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How to Keep Radio On in Keyless Car?

How to Keep Radio On in Keyless Car?

When you are a regular driver of a key-car or sit on the driver seat of a keyless car, you may face some difficulties with some things. It can be, turning on or off Car Radio, or turning on the switch but not starting the car.

You can smoothly perform these things on a key-car because what you have to do is only turn the key with a few clicks, and you are good to go. But it is a little bit different in keyless cars. Some luxury cars do not come with any key.

These cars have a remote with a push-button inside the vehicle to start or stop the engine, but they never come with a separate switch to keep the car in accessory or on mode.

You can keep radio on in your keyless car by doing these simple steps. Now, if you release the foot from the brake and push the button, it will go into on mode, and when you press again, it will turn off the radio.

So, they have developed a keyless system in their vehicles to keep you entertaining with the infotainment system while turning off the engine.

Suppose you are at a parking lot, and you have to wait for someone in your car while listening to the radio. You want to turn off the engine but want the radio to keep playing the show which you want to hear but you cannot do so. The reason is that when you push the start-stop engine button, it turns off the car completely.

This is so annoying as you have a luxury car, and you cannot even enjoy it in accessory mode. Most people do not know how to turn the car into an accessory or on mode because there is no separate switch in the car.

How to Keep Radio On in Keyless Car?

So, we have some ways for you with which you can keep the radio on in your keyless car. These tricks or techniques will help you with almost every type of keyless car you have. So, let us tell you how it goes.

  • Models before 2011
  • Models from 2012 to 2015
  • Models with gated shifter
  • Models higher than 2015

The demonstration will be straightforward and easy to understand, but still, if you cannot do it by any means, you must not get offended by your car and consult with a professional in this regard. Let us explain how it is done.

Keep Car Radio On in Keyless Models before 2011

The older models of cars also came with the keyless function, and people loved the feature because they do not have to insert the key every time. Whenever they needed to start their car, they only needed to push the button, and the car engine always turned on.

But they always missed something essential in their car. They did not realize that before, but when they got irritated by the radio turning off with the car, they wanted a way out of it. So, we have a proper method for your older car to turn into an accessory mode when you turn off the engine.

This method is primarily for Nissan 2009 and 2010 keyless cars. So, here is a simple thing that you have to do when you are stuck in the situation. Every car has accessory, ignition, and start engine modes even if they have a key or not. So, when you are going for a keyless car, it will have a start and stop engine button on the dash.

When you press this button, it will start the engine and every accessory, and when you press again, it shuts down the engine and every fixture in the car. After turning the car on with start engine button, you can see the car is running, and all the accessories are turned on with the radio.

To turn off the car while keeping the radio on, you will have to remove your foot from each pedal, whether it is the brake or throttle. Do not put your foot on the pedal. Now, quickly push the start-stop engine button twice within milliseconds. When you do the step, you will notice that the car engine is turned off and the radio is running.

This will be done when you shift the gear into parking mode. Now, the engine is stopped, and the radio is running. When you want to turn on the engine while the radio is running, you will only have to tap on the start/stop engine button once, and it will turn on the engine. This is how it works in a keyless car.

Car Radio Models from 2012 to 2015

New cars come with new features and types. So, technology and features are upgraded when there is a new model with some changes in the vehicle. Now, we want to tell you about the models that come with new features and different ways for accessory mode than the older ones.

This guide has been done practically on the Mazda 2015, and it supports all the cars from the model ranging from 2012 to 2015 when you have no idea how to keep the radio on without keeping the engine on in a push start button system or a keyless car.

When you have shifted your car in Park mode with the shifter, and you are waiting, you will have to remove the foot from the brake pedal. If you do not move your foot from the brake pedal, you will turn your car off with all the accessories.

So, you have your e-brake activated, the gear is in the Park mode, and the car engine is not turned off yet.

Here is what you have to do. Put the foot on the brake pedalbecause you are shifting the gear into a neutral mode when you change into neutral, double-check that your e-brake is activated.

If yes, then remove the foot from the brake pedal and push the start/stop engine button of your car once. It will take the car into accessory mode after turning off the engine.

You can shift the gear into Park mode now. You will see that the engine is turned off and the radio will remain on. Now, if you want to turn your radio off, you will have to release your foot from the brake pedal.

Because if you press the brake pedal and push the button, you will start the engine and with the radio turned on.

Models with gated shifter

The process of keeping the radio on and turning the engine of the car off with the gated shifters is straightforward. Because the gears and function with the gated shifter are somewhat different than the vertical one.

So, when you are in park mode and the engine and accessories are turned on, and you want to turn your engine off, but you do not want to turn your radio off. So, you will have to do just a simple step here for the purpose. You will only have to shift the gear to the right because it has room to move, and you will keep it that way.

When you are holding the gear shifter to the right, you will have to push the start/stop button engine of the button to turn off the car. Now, your car is turned off, and the radio is on. Release the gear shifter, and you are good to go.

As you know, how you can keep the radio on in the car with the gated shifter, if you want to turn on the engine, push the brake pedal and then push the start/stop engine button. It will start the car in no time.

Models higher than 2015

The modern cars come with a digital system that guides you through almost everything if you are doing anything wrong. So, when you have the latest keyless car, sometimes the car does not want you to access the hidden features, but when it does, here is what you are looking for.

To start the engine of the keyless car, you have your proximity sensor in your vehicle with you, near to the push start button. When you only want to start the radio without turning the engine on, you should not push the brake pedal and quickly push the start/stop engine button once. This is a must to keep radio on in keyless car.

When you perform as explained, you will see that the accessories of your car, including the radio,are turned on. When you want to switch to the on the mode, press the push-button again quickly, and it will take the car into on mode.

When you want to start the engine, you will only have to put pressure on the brake pedal with your foot and press the push start button. It will start your car.

This guide may have helped you with your keyless car to keep the radio on with the engine turned off.

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