How to Install Soundbar in Car?

The soundbar is an excellent way to create an epic audio experience in your car. If you are a music lover then soundbars are a treat for you.

How to Install Soundbar in Car? You can install a soundbar under the car seat, in the trunk, and in the back seat. You should fix the soundbar on the back seat using the metallic brackets, use nuts and bolts to secure it properly.

Some cars have built-in powerful sound systems while mostly sound systems do not receive so much attention from the car manufacturers. Adding a soundbar to your car audio system will boost the quality and sound.

Moreover, the older version of cars also needs some similar improvements to their speakers. So, the soundbar is one of the best ways to enhance the audio system of the car.

There is no need to buy expensive additional tools to install soundbars in the car. Just buy soundbars either from a local shop or online and install them. They are relatively cheaper and are very effective.

What are soundbars?

The soundbar is also known as the media bar is a sort of loudspeaker. It gives us a powerful sound system. It creates a booming sound with the help of its wide enclosure.

It has multiple speakers with powerful woofers, which are enclosed in a single cabinet. When installed, it creates a stereo or a surround sound effect.

How to Install Soundbar in Car?

If your car’s sound system is not so strong you can improve it by installing a soundbar. Its high quality and big speakers are specially made for automobiles. Soundbars perform an amazing function when installed in the car.

They are big range speakers and can cover the whole vehicle. It also has a built-in dome light and can easily replace overhead light or lamp in your car.

This reputable sound system is very durable and is made up of high impact plastic. In some cases, it is also coated with a weatherproof fiber. It helps in attaining aural bliss.

Installing sound bars not only improves the sound performance of your car but it can also magnify the overall interior appearance of your vehicle. The soundbars have a lot of designs and colors; you can choose the one that can go in your car interior design.

You can install soundbars in multiple places in a car

Soundbars are easy to adjust anywhere in the car. They do not require any specific place to mount on. You can install soundbars in the back seat, the trunk of the car, under the seat, etc. the appropriate places are discussed below in detail.

They are easily installed in the cars containing roll bars in them. It is very convenient to install a soundbar system. It can be easily mounted in your vehicle with pillars or roll bars.

In Back seat

You can install the soundbar in the back seat. You have to follow the following steps. First of all, you have to figure out what soundbar size your back seat can adjust in. After you have purchased the correct sized soundbar remove the back seat of the car.

Also, remove the panel of the seat. Unplug the cable of the older speaker if you are having it in the rear area of the car. Now drill out the native speaker.

Point and drill the new holes in the place where you want to place your soundbar. Carefully mount the soundbar and fasten all the screws tightly.

Trunk of car

You can also mount the speakers on the backside of your car. Your car trunk is the most favorite place to install your speakers because it has a lot of space and you can easily place the soundbar there.

You just need a metallic plate to put your soundbar on it. The metallic plate must be strong enough to support the weight of the soundbar because soundbars are usually heavy weighted.

Drill the accurate holes for the screws now tight the screws with a screwdriver. Also, keep that in your mind you should mount the soundbar as low as you can so that it will not harm you in case of any crash. You can use the same method for mounting a subwoofer in the trunk.

Under car seat

You can install the soundbar under your seat. It is the safest place to mount the soundbar as it can cause no harm in case of an accident or unexpected condition. The first thing we want to install an under-seat soundbar is to disconnect the negative part of the battery.

Also, disconnect the positive terminal so that you can fit the main power cable with it. Now drill for screws where you want to mount the soundbar. You can also place a wooden board while drilling to reduce the noise caused by the drilling machine.

Now mount the soundbar at the place. Tightly fasten the soundbar. And here you can enjoy the best sound effects of a soundbar. You can also add an amplifier under car seat.

On top of the car

You can also mount the soundbar on the top of your vehicle. It looks aesthetically very charming. It may help you in increasing the interior beauty of your car and also can give you a powerful sound system at the same time.

A lot of colors are available in the soundbars. You can choose the one which can make your car more beautiful.

