How to Soundproof Your Car From Road Noise?

How to Soundproof Your Car From Road Noise?
How to Soundproof Your Car From Road Noise?

How to Soundproof Your Car From Road Noise?

People get annoyed by the noises on the roads. There are different types of noises on the road that are very disturbing when you are driving your car. The horn of other cars and your car gives a headache.

The noise produced by tires is very annoying. The noise produced by an overtaking car gives a bad type of surprise. All these sounds are not acceptable to people when they are driving.

So, we are here to give you a brief explanation so that you can know a great way to soundproof your car and get it done by the technician properly. There are many ways to soundproof your car, and we will discuss some of them with you so that you can perform these processes easily.

In this article, our editors have explained all the necessary steps to soundproof your car along with the required tools.

Here are some of the ways by which you can soundproof your car:

  1. By using sound deadening mat
  2. By using sound deadening spray

How to Soundproof Your Car From Road Noise?

No one likes noise in the car when you are listening to your favorite tracks. The manufacturers are aware of all these problems. They try to eliminate these sounds in the cars as much as they can by staying under their limit.

But still, there is some lack in the building of the car that it gives awful noises when the car is running on the road. So, people always want to eliminate these types of noises when they are driving. They spend money on the accessories that they never for soundproofing their car but still get no gain.

If you have the following tools with you, then you can easily do this process by yourself:

Tools required:

  • Screwdriver
  • Monkeywrench
  • Panel remover
  • Dedicated wrench
  • Plier
  • Mallet
  • Strong glue
  • Heat Gun

Now when you have all these tools, you can go through the following simple steps that will explain how you can soundproof your car from road noise?

Let us discuss the ways mentioned above with which you create a soundproof car.

By using sound deadening matt

The sound deadening mats are those who are pasted inside of your car to reduce the environmental noises and create a soundproof car for you. You can follow the following steps to apply sound deadening mats in your car:

Now, let us get started with the steps without wasting more time.

Buy a good quality sound deadening mat

The first step in making your car noise-proof is to buy a sound deadening matt for your car. There are many options available in the market where you can buy and differentiate between good and bad quality of these mats.

You have to be careful about buying a matt because when you are spending money on this thing, you must not go for a cheaper one. You may have an idea about how much matt do you want. So, buy a matt that is a good build according to your car.

If you hear loud noises from outside the vehicle, then you must buy a good quality mate, but if you experience minimal noises, then average quality is good enough. Buy a specific length according to the idea that it will complete the requirement.

Choose the locations to apply the mat

Some specific places need sound deadening mats because they are responsible for high noise coming from outside the car. It includes places under the seats, car trunk, and foot places. All these places are responsible for creating noises inside the car when there are noises outside.

So, if you have a bigger car that has a trunk in it, then you should also apply these mats in the trunk too. You can choose doors for this purpose too, but mats are better to apply on the floor of your car. So, always go for the floor.

Remove the seats and carpet

When you have chosen the places to apply the matt in your car, then you must remove the things that will create a mess for you while applying the mat. You have to open all the bolts of seats one by one using the monkey wrench or dedicated wrench.

Take out the whole carpet of your car and keep it aside until you complete the whole soundproofing of your car.

Apply the mat

After opening all the seats and taking out the carpet, you have to open the matt that you bought before and measure it accordingly with the places where you have to apply. Now, measure the locations and cut in a certain amount of length. After cutting the matt, peel off the tape cover and apply the matt with the glue for extra grip.

Repeat the same step until all the floors are properly mated. Try to cover the complete floor if possible. Otherwise, the flat surface will be quite enough. Use a heat gun to paste the matt properly on the floor.

Put back everything

When you have applied all the matt on the floor inside your car, then it is time to put back all the seats and carpet. First, put back the carpet and, after that, fit the seats on their required location. You must tighten the screws and bolts of the seats properly because they also vibrate and produce awful noise when the car is running.

Soundproof your car By using sound deadening spray

You can use any good quality sound deadening spray and create your car soundproof very easily. You have to follow these steps to apply the spray:

Choose the required places

You may know that; which parts of your car are responsible for the noise entering the car. It is very annoying to hear noises from outside the car.

Some people have subwoofers and high-end sound systems installed in their car, which may create a rattling sound in the trunk or doors. Not only outside noises annoy people, but also the noises created by the car also give a headache.

So, you must spray the car doors, the floor, car trunk, and the trunk head. All these locations are responsible for creating outside noising inside the car.

Take out the panels

The panels are those parts that are hard plastics attached to the body of the car to create a good interior of the car. These panels also include the dash panels of your car. So, use a panel remover tool to remove all the panels from inside the car where you will do the spray.

The door panels are also removed, but they are opened with the help of a screwdriver and unscrew them very gently because they may break while taking out. After when you have removed the door panels, you have to take out the seats to remove the floor carpet.

The panel remover can be easily used to remove the side panels, and they are not usually fitted with the screws. They are fitted with adjustment locks. You have to be careful in that too because you may break these locks, and the panel does not fit easily.

After that, remove the panel of the trunk, which is fitted inside the trunk with the trunk head.

Apply the spray

After when you have completely removed all the things where you are going to spray, you have to spray in these locations. Start with the doors, spray properly inside the doors, and also check for any holes. If you find any hole that may increase the noise inside the car then put spray on it, it will cover this hole.

After spraying the doors, go for the floor of the car and spray all over the floor. This spray is rubber insulation, and it reduces the outside noise to a good extent while you are in the car. Apply to every corner of the floor and then move towards the trunk of your car.

If you experience noise from your trunk very often, then you must spray to the floor of the trunk too. For this purpose, pull out the carpet of the trunk and everything from the trunk to spray properly.

Now, spray all the places of the trunk which includes the trunk floor and the trunk head. Spray the trunk properly because it has a huge space, and it plays a big role in getting road noises inside the car. So, you have to spray properly.

Close the panels

When you have applied the spray everywhere in the car, it is important to put back every part of the car that you pulled out for your work. Before fitting all the seats and panels, you have to make sure that the spray is dry or not.

You have to let it dry for a while, and then, when you realize that the spray is dry and you can easily fit the panels and put the carpet back in, put the carpet back in, close the panels, and fit all the seats and extra equipment.


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