taking good care of the customer’s needs and keeping the plastic or metallic sheets in the box of the equipment for the exact fixation. The original sheets will provide you the complete efficiency rather than making your supporting system. All the new tools will have this facility in your box.

You have to make sure that the use of these sheets as the supports are working well. You may use these sheets on the test basis first before using them permanently. This also helps to protect the soundbar from water.

How to fix the soundbar mounting bracket?

After making all the adjustments of the size and the numbers, you have to go for the fixation of these supporting materials. The fixation process only requires one hammer, nuts, and bolts.

This is the simple process of the fixation of the devices without taking guidance from an expert or technical individual. You can hire a laborer if you do not know how to push the nuts on the walls. He will perform all the process for you without charging you much.

You will not fear of falling the device after using it for a longer time. It should also match the paint color of your home theater room.

These are used to provide the supporting material to the devices, but if you are using them correctly. You have to note that the use of these sheets will be efficient and beneficial if you are using them after taking care of all these things. All these things will be done in time and proper if you are committed to doing it for your room.


The different brands have different ranges of their price. You have to note the budget of your home theater before deciding on the purchase of the supporting systems for your electrical appliances. The average price of these products is 25 to 30 dollars. These devices will give you complete protection against falling and any other thing.

The maximum price of this product is ranging from 38 to 40 dollars if you purchased the thicker and wider metallic sheet. The minimum price of the average quality products is around $15. You can decide one of them by looking at your requirement and the size of the product.