How to Sync iPhone to Pioneer Car Stereo?

How to Sync iPhone to Pioneer Car Stereo?
How to Sync iPhone to Pioneer Car Stereo?

How to Sync iPhone to Pioneer Car Stereo?

Syncing an android phone or a feature phone to the pioneer car stereo is not a difficult task. The problem comes when you cannot sync your iPhone with a pioneer car stereo. iPhones are a bit different in operating when it comes to connectivity.

3 Best Methods to sync your iPhone to a Pioneer Car Stereo are:

  • Syncing by connecting from your iPhone
  • Syncing through CarPlay
  • Connecting and syncing with the help of the cable

There are more users of Android than iPhone in the whole world, so people are more qualified to use android in their daily routine rather than the iPhone.

So, when it comes to connecting their phone with their car and synchronizing it to the display of their vehicle, iPhone works in a bit different manner.

How to Sync iPhone to Pioneer Car Stereo?

There can be many ways to synchronize the iPhone to the car stereo. These stereos come in different models and designs that have various features and different types of interfaces. Some have buttons on the left, while some have buttons on the bottom.

So, we will explain the series of some of the most common and intelligent pioneer car stereos. The discussion will cover all the models of pioneer NEX series double din smart car stereos.

We will tell you different ways with which you can connect your iPhone to your car stereo and can synchronize your files on it.

So, let us see how it is done.

Syncing by connecting from your iPhone

You can connect your iPhone and synchronize it with the pioneer car stereo very quickly with a few steps. Before getting started, you will have to check that the Bluetooth on both devices is on, and they are not connected to any other wireless device.

Turn on Bluetooth on pioneer car stereo and iPhone:

Well, the first step is to turn on Bluetooth on both devices that we are going to connect. Open the home screen on the pioneer car stereo, and you will see some options displaying on the screen.

You can turn on Bluetooth in two ways, which are; by going to Bluetooth settings from the settings menu and by going directly from the call option on your stereo.

When you go directly from the call option or Phone icon, you will see after going into the Phone logs on your pioneer stereo that the settings icon is faded and cannot be selected.

On the other hand, when you go into the settings menu, you will see in connections the Bluetooth settings icon is also faded.

You will have to get that icon back to normal. To do so, get the gear into park mode because the cars that come with pioneer car stereo are connected with the gear options. The option will not be activated when you are in park mode.

This is done by the car manufacturers so that you do not get into these settings during your drive. You will have to do it when you stop somewhere and park your car. So, when you want to access the Bluetooth on the pioneer car stereo, you will have to get the gear into park mode.

After getting the gear into park mode, you will see that the Bluetooth option in settings as well as in the Phone button is back on. Turn it on. After turning on the Bluetooth of the car stereo, you will turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone too. Go to the settings and turn on the Bluetooth.

Search the pioneer car stereo from your iPhone:

When you have successfully turned on the Bluetooth of a car stereo and your phone, you will search for the device to pair from your phone. Turn on the Bluetooth of your iPhone, go into the Bluetooth settings, and it will automatically start searching for nearby devices.

Connect and allow:

When it searches the nearby devices, you may see more than one tool in the list. Now, tap on the stereo Bluetooth connection, and it will start pairing with the device.

When it does, the phone and car stereo will prompt a message with a pairing pin to match both sides. Check the pin matches and then select yes on both devices, and they will get paired with each other.

Open the synchronized window:

When both devices are connected, you will have to give it a test so that you can know that your phone is synchronized or not. So, let us tell you how it is done.

When the pin codes are matched, and the iPhone is paired with the pioneer car stereo, the phone will ask another permission that if you want to allow the synchronization feature of the car stereo to get information from your iPhone.

You will select yes here. After that, go to the main menu or home button, and you will see a button with the shape of a mobile phone. Tap on it, and it will turn on a window in which it will search for the device that supports the synchronization of data.

As the iPhone is already connected so it will display the name of the phone.You will only have to tap on the title, and it will open the synchronized window.

Syncing through CarPlay

CarPlay is a feature in iPhone which is used to sync iPhone files and data to any other device having CarPlay in it. As the pioneer car stereo comes with the CarPlay app in it, it is not difficult to synchronize your iPhone with your car stereo.

Step 1: Open CarPlay on iPhone:

When you are about to connect the iPhone through CarPlay, you must check if you have CarPlay installed or not. Most iPhones usually have CarPlay, but if you do not have them, then you can install them from the App store. When you have CarPlay installed on your iPhone, go to the settings, and tap on General.

You will see a separate option saying CarPlay on your screen. Tap on it, and it will open the CarPlay window on your iPhone.

Step 2: Search from the synchronization window on the stereo

When you open CarPlay on your iPhone, you will see that your phone is searching for the devices that it can synchronize with easily. You must turn on the Bluetooth and WIFI on both devices to successfully pair both devices with each other.

When your iPhone is on the CarPlay window, go to the pioneer stereo and tap on the home button. When the stereo is on the home page, tap on the Mobile icon button, and it will open a search window to search for the devices which are ready to pair.

As we have already kept the iPhone in search and connect mode of CarPlay, the stereo will quickly find the iPhone and will show you the name on the screen. Tap on the title, and it will give you a pairing code to match on both devices.

After pairing, the iPhone will prompt a question for synchronization. You will select yes or Allow on the prompt, and the stereo will open the synchronized window.

Connecting and syncing iPhone with the help of a cable

You can also connect and synchronize your iPhone with the data cable. The process is straightforward. You will have to join a good quality cable to your pioneer car stereo in the USB port. The USB port is at the back of the car stereo. So, connect the wire in the USB port of the car stereo and then get back to your phone and car stereo screen.

Keep the lightning jack of the cable aside and turn on the Bluetooth on iPhone and car stereo. When you do so just as we have explained before, both devices are ready to be paired. Make sure that there is no device connected to both of them via Bluetooth.

After that, you will only have to plug the lightning cable on your iPhone, and the synchronized window will automatically appear on the car stereo screen. You can even watch TV in Car with this app.

On the other hand, the iPhone will prompt the screen with some questions. It will ask before providing access to the stereo while the phone is locked, and it will ask for a wireless connection.

When the phone is synchronized correctly and connected via Bluetooth as well as lightning cable, it will show many of the stats on the stereo screen. It includes the battery, cellular connection, clock, and home button.

The wireless connection along with the cable connection is made that if you have to disconnect the cable from your phone by any reason, the device will still be connected to your car stereo.

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