Tools required

  • Soundbar
  • Wire cutters
  • Speaker wire
  • Rubber gloves
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Screwdriver
  • Metallic plates
  • Amplifier (if the soundbar is passive)

Step by step method to mount soundbar in your car

You need to follow the specific method to install soundbars in the car. If your car has roll bars, it becomes much easier to install the soundbars. You can choose the sound that can go esthetically better with your car.

We discussed the step by step method to install the soundbar in cars properly. Let’s discuss each step in detail.

You have to be observant and alert of your nearby place while installing the soundbar. Make sure that you have parked your car in a safer place. It will help you in doing your work more comfortably.

Ensure that all the materials and tools are laid near to your working place so that you don’t have to leave your things unguarded.

First of all, wear your rubber gloves; they will protect you from all the bruises and scratches. Moreover, your hands will be protected from germs and dirt. Dispose of them off after work.

Don’t kick off your engine. Accurately detach the negative cable of your battery. It will save you from any electrical shock. You must be at the safer end while dealing with the electrical cables.

Also, keep that in your mind that the positive terminal or wire of a battery must not touch the metal part.

If your car has a detachable or moveable top it is more convenient for you. You can easily access the roll bar. It will give you a bigger workspace during the process of installation.?

Put the paddings that are around the placing position. You can do it by detaching the Velcro.

Attentively fasten the soundbar with screws. Use mounting brackets to mount the soundbar. Mount it to the place with the central support.

In some cases, brackets don’t fit in the built-in drilled holes. In that case, you have to drill the new holes in the required place.

Remove the stereo of your car first. But if you’re uncertain about how to remove the stereo of your vehicle you should first read the manual of your vehicle.

Connect the wire of the speaker with the soundbar. Make sure that you are following the provided instructions.

Use a wire cutter to remove the preservative coating of the wire. Cutting the outer protective coating of the wire may give you a finer connection.

Now carefully connect the wire with the stereo. If you need that the connected wire must not be visible, route the wire underneath the carpeting through the place.

Carefully connect the wire of the speaker with the rare side of the stereo. Now connect the negative terminal or cable of the battery. Alpine car speakers are good and you can attach them with this setup.

Now kick off your engine. After connecting all the cable with the battery turn the radio of your car on, to check the soundbar if it is working appropriately or not.

Installing the soundbar in your vehicle is not that much difficult. It may take only one to two hours to install it. You can also use an amplifier to enhance the level of volume.

It will help you in increasing the volume of your radio when wind and road noise will subjugate the soundbar. You can add Polk Audio car speakers with this soundbar.

Some issues related to soundbars installation

Some issues need special attention in installing soundbars in the car. There is a need to take care of power and safety issues while mounting the bars in the car. Given below you can find the detail.

Power issues

Soundbars are electrically powered speakers. This means they need power or electricity to work. They need to be plugged into a power supply to operate. Now a day some cars have an AC outlet.

You can buy a power inverter for your AC for your car. If you want to play the music louder on a soundbar you need to buy a beefy inverter. If you will not buy an inverter, the sound will suffer. If there is no sound from a car stereo, check all settings.

Safety issues

Installing soundbars in your cars can cause some mechanical problems. Soundbars are very heavy and solid. In case of any accident or crash, they can straight strike your head.

This can cause serious head injuries. You have to mount it appropriately and on the interior hard places to avoid these types of situations.

Preferably install the soundbars on the lower side of your car so that they don’t hit your head in case of any crash. Take suitable safety measures so that soundbars may not harm you in case of any unexpected condition.

If you have resolved both these issues you can install the soundbars without any worry. Buying a soundbar and coping up with these issues cost you the same amount of money as buying exclusive mobile audio for your car. Moreover, you will also get satisfactory results by installing soundbars.

Final words

Soundbars are good to enhance the audio experience for music lovers. They are very simple to install in the car. This article has provided a detailed guide on the best methods for installing the soundbars in the car. They are perfect for playing Wav files on your car stereo.

We also discussed the importance of soundbars, possible places for installation, and possible issues related to the installation. From this guide, users can find an easy method to install them in their car.